GH Update Thursday 9/17/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/17/20


Written by Anthony

Sonny wants Mike to know that his mom is waiting for him. She never stopped loving him.

Nikolas wakes up in bed. He calls out for Ava. He wonders why he just did that.

Diane tells Alexis to eat something. Alexis is not hungry. Diane knows she hasnít ate anything all day and she knows. Alexis thinks that Diane is under the impression that she is going to drink again.

Robert thinks he might have found Hollyís location. Olivia wonders what they do. Robert tells her to continue to enjoy their romantic honeymoon.

Ned tries to call Olivia again. He is starting to get concerned. He begs her to call him.

Brook Lynn thanks Chase for the tea. Chase wonders where she is going to live. Brook Lynn thinks that she doesnít accept charity.

Joss knows that Mike and Oscar will always be with her. Michael thinks Morgan too. Stella knows her loved ones are always with her.

Sonny doesnít want him to die. He had so many dreams for them. He thinks about a future in which Mike bought him a bike. Mike will race him to the end of the street. Mike thinks you never forget how to ride a bike.

At his house, Sonny tells Mike that Michael can play with Wiley for hours. Mike was going to show that kid how to really throw a ball. Sonny thinks that Mike still has it. Sonny thinks that he gave Michael and Wiley a great afternoon that they will never forget. He just wanted to thank him.

Mike thanks him for taking him to his momís grave. Sonny thinks any time that he wants to visit her grave he can just say the word. Mike wanted to give Sonny the world. Sonny thinks that Mike gave him love. He knows it now. The two click glasses together. Mike doesnít think he deserves Sonny. Mike thinks that he made him a part of a family. Mike can tell his mom how sorry he was that he wasnít there to watch Sonny grow up. He has always loves Sonnyís mom. The women who came after never equaled her kindness and compassion. He only wished that he could have told her that face to face. Mike thinks that some day he will see her and spin her around and dance. Sonny knows that day will not come for a long time so he will be waiting. Mike doesnít think you can live for forever. Sonny guesses not. Mike wonders why he is doing this. He asks why he keeps remembering things that never happened between them. Sonny knows that he cannot keep holding on. He knows he is ready. It is time he lets go. Sonny promises that Mike is not going to do this alone. He wonders if Mike needs him not to be here so that way he can go find peace. Mike is out of answers. Answers you find those within. Mike thinks that you look within your heart and know what you do.

Sonny can see that Mike doesnít want him to go with him watching. Sonny tells Mike he can do what he wants to do. Sonny tells him to do whatever he wants to do.

Alexis does want to get drunk but she stopped herself. It was hard enough to see Neil do what he did. Ned comes over and is sorry that Neil passed away. Alexis heard that Brook Lynn is out of the hospital. Ned tries to hold her hands.

Olivia and Robert loudly talk with one another. Olivia thinks that he needs a diversion. She tells him to stick with her. She is about to go on a hot streak.

Sonny is going to go. He is going to say goodbye so he doesnít have to say goodbye. He kisses him on the head. Sonny walks out. Mike starts to open his eyes.

Robert explains for to work she needs to stay safe with her gambling. Olivia deals herself in. Olivia manages to get a twenty-one. She tells them to leave it all on the table. Someone says that she is feeling lucky. Ethan sits down next to her.

Nikolas finds Ava with Avery. Avery says they are catching fireflies.

Brook Lynn tells Chase that Ned was furious with her. Chase thinks that life altering events have a way to put things into perspective. Chase thinks that maybe Ned is realizing that he loves her a lot more than he loves the company and wants her to recover. Brook Lynn thinks that he doesnít understand what ELQ means for Ned. He just feels sorry for her. She will be fine on her own. Chase asks what that looks like. Brook Lynn isnít sure what that means though.

Joss wonders about the butterflies. Sonny walks in. Sonny thinks that he needed a short break. Joss could sit with Mike. Sonny thinks that he is fine by himself. Jason thinks he is ok. He thinks that Sonny knows what he is talking about.

Mike opens his eyes. He smiles ad says he knows them.

Sonny thanks Brando for coming. Sonny thinks it is time they get back to Mike. Stella wonders about the experience of butterflies. Brando thought that butterflies were a sign that everything would be ok. Stella thinks that is what they are then.

Alexis just sprained her wrist. Diane thinks she needs to see a doctor. She needs to get her wrist checked out. Diane gets a message from a client. They will have to wait. Diane is not going to leave her. Alexis says that Ned is right here. Diane guesses if she insists. Alexis does. Diane will call her later. Ned wonders if he can get her anything. Alexis tells him that he doesnít have to stay. Ned lost ELQ and his wife and daughter are not speaking with him.

