GH Update Tuesday 9/1/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 9/1/20


Written by Anthony

Carly pours herself a cup of coffee in her kitchen. She sees Nelle tapping on the glass outside. She runs over to the door and then Nelle is missing. She turns around and Nelle is there. She says that death will not stop her… Carly wakes up in bed realizing that it was just a dream.

Nina thanks the jeweler for looking into this. She might have found a way to search the neckless back to the original craftsmen.

Willow tells Michael that Jason being back means that he gets something special for breakfast. Michael thanks him for trying to help find Wiley. Jason guesses he didn’t actually need his help. Michael has never been so happy in his life. Jason is going to go and check on Wiley. Michael doesn’t want her to think that he thinks they were together. Willow knows it was a big night.

Sonny tells Felix that he wanted to stay with Mike forever. He wants to respect his wishes. Sonny doesn’t want him to be alone. Mike wakes up. Sonny tells him it is ok. He is here.

Ned and Olivia walk into Brook Lynn’s room. She is standing up. Ned tells her to get back into bed. Olivia gives Brook Lynn a tablet. They think that it might help her communicate.

Alexis brings Neil coffee. She thinks she will give him a foot rub. She feels his feet and they are freezing. She goes to wake him up and he isn’t moving. Alexis realizes that he is dead. Alexis screams when she hears Sam and tells her to get up here and hurry. Alexis calls 911. She doesn’t think that he is breathing. She begs them to hurry.

Ned tells Brook Lynn they will get through this. Brook Lynn reminds Ned that he disowned her. Olivia doesn’t think that happened. Olivia thinks that is just what people do. She remembers telling her mother, Lois that she was dead to her and the next day they were playing in the street.

Willow knows that Jason wants to talk with him. Michael guesses they can talk later. Willow agrees. Jason walks back in. Jason wonders if everything is alright. Michael is still processing things. Jason thinks that sometimes you just have to process things. Michael explains that Nelle was completely out of her mind. She saw herself as the victim and justified everything she was doing. He thought she was going to do something to Wiley.

Jax knocks on Carly’s backdoor. Jax says hi. She asks if he wants some coffee. Jax would love some. He assumes she had a rough night with everything going on. Carly thinks he would have called. Carly thinks he wanted to know how Sonny reacted to Nelle’s death. Carly doesn’t think they know how much time Mike has left. Jax thinks that Nelle is gone and that can be the end of it. Carly wonders if there is a chance she didn’t die. Carly saw the drop but she didn’t see the body. She thinks that there is a shot that she survived. Jax wonders if that is what she wanted.

Valerie asks if she can ask Alexis a few questions. Alexis says that they spoke last night and then he was dead this morning. She explains her relationship with him is now over. Alexis sobs. Sam hugs her.

Sonny asks Mike if this sounds promising. He reads him the horse race numbers. Mike puts up his fingers and they are two to one. Sonny thinks he is right. He was always great at the odds. Sonny thinks that it is like being at home for him. Mike says ponies. Felix thinks that emotional ties can help people sometimes. Sonny wants to take him to the track. He wonders if they can make that happen.

Michael heard about the tracker from Brook Lynn. He heard the thing make noise and he found him lying there asleep. Michael couldn’t eve describe the feeling. Michael knows that Carly and Jax showed up soon after. He doesn’t even want to know what would have happened if he hadn’t heard that noise. Jason is glad that he saved his son. That is all that matters.

The jeweler found the artisan was in Manhattan. She guesses she just has to find the other neckless. Nina knows it is a long shot but at least she is closer than a week ago.

Carly is having nightmares. Carly was down here pouring a cup of coffee then she found Nelle standing right at the door. Carly found her just right there and it felt like she could touch her. She woke up then and she was screaming. She wonders how Jax could be so calm. Jax cannot imagine how hard it must have been for her to have that vision. Carly spent so much time looking for Nelle. She doesn’t know what she is going to do. Carly thinks that Nelle is finally not able to hurt anyone she loves again.

Valerie wonders if Alexis knew if Neil had a heart connection. Alexis explains that she knew nothing. Valerie will be in touch when she learns more. Valerie is sorry for her loss.

Sonny guesses he should get Mike dressed. He knows he cannot go to the track looking like a bum. He can get him looking sharp.

