GH Update Wednesday 8/26/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/26/20


Written by Anthony

Jason thanks Epiphany for coming. Epiphany asks if she really had a choice. One minute he is calling and informing her that he has checked himself out against doctor’s orders and the next minute he is telling her that his driver is going to take her here. She wants to know where she even is. She asks what the hell is going on. Jason explains that one of her patients needs her help. Epiphany looks at him. Marcus is in the bed.

Olivia tells Sonny that she told the nurse that Brook Lynn is awake. Sonny hopes that Brook Lynn knows something about Wiley’s abduction. Olivia hopes that they are able to find him.

Ned loves Brook Lynn. He was praying for her to wake up so she could know that. He is sorry for throwing her out of the house. She is his daughter and he loves her. That is all that matters right now.

Willow and Nina play a board game. Nina wonders how it is going at the Q house. She assumes the bickering is driving her crazy. Willow thinks it isn’t too terrible. She gets the idea that they are all trying to stay on their best behavior for her. She thinks it be nice if that is all she had to worry about. Jax shows up. He wonders if there were any updates on Wiley.

Michael thinks that Nelle was looking for a chance to snatch Wiley. Michael thinks that she sees Wiley as a prize not a child. He has no idea what she will do.

Sasha shows up at the PCPD. She asks Chase if Nelle took Wiley. She tells Michael she is so sorry about Wiley. Michael promises that they will find him.

Nelle gets direction from a woman who is jogging. Nelle drives off. The woman gets an alert on her phone and sees the missing person. It is a picture of Nelle under her alias. The woman realizes that is her. She says that poor little boy.

Sasha wonders if Willow is here. Michael explains that she is at home. Chase is given the phone of Nelle. Carly thinks that there could be something in there that could give them information on where Nelle is or where she is going or who is helping her.

Sonny wonders if there is any word on Dante. Olivia explains that he still hasn’t reached out. Sonny thinks he will when he is healed. Dante will not give up. Olivia knows he is right. Olivia knows he is strong and never will give up. She knows that Brook Lynn will not either.

Ned knows that family is not a corporation. He knows that. He just let himself lose sight of that. He lost track of the most important thing in the world and that is his child. He was wrong. Ned couldn’t bare the last memory of him shutting the door in her face. Ned wants Brook to get some rest. Sonny looks at her.

Epiphany thinks he is a very lucky man that the bullet went right through. Jason asks if she is going to be reporting this to the police. Epiphany can’t do that for a dead man. Jason knows that she must have helped them cover the death up. Jason thinks she never would have supported this if she wasn’t sure this was for the greater good. Epiphany needs them to understand. She gives him a lot of room. She knows that if he ever needs him then she won’t have to worry. Epiphany hopes that he makes sure that Marcus gets out of PC safely. Jason will. She thinks he did good calling her. She leaves.

Ned tells Brook Lynn that she doesn’t have too try to talk. Ned tells Sonny not to get Brook to do anything she doesn’t want to. Brook Lynn reaches out to Sonny. Sonny doesn’t need her to talk just nod her head yes or no. He asks if it was Nelle. Brook Lynn confirms it was.

Willow thinks it had to have been Nelle. Jax thinks it could have been Nelle but it is also possible that things are not connected. Willow knows that Wiley is all alone with Nelle. Jax thinks that Nelle needs to change diapers and what have you. Someone will see her.

Chase will have his tech guy look at the phone. Michael wants to try opening the phone. Chase looks at him.

Nelle thinks that annoying woman would never show up. She is glad that she told them how to get back to the highway. Willow and Michael deserve each other but she deserves Wiley.

Michael gets access to the phone. Carly walks over to Sasha and thanks her for being so concerned. Sasha thinks that he is a wonderful little boy. She is not sure if she would have made a good step-mother but she thinks that he is a good child. She hopes that things work out. She leaves. Michael thought it could have been Wiley’s birthday.

Ned wonders why Nelle would attack Brook Lynn. Sonny explains that Brook Lynn tried to call Michael earlier tonight. Brook Lynn confirms all these things by nodding. Sonny wonders if there is anything more to discuss. Olivia gives Brook Lynn a pen and paper. She is shaking too much. Epiphany walks in with a doctor and tells them all to get out. Epiphany tells them that visitors will have to wait. The doctor tells her that he did her surgery. She is a tough patient and she did great. She needs to give herself time to recover. She cannot try to speak or she will lose her vocal chords.

Chase tells Michael to think hard before he tries another password. Carly gets on the phone with Sonny. Sonny explains that Brook Lynn confirmed that Nelle attacked her. Carly tells Chase this and puts him on speaker. Sonny tells them that she cannot communicate.

