GH Update Wednesday 9/16/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/16/20


Written by Anthony

Carly finds Jason sitting on the couch. She is so glad that he is here. Jason said he would be. Jason wonders how Mike is. Carly explains that the Nurses are giving him drugs. Sonny won’t leave his side.

Willow finds Michael outside of Turning Woods. Michael wonders how Willow found him. Willow wonders if he would rather be alone. Michael thinks that is the last thing he wants. Willow was at home. Monica an the Nanny were at home with him. Michael thinks that she is amazing. Willow thinks it is hard for him. Michael thinks that it is hard for Sonny. He is usually so strong but losing his father is not helping. Michael wishes… Willow tells him that nothing he says will ever make her think less of him. Michael just wishes that this was over.

Sonny wishes that he knew how to make this easier for him. He knows he is ready. The last thing he said to him was that he was ready. Stella walks in and wonders how Mike is doing. Sonny thinks the same. Stella tells Sonny that putting Mike on morphine is the best thing for him. It prevents him from having pain. Stella explains that this is part of the process. Stella thinks he is waiting for permission to let go.

Michael knows it is terrible that he wants the hurting to be gone. Michael knows that Sonny keeps saying that this is time they get with Mike. Michael wants the pain to be over for them.

Carly knows it is hard for Sonny. She knows that it is magical thinking that a loved one has any comfort in the end. Carly thinks it is true though. Joss shows up. Carly wonders why she came back. Joss felt like she should be close right now. Joss thinks that Mike knows more than they realize. He heard everything that she told him this afternoon. Joss feels like even now he is still the person that they love. Carly hugs her.

Stella feels like end of life patients tend to straggle from one life to the next. Stella knows that in his eye he is seeing the other side and is transitioning for what waits for him. Mike is torn between staying here for his loved ones and wanting to go to that magical place for the ones he lost where he will be whole again. Something that is bigger than any of them could ever know waits for them. Stella has heard too many stories for it not to be the honest truth. Some doctors think that it is hard to understand. There is a practical sign of things. She likes to think of things from a spiritual perspective. Mike needs Sonny to let him go and make peace with his passing. Stella asks if Sonny has done that yet. Sonny appreciates everything she has done. Stella knows that he needs some time with Mike. Stella will give him some tips on keeping him calm. Stella reminds Mike that she was here this morning. They make things a little more comfortable for him. She will get this gear off of him later on. Sonny will put on some nice sweet music for him. Stella thinks the music is perfect. She tells Mike that this will help too with dabbing some water on his lips. It will make him feel better. Sonny hopes Mike likes that. She asks if Mike is ok. Sonny thinks that his hands are freezing. Stella thinks that makes sense. His body is shutting down. Stella gives him another blanket. Stella tells him to put that on him.

Willow thinks that Sonny is lucky to have a chance to say goodbye. He will have all this luck for him. Michael wonders if she really believes that. Willow also believes that the people that have passed on will be waiting for him. Michael thinks that is a good way to look at it. He thanks her. Willow wonders for what. Michael means for being here and letting him vent. He knows they got married for Wiley not to take care of him. Willow promises that this is not how their marriage is going to work.

Stella tells Mike that it has been an honor to know him and call him her friend. She wants them to do what they need to do. Stella thinks that this will be one of those times that will stay in both their hearts forever. Sonny thanks her. Sonny sits next to Mike. He thinks that Stella is something else. He thinks she is the most practical and down to earth woman he has ever known. Sonny wonders who would have known.

Joss wonders how Mike is doing now. Jason wonders if it is ok if he checks in on Sonny. Carly thinks that Sonny would love that. Carly tells Joss she is ok. She is sad. She will miss Mike. It is hard to watch Sonny go through this. It will be hard on him. She is glad that they are going through this together. If Mike had died while they were estranged then it would have hurt Sonny’s heart. Things are different now though. This is truly a gift. Sonny knows that Mike needs to know and hear that he made peace with what went wrong when he was a kid. He knows that he couldn’t help himself he knows now that gambling is an addiction. He struggled. He was a good man who fell victim to something he couldn’t help. There is no need to regret anymore. He forgave him a long time ago. He just wants him to go in peace and love. Mike moves his hand a little bit.

Willow thinks that they need to be clear on this. When they married they need to help one another. She is going to be there for him. Michael meant that they got into this because of… Willow thinks that they got married for this reason. Willow thinks that they agreed to be together. Michael tells Willow that she is part of his family now. Willow is coming with him.

