GH Update Friday 9/18/20

General Hospital Update Friday 9/18/20


Written by Anthony

Ned introduces Alexis to Portia. Alexis explains that she fell at the gym and it aggravated an old injury. Alexis and Ned go into an examining room.

Brando knows that he was terrible at the game tonight. Molly watches TJ and Brando play. Brando is going to stick with basketball. TJ thinks that they can head to the court next time.

Nina wonders how this woman could have been her nurse. She thinks that there is a connection. She thinks that Phyllis knows what happened to her child.

Joss tells Jason that she had to run. She had to feel her heart beating. She kept thinking about how long it has been for Mike to be able to move around. Little bit little things were taken from Mike. She doesn’t even know what she is saying anymore. She misses Mike. Joss hates that Mike died and all she wants is to be able to feel alive. Jason thinks that Mike made mistakes but he lived his life. Mike’s life wasn’t wasted. He had to live with the consequences. There are people who run the race and people who do nothing. Jason knows she will be someone who will run the race. She might not always win but that is all Mike could have asked for.

Carly asks Sonny how he is doing. Sonny shows Carly a picture that Avery drew. Mike used to say that it looked like him as a kid. He doesn’t think it looks like him at all. His dad never gave him the bike he wanted. He convinced himself that it meant that he wasn’t a good father. Even to he end he wanted to keep his word. Sonny wonders if she could imagine them riding bikes together. Sonny thinks it hurts.

Rudge tells them to keep their hands where he can see them. He was afraid that the cavalry would come out for them. Robert knew that Holly was alive. Rudge can tell that they have a person of interest. Rudge tells them to restrain them. He explains that Holly was investigating them. They arranged for her ship to sink. Rudge explains that Holly had to be dealt with. Olivia runs in with a gun.

Nikolas squandered his sons chance at being close to his grandfather. Mike knew Courtney certainly better than he did. Ava thinks that they have all been there. Nikolas keeps making the same mistake. Nicolas doesn’t see how valuable something is until it is too late.

Chase tells Michael that he was with Brook Lynn when Michael called. He is sorry for his loss. Michael thanks Chase for being there for Brook Lynn. He was worried about her. Chase explains that Brook Lynn is going to crash with him.

Nina can live with whatever Phyllis has to say so long as she finds out the truth. It means the world to her.

TJ tells Brando that Molly loves to be on time. Brando can tell they have plans. TJ thinks they can take one night off. Molly thinks that Brando might have some place to be.

Alexis feels pain. Portia wonders about her pain. Alexis explains that she slipped on the steps of her porch. She ended up jamming her wrist. She iced it last summer and it felt better until she fell at the gym. Alexis is a recovering addict and also sensitive after what happened with Neil. Portia can get her a slight pill. Portia is sorry that Neil passed. He seemed like a good man. Ned tells Alexis it is ok to cry. He won’t judge.

Olivia asks for a little help. Ethan and Robert punch out the men. Robert needs a direct line to he WSB. He has a prisoner of interest.

Alexis tells Ned she is sorry. Alexis never expected to be here. Ned thinks it is better to have her checked out. Alexis thinks it is not just her wrist. It is everything. Alexis knows that Neil was only in her life for two years. He got her to change so much. He made her realize she was worth more than she had been given. She never would have risked her career for all of this if it wasn’t for Neil. She is here getting a check up. This isn’t fair. Ned says that he is sorry.

Molly is sure that Brando has some people to see. Brando is in a bit of a dry spell. TJ thinks that Molly can arrange some women for him.

Ava tells Nikolas that Avery is missing.

Nina thinks that this woman is who she needs. She never realized that there are that many Phyllis’ in New York City. Joss calls Jax to tell him that Mike is gone. Joss needed to call him and hear his voice. He needed to know that he was still here to talk.

Sonny thanks Brook Lynn for everything that she did for him. Brook Lynn thinks that the person that Sonny did so good for Mike.

Avery walks around outside in the forest.

Molly thinks that the next time Brando can pretend to be busy. Brando won’t get in her business. Molly thinks that TJ really likes hanging out with him. TJ doesn’t lie to friends though. Brando thinks they should tell TJ the truth.