Ethan didnít expect to see her here. Ethan is trying to figure out who killed Holly. Ethan says that his only lead is the person who runs the casino. She has Robert with her. Olivia tells him that Robert is convinced that his mother is still alive and being held against her will.

Robert is caught by a guard. Robert guesses he got a little lost. He walks off.

Ethan cannot believe that Robert thinks his mother is still alive. Olivia does believe him. He traced her to this casino. Robert gets that he wants her to be alive so he can save her. Olivia can tell that Robert never stopped loving his mother. Robert walks over and he sees Ethan. Ethan punches Robert and he falls.

Carly thinks that Sonny was so insistent on being with Mike until the end. She wonders why he left.

Mike knows them. Courtney is there and tells Mike to come with her. He gets out of bed fully dressed. He thinks it is so good to see Courtney.

Sonny thinks he took a break for Mike. He walks back into the room. Mike tells Sonny that he is sorry that this was so hard on him. He deserved better than he got from him but he did right for him until the very end. He thanks him for being his boy. He wants him to think of him as the father who came to his son for help. Mike and Courtney go off to heaven. Carly doesnít understand but she doesnít have to. Everything Sonny has done was exactly what Mike needed. Sonny tries to wake Mike up. Carly wonders if he is gone. Sonny confirms he is. Sonny says that is why he left the room. He knew that Mike was trying to protect him. Carly guesses that he let him go. Sonny did. Sonny promises that mom is up there waiting for him and loves him very much. Sonny tells Mike no more loss. A butterfly appears. Sonny thinks a big world is waiting for him. Carly wishes Mike a safe passage. She loves him.

Ava tells Avery it is time to get her back to bed. Nikolas would be delighted to tuck her in. Ava guesses they can get her to bed.

Alexis is not shocked that Brook Lynn is avoiding him. She is determined. Ned is more concerned about her. Alexis is more concerned about Neil. She threw caution to the wind because she believed in him and the possibility of them. She didnít know him though. She wonders how she didnít realize he was using drugs. She wonders if she was just choosing to be blind. Alexis felt the Neil she knew was a good man even if he had secrets. Ned suggests they go and take a walk in the park. Alexis tries to pick up her cup but accidently drops it.

Olivia wonders what Ethan is doing. Rudge walks over and tells them to escort them to the back.

Carly walks out. She explains that Mike is gone. Carly hugs Joss. She says that Mike is not confused he is finally at peace. Michael wonders how Sonny is. Carly says that he is just being quiet. He is just sitting in there. Joss is going to get some fresh air. She will be outside. Willow will go and check on Wiley. Jason asks if Carly is ok. Carly knows it is best for Mike but she will miss him so much.

Chase asks how Brook Lynn feels about crashing with him. Brook Lynn doesnít know what to say. Chase thinks that is a first. Michael calls her. He explains that Mike passed away a little while ago. Brook Lynn thinks that Mike was an incredible man. She wonders how Sonny is doing. Brook Lynn wonders if she should come by. Brook Lynn would like to. Michael would really appreciate it. Brook Lynn is so sorry for his loss.

Carly thought the people you love would always be there. You have to love them every minute. You canít get caught up in things. She knows that Jason doesnít get distracted with life. She needs him to promise that he will remind her what matters in life. Jason might not always agree with Carlyís methods but he doesnít disagree with her heart. He thinks he came back in time. He thinks to watch Carly do the heavy lifting. She held her family together. He thinks she has her priorities together. Carly thinks she is a selfish person. Jason doesnít think so. He knows that.

Robert thinks that Ethanís outburst just blew his cover. Ethan thinks he got them back here. Robert thinks that Holly is alive. Ethan tells him to get them out.

Alexis tells the waitress she is so sorry. Alexis tells Ned that she lost her grip. Ned is taking her to the hospital to get her wrist examined.

Nikolas enjoyed that. He thinks watching her with Avery was a good thing. Ava gets a call. She asks Carly if everything is alright. Carly says that Mike is gone. Carly explains that Sonny wants his kids together. Ava will have her back tomorrow. Ava asks to offer her condolences.

Michael is grateful to have Mike as a grandfather. Sonny thinks a long time ago he could see Mikeís faith in things. He knows now that he was just trying to be a good dad most of the time. He was trying to be a better father than he was. Sonny thinks that he will be a better father than either of them. Michael learned all he did from watching them.

Olivia finds Rudge. She was hoping to spend some time with her husband. She thinks that they will be well behaved sometime soon.

Robert breaks Ethan free. He should be able to do this in less than thirty seconds. Rudge walks in with a gun. He asks if Robert plans on going somewhere.

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