Carly asks if Sonny went in. Jason explains that Sonny is with Mike and he didn’t want to intrude. Carly felt the same way. This is hard for Sonny. Jason thinks that when the time comes Sonny will do the right thing. He always does.

Michael and Willow find Joss. He wonders when she got here. Joss says a little while ago and Jason is here too. Michael thinks that he is feeling better thanks to Willow. Willow thinks that he is exaggerating. Willow experienced it with her own father. She knows he is in a better place watching over her. Joss wonders how she can be sure.

Sonny doesn’t want him to die. He did drag him to New York City for a drug trial that probably wouldn’t have worked. He wanted to shove that feeding tube down his throat but that wasn’t right. Stella says that there is somewhere much better for him out there. He thinks that Mike feels the same way. Sonny wonders if he knew that when he was a kid, his mom forced him to confess and they went to the church. He went out of the confessional. He went and sat down. They saw him pray. He didn’t know that he was in the back. They saw the guilt and pain in his face. Even though he had just wiped his soul clean. Sonny wonders why he hadn’t thought of that before.

Carly had the best dream earlier. She explains that he was just kind and loving like a father. She will never know that man again because of this disease. Sonny walks out. He needs them to both help him do something for his dad.

Willow admits that when she was giving birth to her baby she felt her father’s presence so strongly. She heard that she would be alright and she was strong. It felt so real. Joss gets that. She felt that too with Oscar. She thinks about him a lot. Joss explains that they both knew the end was coming. Joss explains that one time he was looking at the stars and said that he would be part of the universe. That is how he would live on. She thinks about that when she sees the stars on a clear night. She thinks about how much she misses him. She thinks it is fine. She just wishes that there was some other way of knowing he was still around. Brando explains that butterflies are a sign that Oscar is still around. Brando hopes him being here is alright. Michael tells him to join them. He asks if Brando is ok. Brando is getting back to normal. Joss thinks it looks like he got hit by a bus. Brando thinks that bad things can happen at a garage. Joss didn’t hear anything from Dev. Brando thinks that Mike is more important right now. Brando heard from Dev that Mike doesn’t have much longer. Brando remembers that Mike was around a lot when he was a child. His mom and him had been fighting about something stupid this one time. Mike came in and saw that he was stuffing clothes in a bag ready to run away. He said that he could run away from his mom but he would never get rid of the anger. He had this sad smile on his face. He said that he had run away himself. He was still dealing with those problems. Brando thinks about Mike’s words all the time now. Which is why he is still around. Joss wonders if Mike is the one who told him about the butterflies. She wonders what they have to do with the afterlife. Carly shows up and thanks Brando for being here. Carly explains that Sonny has come up with an idea to make Mike more comfortable. He would like them both to be a part of it.

Sonny explains that he is bringing someone here to help him. A priest shows up. He heard about Mike. He would come here to give Mass. He would call him by a different name though. Sonny says that was the name of the priest back in Brooklyn. He thinks that Mike would love to hear a blessing. The priest would be honored. Mike is blessed by the priest in front of the family. They ask for his sins to be forgiven. They say the “Our Father” prayer together.

Willow asks what Michael is thinking about. Michael is just wondering if that is the last time he will see Mike alive. Joss wonders if Mike really believes that everything bad just goes away. Joss wonders how you know it is true. Stella thinks that they all seek faith. Brando was totally messed up when he came back from Iraq. All he could see was his friends. Brando thinks that it all seemed pointless. He did a lot of stupid things. Then he realized he wanted to live.

Carly thanks the priest.

Sonny was thinking about Morgan. He thinks it is too bad that his father never got a chance to see Morgan before he died. Jason thinks that Morgan is waiting for him. Sonny wants to believe it. It would make things a lot easier. At least he got to see Dante and now Dante is gone. Sonny wonders if he doesn’t want to leave because of another loss. Jason wonders if it is something else. Jason asks if he wants to take a break. He can stay here with Mike. Sonny thinks that Mike needs him. Jason asks what Jason is not telling him. Sonny thinks that Sonny will figure it out. Jason tells Mike to do what he needs to do. He is here for Sonny. Sonny tells Mike not to feel bad or feel afraid. There are people who want to see him. He needs to see them. He doesn’t need to worry about him because he is not a little boy anymore. He knows what is going on. Sonny tells Mike to remember when he was a little boy. Him and mom were fighting. He thought he was asleep but he wasn’t. He heard them fighting. He heard her say that he cannot walk out unless he says goodbye. He didn’t. He left. His mom didn’t even give him another chance. She divorced him. It is ok though. He understands now. He knows he loves him. Maybe too much.

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