GH Update Friday 8/21/20

General Hospital Update Friday 8/21/20


Written by Anthony

Lucy welcomes them back to the 2020 Nurses Ball telethon. They are having a special event and raising funds for frontline workers. She wants to introduce Epiphany. She wants to explain why any donation large or small helps. Epiphany thinks that hospitals have many parts to them all providing essential services. They are taking a toll on the providers and families. Lucy thinks they do support them. Lucy thinks that it is their time to give back. Lucy thinks that they have some amazing acts yet to come.

Ava knows the Cassadine men are hard on them. Ava told Nina that that she will end up with 90% of the estate if he sleeps with Elizabeth. She gets the payoff that she deserves.

Carly asks Joss if she can talk with her. Carly explains that Joss wants to talk with him. She thinks that she wants a present. Carly thinks that he can handle this. Jax walks over to Nikolas. Jax thinks that the scholarship was generous but he should follow that a little bit more. Franco thinks that the next time he feels the need to be generous he can do that on his wife.

Michael explains that Tracy married Luke. They don’t do conventional marriages at the Quartermaine household.

Monica watches the ball on TV. Julian walks up behind her and drugs her.

Brook Lynn will call Michael and he can call the police. Brook Lynn explains that Mac is here and can arrest her himself. Nelle begs her to pretend that she saw nothing. Nelle slashes Brook Lynn’s throat with scissors.

Willow wonders if Michael is alright. Willow assumes that she wants to make peace. Michael is not angry with her. He hates that Valentin is in charge. He knows that Valentin is a smart business person though. He doesn’t think that Brook Lynn was betrayed. Michael calls up Brook Lyn.

Brook Lynn lies on the floor with blood pouring all over the place. Nelle tells Brook Lynn she should have been nicer to her. So, now she needs to go. Nelle plants the scissors next to Brook Lynn like she tried to hurt herself.

Julian turns the TV off. He gets out his phone. Nelle texts that they need to move things up. He closes the doors to the living room and runs upstairs.

Michael toasts to Wiley and his amazing new life. He is safe from Nelle because of her. Willow thinks that it is because of both of them and Diane. Carly and Sonny watch them interact. Willow picks up the phone.

Amy walks backstage. She couldn’t find Jordan. Amy explains that Curtis was called away on a case. Amy is sorry but she will have to pull her number. Lucy thinks that she doesn’t have an act to draft. They will find Jordan and make her come and entertain the audience. Amy thinks she has no Jordan. Lucy tells Amy to find Epiphany and Deanna and warm up their voices. She will have to tap dance. She hates tap dancing though.

Anna thinks that falsehoods don’t look good on Valentin. Valentin knows that Peter and Maxie are expecting. He is glad. He assumes that Peter will be a better person from this. Valentin thinks that certain things are hard to fix.

Nina hopes that Ava is not trying to hurt Franco. Franco isn’t but she thinks that if Elizabeth hurts Franco he does deserve to know. Ava sees one major flaw. The way that her and Nikolas were looking at one another it seems like something changed over the last few days. Nina walks out of the bathroom along with Ava. Elizabeth leaves the stall.

Michael suggests that they hand in the paperwork and sneak out. They can go home and check on Wiley. She guesses that he can make her an offer she cannot refuse. Willow looks at Sonny and asks if she really just said that. Michael doesn’t think that he heard her.

Lucy thinks that the front line workers are there to help. They will keep on donating. When they do something for themselves then that means that they are building a community. Lucy wants them to call and donate. It means they are pitching in together. They are in for a special treat.

Nelle walks down the hall at the Metro Court. Julian texts that it is done

Julian walks downstairs at the mansion with Wiley in his arms. He walks out he front door. Monica is still passed out.

Michael and Willow walk into the Q mansion. Willow thinks that she had a good time mostly. Michael thinks that in theory Sasha and Chase did very well. Michael knows that someday it won’t hurt that much. Until then they go for plan B. Michael wants popcorn and the funniest movie ever.

Sonny guesses that Michael and Willow are not coming back. Carly thinks that they are such good parents. Sonny thinks that this is the kind of plan that would have been up her alley. Carly is grateful because Michael got custody and Wiley has the best step-mother in the world. She wonders if he wants to check on Mike. Sonny thinks that it is better to just stay here.

Olivia tries to call Brook Lynn. She is not picking up her calls. Ned wants her to pause the lecture until they get home. Olivia is lecturing him because she is scared for him. Edward had toxic intentions. He is turning more into him every day. He needs to find his daughter and talk with her

Brook Lynn is still passed out.

Ned asks if anyone has seen Brook Lynn. Dustin suggests that she might be warming up backstage. Lulu can go check.

Robert tells Olivia that he can get her into see Dante. Olivia wonders where he is. Robert would have to go with her. Olivia has had no contact with Dante in a year. She wants to leave now.

Willow will do anything to cheer him up. Willow thinks that there is this super cute animated movie. The humor is very silly. Michael walks into the living room and Monica is still there passed out. Michael tries to wake her up. She is not responding.

Julian tells Wiley he is sorry but Nelle has plans. He is the worlds biggest coward. He should have told the truth all along. He has run out of options.

Lulu thinks that she might be in the dressing room. She knocks on the door. Dustin opens the door and runs over to her. Lulu is in shock. Dustin tells her to call 911. Dustin begs her to wake up.

Lucy explains that their telethon is providing much needed equipment. The full budget of the ball is going to charity. Lucy wants to welcome Anna. She wanted to thank them so much for their donations. They are grateful for their generosity. She received a lovely marriage proposal a year ago here. The ball is special because so many people’s lives have been touched by HIV and AIDS. Her daughter was diagnosed when the outcome wasn’t as optimistic as it was today. Robin and countless other people are alive today because of medical research. That is maybe why she became a doctor herself. She served as police commissioner here for a few years. She saw how amazing first responders could be. No one does their job alone. Anna asks them to give whatever they can. Anna thanks them.

Elizabeth tells Franco that he isn’t the problem. Ava is. Franco wonders what that plan is. Elizabeth is playing emotional chess with Nikolas and they are her pawns.

Olivia thanks Robert so much for this. Ned walks over. Ned thinks it is amazing that she would run straight to Robert. Olivia explains that Robert found out a way to get her to Dante. Lulu runs over to them. Brook Lynn has been attacked.

Monica finally wakes up. Michael asks if she is ok. Monica must have dozed off. Monica remembers the phone rang. She left it in the foyer. She came back in and she heard Wiley. Willow goes to check on him.

Nelle wonders where Wiley is. Nelle is ready to go. Julian walks closer to her.

Elizabeth explains that Ava is playing them. Franco thinks it is the opposite.

Lucy thinks that this telethon was amazing. She thanks them all so much. She wanted to thank their amazing audience at home and thank them for sticking with them. She introduces the Nurses of GH. They perform.

Mac asks if Lulu and Dustin saw anything. Lulu says they saw nothing. Ned promises that he will not leave her side.

Michael wonders what she was doing before she fell asleep. Monica doesn’t remember. Willow runs downstairs. Wiley is not in his room.

Nelle thinks that it has been real fun but it is time for her to go. Julian tells Nelle that she is not going anywhere. He thinks that she pushed him to far. So, now he is pushing back.

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