GH Update Thursday 9/3/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 9/3/20


Written by Anthony

Anna asks if Alex is on the line. Alex wonders if she has another twin sister. Anna wonders what she wants. Alex wanted to congratulate her on being a grandmother again.

Peter asks if he missed anything. Maxie says that the doctor will be right back.

Robert tells Olivia that they will be fine. He promises that it is all positive. Olivia just wishes that this trip didn’t upset Ned so much.

Spinelli tells Jason all he has to do is flip the switch and he will be able to hear everything. Sam and Alexis walk in. Spinelli wonders if Alexis is going on a trip. Sam explains that Alexis has already reached her destination. She will be staying with them.

Brando works on a motor shirtless in his garage. An officer shows up and wants to talk with him.

Cyrus and an older gentleman play a puzzle. Cyrus goes over to speak with someone. He tells Cyrus it is time for them to pay their friend another visit and see if they need their assistance. Sonny walks in. Cyrus thinks it is a pleasure to see them. Sonny wonders if he can join them. A nurse comes over to take the man Cyrus was playing with away. Cyrus is really impressed with the quality of care here. He asks if his father is able to walk. Sonny tells him that if he is breaking the truce then he could consider that an act of war.

Alexis tells them that this is a temporary thing. Sam explains that Neil died in his sleep last night. Alexis is waiting for an autopsy right now. Sam thinks that they are going to let Alexis stay with them for a while. Jason is sure that the children will love having her here. Jason and Spinelli leave. Alexis wonders if she wants to know what that was about.

Brando called the company to see if there were any defects. He knows that he installed this properly. A man shows up. The officer will be in touch. He explains he works with Cyrus. He wanted him to swing by and see if he needed some help making his legal issues go away.

Olivia tells Robert that Ned is worried about Brook Lynn. Olivia explains that Ned and Brook Lynn were fighting before this all happened and now he feels terrible about it. Brook Lynn will not listen to anyone right now. Ned made mistakes and so did Brook Lynn. It is so ugly. She keeps trying to explain that she needs to take time to heal. Robert thinks that she doesn’t need to drive her crazy. She insists that everything will be just the way that they want. Olivia wonders who they are talking about now.

Maxie cannot believe she had all these imaginary obstacles. Maxie thinks the more time that Robert spends with him then things will be fine. Peter thinks that she has never looked more beautiful. The doctor walks in. She thinks it is good to meet them. Maxie explains that Peter is an old pro at all of this.

Anna thinks that there is more on her mind than congratulations. She demands to know why she is calling her. Alex needs to join her. She needs help. Alex needs her to meet her in Berlin. She is begging her to help her come home. Finn wonders if she is ok. Anna is not. Anna explains that Alex decided she wants to finally come home. She is sure to avoid whatever trouble she is in. Finn wonders how she knows about the pregnancy. Anna has no idea. She thinks that every word in that phone call was made to bate her. Finn wonders if she is going to take it.

The man tells Brando that he was just checking in. He thinks that he should put some anti-freeze on his radiator if he wants a tip. The man thanks him.

Sam explains that Jason and Spinelli are trying to figure out he crash. Sam thinks that Brando is working with Cyrus. Alexis is glad that Molly had a one night stand with a drug trafficker. Sam thinks he is bad news.

Spinelli says hi to Brando. Spinelli thinks he has a excellent memory. Brando knows he needed to blow off steam the other time he was around. Spinelli explains that his car is broke. Spinelli explains that his car is at the mini-mart down the street. Brando can lock up on his way out. Th e two leave. Spinelli thanks him for helping out.

Cyrus is not here to harass his father. He was hoping to volunteer. So, many people are strapped for time. Brick walks in.

Jason breaks into the garage.

Anna guesses that Alex called about Maxie but she thinks that it is about Peter. She thinks that Alex could undo all the good work that Peter has done if she finds out that she is his mother. Anna is going to go to Berlin.

Peter wonders if they will know if it is a boy or girl today. The doctor says too soon but their baby is on the monitor. Maxie wonders if they are healthy.

Alexis wonders how Sam got a better parole officer. Sam explains that she is only asking to avoid talking about Neil. Alexis wants to be distracted and wants to talk about anything else. Sam thinks she won’t like it. Alexis guesses that Sonny pressured a judge. Sam traded favors with Valentin.

Spinelli and Brando show back up at the garage. He wonders if he can get him lunch. Brando is fine. Brando walks in and Jason is gone. He wonders what he owes him. Brando tells him to get a new model because it is old. He isn’t going to take money for a jump start. Spinelli insists. Brando tells him to just save his money. He needs to remember to turn the lights off in his car. Spinelli thanks him. Jason managed to put up the camera.

Brick explains that he came to pay his respects to Mike. He wonders if he can help him with Cyrus. He knows that there is nothing good about him to share. Sonny guesses that at least they aren’t enemies.

