GH Update Friday 9/11/20

General Hospital Update Friday 9/11/20


Written by Anthony

A doctor tells Sonny that the oxygen will keep Mike comfortable. Joss wonders if they can see him. The doctor encourages it.

Franco and Ava kiss. Someone takes a picture. Ava tells Franco they cannot do this. Franco knows they shouldn’t do this. Ava thinks it did feel right though before all of this. Franco knows before they were both married.

Elizabeth and Nikolas kiss. Nikolas forgot how good this feels. They just fit together. Elizabeth cannot do this to Franco. Nikolas thinks that Elizabeth deserves better than Franco. Nikolas thinks she is looking to get out of her marriage.

Trina thanks Portia for letting her work more hours at the gallery.

Dev wonders if Cam is worried about not being able to choose between Joss and Trina. Cam doesn’t know why they are even talking about this. Dev thinks that Cam is popular and he is actually kind of smart. It isn’t a shock that girls are into him. Cam isn’t even sure if Joss and Trina are into him. Cam thinks that either way the whole thing is a mess.

Carly, Sonny, and Joss walk into Mike’s room. Sonny tells Mike that the doctor says that he is ready to leave. He just wants him to know that they are here for him. He promises that he is not doing this alone.

Elizabeth loves Franco. Elizabeth is trying to save her relationship not ruin it. She thinks that they made a mistake. They shouldn’t have kissed. She is sorry if she gave him the wrong idea. Nikolas has missed human contact so much. Nikolas knows that this can’t happen. Elizabeth wonders if this is him being noble. Nikolas wishes. Elizabeth thinks that there is no contest between their marriages.

Ava thinks no one can ever find out. Franco knows that her marriage is a sham. Ava knows but she knows that he doesn’t want this to be an end to his relationship. Ava needs to preserve her marriage as well.

Portia wonders if going to the dance with their friends is a thing. Trina thinks that is their thing. Portia wonders if she will be ok if Cam ends up with Joss at the end of he night.

Cam doesn’t want anything to be messed up. Cam thinks that it be better off to not mess things up. Cam thinks that Dev is asexual.

Sonny thinks that he is going to be right here for Mike. Carly will be too. Joss as well. Carly thinks that they love Mike so much. Carly will call Michael. She will be back she promises. Sonny wonders if she is ok. Joss thinks that she should be asking him that question. Joss wonders if she could say that all to Mike. Sonny thinks so. Sonny needs her to let him know if anything changes. Joss will. Sonny tells her to take her time. Joss wanted to thank him for always treating her like his own. He is the only grandfather she has ever known. She cannot picture her future without him now. She doesn’t want to.

Epiphany asks Trina how she is doing. Epiphany explains that they meet the new chief of staff right now. Trina says that things aren’t looking too good for Mike.

Carly asks Sonny why he is out here. Sonny explains that Joss wanted some time with Mike. Carly thanks him for giving her that time. Sonny thinks that this has been hard on all of them. Sonny thinks the fact that Joss loved him and welcomed him. Carly thinks the world has a weird way of doing things.

Joss is so thankful for the real time that they got with one another. She finally knows what it is like to have a grandfather and she loved it. She also loved this one time that she thought she was one of his childhood friends. He asked her to go and play stickball with her. Joss was sad that he didn’t know who she was but the other part of her thought it was cool that she got to be his friend. Joss wonders how many people get to know a person when they are younger. Joss thinks that him living with them has been making her think about her future in a different way. She knows that he is right there with her for these milestones… Joss imagines Mike declaring her homecoming queen. Joss thanks him. Mike tells Joss to look around because there is something here for her somewhere. Joss notices the corsage. Joss thanks him. She thinks it is gorgeous. Mike puts it on her arm. Mike is always watching out for her and he always will be. Joss promises that she will have a good time at homecoming because she knows he would want her to. Joss will miss him so much.

Nikolas knows that her and Franco are in-love. Elizabeth cannot believe he would remain in a marriage for money. She asks what is wrong with him.

Ava despises the air that Nikolas breathes. Franco suggests that she find a new man. Ava thinks that Nikolas would get everything and she would get nothing. Franco wonders how she could sign up for that. Franco asks if she can’t do this. Ava has to wait for Nikolas to screw up. Franco wonders what happens if he doesn’t.

Dev wonders what that asexual comment is. Cam wonders if there is someone that Dev is into. Dev thinks that he needs to stay focused on his own life.

Britt walks around the corner. She is looking forward to working with him again.

Elizabeth assumes that him and Nikolas are not sleeping together. Nikolas didn’t want this. It was the only way to make sure that she didn’t get his fortune. Elizabeth knows he will not be able to do this. Nikolas can do this. Ava will be the first to cheat. Nikolas tells Elizabeth that Ava cannot find out. Elizabeth needs him to fix this. He cannot keep living like this.

