GH Update Friday 9/4/20

General Hospital Update Friday 9/4/20


Written by Anthony

Finn tells Alexis to drink the water. He wants to know what is going on with Neil. Alexis tells Finn that when they went to sleep he was alive but when she awoke he wasnít. Finn wonders about the cause of death. Alexis doesnít know.

Molly tells TJ they should hit the Floating Rib. TJ is trying to get some batting practice in before work tomorrow. He wants to see what Brando is made of.

The goons beat up Brando.

Jordan tells Marcus on the phone that she is handling things. She walks into her office and finds Curtis dressed like a chef with a table set up. Jordan thanks him.

Portia tells Trina that she is going to be late. She wonders who she is going to be hanging out with.

Maxie tells Anna that she cannot stop looking at the picture either. Maxie thinks that James is neutral on the subject of a child. Georgie wants a sister though. Valentin walks over and tells her that she better be careful what she wishes for because sisters can be a handful like Annaís sister.

Jason walks into Brandoís shop and lets Sam and Spinelli in. Sam wonders if he is alive. Jason says for now. Jason thinks he could have internal bleeding. Spinelli wants to call 911. Sam thinks they need to take him to the hospital themselves. Jason and Sam start moving him.

Jordan asks Curtis what all this is. She thought she would be raiding a vending machine soon. Curtis explains that she will have fine dining for fine police commissioners. He asks if she would like sparkling water. Curtis pours her a glass of water. Curtis picked out her entre. Curtis walks out.

Molly asks if him and Brando are hanging out. TJ says they got to talking at the telethon. Molly doesnít know him well enough to like or dislike him. TJ thinks he seems like a good guy. Molly wants him to be careful. Molly thinks that Sam said that he was recovering from a baseball injury before. She has seen him turn into a dirty player as soon as he gets on the field. TJ will take him easy but even so. TJ informs her that Monica and Bobbie were fired. Molly doesnít believe that. Molly turns around and TJ is there.

Curtis walks back in with a sport coat on. Curtis heard the food here is great. Curtis got her sweet tea just like old times. Curtis wonders if he needs an excuse to pamper his wife. Jordan says no but she just wonders why.

Alexis doesnít know what to say or how to feel. She thinks the worst part isÖ Finn guesses they will have to call a meeting. Alexis doesnít think that they can have one with just two people. Finn thinks that it is special circumstances. Alexis takes a seat across from him. Finn wonders what the worst part is. Alexis thinks that they finally decided that they were good together and he died in her bed. She takes that personal.

Anna assumes that Maxie and Peter have things to do. Maxie has a concept meeting with Lucy. Valentin wonders if he can join her. Valentin wonders if she needs something. Anna is going to go after Alex and she needs him as backup.

Spinelli runs and tries to grab the camera. He hears Maxie and Peter coming towards him though and goes and sits down. Maxie wonders what he is doing here. Spinelli explains that his van is acting up. Maxie explains that Peterís car isnít working well right now. Peter thought that he would try something with the local mechanic instead. Spinelli thinks that the mechanic is well worth the wait. Spinelli is sure that he is just out. He thought they could chat and catch up.

Anna thought that Alex would get his attention. Valentin thinks that Alex exploited him. He could have been an honorable man. Anna wouldnít completely hold him to his own standard. Valentin wonders what the favor is. Anna thinks that he could bring Alex to justice. Valentin thought that she lost her trail last year. Anna needs his selective brand. She wants her to meet her in Berlin. She wants to start running. Valentin wonders why now. Anna couldnít say but they should go.

Alexis couldnít help but feel like she sent him to a grave. Finn thinks you canít bring someone to a grave just for loving them.

Jordan thanks Curtis for keeping her company. Jordan has to find Nelle. Curtis wonders what Cyrus is up to. Jordan knows that Cyrus is up to something. She needs to figure out a way to put him away for good. Curtis knows that Cyrus is never far from her. He thinks no matter how hard he tried if Marcus would still be alive. Jordan thinks that he needs to stop tiptoeing around this. Curtis has tried talking things through. He thinks it just makes things worse. Jordan thinks that Portia could help things out.

Sam tells Portia they found him like this. Sam wonders if he will be ok. Sam thinks that this was Cyrus. He had to have done it.

Molly thinks that someone who paints themselves as a benefactor they would still be here. Molly thinks that they would file a wrongful termination suit. Cyrus walks over. TJ knows who he is and doesnít want his hand.

