GH Update Monday 9/14/20

General Hospital Update Monday 9/14/20


Written by Anthony

Nina and Jax sit down in a bar. Nina thinks that a lot of people think you need to have money to be entertained in this city but you really don’t. Jax thinks that he could get something amazing out of this. Nina thinks she got something amazing. She just wishes why that name sounds familiar to her.

Ava knows that Sonny is going to have his hands full for the next few days. She could take Avery while he takes care of things.

Elizabeth tells Brook Lynn not to push herself into a relapse. Nikolas wonders if this a good time to visit. Elizabeth thinks it is a perfect time.

Franco tells Kevin that he didn’t want to be late. Kevin assumes that he knows about Cyrus. Felix explains that the new chief has been assigned by Cyrus. Britt walks over to them. She thought that her and Felix would be besties. She wonders if there is no welcome back for his new boss.

Sasha tells Lucy that she is sorry for being late. Lucy expects more out of her business partner. Sasha knows. She will do better. Lucy tells her to focus. They are going to do a contact tomorrow. She needs Sasha to be aware of everything. She asks if she can count on her. Sasha thinks so.

Ned tries to call Olivia. He is starting to get worried. He wants to touch base in person as he misses her.

Robert welcomes Olivia to the honeymoon suite. He is sorry but he had to put this on her credit card. Olivia thinks that they are in a beautiful suite in Monte Carlo. Robert thinks they need to pin down the location and he can get a solid lead on Holly. He feels it in his gut that Holly is alive.

Brook Lynn tells Nikolas that the doctors are trying to get her to stay another twenty-four hours but she really doesn’t want to stay. Michael shows up. He explains that Mike doesn’t have much longer.

Jason tells Mike that he knows that he is almost ready to let go. Jason just wants him to know that his family will be taken care of. He will keep Sonny and Carly and the kids safe. He has his word.

Carly wonders what happens if she finds the other half of this neckless. Jax thinks she will figure it out and they can find out what this lady knows. Jax thinks they can find out what Ryan’s bar has to offer. Nina realizes she knows this place.

Olivia trusts his instincts but she wants him to think about all of this. Olivia thought that if Dante heard her voice then maybe he would let her help him. She guessed that it was just magical thinking though. Olivia knows that Ned tried to warn her. Robert asks Olivia what Ned said when he found out she was extending her trip.

Lucy asks Ned how he is feeling. Lucy assumed that Brook Lynn would want some space to be with her family. Lucy is happy that she is getting better. She asks if there is anything that she can do for the family. Ned needs Lucy to pledge her ELQ vote to him.

Britt reminds them that she is the new chief-of-staff. Franco wonders what brings her back.

Ava is being sincere here. She is offering to take Avery to help him. She believes that it is best for her. Sonny doesn’t know if he is being hustled or not. Sonny guesses it would help. Ava thinks it be his pleasure. Sonny thinks under one condition.

Jax asks if this is a favorite place. Nina explains that her first husband Silas worked at the hospital across the street. Nina explains that Silas would come over here and meet up with Ava.

Ava knows that the situation at Wyndemere would be weird for Avery. Sonny explains that there is a cabin that he rented. Ava wonders if that is where Nelle went. Sonny doubts that Nelle would be at the cabin. Ava thinks it sounds good.

Jason admires Mike. He really does. He knows that him and Sonny had a rough go at things. He fought back though and he knows that this hasn’t been easy for him. He knows that Mike got what he needed. He gave him a chance to forgive him and to make things right. He is a good father. Jason thinks that Mike should be proud.

Nikolas knows that Brook Lynn is generating a lot of paperwork for Elizabeth. Nikolas wonders if she wants to talk about the kiss. Elizabeth wants to forget it happened.

Britt explains that her mother hurt a lot of people. She had to put distance between her and the crimes. Franco knows that they bounded over her mother’s arrest. Franco wants to make peace with him. Britt wanted to reconnect with old friends. Julian walks in.

Lucy points out that Valentin backed Deception. Lucy wonders where Ned was when she needed capital. Valentin is the only one who came up with money. She is going to honor her commitment. Ned thinks that Edward was fond of Lucy. Sasha tells Ned to leave her alone.

Robert assumes that Ned doesn’t know that she is in Monte Carlo. Robert admits that he doesn’t want Anna to know either. Robert gets a text. Olivia asks where it is from. Robert says no where good.

Elizabeth asks Franco what is going on here. Franco is trying to lay the law down with the new chief-of-staff. Nikolas is shocked that she is in charge now. Britt asks Franco what he has to do with the hospital. Franco runs the art therapy program. Britt explains that she can discontinue any unneeded services. They will discuss it later in the week.