Ava doesn’t know how she will keep this up. Franco suggests that Ava reconsider her marriage. She needs to make Nikolas fall for her.

Carly thinks that Joss has been great with Mike but it has been such a reward for Joss too. Mike has had such a twinkle in his eye. Joss got to be around that even when he started to lose it. Mike never disappointed Joss or ever let him down. Sonny thinks it was an incredible gift.

Joss let her grades slip a little. She knows that people said it was normal but she has been doing every extra credit she can get. She knows she will graduate with honors. She wishes he could be there to see it… She imagines Mike asking if her valedictorian speech is ready. Mike gives her a bracelet. Mike explains that it belonged to Sonny’s mother. Joss thinks that he should give it to Donna or Avery. Mike thinks that she is any bit as much his as any of the other grandkids. He wants her to wear it to remember how fast time flies. She needs to make the best of things always… Joss promises to make Mike proud. She promises him that. Joss doesn’t know what she wants to do when she gets older. It is so weird to think about how kids could have an idea of what they want. She knows that whatever work she ends up doing she will always make room for love in her life. Just like he did even towards the end… Joss thinks about finding Mike at her wedding reception. Mike wanted to have her all to himself for a minute. He thinks that she is the most beautiful bride ever. Mike only has eyes for her today. Mike thinks that Joss is so important to him. Joss wonders what she would do without him… Joss knows whatever she does and however her life turns out she promises to always be his girl.

Carly thinks that Mike has experienced so much love. He has brought that joy back himself. Carly thinks that Mike gets to bring that too.

Britt is so glad to see Portia again. She tells Epiphany that she too runs a short shift. Britt is the new chief of staff. She needs to get the place into place.

Ava asks if Trina was working today. Trina explains that she needs the distraction. Ava thinks that nothing bad will happen at this dance. Trina explains that she is going with her friends. Ava assumes her and Cam haven’t kissed again.

Franco finds Nikolas in the park. Nikolas wonders what is going on with him. Franco is supposed to meet Elizabeth here.

Britt explains that Cyrus reached out to her in person. Britt heard about what Cyrus has done in the past. She thinks that Cyrus is just trying to do good. Finn asks how she is going to whip things into shape. Britt thinks that Monica and Bobbie are the issues with the hospital. Epiphany explains that Elizabeth and her have patients to attend to. Britt has reassigned things. They have a new head nurse. Elizabeth reminds her that Epiphany has been head nurse for a while. Britt is not as petty as other people. Finn has a long history of substance abuse. Britt would like to set up a meeting to talk about things. Portia wonders if her job is on the line too.

Elizabeth reads that Epiphany is in an administer position and she gets two shifts a week.

Franco thought that they were going to have lunch together. Nikolas suggests that he call her. Franco thinks that time just seems to get away from him when he is around Ava.

Trina thinks that Joss will need her. Mike doesn’t have much longer. Ava needs to go and do something right now.

Carly knows it doesn’t feel like it right now but all the memories are there right now. Sonny knows. Carly thinks that Sonny let Mike be a part of the family. Sonny thinks they did it together.

Joss knows it sounds Silly but she wanted Mike there or all of it… She imagines playing chess with Mike. She tells Mike he should be taking it easy on someone in her condition. She tells Mike that he is going to be a great-grandfather again. Joss cannot wait for Mike to meet them. Mike thinks that she will be a great mom and it will be a blessing… Joss thinks that Mike is the blessing.

Portia asks Britt what her fait is. Britt has no ill-will towards her. She thinks that Cyrus thinks she will be fine too.

Elizabeth tells Finn that she only gets two shifts a week. Epiphany thinks that Cyrus is putting their patients at risk.

Franco had a disagreement about the portrait. Nikolas wishes Franco luck. He hopes that he finds Elizabeth. Franco will.

Trina thinks about kissing Cam. She told him that it was just some PTSD. She thinks that they cannot make the kiss into something it isn’t because nothing has changed between them.

Sonny tells Carly that he couldn’t have done it without him. Carly asks if she can get him something. Sonny is fine. Ava hopes she isn’t intruding. Sonny wonders what she wants. Ava asks if there is anything she can do to help.

Joss knows she is super competitive. She knows it isn’t a secret. The challenge of making mistakes is to make up for things like Mike leaving Sonny and his mom. She knows that she will deal with things the way he showed her. She knows she will learn from lessons. She hopes he can hear her right now. She thanks Mike for everything. She loves him so much. Mike gives her two thumbs up.

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