GH Update Thursday 9/10/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/10/20


Written by Anthony

Nikolas finds Elizabeth in the park. He got here as quick as he could. He wonders if something is wrong. Elizabeth thinks that his fake marriage is screwing up her real one.

Franco thinks they can get things done. Ava thinks that playing mistress of Wyndemere is not as fun as she thought it would be. Franco wonders if he is not happy with his work. Franco thinks that they can make this more realistic if she wants. He thinks when he thinks of her and the motion. Ava wonders why he stopped. Franco realizes that he canít do that to Elizabeth.

Robert thanks Olivia for waiting. Olivia wants him to take all the time he needs. Robert wonders what any of this has to do for Holly. They donít even have a body. Olivia think it is much for the living as it is for the dead. Olivia wants him to remember what this meant to them. Robert will never forget Holly.

Cam thinks that it is too bad that Trina cannot hang out anymore. Cam thinks that they always have the best time.

Nina thinks that this is all happening really fast. Jax reminds her that this is the jeweler. Nina assumes that the jeweler thinks she is some kind of nut. Nina gets a text from the Invader. There is a message about Nelle being on the hunt. Nina thinks they need to keep their eyes open. She could be anywhere.

Carly thinks about Nelle.

Sonny tells Mike he is going to get some coffee. He will be right back. He leaves the room. Stella walks around the corner. Sonny thinks that Mike will be happy to see him. Stella thinks that is exactly why she is here.

Carly was startled by Nelle. Ned wonders how Mike is. Carly was about to text Olivia about hotel business. Ned thinks that Sonny needs to know where Olivia is and what she is up to.

Robert thinks that you have to live life to the fullest. It is one adventure after another. Robert thinks about spending time with Holly when they first met he thinks that Holly truly was one of a kind

Stella tells Sonny to be straight with her. Sonny thinks that this is hard. He doesnít know how much longer his dad can hold on. The nurses say it is days or hours. Stella knows once a person stops eating it is only a matter of time. Sonny knows in his head that he woke up and knew who he was. He spoke with him. Stella thinks that this disease can work like that. Sonny took him to the horse races. He got permission to take him. Sonny explains that they took him to the stables and he was like a little boy. Stella explains that when a person is close to passing they sometimes get one last burst of energy. Stella thinks it is Godís way of letting them say goodbye to their loved ones. Stella asks to spend some time with Mike for a while. Stella walks in.

Nina realizes that they shouldnít bother the guy. Jax tells her it is nerves talking. Nina could have the hopes that there might be a clue. Nina thinks that this could be the end of the leads. Jax promises they will figure this out together. Jax tells her to go ahead. Nina knocks on the door.

Joss is going to turn over to Turning Woods and say hi to Mike. Cam thinks that she can always talk with him if she needs. Joss thanks him. He is the best. She realizes she needs to get going. Cam tells Dev that Joss might like him more than a friend.

Franco explains that the time they have been spending together has been an issue for Elizabeth. Ava doesnít understand why. All this time has been common for artists over the centuries. It is how it all works. Franco knows that Ava did a lot of publicity but then did a lot of strange things for his previous work. Ava thinks that Elizabeth needs to get over herself. She wonders what kind of a wife doesnít support a passion.

Elizabeth knows that Nikolas thinks that Ava is not trustworthy. Nikolas thinks the only way something will happen with Ava is if Franco participates. Nikolas wonders what they are fighting about. Elizabeth admits Ava and Nikolas. Franco has always been insecure about other people. Especially, with the history that him and her share. Nikolas knows they have been to hell and back. Their bond is never going to go away. Elizabeth loves him but he doesnít pick her friends. Nikolas promises that he will not let her down this time. He has missed her so much.

Franco needs to take into account that any publicity he has might have a negative impact on his family. Ava points out that Ava might not honestly want him to succeed. Franco thinks that Ava is wrong about that. Ava thinks that she wants him to succeed as an art therapist. She doesnít think it is fair to him to try and fit in with him.

Nina tells the jeweler that they need him to identify a necklace. She asks if he made this. He explains that this is his work but he isnít so sure about the heart. Nina wonders if he remembers splitting it in half.

Stella heard about the horse races. Stella thinks that Sonny loves him very much. Lots of people love him. That includes her. Mike wakes up. She is so glad that she got a chance to sit with him again. All they need is a deck of cards. Stella tells him that it will all be alright.

Ned tells Sonny that Brook Lynn is still has GH. They need her to make a little bit more of a recovery. Sonny believes in Brook Lynn. Sonny tells Carly that Stella is with Mike right now. Carly will go and see her. Sonny wonders why Ned is here. Ned thinks that this can wait. Ned wonders if he has heard from Olivia. She went with Robert to see Dante.

