GH Update Tuesday 9/8/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/8/20


Written by Anthony

Dante does pushups in his room at the WSB. He thinks about his last conversation with the doctor.

A person tells Olivia and Robert they need to sign in. Olivia points out who Robert is. Robert doubts he is old enough to know who he is. Olivia appreciates him getting her in to see Dante. Robert explains that he is helping a friend. He hopes she knows that. Olivia knows that Dante needs to see her. Robert reminds her to think positive.

Kevin asks Lulu what she made. Lulu says that she has Olivia’s recipe. She knows how much he has been working lately. Lulu might have an ulterior motive. She asks how long Laura plans on staying in DC.

Brando thanks Jason for finally believing that he didn’t sabotage the motor cycle. Sam is sorry that she didn’t believe him. Brando wonders if there is something else that was behind their change of heart. Jason explains that they were able to figure out where he was because of it. Brando asks if they are going to retaliate against Cyrus.

Julian wonders where Martin is. Julian explains that his marriage to Nelle is an issue. Valentin imagines that he isn’t the only one with issues on Nelle.

Alexis thinks that the autopsy was wrong. Jordan explains it was an opioid.

Valentin wonders if he knows where Nelle is. Julian has no idea where she is. As soon as he is away from her the happier he will be. Valentin wonders if he is worried she is coming back or not.

Jordan would like to put the results in context. She knows that he just lost his medical license. Alexis explains that they were talking about their future. Jordan wonders if the challenge of starting over again was too much and he took his own life.

Olivia doesn’t think it can be this easy. Robert thinks that Dante is here for a reason. Olivia knows and she keeps explaining that to Ned. Olivia knows that Ned is afraid that she will get hurt again. Robert remembers when Robin was tiny. She turned him into mush. It was that way ever since she was a little girl. Robert thinks it is better to have loved and lost than to have never have loved at all. Robert had to remember that at school and it is the only part he remembers. Olivia will try and remember that. A man named Bryan shows up to talk with them. Olivia thanks Bryan for letting her see her son. Robert explains that he has to fill out paperwork. Olivia cannot thank them enough. Bryan thinks that Robert must love her very much.

Cyrus asks when they can expect the mayor back. Kevin is not sure when she will be back. Cyrus wonders if Lulu is here on story. Lulu is just feeding him. Kevin informs Lulu that Monica and Bobbie have been fired.

Jason doesn’t have any proof just like with the motor cycle. Jason thinks that Sonny will handle it when he is ready. Jason explains that Spinelli wants them to meet him at the penthouse. Brando thanks them for bringing him here

Sam asks if they should say something to Sonny. Jason knows he is with Mike. Sam knows that Brando got beat up. Jason thinks that the accident is hard to prove that Cyrus did. Sam has a few things she needs to take care of. Jason says ok.

Julian thinks that he needs a divorce. Valentin thinks that he would be better off if Nelle stays gone forever. Peter asks Valentin what Julian wanted. Valentin says that he wanted to know about Nelle.

Alexis thinks they were talking about their future. She explains that his daughter took her own life. Jordan thinks that a parent never really gets over losing a child. She can say that there was no sign that he would do anything drastic last night. Jordan thinks that drug abuse is hard to peg sometimes.

Robert feels that some things never change. Olivia thanks Robert for doing this for her. She is a little embarrassed. Olivia explains that Bryan thinks that Robert is in love with her. Robert thinks that any guy could find her irresistible. Dante’s doctor tells them that it is not possible for them to see his patient.

Lulu thinks that Bobbie and Monica are vital to this hospital. Cyrus promises that Kevin is vital to the hospital and he will not be fired. Kevin gets a text message. Lulu thinks that he seems way too focused on Laura. Cyrus has high hopes on better relations with her mother and the rest of the family.

Spinelli has new information that proves Peter guilty. Spinelli has Peter’s own words.

Sam tells Brando that he is going to stay in bed. She asks what he was thinking.

Julian heard that Jordan was here. Jordan explains that there is no news on Nelle’s whereabouts. Julian asks Alexis what is wrong. Julian wonders what is wrong.

Valentin wonders what is going on between him and Nelle. Peter needs Valentin’s help. There is no one else he can trust. Valentin asks what she has on him. Peter explains that Nelle disclosed some vital information on him. he would be a dead man otherwise with Jason.

