GH Update Monday 8/31/20

General Hospital Update Monday 8/31/20


Written by Anthony

Nina sits outside Kelly’s looking at her phone. Valentin walks over and asks if she is alright. He wonders what he can do to help.

Valerie has some questions for Carly. Carly tells her to go ahead. Valerie wonders if Carly found Nelle. Carly got the scrapes from Nelle so she did. Valerie thinks that she is lucky that she didn’t get it worse. Valerie wonders what happened next.

Sonny goes to Turning Woods. He walks into Mike’s room where he is motionless in his bed. Sonny explains that he took a chance that he might be awake. He asks if he can turn off the music. Sonny hears him listening to Ella Fitzgerald. Sonny tells Mike that Brook Lynn is a good kid and will be fine and come back and sing a few more songs.

Michael tells someone on the phone if Brook Lynn wakes up to tell her that Wiley is home safe. They owe her so much. Willow wonders what he means that it is safe to Brook Lynn that Wiley is home safe. Michael explains that Brook Lynn told him where Nelle could be.

Sam tells Jason on the phone that she is glad that Wiley is safe. Jason tells Sam that he got sidetracked.

Neil wonders if Alexis still wants to be friends. He wonders if she wants to see him as much as he wants to see her.

Sonny explains that Michael is a great dad. He wanted to see his own dad.

Neil tried to respect her wishes and knew that it was too hard after everything they lost. Neil can understand that she might not want to tell him things. Alexis didn’t tell him about her being disbarred because she was embarrassed. Neil admits he misses her.

Jason will tell Sam everything when he comes home. Sam wonders if he is really coming home. Jason guesses if she wants him. Sam of course wants him too. Scout and Danny will be over the moon. Jason will grab a few things and be there in a little bit.

Nina is waiting for some news and didn’t want to wait at home. Nina tells Valentin she doesn’t even know if her child is alive. That is the thing that hurts the most. Valentin hates what he did to add to her pain. Sam walks out at Kelly’s and explains that there are a few things that she needs to say to him. He left out a few things when he took her children’s proxy. Such as not helping GH and letting a drug trafficker take it over.

Sonny knows he judged Mike. He was very unfair. He knows that they didn’t spend a lot of time together but it was on him for the time they did have together. Sonny is happier than any words can say at the time that they have spent together. He knows it is coming to an end. Sonny asks him to squeeze his hand. Mike looks at him and cries.

Michael explains that Nelle put a GPS tracker on Wiley. He thinks that she put it on his kangaroo. She had a GPS app on her phone. Michael explains it took him a few times to figure out what was on her phone. If it wasn’t for Brook Lynn then Wiley wouldn’t be home right now. Him and Nelle could be long gone. Willow always liked Brook Lynn but now it is so much more.

Carly tried to get Nelle to turn herself in. Carly explains that Nelle got the better of her. She knocked her off balance and she fell really hard. By the time she looked up she was gone.

Valentin kept his end of the bargain. Valentin tells her that a lot of people sold to him. Sam knows that he fired Valentin to get back at Michael for protecting Sasha. Nina wonders how he protected Sasha. Sam explains that Michael knew that Sasha wasn’t her daughter. Valentin thinks that Michael has other things on his mind right now. Nina thinks they can be happy for that. Sam leaves. Nina wonders how he arranged for Sam to get a more sympathetic parole officer. Valentin got lucky. Nina can understand why Sam would take that deal.

Neil thinks that they could be friends again. He would like that very much. Alexis doesn’t think she would like that. She needs to finish. She had a lot of time to think about all of this. She has been taking stock of where she has been and where she wants to go. She has missed him. She has really missed him. Alexis thinks she made a crucial error in her judgement. She doesn’t want to be his friend. She wants to be a whole lot more.

Michael guesses they can check on Wiley twice an hour and what have you. Willow thinks tat it feels strange. Michael thinks that the adrenaline is still pumping in his stomach. Willow thinks that they should talk.

Valerie wonders if she ran away. Carly thinks it all happened so fast. She said that she fell to the ground. Nelle was nowhere to be found. She must have ran off. She wished she could help but she was so out of it. Valerie is her cousin. Their family knows how hard it has been for them. Valerie wonders if she hurt Nelle.

Willow made a really big mistake before and she doesn’t want to make it again. She should have been with him at the PCPD. She had a whole string of visitors. Lulu, Nina, Jax, and even Sasha came by. There was tension but it was a kind gesture. When she saw Nina was here though she made an exit. Willow thinks that he was the only person who knew what she was going through. She wishes she could have been there to help. Willow realizes that they are stronger together.

Sonny tells Mike that he squeezed his hand and looked at him. He asks if he can stay with him a little longer. Sonny thinks that they had a moment. That is enough for him.

