GH Update Tuesday 8/25/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/25/20


Written by Anthony

Ned thinks that there are so many ways to say I love you but there really is nothing else to say. If Brook Lynn cannot hear hi say that again then he will never forgive himself. Portia explains that Brook Lynn has survived the surgery. She explains that there were some complications.

Franco tells Elizabeth that she must have misheard Ava. Elizabeth explains that Ava gets 90% of the Cassadine fortune if he cheats on her. That is why she keeps pushing them together. Franco thinks that Nikolas is trying to push him closer to Ava. Elizabeth doesn’t think that is the case. Elizabeth can ask him.

Ava just got the alert about Wiley. Julian explains that Sonny just left. He isn’t so sure that Sonny believes him but if he sticks with his story then Sonny might leave him alone. Ava guesses that there is a story. Nelle did have use for him after she lost the case. Ava told him that he never should have married Nelle. He had choices. Ava wonders what Nelle had him do this time. Julian is the one who snatched Wiley.

Chase explains that Nelle could have turned off the car. Chase explains that even the best criminals make mistakes. There is still a chance that someone could spot things. Michael explains that someone could still recognize Wiley.

Nelle tells Wiley that he is a lucky little boy. A lot of moms wouldn’t have rescued him from Sonny. Unfortunately, he is related to Carly though. Carly will never see him again though.

Chase promises that they will get Wiley back.

Sonny paid Julian a visit. He says that he didn’t know about this. Michael wonders if he really believes him. Sonny doesn’t so he is having him followed. Carly cannot just sit here. She needs to be here just in case someone gets information. Sonny promises they will get Wiley back.

Michael wonders if Willow wants to go. Willow isn’t sure she could deal with the squad room. Michael guesses they can wait together. Willow would rather him go there so he can go straight to Wiley. Michael promises that things will be ok.

Portia explains that Brook Lynn lost a lot of blood. It was too risky to fix something. Ned wonders if his daughter will be ok or not. Portia thinks it is too soon to know. They will hopefully stabilize her. Portia will let him know when she is in her ICU room. Olivia wants to focus on the good news. Brook Lynn is alive. She made it through the surgery and he can say all the things that he didn’t get to before. Ned needs to call Lois. Cyrus walks over. He thinks that they have his sympathies. Cyrus wonders who would do such a thing.

Nelle thinks that Willow will not get to see Wiley. Nelle thinks that he is her child and only hers.

Nina asks Willow if she can come in. Nina assumes that they haven’t found Wiley yet. Willow is confident they will. Nina knows they are not great friends but if there is anything that she can do to help. Nina could wait with her if she wanted. Willow actually thinks that would be great if she stayed.

Franco turns and sees Nikolas at the bar. Franco thinks that Elizabeth only sees the best in people. Franco doesn’t think he is a good guy. He is awful to Ava. He used Kiki’s death to hurt her. Elizabeth asks when the last time Ava has ever done something good. She let him think that he was Kiki’s father.

Ava thinks that it is much worse to actually take the child. Ava asks how he managed to get Wiley out. Julian explains that Monica was in the living room. He knocked her out. He has to go upstairs to the nursery to get her out. Ava begs him to say that he didn’t choose to give her the baby. Julian decided to not give the baby to her. Then someone jumped him. Julian has no idea who. Nelle was long gone by then. Julian knows that Wiley is gone because of him. Julian has to do something to help. Ava wonders if Nelle said anything useful. Julian thinks he might know something useful to help Wiley.

Olivia tells Cyrus that this is not a good time. Cyrus just wants them to know that he will make sure that Brook Lynn is alright. Portia tells them where Brook Lynn is. She will not wake up for sometime but she can still hear them. Cyrus asks Portia how Brook Lynn is doing. Portia tells him that they cannot tell anyone anything. Cyrus is not enjoying her tone at all right now. He is her boss. Cyrus thinks that they better not have a problem. Portia wonders if she is not allowed to do her job. Cyrus thinks not. Portia guesses that there is no problem then.

Sonny explains that nothing has left the harbor for two hours. Carly assumes that means she is on the road. Michael walks over. Olivia gets on the phone with Sonny. Olivia doesn’t know how to tell him but Brook Lynn was attacked at the Nurses Ball. She was stabbed. Her throat was slashed. She is listed as critical but stable. Sonny thanks her.

Chase demands that they find Julian and bring him in. Chase tells Michael that they have already received hundreds of calls. Now they can know that they can eliminate people. Sonny tells Carly and Michael that Brook Lynn was attacked at the ball. She had her throat slashed. Michael knows that Brook Lynn tried calling him. Carly thinks that it was Nelle. She was supposed to perform at the ball. She must have done it. Sonny is going to go and check in on Brook Lynn.

Nikolas tells Spencer that this is only a minor setback. He will get Ava out of their life and it is working like a charm.

Franco doesn’t think that Elizabeth has any idea how much money is at stake here.

Ava thinks that it would only be a matter of minutes before Sonny finds out. Ava thinks that the only thing the tracker can do for him is sign his death warrant. Nelle needs to disappear.

Nelle thinks that leaving Monica alone with him was a bad idea for Michael. Nelle took a wrong turn.

