GH Update Thursday 8/27/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/27/20


Written by Anthony

Jordan thanks someone on the phone and tells them to keep her posted. Curtis wonders if she has any news about Wiley. Jordan hasn’t heard anything. Curtis wants to talk about Marcus.

Sonny wonders how Marcus is even alive right now. Marcus thinks it is a long story. Sonny wants to know why he is back. Marcus is protecting his family.

Joss thinks that they nailed their number as she sits at Kelly’s with Trina. Trina agrees that they were awesome. She is confused as to why Cam didn’t want to come out with them to celebrate. Joss doesn’t know. She guesses he didn’t. She wonders if she thinks that Cam is a little weird around her.

Olivia looks out the window at Brook Lynn’s hospital room. Ned looks at her sleeping. Brook Lynn wakes up from a bad dream. Ned promises her that she is awake. He is right here. He promises that everything will be ok.

Carly gets a call from Michael. Michael tells her that he has a lead on Nelle. She is at the cabin. He wants her to call the police and let them know. Carly tells Jax that Michael found Nelle.

Nelle asks herself why she told Julian to take the kangaroo. She thinks this is all falling apart but she will not let that happen.

Curtis knows objectively that he did everything he could to save Trina. He got the girl out. Jordan thinks that he saved her life. Curtis just cannot help thinking what would have happened if he called for backup. This could have played out a million different ways. It doesn’t do any good to play the what if game but there is a little girl out there that is angry at him to put her grief somewhere. Curtis does wonder if Trina is not entirely wrong. One different choice and things would be different.

Sonny reminds Marcus that Trina is mourning him. It is killing him knowing the pain that he is causing things. Sonny guesses that he is the last person that anyone would suspect. He could just take the guy out and save a lot of people the trouble.

Portia tells Brook Lynn that she will get better. She just needs to not strain herself. She needs to not talk under any circumstances. She thinks about telling Michael about Nelle.

Michael walks outside the cabin. He gets out a key and opens the door. Nelle smashes a vase on him. Michaels stands up and demands to know where his son is.

Sonny thinks that Jason and him are innocent. Jason thinks that Cyrus would never see it coming. Marcus thinks that would be a good plan if he had not already gone to Jordan. Sonny wants to know why he would do that. Marcus explains she was the only way he was able to fake his own death. It was a trade off. Trina gets to live her life. He thinks that the two of us disagree on a lot but they are on the same page when it comes to those they love. Sonny agrees that family always comes first. Marcus is not going to add another burden to Jordan right now.

Jordan tells Curtis that he is blaming himself for something that he had no control over. Jordan thinks that he should have called her in. She could have called a swat team. He thought that the best course of action was to involve him. It was his choice. She knows that Trina doesn’t understand that right now. She feels that over time things will be different. Curtis explains that Portia is dealing with a lot of guilt involving Marcus. She said it was because of her. Curtis broke things off the moment he found out about the marriage. He feels blindsided. Portia said that it was done and over. He is telling her because he doesn’t want secrets between them.

Joss thinks forget she said anything. She thinks it is Dev who brought it up. She thinks that Dev is crazy. He didn’t act weird during anything. He still gives her a hard time like he usually does She thinks the only person that Cam acts different around is Trina.

Michael demands to know where their son is. Nelle reminds him that he wasn’t their son in that court room. Willow is not his mom. Willow’s baby is dead. Her baby ceased to exist. Her baby is alive because she is a strong and capable mother. Nelle thinks that he doesn’t deserve their child. Michael demands to know where Wiley is. He will let her stay in his life then.

Ned remembers the battles between his mother and grandfather. He could have lived without the time she tried to mess with his heart medication. That set a standard. Ned thinks that Tracy messed up a lot worse than Brook Lynn. He just cannot forget how horribly Edward would talk with Tracy. He remembered thinking that it didn’t need to be this way. Ned thinks if she had told him that he would ever make that mistake that his grandfather made then he would have sworn that there would be no way.

Trina thinks that this isn’t the conversation that the should have. Joss doesn’t want to ask him and he doesn’t like her. They would never be friends again. It would all be super awkward. She asks if she can even imagine. Trina can actually.

Marcus thinks if he kills Cyrus then he has to stay dead and he would have to stay underground. Sonny guesses that he expects him to go after Cyrus. Marcus thinks that he can’t do it personally. He thinks that Jason… Marcus thinks that no one deserved this. Sonny thinks that there is a lot at play that he might not be aware of. Marcus knows they need to take their time. He just needs them to remember that if this works then he could see his daughter again. He is giving up a lot.

Nelle wants to believe him. Nelle thinks that he cannot let her in Wiley’s life because of Carly. She never wanted her to live him. Every single turn he gave into her. Their relationship is all Carly but it is his fault too. He said that he loved her and then he never fought for her. She thinks that he could imagine things being differently. Nelle thinks that it should be so nice to have Sonny take care of details. She is getting her hands dirty while Sonny does things for him. Michael is a hypocrite with recourses on both sides of the law. She tried to kill Brook Lynn. She will be back in jail where Sonny can’t reach her. She is done. He asks what his incentive is. He hears Wiley scream. Nelle says screw him. She makes a run for it.

Michael tells Wiley that he is ok. He tricked her into running away. She will never touch him again.