Finn tells Alexis that if she needs anything he is here for her. He needs her to go to a meeting. He thinks that just being there will help. Alexis will go later. Alexis is waiting for an autopsy.

TJ asks if Cyrus ever considered the lives that Monica and Bobbie have saved around here. Cyrus sees his motherís fire in him.

Jordan thinks it does nothing for Trina to act the way she does. Curtis just didnít want to confuse things. Curtis thinks that he ran into Portia at Kellyís. He would rather leave it there. He wonders why he should add one more burden. Jordan didnít want him implemented. Jordan thinks that she could have backed him. She could have her marriage destroyed from it though. Jordan needs peace between their familyís. It could be a gift for their family. Jordan gets a call. She says she is sorry. Curtis assumes it is Cyrus.

Sam suggests that they wait for Brando to wake up. Portia walks over to them. She asks if he will be alright.

Valentin has a daughter to consider. He has recently taken over ELQ. Anna reminds him that Alex might be a threat for Peter. Peterís grasp on happiness is fragile at best. He is expecting his first child. Alex could hurt Peter and Maxie. Valentin stops her from leaving.

Maxie tells Lucy on the phone that she has to wait for her. Maxie tells them that she has to go. Peter can wait around a little longer. Peter hopes that this mechanic is well worth the wait. Peter gets the impression that he wants to talk with him. Spinelli had a rather front run in at the Nurses Ball. A little birdie whispered some stuff. He heard about him and Shiloh going way back over seas.

Cyrus sees that he shares his motherís passion. It was Jordanís key sense of justice that put him here. He needed Monica and Bobbie gone for this reason. TJ tells him not to hold his breath. Cyrus tells Curtis that TJ works for him now. Sooner or later everyone does. Curtis thinks he will find out he is wrong about that.

Finn thinks she is trying to make sense of something that happened. Alexis wonders how she can fix this. Finn tells her to breathe and think about self-care. Jordan needs to speak with her about Neil.

Portia is going to take Brando up to x-ray. She will take him up for observation. Sam guesses he wasnít beat up as much as they realized. Sam thinks it was convincing. This could be exactly what they wanted Sonny to see. They had no idea that they knew they were watching. Jason thinks that it was their way of showing Brando that he didnít do this. Jason thinks that Cyrusí men could have done this. Cyrus walks over. He asks how the patient is doing.

Molly thinks that right there was a thing of beauty. He had no idea how to respond. TJ thinks he knew. Curtis walks over. He tells them that he doesnít want this food to go to waist. Curtis wishes he could have stopped them.

Cyrus heard that Brando had been brought into the ER. He takes a particular interest in the people who are close to Sonny Corinthos. He thinks so many tragedies on so many fronts. Jason thinks that is why he has him.

Sam asks Brando how he is feeling. Brando heard the good news. Sam wonders if he remembers anything. Brando got jumped to his garage. Brando had a light shined in his eyes.

Alexis already spoke with Valerie. Alexis can speak with Jordan outside.

Valentin thinks that this is a trap. Anna is sure. She wouldnít expect him to be there though. Valentin thinks that they will never get the WSB involved. Anna cannot let this slip through her fingers again. Valentin tells her not to play the trap.

Spinelli explains that as Georgieís father he needs to make sure that Maxie is ok. Peter tells Spinelli he has tried to get along with him but he is making it really hard. It is like he wants him to have an enemy. Spinelli wonders if he really didnít have Drew moved. Spinelli is sorry to have troubled him.

Jordan would like to hear her account. Alexis explains that they talked about their feelings from one another and wanted to be together. He was happy and relaxed. He was intelligent and articulate and dry witted. Alexis wonders how he died. Jordan says he died from drugs. Neil overdosed.

Molly says that they were standing up for Monica and Bobbie. Curtis tells him not to get in their way. TJ is not going to stay silent. Curtis tells him to let it go. There is nothing that he can say that will affect Cyrus. Curtis thinks it will cost him the program. TJ can go to Mercy.

Brando explains no to Cyrus. Jason thinks he had nothing to do with his accident. It was all Cyrus.

Anna finds Finn. Anna tells Finn she is not going to Berlin. She will figure out another way to deal with her sister.

Maxie asks Peter if the mechanic ever showed. Peter says not yet. Peter gets on his phone again. He calls Valentin. He wonders if he has had dealings with Nelle because she was running her mouth and it could ruin his life.

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