Chase explains that there was no record of Nelle buying another vehicle. Michael demands to know where his son is when Julian walks in.

Nina explains that her visit was not in vein. She assumes she wonders why she did. Willow is grateful for her testimony but they have never been friendly. Nina explains the answer is simple. It is because she loves Wiley. Nina was in a similar situation once. She wanted to be there for her. Willow thinks that she is beyond afraid right now. It physically hurts her. Her heart is aching at the thought of Wiley being with Nelle. Willow would give anything to know that he is safe. She wonders how she could be with Nelle. Nina thinks that Nelle still thinks of Wiley as her child. They have to think that she won’t do anything to hurt Wiley.

A woman asks if Nelle is lost.

Elizabeth thinks that Nikolas wants to spend less time with his horrible wife.

Ned walks into Brook Lynn’s room. He sits down next to her. Ned tells her that he is here.

Ava says hi to Franco. Ava wonders what is wrong. Franco says they are having a disagreement.

Elizabeth asks Nikolas if they can talk. She wants to know about Franco and Ava. Elizabeth explains that him and Ava have been getting closer. It bothers her. Elizabeth explains that Franco doesn’t see the bad in Ava. It isn’t as simple as wiping off the spray paint. Which means more time with Ava. She freaked out. She hopes she is overreacting. She could use his perspective. She knows that their marriage is staged. She asks if she has reason to be worried about Ava and Franco.

Chase stops Michael from hurting Julian. Julian claims that he has no idea where Nelle is taking Wiley. Carly asks how they could believe her. Nelle clearly has leverage in her. Chase tells an officer to put Julian in interrogation. Chase promises to handle this. Michael gets a call from Willow. Willow knows he said he would call. Michael explains Julian is here. Brook Lynn was attacked tonight at the Nurses Ball. They are afraid it was Nelle.

Ned tells Brook Lynn that Lois is in Australia. He used to sit next to her bed when she was a little girl. He used to just watch her sleep. He never had enough time with her. He loves her. He never should have thrown her out of the house. It was a pure Edward move and he regrets it. He made the biggest mistake of his life. It doesn’t change how brilliant and beautiful she is. Ned kisses her on the head. Ned begs her to come back to him. He explains that her dad is waiting.

A woman explains that there is only one carrier that has reception up here. She thinks that it is lucky that she came along. The woman shows her where they are. She asks where she is headed.

Sonny finds Olivia wonders how Brook Lynn is. Sonny wonders if there is anything that he can do. Olivia guesses pray. Sonny asks if they have any idea who did this. Olivia asks if he knows. Sonny thinks it was Nelle. Brook Lynn called Michael right before she was attacked. Nelle kidnapped Wiley.

Nikolas has had suspicions about Ava and Franco. Nikolas thinks that things seem strange with them. Elizabeth thinks that the relationship she has with Franco means everything. Elizabeth wants to hear the truth. Nikolas thinks she is better off with Franco. Nikolas thinks she is a strong and beautiful woman. He thinks that eventually she find someone that will make her happy.

Franco tells Ava that Nikolas is trying to weasel his way back into Elizabeth’s good graces. Franco thinks that Nikolas is transparent and he hates it. Ava is sure that Elizabeth isn’t happy that they are friends again. She is glad that they have gotten closer.

Chase doesn’t believe Julian. Chase thinks that Nelle would have bragged. She loves to flaunt it. She wants to peak an interest. Julian thinks that every word out of Nelle’s mouth is usually a lie. Chase tells Julian that he is not going anywhere until he gives him something.

Chase tells Carly and Michael that Julian claims to not know anything. Michael thinks that Nelle has to know that those passports won’t help them at all. Chase remembers the first time that Nelle took Wiley she had fake passports. He finds the names.

The woman tells her where to go. There is a motel there too. She might want to start fresh in the morning. Nelle thinks she will be ok. She sees she has her little one with her.

Nikolas thought that Ava went home. Ava was going to have a little drink in peace. Nikolas asks if he makes her nervous. Ava sometimes needs a break from being his wife. Nikolas could definitely use a break from all of this.

Portia tells Olivia and Sonny that Brook Lynn is starting to stabilize. They are hoping she wakes up in the next few hours. She explains that Brook Lynn might not be able to talk.

Chase tells them that Nelle purchased a car a week ago. They are back on her trail.

Willow is trying to convince herself that Nelle is not a threat to Wiley. Nelle is not more motivated to just disappear. Nelle needs to vanish without a trace. She wonders what happens if Wiley is out there in the world and she never knows. Nina explains that she has a child out there in the world and she doesn’t even know if her child is alive. They have to have hope. That is important. They have to believe they will see their child again. She has to believe that they live a good life.

Ned knows that Brook Lynn will not give him the last word. He begs her to wake up. Brook Lynn manages to. He asks if she can hear him. He says that it is her dad.

The lady thinks that her little boy is a cutie. She tells her to keep it under thirty. There are some blind turns. If she has gone more than two miles she is going too far. The lady thinks if she misses the turn she will be driving all night. Nelle drives off. The woman gets the Amber alert.

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