Brook Lynn starts to think about Ned kicking her out again.

Ned loved and admired his grandfather but he always promised himself that he would never do things like this. He can now see this very clearly now. He knows that Brook Lynn was desperate to get her career back. This is what businessmen do. Valentin did this. He was able to out do Brook Lynn. He hates being able to realize his stupid behavior when it was too late. Olivia knows this was a terrible thing but he finally got his priorities straight. Olivia gets that it is a bummer to realize that he is not better than Edward but he can actually learn from his mistakes. Figuring that out is awesome and spectacular. Olivia thinks that being there for Brook Lynn is all that matters. Ned is so grateful that he has that chance. Ned looks in on Brook Lynn.

Trina asks if Joss remembers when her and Cam got kidnapped. It was a crazy and scary thing. It just felt like they understood something that others couldn’t. Joss thinks that makes sense. It bonds people. When they came over to study Cam and her kissed.

Marcus stands up. He is asking them one more time. He needs him to look after his daughter and protect her. She doesn’t need to know what is really going on. Marcus knows that this is what Jordan wants. Sonny admires him for taking a stand. Sonny will protect his daughter as much as he can. The two shake hands.

Michael promises that he will wake up and this will have just felt like a bad dream. He knew who Nelle was. He should have stopped this sooner. Carly runs in. Michael runs back into the living room. Michael promises that Wiley is ok. Jax wonders about Nelle. Michael assumes that she ran away. Jax goes to call the police. Michael thinks that he will not remember this. Carly thinks that Nelle needs to be stopped.

Jax tells Jordan on the phone that Wiley and Michael are safe. Nelle is still at large. Carly is going to go after Nelle. She asks how many times Nelle has gotten away. She knows that Nelle is obsessed. Nelle needs to be locked up.

Nelle runs through the forest. Carly finds her and asks if she is having trouble finding the road. Nelle isn’t shocked that mommy is to the rescues. Carly tells her that Michael found Wiley all alone. She tells Nelle that she is done. It is going to end right here.

Jordan is so relieved that Wiley is safe. Curtis is going to get out of her hair. Jordan is glad that he came to check up on her. Curtis loves her. Jordan loves him more.

Sonny tells Jason the more that he has to deal with Cyrus the more he thinks he should have taken him out. Jason knows that the motor cycle accident was not an accident. Jordan calls Sonny up and tells him that Michael found Wiley. Sonny wonders where Nelle is. Jordan explains she is still missing. Sonny thanks her. He tells Jason that Wiley is safe. Sonny tells Jason that it is bad strategy to get rid of Cyrus right now. He thinks that he has to fail so that his associates lose their money and leave PC. He doesn’t want more surprises. He wants answers. Jason will get them.

Joss thinks that wasn’t what she was expecting. Trina explains that there was no her and Cam. Her dad had just died and there was nothing she could do about it. Joss wonders if it was a mistake. Trina thinks it was more like they were scared and trying to comfort each other. Joss guesses it makes sense. Trina thinks that Cam thinks he crossed a line. Joss thinks that if she really liked Cam she would tell her.

Jax tells Michael that he just spoke with Jordan. The police are no more than ten minutes out. He wonders where Carly is. Michael explains that Nelle needs to be in custody. Jax runs after Carly.

Nelle thinks that Nelle is going to prison for the rest of her life. This is how it has to be. Nelle thinks she is such a liar. It must make her so happy to be right about her. She is psycho and this is Christmas to her. Nelle needs her to listen to her. She was her sister and she was supposed to love her and be there for her. She screwed her over repeatedly. She didn’t set out to attack Brook Lynn. She just wanted a piece of what she had. Carly tried with her over and over again. She would have given her anything. She kept trying to find reasons to believe in her. She is the one who destroyed this. She cannot let herself be happy. She will not accept kindness or love. She used to push people away. Carly will not let her do this. Frank didn’t slash Brook Lynn’s throat or kidnap Wiley. She did all of this. She believes that she loves Wiley and wants the life she never had. She needs to take responsibility and let this be over. She needs to do the right thing for once.

Sonny asks Olivia how Brook Lynn is. Olivia says that she is better. Sonny tells her to tell Brook Lynn that they found Wiley and he is safe. Olivia wants him to give that baby a hug. Olivia runs into Brook Lynn’s room and tells them that they found Wiley.

Trina thinks that nothing will ever come between them. Portia walks in. She asks if they are celebrating their performance at the ball. Curtis thinks that they should be proud. Joss thanks him. They had fun. Cam sends them a message that he was the lead and they were their backups. Curtis tells Portia that it is good to see Trina smile. Portia agrees that it is. Trina shows Portia the text. Marcus watches Trina from outside in a black hoodie.

Jason walks into Jordan’s office. Jason tells her that he saw a friend of hers and she has a lot of explaining to do.

Nelle thinks tat she is going to have to come and get her. Nelle runs off. Carly tackles her but Nelle still manages to run off. Carly hears a scream.

Michael tells Wiley that sometimes things happen in life that you don’t understand and you make bad choices. Very few people in this world are actually evil. Nelle isn’t evil.

Nelle begs Carly to help her. She cannot hold on much longer. Nelle says she is slipping. Nelle begs her to help. Carly finds her on the side of a cliff. Carly screams to take her hand. Nelle still manages to fall.

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