GH Update Wednesday 9/2/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 9/2/20


Written by Anthony

Anna tells Maxie and Peter that she wants to have a dinner party at the house. She assumes that they have happy news between the two of them.

Robert explains to Spinelli that he will be out of town for a few days. He wants Maxie to know the truth about the kid’s father.

Ned asks Olivia if she is still determined to leave today. Olivia explains that Robert’s friend is only in-charge temporarily. She has no choice but to go now. Ned wonders where that leaves Brook Lynn.

Lulu and Dustin show up at Brook Lynn’s room. Lulu wonders how she is. Brook Lynn types that she is fine and they can go now.

Sasha wonders how Chase is doing. Chase wants to tell Willow the truth about their fake affair. Sasha wonders if he is out of his mind.

Willow hopes that they don’t turn into hovering parents. Michael thinks that it is only temporary. They both will have to go back to work eventually. Not today though. Today they will appreciate that Wiley is back home safe. Willow couldn’t ask for more. Michael could.

Sonny asks Mike what he says. He thinks that he has a winner. Felix wants them to check out he other horses first. Carly wonders if Sonny is alright. Sonny thinks it is towards the end and he wants to spend as much time as he can with his father. Carly thinks it sounds like a plan. She kisses him. Carly has something she needs to tell him. She was scared that he was hiding from reality and pushing Mike into something that he didn’t want to do. Carly was wrong though. This was the best gift he could have given Mike. Sonny thinks that this is wonderful.

Michael spoke with Diane. He knows it will be tricky because Nelle is a biological mother. Willow has no idea what he is talking about. Michael explains that he is trying to say that once Diane can legally put the question of Nelle to rest he wants her to adopt Wiley.

Chase thinks that Nelle is a kidnapper with intent to kill. It is over. Wiley is safe from Nelle for the rest of his life. Sasha wonders if he can just go back and she will say great news. She isn’t going to just run back to him. Chase thinks that Willow loves him. Sasha knows but she loves Wiley more. She is his mother. They cannot control the outcome. This is the same thing. No matter how bad you want to. You cannot ungive up someone you love.

Lulu tells Brook Lynn that they both have been attacked and stabbed. She was terrified after the attack. It felt like someone had stollen so deeply personal from her. She gets it. She is around if she ever wants to talk. Dustin thinks they should let Brook Lynn get rest. They will talk soon.

Ned thinks that Brook Lynn refuses to see him right now. She might be the only one that his daughter will talk with right now. Olivia thinks that she will talk with Michael and Sonny. Olivia gets how much he wants this to work with Brook Lynn. Olivia thinks that this is about her accepting help from him. Ned needs her help to help his daughter. Brook Lynn needs him.

Anna thinks it be a small dinner party. The two of them. Her and Finn. Mac and Felicia. Peter never imagined coming to PC and falling in-love. Maxie admits that there will still be a little edge. They need to get going and meet Dustin and Lulu at the hospital. Anna thinks they will talk plans later. Anna tells Peter not to mess things up. Maxie promises she will not let him. The two leave. Robert wonders if something is wrong.

Sonny remembers when he was a kid and Mike would take him to the track. Mike loved being at the track. Carly thinks it must have been so cool for them. His father was his best at the track. He loved horses and the people who handled them. She understands what he is saying to a point but she believes that Mike is his best person when he is with him. She really does believe that. Now here at the end Mike is his best self when he is with him.

Michael wonders if this is too soon. Willow doesn’t think that Michael needs to pay her back or anything. She just wants to be clear it is not a sacrifice to marry him. She loves being part of his family. Michael really wants her to adopt Wiley for him. She would legally have a claim on him. Wiley would have claim on her though.

Sasha thinks that they love Wiley. Chase thinks that they are playing God again. Sasha wonders why Willow would forgive him for what they did. There is no going back. They have to move on. Chase is in love with Willow and he will not give her up.

Robert is going to Holly’s memorial and his flight leaves tonight. He thought he’d try to take one more crack about her issue. Anna assumes this is about Peter. Robert asks when it isn’t about Peter. Anna guesses with him never.

Carly thinks that her and Felix can get some snacks. Mike tries to stand up. Sonny helps him. Mike asks if he has it. Mike starts to hug the horse. Sonny wonders what is wrong. Mike starts to cry. Mike thanks Sonny. He kisses Sonny on the forehead.

Anna knows what he is going to say word for word. Anna didn’t allow this to just happen. Robert knows what happened. Anna wonders what happens for Maxie if she finds out about this. She will be devastated. Anna should have gone after where the facts led her. She wonders if she is close. Robert thinks that she is already having this fight with herself.

