GH Update Friday 8/28/20

General Hospital Update Friday 8/28/20


Written by Anthony

Nelle screams for hello from Carly. She cannot hold on for much longer. Nelle tells her she is slipping. Carly finds her on the side of a cliff and tells her to take her hand. Nelle grabs on but falls. Carly looks down.

Jason looks at a bullet. Jordan walks on to the pier. She wants to know if this location is better to talk. Jordan demands to know what was so important that he risked her reputation and career. Jason shows her a shell casing. He just found it along with Marcus.

Jax finds Carly. He asks what happened. Carly says that she was trying to save her but she is… Jax promises that he has her. The two hug.

Portia hopes that the coffee is extra hot after how icy Trina was towards him. Curtis thinks that it is good that Trina has friends to help her through this. Portia wonders if Curtis ever performed at the ball. Curtis did a magic act a few years ago. Curtis thinks it was his way of showing Jordan that he wanted to marry her. Portia guesses the worst time for her to bring up the past

Dante starts thinking about Lulu and the mission. The doctor tells Dante to sit down. He is ok. Dante couldn’t control himself.

Willow tells Lulu that Nina was here. She finally told her to go home. Lulu tells her that Brook Lynn is healing now. She can stick around if she would want and keep her company.

Sonny wonders how Wiley is. Michael explains that as soon as he gets the all clear he will take Wiley home.

Jax wonders what happened. Carly went after Nelle and she caught up with her. They got into a fight and she got away. She heard her scream. She was begging for help. She tried to grab her. She fell. Jax tells Carly that they need to decide what to do next. Carly wonders what he is talking about. She only hesitated for a second. Jax believes her but the police might now.

Alexis tells Sam that she is fine. She has nothing to do and her wrist just hurts a little. Alexis wonders if she heard about the missing child alert on her phone. Sam is really worried but she is also angry at Jason.

Jordan asks if Marcus was really shot. She wants to know what happened. Jason thinks that she can tell him. He thinks that she doesn’t sound shocked about this. Jordan wonders what he said. Jordan wonders how he is. Jason called Epiphany. She wants to know where he is now. Jason tells her that he called Epiphany and she didn’t seem shocked either. He wants to know how she faked his death.

Portia wants Curtis to know that their affair is not what ended the marriage to Marcus. They had many other problems. His job in-particular. She loves being a doctor but it doesn’t take up her entire life and it never really did. Getting involved with him took away the loneliness. She knew that he wasn’t interested.

Valerie walks into the cabin. She wonders how Wiley is doing. Michael explains that he is still in the room. Valerie just needs to get her statement. Valerie tells them that Nelle is still missing. Michael tells her all of what happened. Nelle hit him over the head. They argued but he heard Wiley crying and he went to check on him. Michael tried to call Willow but he couldn’t get a reception. Valerie has a satellite phone she can get.

Willow gets a call from the police. Valerie explains that Wiley is safe. Willow wonders where Michael is. She explains that they are in the mountains but everything will be safe. Willow thanks her for calling.

Dante had the same nightmare. He reacted this time. He could up the dosage on his medication. Dante thinks that is like living in a fog. He knows he won’t take more meds or give him any option for treatment. Dante thinks that it can’t be treated. The doctor thinks it can. The situation has changed. He is being pressured by people. They want him to go home immediately.

Jax doesn’t know what happened. He does believe her but he would be lying if he didn’t think that she could have pushed Nelle. She is the wife of Sonny Corinthos. It is every DA’s dream to prosecute her. Jax thinks that any ADA could spin this. She spent years fighting with Nelle in public. Jax thinks that a good prosecutor could says that Nelle was backing herself up. Jax wants her to volunteer as little information as possible. She is going to say that she knocked her down. That is all she will say. She doesn’t know what happened after.

Sam finally got a new parole officer who has a heart. Sam hasn’t really kept her in the loop with Jason’s accident. He was fine. Alexis guesses he isn’t now. She wonders why she isn’t with him. It isn’t about Jason’s health yet. Jason checked himself out of the hospital against doctor’s orders. He wanted to help Michael and she has no idea where he is.

Jason could have gone to someone else with this. Jordan let everyone believe that Marcus was dead for Cyrus sake. Jason thinks that they could have helped out. Jordan reminds him that they entered a peace treaty with Cyrus. They could have been the one who gave Marcus up. Jordan thinks that they were going to divvy up PC. Jason asks if she really believes that.

Sam wants to talk about anything else. Alexis wonders how the Nurses Ball was. Sam doesn’t know where to start. There was everyone until Maxie told the whole world she was pregnant. Alexis wonders who else. Sam knows that there is only one name she wants to hear.

