GH Update Tuesday 9/15/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/15/20


Written by Anthony

Ava tells Julian that Mike doesn’t have much longer. Ava doesn’t think that he has much more time. Ava tells him that there is a full bar. It is actually a creepy kind of cabin.

Dante wakes up in his room at the WSB. Someone knocks on the door and he says yes. The doctor comes in. He thought that there was a good chance he would be awake. This is about his family.

Olivia and Robert walk into the casino. Olivia doesn’t think anyone would ever believe that she was here back from the old neighborhood. Robert thinks that Olivia has done this a million times. He needs her to think of the most boring function Ned has ever taken her to.

Brook Lynn plays Olivia’s message. Brook Lynn thinks that Olivia has no concern. Portia walks back in with Ned. Ned wants to hear the latest round of tests. Brook Lynn tells him to leave.

Carly tells Jason that Sonny will need him. It is going to be tonight. Felix wonders how Carly is doing. Carly thinks that him and the other nurses are doing their hardest right now.

Michael tells Sonny that they can go and get something to eat. Sonny thinks that his grandfather and him were apart for a long time. He thanks God that they found themselves back together. Sonny cannot leave him now.

Robert thinks that Olivia is doing a great job. Robert tells her that Bond girls aren’t married. Olivia isn’t taking the rings off. She asks if he wants a martini. Robert wants bourbon. Grudge walks over and explains that he is one of the owners.

Brook Lynn doesn’t want Ned’s help. Portia asks Ned to wait outside. Ned points out that she is his daughter. Brook Lynn wonders since when. Brook Lynn wonders if she will be able to sing again.

Chase tells Ned they have made every effort to find Nelle. Ned wants her brought to justice.

Ava tells herself that there is nothing out there but the woods and maybe some rodents too small out there to hurt her.

Dante tells the doctor that he is not doing the assignment. He hates to tell him but he has bad news. This concerns Mike. He explains that he is in the last hours of his life. Dante shouldn’t be shocked but he is. Mike is one of a kind. He has a great sense of humor. He can laugh through the bad stuff while looking forward to the good stuff. Dante still thought that there was a chance that he would outlive them all.

Carly asks Michael what is wrong. Michael thinks that Sonny will not leave Mike’s side. Carly tells him that he could take a walk too. He needs to take care of himself. Michael thinks that Carly is the greatest mom ever. Carly knows but she could hear it over and over.

Felix could get Mike a morphine shot. It will make him more comfortable. Sonny wants him to be as happy as possible. Felix tells Mike that he has a great son. Sonny tells Mike that he is the lucky one.

Ned thinks that Nelle is threatening someone or holding someone hostage. Chase asks if the damage to Brook Lynn is permanent. Ned doesn’t know. Brook Lynn has asked him to stay away. Ned cannot cheer her on or anything. She is pulling away from her family at the worst possible time. Ned is expecting Olivia’s call.

Olivia thinks that he must be terribly busy. Rudge has other people to do his job for him. He asks if she is America. Olivia is from Brooklyn. He sees that she is not alone. Robert tells her they are going to the casino. Rudge thinks he seems familiar.

The doctor thinks they can talk right now. Dante wants time for himself right now. Dante tells Mike he is sorry. He should have been there. He should have done a lot of things differently. He remembers spending time with Sonny and Mike. Mike thinks that he has been a shell of a person. He figured out how to be with his family today and now. Instead of hiding from them.

Carly asks Sonny how he is doing. Sonny doesn’t think that it is about him. Carly thinks that Mike would disagree with that. Sonny thinks that Mike’s body is shutting down. Sonny knows it won’t be long now.

Ava gets a crow bar but realizes that there is nothing out there. She knows in the morning she will be laughing at herself. She hits someone breaking in over the back. She asks what Nikolas is doing here. Nikolas thinks she can stand down. Nikolas thinks that Ava is stalling him for Franco. He was going to take photos with the two of them in bed. Nikolas thinks the pictures would prove that she is cheating on him. Ava thinks he would love that.

Felix tells Sonny that Mike might be a little more alert as time goes on. Felix tells him to keep talking. Sonny tells Mike that Carly is here. He tells him that they are not going anywhere.

Ned asks how his daughter is doing and if she will be able to sing again. Portia needs him to be patient with her. Ned said some terrible things to her.

Chase asks Brook Lynn if she has a second. He wonders about the test results.

Rudge wonders if they have been to this casino before. Olivia starts laughing. She wishes they were regulars. Olivia claims that “Liam” works so much. She wanted to go somewhere romantic. She loves new experiences. Robert married her because of her pizza. Olivia loved the accent. Rudge wants them to enjoy their evening and honeymoon. She asks if he knows that guy. Robert explains that he worked for Olivia Jerome. Rudge is a mercenary.

Brook Lynn is still healing. It is a process. Portia needs Brook Lynn to come back in two days. She asks if Portia can give Ned his phone. Chase should go too. Chase wonders where she is staying.

Nikolas knows that Franco is attracted to her. Ava will not give up the Cassadine estate. Ava thinks money is more important than sex for her. Ava will find out if he is sleeping with Elizabeth.

Sonny wonders if Mike is dreaming. Carly is not sure. Sonny forgot so many childhood memories. He looks at them every day. Sonny wishes he had more time and more memories. Sonny thinks about Mike and Dante go to a Yankee game. Sonny tells Mike they should get some glasses so he can see the outfield. Mike thinks that the old man is always right. Sonny tells Carly to close her eyes for a while. He thinks that Mike and him are fine.

Ned asks if Brook Lynn will be able to sing. Ned just wants to do something for her. Portia promises that Brook Lynn will come to him. Ned wonders why Olivia hasn’t called.

Olivia thinks that the guy must have recognized him. Robert thinks that he just thinks that he is married to chatty Cathy. Olivia knows how to handle herself. Robert knows that she is resourceful but she doesn’t have the training. She could have been dragged off somewhere. He couldn’t let that happen.

Sonny sees Mike wake up a little bit. He hopes that Carly is having sweet dreams… Carly dreams about Mike. He knows she wants to be strong for her family. They can be strong for her too. Carly is just so sad. She is going to miss him so much. Mike knows when Courtney died he felt like his heart was going to die with her. Mike thinks they both know that no child should die before their parent. Sonny found him though. He got to know him again and her. He had a family and a daughter again. Carly found a father. Mike thinks they are both so lucky. Mike promises that he will never leave her. Mike promises to always be in her heart. Mike loves her. He thinks that is forever. Carly wakes up. Sonny asks if she is ok. Carly just had the most beautiful dream. She knows everything is going to be ok.

Ava thinks that his fortune is clearly more important than sex. Ava knows he finds proximity irresistible. Ava and Nikolas make love.

Brook Lynn guesses no more microphones or awards or applause. Chase is happy to take her anywhere she wants. Brook Lynn wants a real meal. She thinks they can go to Haven Bistro or she could order a car service. Chase tells her that her chariot awaits. Brook Lynn thanks him.

Robert tells Olivia that he was worried to have to tell Ned what happened to her. Olivia asks if they have to give up on their plan. Olivia wonders where he wants to start.

The doctor asks Dante if there is anything he can do for him. Dante wants to know more about the OP.

Carly tells Mike that they are happy that Mike is awake. Felix says hi to Mike. He will need some time with them. Sonny and Carly will be right back. Michael asks what is going on. Carly says that Mike opened his eyes. Sonny just wants Mike at peace. Sonny wonders what he can give Mike.

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