Olivia thinks that he is blatantly asking for her to choose his daughter over her son. Olivia thinks that this could be the last chance that she ever gets to speak with her son. If he truly needs her to build that bridge then it will take a few days. Ned thinks that Olivia is going to break her own heart.

Sasha asks Brook Lynn if this is a bad time. Brook Lynn says she is here so yes. Willow brought her some moisturizer. She explains that dry skin drove her up a wall when she was stuck here. Brook Lynn thanks her. She is going to take advantage of the fact that she cannot talk. She needs her to know that Chase Is not a dirtbag.

Willow will happily adopt Wiley as soon as she is able. Since that cannot happen yet… She just wants to make sure he is not doing this because he was wrong to kiss her. Michael thought they would promise to be honest. He doesn’t regret the kiss but he does regret the timing because he knows she is still in love with Chase. Willow doesn’t regret the kiss either. Him and Wiley are too important to her. She cannot rush into things or make assumptions. Nothing is more important than giving Wiley a stable family. Michael thinks that Nelle gave them a gift. They get to spend time as a family. Willow thinks that day by day is perfect with her. She tells him about Nina. Michael thinks that it sounds like she appreciates her. Michael and her will play a few games together. Willow can tell that there is a shark in his eyes.

Sasha explains that Chase was feeling overwhelmed. Chase wanted to save his girlfriend. She was feeling alone and scared. She was the one who kissed Chase first. She doesn’t want him to hold Chase responsible.

Ned thinks that she can either help Brook Lynn or have another wasted opportunity with Dante. Ned thinks that she can honor Dante’s wishes by leaving him alone. Olivia thinks that it would possible for her to get advice from him. She will never abandon her children.

Anna thinks that Robert needs to accept that Maxie and Peter are happy or he can continue to dredge up misery. Robert thinks that she has two choices. Keep avoiding things.

Maxie wonders if they are late. Lulu explains that they just got here. Lulu assumes that they are over the moon with Anna. Lulu tells them that the just got back from seeing Brook Lynn.

Mike thinks that the horse sure is a beauty. Sonny thinks that he sure is. Sonny wonders if he remembers when he spent the night in the barn with Avery. He got lost and they were all worried and Dante found him. He brought him home safe and sound. A lot of has happened since then. A lot of loss and a lot of game. He is happy that he is able to bring him home to a place where he is loved. Sonny hugs Mike. Sonny is going to go and bet on the ponies for him. He would do that. He wonders how much he should bet. Mike tells him to shoot the moon. Sonny promises they will shoot the moon.

Sasha knows that they have to put up with each other because they work together. She thinks that she would want Chase to save her if she was drowning. She thinks that he is a good guy but not the guy for her. She thinks that this is an avenue that she cannot get out of. Willow and Michael got custody of Wiley and that counts for something.

Willow wonders if Michael is ok. Michael explains that his sole focus has been Wiley but his family is going through stuff. His grandfather has not been eating. He just doesn’t have much time left. He was texting with his mom. They are at the track. Willow wonders about the race track. Michael is happy they get to spend the time together. Willow knows that this is a sad thing. He is losing

Carly wonders what the two of them have been up to. Sonny explains that they are making plans to come back here. Felix and Mike feed the horse. Carly thinks he is doing great. Sonny thinks he is with someone with no future.

Chase finds Sasha and Brook Lynn. Sasha has already bored her to tears. She will be back. Chase asks if Brook Lynn is ok. Brook Lynn wonders if that is it. Chase admits he messed up pretty badly with Nelle but Wiley is safe because of her. He thanks her. Brook Lynn asks if she gets a free pass the next time she gets arrested.

Robert takes Olivia’s bags to the car. Ned guesses this is it. Ned wishes her good luck and hopes it works out for her. Olivia wishes that he meant that. Ned begs her to not leave angry. Olivia will call when she gets there.

Chase finds Sasha. She asks if he spoke with Willow. Chase thinks what is done is done. Sasha doesn’t think that accepting reality doesn’t make it hurt any less. She leaves.

Michael admits that he never understood the undercurrent between his father and him. Willow always thought that she was named after his grandfather. Michael explains that Sonny’s real name is Michael. The main thing he remembers is all the regret that Mike had. He let his wife and son slip away. Michael really enjoyed fishing with Mike and going around the track. The biggest thing that he learned was to not go through life with putting things before him. He is committed to giving Wiley the best life possible. He wants Willow to be in it. Willow thinks it sounds like a plan.

Carly thinks they better get to the track.

Lulu never thought she would say this but she feels bad for Brook Lynn. Maxie does too. Lulu thinks it is because of her that her nephew is safe. Lulu is going to take one moment to talk about amazing things. Such as the perfect baby. Maxie thinks that Peter will be an incredible dad.

Anna gets a call. It is Alex and she says hello sister.

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