Ned is so sorry. He never should have implied that he didn’t want her in this family. Brook Lynn tells him that he cannot take it back. Ned knows but he was wrong. Brook Lynn tells him to go away. Olivia tells Brook Lynn that she doesn’t know when she is going to sing again. She thinks that is who she is. She needs to find a little bit of compassion. He was afraid that he was going to lose her. Ned can take whatever she has to say. Olivia thinks that Ned is far from perfect. She needs to think of all the times that she has asked for forgiveness. She thinks it will make them both feel better. Ned knows she is going through something horrific. They just want to make things better for her. He wants her to come home. Ned thinks of course she will come home. Brook Lynn asks what home.

Carly gets a text. Sonny wants her to bring something by Turning Woods for her. She is not going to tell him right now. This is the only time that Sonny has with Mike right now.

Michael wonders if Jason has spoken with Sonny. Michael thinks that he brought Wiley out to Willow and things got complicated. Jason thought that Wiley seemed happy. Michael guesses that him and Willow have been very emotional last night. They got to talking and they kissed. Michael thinks that neither of them expected it.

Sonny shaves Mike. He remembers that he used to say that a man needs to know how to give himself a proper shave.

Jason knows that him and Willow love Wiley. It could be a foundation for a good life. Jason thinks that it will be up to them if they want to be together. Jason tells Michael to congratulate Wiley for making it into the kitchen.

Willow tells Wiley that he is going to look so handsome. She tells Wiley that he is starting to look even more like Michael. She thinks that Michael is very handsome and brave.

Michael hears Willow talking with Wiley on the baby monitor. She never expected to kiss him. It just happened out of nowhere. Willow thinks it is crazy. Willow didn’t realize how easy it would be to kiss him. She thinks that her and Michael love him very much.

Nina knows not to get her hopes up but she needs to try. Nina explains that she needs to get this secret unlocked. She will be damned if she doesn’t figure it out.

Willow thinks that Wiley might get upset. Michael thinks as Wiley’s parents they need to thank Brook Lynn.

Ned knows he made her feel unwelcome and he cannot say sorry enough. Brook Lynn tells him to stop trying. Ned knows they have done a lot of damage. Ned knows that healing her throat is her first priority but she doesn’t have to do it alone. Ned prayed to anyone who would listen to get his daughter back. He thinks that home with her family is the best thing for her. Brook Lynn says no. She waves goodbye.

Alexis thought that Neil really liked her and didn’t lie to her. She wanted to be with a man who didn’t lie to her. They wasted all this time. He showed up at her door and said that he messed up. Sam doesn’t know what to say. Alexis wonders who would believe this. Alexis thinks that they finally decided that they would go for it. It was great. It was apparently too great because now he is dead. She killed him. She wore him out. One night with her and he is dead. Sam hugs her.

Jax asks Nina how it went. Nina explains she has a definite need. She was able to get the artists contact information. Jax wonders why she isn’t happier. Nina knows that Madelyn split the original. If that is the case then the artisan would probably lead them to the other half. If she wants this to lead her to her child she has a lot of dots that need to be connected. Jax wonders if she plans on giving up. Nina will find a needle in a haystack.

Olivia thanks someone. Ned thinks that Brook Lynn is Lois and Tracy rolled into one. Olivia isn’t shocked. Ned cannot believe a psycho stabbed his little girl in the throat. She is lashing out and they will figure things out. She has to get going to see Dante.

Michael and Willow show up at Brook Lynn’s room. They ask if it is a bad time. Brook Lynn smiles.

Carly thinks that Sonny will love what he picks out. Sonny says they are going to the track. He should be fine. Carly guesses that this is wonderful. Sonny thinks that Felix is setting things up. She wonders if she can come too. Mike holds Carly’s wrist.

Ned doesn’t think she can leave right now. Olivia thinks he wants her here but she cannot do this. She thinks that there are any number of people who would help her. She thinks that Brook Lynn needs to handle this and he needs to go and wait. She needs to go and check on her son. She will not leave Robert waiting.

Michael explains that they wanted to thank her. Wiley will thank her too when he is old enough to know what happened. Willow heard what happened. She is so grateful for her courage. Michael thinks for once she has to lay there and allow things to happen. Willow thought it felt like a dream and it happened because of her sacrifice. She thinks tonight when they read Wiley stories they will say a special thank you to her because she made it all possible.

Sam tells Alexis she doesn’t need to be here while she cleans her room. Alexis checks Neil’s wallet. She finds the ticket for Aida. Sam hugs her.

Jax knows that Nina is ready to go and wants to come along. Jax thinks that it is her search. Nina wonders how Carly is doing. Jax thinks that she is doing good all things considered. Nina thinks that Nelle will be back.

Jason asks Sonny and Carly where they are going. Sonny says that they are going to the track. Jason has some things to catch up on. Sonny tells Mike the ponies are waiting.

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