Sam had no idea that Valentin planned to take over ELQ. Which gave Cyrus a shot at taking over GH. Alexis guesses that Valentin got what he wanted. She got a new parole officer. Sam admits that her actions came at the price of the Quartermaine’s and GH. Alexis thinks it is fine to acknowledge that she made a mistake. She thinks that life is too short for regrets.

Spinelli tried to get Brando out. He wonders how Jason got out. Jason reminds him that Sonny owns the place. He just used the back door. Spinelli guesses they will be able to figure this out.

Cyrus knows that a lot of people benefit from interaction. Cyrus thinks that people deserve their respect. Sonny thinks that they don’t need their help. Cyrus has to get going. Sonny thinks that Cyrus is the new chairmen of the board at GH. Cyrus is going to hire an outside resource to get GH under wraps. He thinks that change comes from the up down. He heard that Jason checked out of GH against doctor’s advice. He hopes that didn’t hurt him. Brick wonders why he wants control of GH. Sonny is way ahead of him.

The doctor says that the baby is perfect right now. They can hear the heartbeat if they would like. Maxie might start crying. Anna has to do this. Finn assumes that this is going to protect Peter. Anna thinks that Alex could destroy Peter’s happiness. Finn wonders what she plans on doing.

Robert doesn’t even want to go to the memorial. Anna forced him into this. Anna thinks that he has unresolved feelings. She was a huge part of his love. Olivia thinks that Holly sounded like the perfect woman for him. Robert thinks the article didn’t even scratch the surface. Olivia tells him to talk with her. Robert says once upon a time Luke and Holly had been having an affair for a while. He took off to the mountains to clear his head and then Holly discovered that she was pregnant. She is about to be deported. He stepped up and asked her to marry him. She miscarried and lost the child. Slowly they both fell in love. Olivia thinks that is an amazing story. She can see why he is afraid to go to the memorial. Robert claims he isn’t afraid. Olivia thinks that he is.

Sonny wonders if he is on his way to a job. Brick always has time for a job. Brick thinks they need to shut him down. Brick wonders how Carly is doing. Sonny says that she is off limits for him. He wonders how his dad is doing. Sonny thinks that he is getting to the end. Brick wonders what he can do. Sonny keeps asking himself that but he cannot come up with an answer. Brick does have a scotch with him name on it anytime he wants. Sonny will take him up on it any chance he gets.

Alexis thinks that they created road blocks of their own and she regrets that. She wishes she could have come up with that idea sooner. Alexis got to be happy for one night. The medical examiner has the autopsy report. Sam will come with her. Alexis thinks that she has done enough. Alexis is going to find out how he died. It doesn’t really matter one way or another. She says she is sorry. She didn’t mean to be harsh. She tells her to go enjoy herself. She is going to find out what happened with Neil.

Spinelli thinks that this is a good time for him to start up his PI agency. He thinks that Jason and him would work well together. He thinks that his concerns over Maxie are still there. He tells him that Maxie is pregnant and Peter is the father. He wonders what happens when she finds out that Peter’s redemption was a sham.

Maxie tells Peter that he doesn’t have to come to every single appointment if he doesn’t want to. Peter does though. Maxie thinks that is fine then.

Cyrus tells his goon that he has mutual friends with Sonny so that is going to happen. He wonders if Brando caved. The goon says no. Cyrus guesses it is time for him to make steps.

Olivia thinks that Ned telling her that she was falling all the way to Geneva to break her own heart is getting o her. Olivia wonders what if Ned is right. She asks what happens if her own child doesn’t want anything to do with her. Robert promises they will stay positive.

Anna has no idea what she will do with Alex. Finn tells Anna not to go. He thinks that she needs to ignore her. Anna needs to protect her family. Finn tells her to let him know when she is leaving. Violet will want to say goodbye.

Sonny asks Deanna if she can get Monica. Deanna explains that Monica and Bobbie no longer work here. Cyrus fired them both.

Cyrus remembers meeting with Brando. He needed a driver. While they were talking someone else tampered with the bike… The goon cannot get to the real target so long as Jason is still alive.

Finn tells Alexis that she can come upstairs with her. Alexis is here to find out the autopsy on Neil.

Maxie thanks Anna for waiting. She said that the baby is perfect and healthy. Maxie is sure that the baby will be the smartest and most adventurous child of all time.

Jason thinks that once Maxie’s denial breaks it will hurt her a lot. They need to find proof for her. Sam runs over and asks if they found proof on Brando.

Olivia tells Robert they should make a deal to lean on one another. That is what friends do. End of story. Robert has heard of worse ideas.

Two goons show up at Brando’s garage.

Jason and Spinelli watch with Sam as they start beating up Brando. Jason tells them they better go take care of this.

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