Portia wanted to give Alexis her diagnosis. She does have a fracture. Alexis thought that this would heal on its own. Portia explains that if it is bone loss then it could be a reason to check on. Portia says they will cast the wrist. It will only help somewhat. She needs to get an additional test. Portia wants her to check for something else.

Jax tells Joss that he will be home in the morning. He loves her.

Avery finds Nelle’s necklace on the ground. Ava and Nikolas call for her. Avery says that she is coming.

An agent tells Robert that they have enough to put Rudge away. They cannot find Holly though. Robert demands to know where she is.

Willow tells them that she is so sorry about Mike. She admits it is nice to see how much they all love one another. She thinks it is nice to see how grateful they all are.

Rudge tells Robert that Holly is gone. Ethan stomps on him. He demands to know where his mother is. They say that she is gone. The officer is grateful for Ethan’s help and that is why they aren’t arresting him right now. He tells him not to kick him again. They load the prisoner for transport. Ethan thinks that Rudge is lying but what if he isn’t.

Brando thinks that TJ would maybe understand. Brando thinks the longer she waits the longer he might feel betrayed. Molly doesn’t want to hurt him. Molly knows that TJ likes him. Brando has a garage to run. TJ walks out.

Michael thinks they should go. He thinks that Sonny and Carly want to be alone for a little bit.

Carly spoke with the administrators. He has all the time he wants. Sonny asks if they are ready to take him. Carly says if he is ready. Sonny thinks so. Sonny looks at a picture of Avery. He tells Mike that he got his bike. He loves this picture. He will always love him. Sonny leaves.

Ava asks if Avery is comfy. She tells her to not go back into the woods. Avery promises.

Portia has a nurse to come in. They might be able to run a few more tests. Alexis needs to get home. She needs to catch her breath. Portia doesn’t advise putting this off. She needs to address this. Portia explains they want to get a bone density test. Alexis wonders what they think she has.

TJ thinks if it wasn’t for Molly then he wouldn’t have a social life. Brando thinks that there is really only one Molly. TJ thinks that he can come and support their rally.

Robert points out that Holly is not an agent. They won’t bargain for her return. Ethan thinks that she risked her life for the WSB. They found a shallow grave with a woman’s body that was burned beyond recognition. She is a match and they found this on the body. Robert sees the ring. He thinks about giving Holly a ring back in the day. Robert says it is Holly’s wedding ring.

The nurse tells Sonny that they have something for him. A bike shows up. Carly thanks him. Sonny wonders how this happened. Sonny reads that this is late but he hopes not too late. It is from Mike. Sonny thinks it is a beauty. Carly thinks it is perfect.

Nikolas wonders if Avery is alright. Ava says she is snug as a bug. Nikolas is happy that they found her. She is an adventurous girl. He wonders where she gets that from. Nikolas thinks that there has been enough excitement tonight. Ava says she is coming home tomorrow. She tells him to drive safe.

Jax hates to bail. Nina knows he has to be with his daughter. She thinks this can wait. Nina wants him with her until this ends. She asks if he minds some company with her.

Avery picks up the necklace. She puts it away.

Brando understands why the hospital wasn’t thrilled to have Cyrus on the board. TJ is going to get this overturned. Brando thinks this is trouble. TJ thinks that the hospital is worth fighting for. Brando is in then. TJ knew he was a man with principals.

Alexis thinks that this is for women older than her. Portia explains that women can be at risk. She will get the arrangements made for her. Ned wonders if everything is ok. Alexis is waiting for a cast. Ned is thankful. Alexis thinks it will take a big of time. She doesn’t think he needs to wait. Ned tells her to just say thank you. Alexis does.

Olivia assumes that Robert could use a drink. Ethan remembers Holly wearing this the last time they met up. Robert gave her this when they got married. It ended up in a safety deposit box. He never thought they would be done with each other. Robert should have got this sooner. Robert guesses they should get going. Robert wonders if Ethan wants a lift somewhere. Ethan guesses anywhere but here. A man takes out a phone after they leave. They say that the casino is shut down. Someone watches as Holly is locked in a room on a screen. She screams to be let go.

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