Britt was wondering how long it would take for her and Julia to run into each other.

Lucy loved being a Quartermaine and she loved Edward. He was tough and shrewd. He would have known why she did what she did. Ned knows. He realizes that her one percent was only needed because fifty percent was taken away. Lucy thinks that ELQ will bounce back. Lucy has to go. She has a meeting. Ned is sorry for unloading like that. Sasha knows that he cannot be mad at Brook Lynn so Lucy is the next best thing. Ned was furious with her but he really doesn’t care now. He wants his daughter back.

Brook Lynn tells everyone that Mike treated her like gold from day one. He offered nothing but encouragement. She thanks Mike. She will always be his biggest fan.

Robert explains that the call that he got was made from a casino. It was formerly owned by Cassandra Pierce. The WSB has had their eye on it for sometime. Olivia thinks that Holly could be in danger. Olivia thinks that he cannot go running in there all by his lonesome. Robert has to go in cold. Olivia tells him that she is going with him.

Nina knows that Ava and Silas used to meet here. Jax thinks they could go somewhere else. Nina was angry for a really long time but Ava and her are in a better place. Jax doesn’t understand why her mother paid someone to have an affair with someone. Nina explains that she lost twenty years of her life. The only link she has to her child is a receipt.

Robert cannot have Olivia in there. She is a civilian. Olivia thinks that if he shows up at a black jack table then he will definitely be scoped out. Robert tells her that she has to leave when he tells her. Olivia has to go and get a dress to mix in with the high rollers. She thinks he should get a tux.

Ned was worse with Brook Lynn. He accused her of selling out the family then she gets viciously attacked. Sasha could try to work out peace for him.

Michael explains that Wiley was smiling this morning. He is an amazing kid. He is sorry that he hasn’t had much time to be around him. It would have meant so much for them… He thinks about a future in which Mike gives him advice on raising Wiley. Mike knows he wasn’t a great dad back in the day but he is learning right now. Mike has seen how Wiley has opened him up for the joy in this world. Mike thinks that he has as big a heart as anyone he has ever known. Which is better than anyone could ever ask for. Michael is a better man than he could ask for.

Elizabeth tells Franco and Felix that her hours were hurt. Nikolas thinks that Britt is living down to his worst expectations. Kevin thinks that Cyrus wants to change everything around here.

Britt wonders if Julian is sick. Julian was just checking to see if Alexis was here. Neil just passed away. Alexis is taking it hard. He has to get going. Britt wonders if he is avoiding her after their one night stand.

Ned asks Sasha where his daughter is.

Jason decides to take Brook Lynn back to the hospital. Brook Lynn says goodbye to Mike. She loves him. Michael is left alone with Mike.

Elizabeth thinks that Franco is damage to Britt’s own hate. Franco gets a text. There is a possible commission going on. Every gig will help. Nikolas could approach the board and offer money. Elizabeth thinks that Ava would hate that. Nikolas thinks that Elizabeth is more important than money. Elizabeth thinks that is what got them in trouble last time. Ava calls Nikolas. She is not coming home this evening.

Julian asks if Britt is trying to get him killed. Britt is just an interested observer. Britt guesses that Julian will have to live with this.

Sasha asks Brook Lynn where she has been. Brook Lynn was visiting Mike. He isn’t doing to well. Sasha tells Brook Lynn to feel better. Brook Lynn guesses that he wanted her to be the go-between. Ned wants him to know that he is sorry. Brook Lynn thinks that he should focus on his own issues.

Robert thinks that Olivia is a good friend. He will go get the car. Olivia needs to get some essentials. Robert suggests calling Ned. Olivia gets on her phone and Ned’s voicemail shows up. Olivia explains that she can explain what is going on when she sees him face to face. She loves him.

Ned wants her to come back to the family. Brook Lynn thinks that she is getting better all the time so he can go. Brook Lynn hears Ned’s phone go off.

Jax thinks that what Nina’s mother did was cruel. Nina guesses that Madelyn had to hire a private nurse. She remembers who Phyliss was.

Ava tells Nikolas that he sounds jealous. Nikolas thinks about Elizabeth. Jason finds Elizabeth. He just dropped Brook Lynn off. He asks if she is ok. Elizabeth explains that Britt is the new chief-of-staff. Jason knows that Cyrus would want to keep her away.

Britt suggests that they could go out for a drink. Julian thinks another time.

Kevin asks how things went with Amy and Deanna. Felix tells Kevin that Britt was sleeping with Julian. Felix thinks that this is a whole level of dangerous. Kevin thinks that Britt might be willing to look the other way.

Sonny tells Michael that he is glad he is here. Michael thinks his breathing is getting slower. Sonny thinks it won’t be much longer.

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