Carly asks if she really hurt Nelle. Jax doesn’t think that an injured person would have ran off like that. Carly guesses she could have scratches. No black eye or split lip that she could recall. Jax decides to take Carly home. Valerie will need her to come down to give her a statement. Valerie promises that she wants Nelle off the street. The family needs closure. She will not stop until she brings Wiley to justice. Carly thanks her. Carly and Jax go outside.

Willow knows they got married because Wiley was the priority. The two of them together. Michael agrees that they were a team but she didn’t have to be with him tonight. She could have hit him over the head with a vase he would have lost his mind. Willow wonders why she is only finding out about this now.

Nina cannot believe that he was only helping Sasha because Michael was blackmailing him. Valentin wanted her.

Alexis thinks it is clear that they should have been together. She thinks that right now there are no excuses to keep their distance any longer. Neil wants that very much. Alexis does too very much. Neil guesses they can take things slow. Alexis doesn’t want to take things slow.

Sonny thinks that Mike has lost a little bit of weight. He wants him to be ok. He doesn’t want him sticking around for him. He needs to do what he needs to do. Sonny thinks that he deserves that.

Neil wonders what she means by not slow. Alexis has nothing but options right now. Neil can appreciate that. He started thinking to himself when the last time he felt good about anything and then they got separated. Alexis really wants them to enjoy things. Alexis tells him to kiss her.

Jax thinks that she doesn’t have to volunteer why Nelle went over the cliff. Jax thinks any person could have done the same thing. Jax tells Carly to not admit to being on the cliff. If she gets an ambitious DA then they will try to convict her of murder. She has to tell Willow and Michael. Jax thinks that would make them accessories. She has to tell Sonny. He is her husband.

Nina doesn’t have to worry about deceit or anything with Jax. He isn’t going behind her back. They are looking for her child together with him. They have a new lead. Valentin thinks that is impossible.

Jason shows up at the apartment. Jason thinks that the new reality is going to take sometime to sink in. Sam has a question. She wonders what could be more important than finding Wiley right now. Jason explains that he had to take a new situation on. Marcus is alive.

Willow tells Michael that his head is alright. She wants to see his eyes. Michael tells Willow that they are ok. He knows that this has been one of the worse nights of their life but it is all over. Willow thinks if anything bad had happened tonight… Michael promises that they are ok.

Nina wonders why it is impossible. Valentin knows nothing else about the child. Nina thinks that they both know that he lies over and over again. Valentin looked everywhere for his child. She might have found a lead. They can confirm that the child was split around the time things happened. Nina is not hanging her hopes on a lie time and time again. She cannot trust him. She asks how she doesn’t know that he hasn’t found her real child and he just hasn’t told her.

Jason went to the safe house and Epiphany came to check on him. Jason explains that he took off. Danny walks downstairs and is happy that he is home. He wonders if it is just for a visit. Jason is here to stay. The two hug.

Alexis tells Neil she has to put lotion on or her skin will crack. He wonders how her wrist is doing. Alexis tells him to stop worrying about her. She asks if he is spending the right. Neil thinks so. He thinks he is going to become a chef. She thinks that is a good idea. Neil is upping his game. He wonders what her secret fantasy job is. Alexis wants to be a professional poker player. She thinks Vegas is too hot for her though. She really doesn’t know much about her future but she is looking forward to planning it.

Michael looks at Willow after they kiss. Michael goes to get the door. Valerie wanted to ask about Wiley. Valerie wanted to update them about Nelle.

Danny got a new video game. He wants to show him. Jason thinks that he will see it tomorrow. Danny says that dad is finally home. Sam guesses that Danny can stay up a little bit longer. It will be nice to all be home.

Carly finds Sonny at Turning Woods. Sonny says he is just sleeping. She asks how he is doing. Sonny wonders why she went after Nelle. Carly is fine. Sonny says that Mike woke up and squeezed his hand. Carly is happy that he has that. He looked vacant at him though. Sonny knows that Mike will not last much longer. Sonny tells her that he just has to do what he has to do. Carly thinks that she knows how hard that was for him. Sonny asks if Nelle is still in jail. Carly says that she got away.

Valentin doesn’t want Nina to get her hopes up again. Jax walks over. Nina asks how Wiley is and how Jax is. Jax explains that Michael has a bump on his head but Nelle got away. Valentin is going to go. Jax wonders what that was about. Nina guesses that he objects of them looking for her child but she knows that the neckless is the key to her finding her child.

The neckless Nelle has is on the ground in the forest.

Valerie explains that they are looking for Nelle still. She trusts that Sonny’s people are on the look out too. Michael says they are. He thanks Valerie for the update. Valerie wishes him a good night. She leaves. Willow walks downstairs.

Alexis wakes up in the morning and has coffee for her and Neil. She doesn’t know if he likes coffee right in the morning. She thinks his feet are cold. She walks over to him. She tries to wake him up.

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