GH Update Monday 8/24/20

General Hospital Update Monday 8/24/20


Written by Anthony

Brando asks Sonny if he can get him a drink. He thinks that he was right that he didn’t want to miss the Nurses Ball. He thinks that Sonny was right. Sonny admits he didn’t think that he would be answering phones at a telethon. Brando enjoyed it. Especially, the sense of community. Sonny gets a call from Turning Woods. Brando hopes that Mike is ok. Sonny answers.

Sam walks into Jason’s hospital room. He can see that she is back. He wonders how the telethon was. Sam thinks it was a major success. She is glad that he is still here. She thought that he would be gone. Jason did promise that he would stay. Sam sees that there was no emergency.

Jax feels that Nina deserves a drink after that dance. Nina thinks it was incredible to dance with him. Nina realized that her life is finally on track. She has a good relationship with a good man. Jax thinks that it is rude to say that he told her so. Carly wonders what Nina wants. She will just get her whatever she wants.

Ned wants to know why they cannot tell them anything. Olivia understands that this is painful to wait like this. This is not about him right now. This is about the doctors and Nurses doing their work. They have to let him do it. Chase just came from the scene. Chase wonders if Brook Lynn has any enemies that were angry at her. Ned asks if anyone other than him.

Nelle thinks that they can leave here right now. She has a lot of money. Julian should have done this a long time ago.

Michael wonders what Monica was doing. Monica didn’t go upstairs. Willow assumes he got out of bed on his own. Michael shows Monica a rag on the floor that has chloroform on it.

Carly tells them that everything is on the house tonight. This is all wonderful. She feels so much lighter. They didn’t realize just how much Nelle was a heavy weight on their life. She guesses that all is well that ends well. Nina guesses so long as Wiley is happy it is. Carly wants them to enjoy their drinks. Nina asks him not to hate her for what she is about to say. Nina doubts that Nelle feels this way.

Sam explains that Joss and her friends were the highlight for her but Epiphany and the Nurses sang a powerful number. Jason was knocked out by some sleeping medication. Sam has some major plans for when he recovers. Jason gets a call. He confirms who it is. Jason appreciates the call. It was the PCPD. They have the report on the accident. It was the part that Brando installed.

Sonny tells Carly that his caregiver showed Mike a video of him singing with Sonny. Sonny explains that it still up on the Nurses Ball website

Chase asks why he is at odds with his daughter. Ned explains that there was tension between them. Chase needs to know as much as possible. Olivia explains that she was having issues with Linc Brown. He operates out of NYC. He effectively killed her career. She was desperately trying to get out of her contract. Olivia thinks that it is too risky for her to have just been attacked at the ball. Chase hopes that she pulls through. Olivia thinks that she is strong. She has that Quartermaine fighting experience.

Chase thinks that they should start with the manager. He thinks it was too risky. It was almost like a crime of passion.

Nelle tells Julian that he doesn’t have to do this. Julian is not going to just hand Wiley after her. Nelle thinks that Martin will release that document if she ends up dead. Sonny will kill him.

Michael wonders if she remembers anything. Monica heard an alert on her phone and went to get it. She heard Wiley on the monitor but she didn’t go upstairs. Michael calls the PCPD that her toddler has been kidnapped. He needs a missing child alert made immediately.

An officer tells Ned and Olivia that they will be checking in. Chase needs to get going. Portia walks over with an update on Brook Lynn.

Sam thinks that Brando is responsible. Jason thinks that it could have been faulty from the manufacturer. Sam thinks that Brando sabotaged his bike. Jason explains that he admitted that Cyrus came to the garage. Sonny gave him a pass for right now. Sam thinks she is not ok with him. Jason thinks they don’t have to decide anything tonight. He thinks they can hunt him down if they have to.

Brando thinks that this was all good. Sonny thinks the next thing he knew Mike was on stage and he forgot the words. Carly thinks it was almost like it was all planned. Brando thinks he can add it to the good memories. Carly gets a call. Michael needs her to be calm. Michael explains that Wiley has been kidnapped. He found Monica unconscious on the couch. He called the police. Carly thinks it was Nelle. Michael knows.

Julian tells Nelle that the door is locked and Wiley is in the backseat. Julian is done taking orders from her. She will be dead and unable to disturb Wiley’s life. Nelle thinks that Wiley will know that Nelle is crazy. Someone has to stop her. Marcus shows up and stops Julian.

Ned asks if Brook Lynn isn’t going to die.

Jason explains that they will handle this. Sam guesses they can agree to disagree. Jason understands that she is afraid of Valentin. Sam is not buying the whole nice guy. Sam thinks that Danny and Scout are going to want to know about the ball. Jason wants them to know that he loves them and wants to be home as soon as he can. Sam cannot wait.

Monica had no idea that anyone was in this house. Chase thinks that they are going to figure out how this happened. Chase has dispatched officers to everywhere she could have gone. Michael thinks that Nelle will be anticipating things. Willow knows that Nelle was supposed to be performing at the ball. Willow wonders if Nelle ever got on. Michael assumes that Nelle used it as a diversion. Monica was watching the telethon and it wasn’t over yet. Willow guesses that Nelle and Wiley could be anywhere right now. Julian manages to break free. Marcus falls to the floor. Nelle is missing. Julian throws the gun into the river. Julian says he is sorry to Marcus.