Olivia asks Willow how she is holding up on the phone. Olivia says that she is awake. Olivia needs her to brace herself. Brook Lynn confirmed that Nelle attacked her. Olivia will let her know as soon as they know anything. Willow tells Nina and Jax that Brook Lynn was attacked by Nelle. Nina doesn’t know if this is any comfort but she doesn’t think that Nelle would hurt Wiley. Jax will do what he can. He just wants her to stay calm. Nina thanks Jax for that. Jax will do whatever he can to bring Wiley back to the people who love him. Willow looks at pictures of Wiley.

The woman that helped Nelle talks with the police on the phone. She explains that Nelle has been gone at least twenty minutes.

Nelle tells Wiley they are finally here.

Sonny asks Jason where he is. Jason is at the safehouse but it isn’t an urgent situation. Sonny wonders about Spinelli. Jason explains that he found her phone. Nelle is traveling by car. Jason is handling this situation. Sonny has to go. Michael and Carly show up with Chase. Chase tells them that he found Nelle’s phone and he needs to talk with Brook Lynn. Carly thinks that Jason needs help.

Willow looks at her phone. Nina puts the game away. She asks if she can ask a question about Charlotte. Nina wonders about Charlotte as a student. Willow thinks she is extremely bright and it helps she is bilingual. Academically the gifted class is probably the best fit. She should have been around regular kids though. Nina thinks they all need friends. Nina goes to check the door. It is Sasha.

Nelle walks into a house. She thinks that Michael and his family would never think to look here.

Chase tells Michael that they only have too more tries. Chase is going to check on a possible lead. Brook Lynn sees Michael and gestures for him to come in. He goes into her room. Michael is so sorry that this happened to her. He is so sorry that he brought Nelle into their lives. He is sure that she tried to get things out. Brook Lynn remembers the GPS tracker. Brook Lynn manages to say Nelle, GPS tracker, Wiley.

Jason shows Sonny what he is dealing with. Sonny wants to know how he is alive.

Sasha heard that Willow was here. She didn’t want her to be alone which obviously she isn’t. Sasha is so sorry. She never in a million years thought that this could happen.

The woman tells Chase that is the woman and the child was sleeping. Chase wonders if she said anything where she was going. She thinks if she missed that turn she could still be driving around here.

Nelle thinks that this is all Michael’s fault. She thinks it is one more person who betrayed her.

Michael asks if there is really an app. Michael remembers talking with Nelle about her kidney scar. Her life started over on March 21, 2011. Michael had the wrong birthday. Michael smiles. He cannot thank her enough. Ned wonders what he is doing in here. Michael tells Brook Lynn to take care of herself. Michael goes into the hall. Michael finds the location.

Sonny wonders how he found him. Jason found him where Nelle supposedly was. Sonny bets that Jordan is in on this. Marcus wakes up. He wonders how the girl is. They were going to shoot her. Sonny asks what he is trying to tell them.

Carly tells Jax they should sit down. Carly is trying to hold up. She thinks that Nelle has done so much damage. Carly is trying to make sure things are doing alright at home. Joss is still with Trina.

Sasha should go. She wants her to know if there is anything she can do. Nina wonders if she doesn’t hate her. Willow misses her as a friend.

Carly tells Olivia that she is sorry that this happened. Olivia tells her that Michael and Brook Lynn were talking.

Sonny wonders if he remembers what happened on the pier. Marcus saw a woman being held at gunpoint. He was being attacked and they were struggling for the gun. He lost. Marcus says then Jason showed up. Sonny wonders how the hell he is still alive.

Ned promises that they will find Nelle and make sure that she pays. Ned will hire people otherwise. Olivia thinks the important thing is that she beat her. She will win. It is essential that she try not to speak. This could further damage her vocal chords. Olivia wants her to get all the sleep she can get.

Chase puts out an alert on Nelle with a new update.

Sasha gets out a bag of coke.

Nina wonders how she let go of her resentment of Sasha. Willow thinks that they were weak and hurting and they made the wrong choice. Nina thinks the same could be said about what Sasha did to her. Nina thinks the ironic part is that she misses her. Even after knowing she is not her daughter.

Nelle thinks that Wiley is a sound sleeper. They have to leave early to avoid the police. She takes the kangaroo out and freaks out.

Michael looks at the GPS. Carly tries calling him. Michael says sorry. He tells Wiley that dad is coming.

Nelle wonders why she would tell him to bring this. She cannot believe they had the tracker on them the whole time.

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