Michael explains that Carly showed up shortly after Nelle ran off. Jax is with them searching too.

Carly guesses that she can say that she disappeared and she doesn’t know where she went. Jax wants her to be truthful to a point. Jax reminds her that Nelle is dead and the circumstances are questionable. She needs to save herself.

Curtis knew that he couldn’t let himself get too serious with her. Rule number one for a recovering addict is not to get in a relationship. Curtis thinks that when she admitted to being married. He never wanted to be the one who broke marriages. He needed to take a closer look at what he was doing. She does know that what she did was wrong. She is so sorry. Curtis thinks that it touched on some personal issues for him. He will not ignore honesty though.

Jason tells Jordan she is too late. She is stuck. Marcus had to get out of town for her sake. He wonders how the meeting went. Jason knows that Cyrus wants him out to get rid of Sonny.

Sam tells her that Neil was not at the ball. Sam explains that he came over with a DVD of the opera. He sent her away. Sam asks if he she turned him away. Alexis explains that he wasn’t supposed to do that.

The doctor explains that they want Dante for a priority OP. He will not give him details unless he takes the assignment. The op concerns someone close to him.

Lulu tells Willow that Sonny would never let Nelle take Wiley.

Michael thinks that Nelle has only been to the cabin so she doesn’t know the woods. Michael gets a call from Jax. Carly is with her. Michael wonders if the heard from Nelle. Jax says that he is having trouble speaking with them.

Carly thinks that Michael needs to know that Nelle is dead. Jax thinks that if the truth gets out then it could be bad. The police cannot find them here. They need to get to the clearing.

Valerie shows them the fake passports. Sonny thinks that Nelle has no more options. She must still be in the woods. Sonny will take him home. Valerie will send some squad cars to follow them.

Portia would have been honest if she could but that would have ended things before they began. She doesn’t regret the time they spent together. Curtis was lonely. He thinks that being with her gave him a sense of focus. He couldn’t trust her though. Portia didn’t trust herself at that point either. She didn’t keep her vows. She put a huge wall up between Marcus and her.

Jordan asks if he is angry that he didn’t know the truth. Jordan explains no one knows he is alive not even Curtis. She didn’t want to put Curtis in this position. It could destroy her marriage.

Sam thinks that Alexis is arguing with herself. Alexis thinks that men in her life either tell her things she wants to hear or don’t think she is listening. Neil is the only person who ever actually listened to her. Neil shows up at her door. She smiles.

Curtis wonders what is funny. Portia thinks that she keeps wanting to teach Trina to have honesty. Curtis knows that is what TJ is supposed to have from Jordan. Jordan wants Trina to be a better woman than her. She wants her to be more like her father.

Jordan helped frame Cyrus. It ended her integrity. She will not taint Curtis with her failures. She is trapped right now. She is going to solve this the only way she knows how.

Neil wonders if this is a bad time. Alexis tells him to come in. Sam wonders what he is doing here. Neil was just coming around. Sam sees the missing person alert was lifted. She asks if she needs to stick around. Alexis says no.

Carly and Jax show up at the cabin. Jax says that Carly might need a paramedic. Carly wonders where Michael is. Valerie explains that Michael is going home to Willow. Sonny gave them a ride. Valerie sent officers to protect him. She is pulling everything to search for her.

He guesses they need someone with access. Dante wonders if this is about his father. He has no idea if it involves his father. Dante tells the doctor that he can tell Frisco to go to hell.

Alexis doesn’t need the hand to write something anymore. She doesn’t have a job. Alexis thinks they could try bird watching. Neil thinks that they can come straight out and say it. He wonders if they can be friends.

Portia is so glad that Trina loves her father but she cannot even be nice to Curtis. Curtis knows she needs to grieve in her own way. Curtis tells Portia he told Jordan about their conversation.

Jordan wonders if they will let Marcus stay dead. Jason thinks that he will be working with her. He can handle that. Jordan thanks him.

Dante would still have to betray someone he cares about. He did enough of that when he worked under cover. He tells him he has one of two choices. He can sit here and rot or get back to his life. Dante is ready to do the treatment. The doctor is glad he made it. He will look and see if he can find medication and talk tomorrow. He wonders how long it will take. He has been gone for more than a year. He isn’t sure his family is waiting anymore

Lulu gets a text that Dustin has gotten the kids to bed and is looking for a cork. Lulu texts she is on her way.

Michael tells Wiley that he loves him so much. Willow hears from the baby monitor. She listens and runs upstairs.

Carly says she is fine. Valerie says that they have questions for Carly. She wonders if they found Nelle.

Willow sees that Wiley is home. The two hug one another.

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