GH Update Wednesday 9/9/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/9/20


Written by Anthony

Carly thinks that Bobbie should sue the hospital. Bobbie thinks another lawsuit would hurt the hospital. Carly reminds her that Cyrus fired her. Bobbie points out that it was Cyrus who fired her. They both know that.

Valentin sits down next to Martin. He assumes after his last client he could use a drink. He means Nelle. Valentin wonders if the latest missing report is real.

Sam thinks that this is all her fault. Cyrus is in control of GH because of her. Jason asks if she really thinks that it is her fault. Sam wonders if he does.

Julian tells Alexis that the police are going to come and pick up the needle. Alexis explains that the police are considering all opioid deaths as homicides.

Cyrus has no idea what Jordan is talking about. Jordan thinks he knows. She demands to know why he killed Neil. He OD’d. Cyrus thinks that addicts are very good at hiding their addictions. Cyrus thinks it is hypocritical that her friends would OD. Jordan demands to know what his connection was to Neil.

Joss tells Cam that she knows. She doesn’t think that there has to be any weirdness between them. She is totally cool with it.

Alexis asks if she is really supposed to believe that Neil was an addict this entire time. She wasn’t going to know at all even up to the very end. Julian doesn’t think that it is that simple. Alexis knows that there is the blood, the puncture wounds, and then Julian found this under her bed. She was so certain she was making a better choice but it turns out she found a better liar.

Valentin wonders if Martin took Nelle to an undisclosed location.

Bobbie explains that Valentin opened the door for Cyrus. Bobbie isn’t going to let this continue. She walks over to Valentin. She explains that he is worse than Stefan. Brick walks over. He has no doubt that Valentin deserves this.

Alexis thinks it is inconceivable that she wouldn’t be able to spot another addict. Julian doesn’t think she knows that she was for sure that he was an addict. Julian thinks that there are a lot of high functioning people that are. Alexis doesn’t know. She doesn’t know anything right now. Julian thinks she will drive herself crazy over this. Neil was dealing with a lot.

Ava tells Trina that she did great at the Nurses Ball. Trina wonders if her and Nikolas are happy. Ava promises that she knows what she is doing with Nikolas.

Joss just hopes that Cam knows that she doesn’t need to keep secrets.

Ava tells Trina that she should speak with her mother about this situation. Portia walks over. Portia would like a moment to catch up. Trina tells her to be nice. Ava explains that Trina needs to clear having more hours at the gallery with her. Portia thinks they need to talk.

Jordan reminds Cyrus that he kidnapped her son. Cyrus thinks that he never did that. Cyrus assumes that people die all the time. It doesn’t mean he had a hand in it. Cyrus has no connection to drugs. He thinks that now she comes in here late at night. He thinks that some could accuse her of trying to go after an innocent man.

Sam needs Jason to tell her the truth. ELQ was supposed to bailout GH. Sam only cared about getting a new parole officer. Jason thinks that she is only responsible for signing things over. It is Valentin’s fault that this all happened. Sam got what she wanted and now people are paying for it.

Julian knows how difficult it is to live a double life. Julian think that Neil could have been confused about a lot of things. He clearly cared about her. Alexis tells Julian to go. She cannot be here with him. She shouldn’t have him to turn too. Julian guesses that makes sense. Alexis just wants to be alone. Julian thinks it was nice to see her happy again.

Joss tells Cam that there were no more secrets. Trina is glad.

Ava is sorry if she overstepped with Trina. Portia knows she came on as very strong the first few times they met. Ava knows that one can never be too careful with children. Portia is realizing now that she believes her intentions were honorable. She doesn’t believe she lives an honorable life.

Cyrus thinks that it wasn’t a dream or imagination. Jordan thinks that he threatened to kill her son. Cyrus thinks that she gave him the option to be a free man. He thanks her. He tells her to say he is welcome. Jordan doesn’t think that he needs her help. She met the terms of things. They are done. Cyrus doesn’t want her to be so sure.