Robert thanks Olivia for indulging in his nostalgia. Olivia hopes that this is easing some of his grief. Robert thinks a little bit. Robert thinks that he likes listening to her ramble on. He suggests they go and buy the most expensive bottle of champagne and toast on it. Olivia happens to have a spectacular travel app on his phone. Robert tells Holly that he has no idea if she is out there but if she isnít then he will miss her. He gets a phone call from a blocked call. It is an English woman saying that they need him. Robert asks if it is Holly.

Jax wonders if he remembers splitting the heart in half. He does. He remembers the lady saying that money was not an issue. He remembers the lady. He asks if this was the woman. He explains that she doesnít look familiar at all. Nina wonders if he remembers the time frame. He couldnít possibly remember it. Nina thinks it would have been in 1991. He can take a look at his records. Nina thanks him.

Elizabeth knows that him, her, Emily, and Lucky all had such a connection together. It was an important time in her life. Elizabeth knows that he is nothing but intimidating. He is a prince and he is far and few between. Elizabeth knows that Franco is making some unsubtle accusations.

Ava thinks that Elizabeth is probably not a good match. Franco will give her this much. She has always been very supportive of her. Ava thinks that they made a lot of money back in the day. Franco knows how much she actually invests in people she cares about. He knows how she will do anything to support the people that she loves.

Carly finds Stella. She thinks it is so good to see her. She explains that Sonny is having a hard time. Joss shows up. Carly wonders why she is here. Joss explains that she couldnít relax and enjoy things while she thought about Mike. She knows that Mike doesnít realize she is here. Stella is confident that Mike can sense her love.

Ned knows that Olivia realizes he canít leave Mike. Sonny admits she is right. He canít leave his dad. Sonny wonders if there was any info. Ned thinks that this wasnít a great time for Olivia to go to Europe. Sonny can understand.

Robert tries to call Holly. He calls another agent. He needs a blocked number tracked. He realizes it is a favor and he owes them. Olivia walks over and asks what she missed. Robert explains he took a phone call and it was Holly on the other end asking him to help her. Robert admits it was a gobbled call. Olivia thinks that he has Holly on the mind. Robert knows that voice anywhere. He knows she doesnít believe him.

Nikolas asks what Franco is saying about him. Elizabeth doesnít think it matters. Elizabeth thinks that there has been a distance between her and Franco. Nikolas promises that she will never be alone no matter what happens to Franco.

Franco knows that it has been a hard couple of years for Ava. She is in a sham of a marriage with Nikolas. Ava knows she went into this marriage with her eyes wide opened. Franco thinks she deserves better than Nikolas. Ava thinks that he is sweet. Franco thinks that she deserves to be with someone who believes in her.

Olivia thinks that it could definitely be Holly. She thinks he wanted to hear her voice. Robert thinks it could potentially be a recording. Robert thinks that he needs to find out where that call came from. He asks what she thinks. Robert thinks that Holly is alive.

Sonny thinks that you canít waste time with the people you love. He canít go visit Dante right now because of Mike. Ned is sorry that Mike is not doing well. Sonny is trying to make the most of everything right now

Joss walks into Mikeís room and says hi. She says she loves him. She wonders what he is thinking about. Stella thinks they all see the moments where Mike actually looks at them. Joss has seen it. Mike starts to move around. Sonny asks if he is having a hard time breathing. Joss is going to get a nurse. Sonny will get him some help.

The jeweler hands Nina the receipt. Jax thinks they are a step closer.

Ava guesses that Nikolas thinks that she is just horrible. She wonders if Franco really sees good. Franco does. He really does. He thinks that Ava is her own worst enemy. Franco is really tired of watching Elizabeth give in to everyoneís high expectations.

Nikolas knows he has let her down enough in this lifetime. She makes him want to be a better man. Elizabeth just cannot believe that her marriage is on the rocks again. Elizabeth doesnít understand how it all fell apart so quickly. Elizabeth feels like a failure.

Robert should at least be able to get the source of the call. If someone is messing with him he needs to know. Olivia knows he needs to find out. Robert gets a call.

The nurse tells Sonny that Mike has pneumonia. It is common in his case.

Stella tells Mike that if he could hand on a little longer she knows they will want to say goodbye.

Robert explains that Olivia that the call came from Monte Carlo. Robert guesses that the WSB doesnít waste resources looking for dead people. He will get her a ticket back to PC. Olivia wants to go with her. He thinks he will be fine.

Nina cannot believe that this is happening. Nina thinks that these are just happy tears. Jax thanks the man. Nina reads that the name of the customer is Phyliss Caufield. She recognizes the name.

Olivia tells Ned on the phone that she cannot talk about this on the phone but she will see him when she can. Olivia tells Robert she is coming with him.

Nikolas kisses Elizabeth. Someone takes a picture.

Ava and Franco kiss and someone takes a picture.

Carly wonders if the oxygen is helping. Stella thinks it is but he is still having a hard time. Sonny asks Stella if the end is near. Stella tells them all to say goodbye to Mike.

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