Spinelli explains that Nelle gave him information. Shiloh confided in Nelle with stuff on Peter. Jason explains that Anna believes Peter. Jason reminds Spinelli that without proof he can’t do anything. Spinelli has proof. Peter and Maxie showed up at the garage. He confronted him with Nelle’s obligations. It left Peter with the hidden camera alone and he incriminated himself. He has the footage.

Brando wonders why Sam came back. Sam wanted to say sorry. Brando wished that she had taken the time to get to know her. Brando doesn’t think they would be all warm and cuddly themselves if they actually helped.

Robert is supposed to get access to Dante. The doctor thinks that Dante is not in control of is actions. Seeing her could be a huge trigger. Olivia thinks that they cannot prove that Dante is an issue unless they see one another face to face. Olivia will allow her access but it is up to Dante whether she is allowed to see him.

Lulu tells Cyrus that he doesn’t know a damn thing about her family. Cyrus knows that Lulu and her mother have similarities. Cyrus wonders if he ever wanted to deal with this.

Olivia tells the doctor that she can give some information that changes the direction. Dante hears Olivia talking on the other side of the store. The doctor walks into Dante’s room. Dante knows his mother is out there. He heard her voice. The doctor explains that she wanted to see him. He asks if he wants to see her. Dante thinks that he needs to complete the mission in his head.

Lulu thinks that her mother and her didn’t tag along in adventures. Laura was the dangerous one. Kevin walks over. He explains that one of his colleagues passed away. Cyrus tells Lulu that he wouldn’t say no to a home cooked meal.

Sam explains she used to have a different lifestyle. She was a grifter and con-artist. She is being serious. She had her reasons. She tried to convince herself that there were reasons for it. Sam tells him to stay in bed for Sonny’s sake. Brando thanks Sam.

Julian wonders if Neil turned to drugs because of her. Alexis doubts it. Jordan tells Alexis that she is going home. It is revealed that Neil injected the pills.

The doctor tells Olivia that Dante doesn’t want to see her. Olivia demands she open the door. Olivia knows that he is trying to protect her right now because that is the kind of person she is. Olivia was there the day he was born. She remembers holding him and thought he was a perfect person. She thinks he is perfect and she loves him just the way he is. She thinks love is stronger than fear or PTSD. She thinks it is stronger than this door. She begs him to just listen to her. He needs to open the door. She just wants to see his face. She just wants to hold him.

Alexis doesn’t believe that Neil would have done this in her house and her bed. Alexis will prove it to her. Jordan gets a call. She has to do something first.

Kevin explains that Neil turned over his files to him last night. Sam walks over and asks what is going on. Lulu explains that Monica and Bobbie were fired by Cyrus. Sam is sorry. She walks away.

Spinelli thinks that Peter knows that this could destroy Peter. Spinelli thinks that this could lead to good information. Jason tells him not to rush this.

Valentin thinks that Jason is a dangerous man. Peter saved Jason’s life. Peter thinks that Spinelli has information on him.

Olivia continues to sob. She tells Dante that she loves him. She knows he will get better. He is going to come home. They will all be waiting for him. She wants him to take it easy. She guesses that her son doesn’t want her. Robert reminds her that Dante knows that someone is waiting for him. Olivia guesses it is better to have loved and lost instead of never at all. Robert will get them a flight back home. Olivia tells Robert they are going to the memorial. She couldn’t help her son but she can help with Holly. They will put one foot in front of the other and go to Holly’s memorial together.

Dante wonders if she is gone. The doctor assumes it wasn’t easy for him. Dante needs to do the work.

Kevin thinks the more he knows about Cyrus the more he feels he needs a shower. Lulu thinks that Cyrus has an odd love of their family.

Valentin will do what he can to keep Jason from destroying Peter.

Sam asks if Spinelli has any information they can use. Jason wonders about the unfinished business. Sam explains she ran into Lulu and Kevin. They told her that Cyrus fired Bobbie and Monica. That wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for her. She knows it is her fault.

Brando has never received flowers before. It is from Cyrus.

Alexis looks for drugs. Julian finds the needle. Julian is sorry.

Jordan asks Cyrus why he murdered Neil.

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