Sam asks if he is really ok with what she did. Jason hates that Bobbie and Monica lost their jobs but it isn’t permanent. Cyrus will be gone soon with Sonny. Jason knows that Michael being involved in ELQ will get the company back in family hand. Jason knows that she acted in good faith. It is done and over. They cannot change it. They can just move on. Sam agrees. Sam sees that Julian has called. She asks what he wants. Julian explains that Neil died from an OD. They found a needle. Julian thinks that Alexis shouldn’t be alone. Sam will be right over. She thanks Julian. She has to go… Jason tells her they can go.

Alexis tells an officer that she wasn’t planning on sleeping in there anytime soon. Alexis is fresh out of answers.

Cyrus thinks that changing things are going to be hard. Jordan knows that there is no conflict left. Her services are no longer needed. Cyrus suggests that she split the difference. He thinks that old friends could be useful. Unlike Marcus.

Martin could call the cops on this threat. Carly suggests they leave Valentin alone. Bobbie is going to have dinner with Scott. Valentin tells Martin that he is nothing like Stefan. He was consumed with his ghosts. Valentin wonders what kind of leverage was under.

Ava explains she would normally tell someone to go to hell. If she were her though then she would be livid. A mother should never take their eye off their daughter’s safety. There is nothing more important. Portia tells Ava she doesn’t need to be at the gallery seven days a week. Ava can send her out on an errand. She can send her to Tokyo if need be. Portia does have a couple requests. She needs to work. Ava will. She couldn’t stop her. It might sound like a classical boutique but there is a lot to do. She can come and check in on them.

Portia tells Trina that she can get more hours.

Ava hears that congratulations are in order with Nelle. They should celebrate the end of his marriage. Nelle claims she left a letter with his role in Wiley’s kidnapping. Ava should have killed her when she offered.

Sam and Jason show up at Alexis’ house. She asks if they heard about Neil. Sam is so sorry. She asks if she didn’t know him at all. Sam tells her not to blame herself. Alexis wonders how someone blames themselves as a decent and wonderful person.

Martin is not going to name any names. They might have left one or two ends. Valentin wonders where she is. Martin explains that her secrets are out there. Valentin tells Martin that he better make sure he is fine.

Brick thought that he would say hello. Carly wonders if Sonny knows he is town. Brick saw him at Turning Woods.

Valentin explains that Nelle left a letter with Martin. Ava thinks that Martin would absolutely use that for his own game.

Portia needs Trina to text her when she gets home. Trina will.

Cyrus thinks that Jordan revealed the truth about Marcus. He thinks that family is reserved though. Jordan thinks neither of them know what she is capable of. Cyrus says goodnight to Jordan. Cyrus tells her that if she ever decides to show up again for a late night chat she needs to ask herself if it is worth his time.

Jordan asks Portia how Trina is doing. Portia thinks that Trina is fine. Jordan thinks that if there is anything she can do. Jordan wishes that there was something she could do. Portia knows that Curtis talked with her. She doesn’t have desire on her husband. Jordan appreciates that.

Ava tells Julian not to miss anything. Julian doesn’t think he will get caught. Ava hopes he didn’t set off a silent alarm.

Alexis was lying next to him in the bed. She wonders if he was waiting for her to fall asleep so he could shoot up. Alexis guesses he was planning both at the same time. Sam tells her that she needs to come home with them. Alexis needs her privacy. Sam tells her to call her if she feels at all like she wants to have a drink or something. Alexis will. She knows were to find them. She thanks them for coming by.

Trina didn’t want anyone knowing about his. Right now three people know. Joss walks back over. She had the best idea about the three of them.

Ava texts Julian to get out. There is a communication failure.

Carly thinks that the day at the track was special. Brick thinks that seeing Mike with Sonny was great. Brick was honored to help them.

Ava pull a fire alarm.

Joss suggests that they just all go to homecoming together. They can bring Dev too. They will just leave the romance drama out.

Portia asks if she can forget that she brought up the romance drama. Jordan thinks that is fine. They just have to leave things be.

Valentin gets all his documents. Martin has the letter from Nelle in his briefcase.

Cyrus tells someone on the phone that he needs to find out where Neil got the drugs.

Alexis holds the drink. It looks like a glass of water. She says one day at a time.

Sam thought she was doing the right thing because for her there is nothing more important than them being together. She is sorry for what it cost. Jason tells her it is over.

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