Carly tells Sonny and Brando that Wiley is missing. Nelle must have done this. Brando wonders if Wiley could be hurt. Sonny thinks that Wiley is leverage for her. Carly thinks they will do whatever it takes. Brando can be backup if Sonny needs him.

Carly tells Jax and Nina about Wiley. She doesn’t want Joss worrying tonight. She might need her help tomorrow though. Nina should have realized what she was doing. She should have warned someone. She knows how Nelle thinks.

Ned needs to speak with Brook Lynn after surgery. Portia explains that she is hardly alive. She has her best surgeons working on her. That is all they know right now. Ned thanks her. Ned starts sobbing. Olivia hugs him.

Julian goes into his bar he gets out a lock box. He gets a missing child alert on his phone. Sonny walks in. He explains that his wife kidnapped his grandson. Julian had nothing to do with this. They both know that Nelle is crazy. Julian is just not shocked that Nelle did this. Sonny demands to know where Nelle is with his grandson. Julian has no idea. Brando walks in. It looks like someone was going to take a trip. Sonny wonders where he plans on going.

Michael tells Carly that they will end up finding them. Carly points out to Chase that Nelle has money from her ELQ share sale. Chase knows and explains that he sent pictures to all the local airports. The employees have them. The same thing with train stations and busses. Willow cannot find Wiley’s kangaroo. Willow explains that they talked about it the last time Nelle was around. Carly thinks that Nelle knew to take the kangaroo.

Nelle drives down the street with Wiley. She thinks that Julian got his while they did this. Nelle thinks that they did this at the expense of his own. No good deed goes unpunished.

Marcus remains passed out.

Olivia wonders if Ned wants to get something to eat. Ned wonders how long it has been. Olivia explains that it hasn’t been very long. Olivia thinks that they have to accept that no news is good news. Ned thinks that she should be saying “I told you so.” He didn’t listen to her. He put the company on top of his daughter. He threw hew out of the house and family and made he thinks that he doesn’t love her. If she dies then the last memory she will have of him is him kicking her out.

Carly tells Jason that Wiley was kidnapped. She is at the Quartermaine mansion. There is no sign of him right now. Carly thinks that the boarder will know that to look. Jason thinks she is probably driving. She is either hiding out or someone is helping her. Sonny is checking up on something. Carly explains that Wiley’s favorite stuffed animal is missing. Carly wonders if he is ok to help. Jason thinks that she knows he is. Jason gets on the phone with Spinelli. He needs his help.

Julian was going to donate to the clothing drive. He was at the telethon tonight. Sonny wonders if he left early this evening. He heard that Monica was knocked out tonight. Julian has no idea what Nelle has done. Sonny doesn’t need the cops. If his grandson is not found then he will be his judge, jury, and executioner. Julian understands.

Nina doesn’t think that Nelle should be anywhere near that sweet little Wiley. She is sorry that she did this. Nina was horrible to Willow when she was Charlotte’s teacher. Nina really respects her now though. Nina knows that Willow has been more of a mother to Wiley than Nelle has ever been.

Monica knows that Wiley has his heart condition. Nelle could refuse to give him treatment. Carly wonders if he has had any symptoms lately. Carly tells Monica they need to get her to the hospital. Monica wants them to stay here and keep her posted.

Chase tells Willow that he promises they will find Nelle before anything happens to Wiley.

Nelle hears the police and wonders if those are for them. Nelle wonders if they will try and take him away and give him to Carly

Sonny asks Julian what is wrong. Julian is sorry that Wiley is with Nelle. Sonny hopes that when Nelle is caught she doesn’t have a different story to tell. Sonny will take the bag with him and put it in the collection box. He can save him the trip.

Jason gets off the phone with Spinelli. He walks around the corner and he finds Marcus on the ground.

Olivia has every faith that Brook Lynn will not let go easily. She will get back to them. Then they can talk about everything they need to. Ned has been trying to come up with the right things to say. All he can think of is saying I love you. He wonders what else there is to say. He loves her. If he cannot say it again then he will never forgive himself. Portia just spoke with Brook Lynn’s surgical team.

Jax explains that his mother was a strong woman. Jax was fortunate. He is sorry that Nina didn’t have that with her mother. Nina thinks that is why she tried so hard with Charlotte. Nina realizes that you don’t have to be a biological mother to have undying love for a child.

Carly tells Michael that Jason is looking. Carly explains to Willow that Jason is resourceful. They know Nelle. Nelle will not be able to resist not leaving a clue somewhere. Chase explains they found Nelle’s car.

Nelle manages to get away from the cops. Nelle knows that this is not her car. She knew it would be the perfect car for them.

Chase thinks it is clear that her car was abandoned. Carly thinks that Nelle thought of everything. They are in a nice pre-owned vehicle that not even Sonny can link them too. Nelle thinks that Sonny and Carly will never be able to find him. They will have wonderful adventures. He will never have a grandmother which is exactly what Carly deserves.

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