GH Update Thursday 8/20/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/20/20


Written by Anthony

Lucy welcomes everyone back to the Nurses Ball Telethon. Which will be matched by Sonny. This is a benefit for front line workers.

Nikolas storms out of his room with Ava. Elizabeth and Franco see this.

Lucy wants them all to stay tuned and keep the donations coming.

Elizabeth wonders what Nikolas was thinking about the telethon. Nikolas was not sure how it would work out. Ava runs over to get some water for Franco. He is parched.

Finn sees Willow and Michael hanging out together and frowns.

Nelle opens her dressing room door. Julian walks in. He thinks that whatever she is planning is not going to work. Nelle has a little disappearing act for them.

Monica sits down in her living room and turns the TV on.

Wiley sleeps in his crib with his kangaroo stuffed animal.

Julian wonders if Nelle is going somewhere. Nelle doesn’t want him to worry about the details. She thinks nothing and no one will get in her way this time. Julian thinks she is more delusional than he thought. Nelle can always tell Sonny the truth about Julian and Wiley. She can promise that her son and her will be together. Julian doubts that a song and dance number is not going to get her Wiley back. Nelle thinks that the judge was in Michael’s pocket from before things began. Nelle will not get Wiley back by playing by the rules. She tells Julian that he will help her.

Martin tells Valentin that he is in awe of the people on the front line. Martin heard that Deception is matching all the donations tonight. Valentin wants to make ELQ a very profitable company. Martin thinks he is getting everything he ever wanted. Nina and Jax walk over. Nina tells Jax that she wants to keep things close.

Lulu thanks someone on the phone for their donation. She asks if Dustin is ok. Dustin is really sorry about what happened with Brook Lynn. Lulu thinks that she loves to cause drama. It usually means that she is hurting.

Brook Lynn tells herself she has this. She needs to get on the stage and show them that she is a winner. She doesn’t hate. She is a star girl. She can get those donations.

Ned tells Olivia that they are up next. Ned wonders if she is still mad at him. Olivia thinks that he turned his back on his own child. She made a mistake. She didn’t commit corporate espionage. She tells him to pick one thing over the other.

Lucy explains that they are trying to get safety equipment.

Jax and Nina put their headphones back on. Martin sits down.

Lucy thinks a lot of good people are out there. This is their way of saying thank you. While they are doing this they will do their best to entertain them. She welcomes them to Ned and Olivia. Ned plays his guitar while he and Olivia sing.

Anna thinks that Finn missed that Maxie told everyone she was pregnant. Finn wonders if she is excited. Anna thinks it is the best news. Peter can look to the future.

Martin suggests that Valentin could make him corporate council. Valentin tells Michael that he would like him to stay on as the green initiative. He did want the payback though. Willow thinks that he would have worked with them instead of against them. Michael tells him that the war for ELQ never ends. Valentin thinks if he was wise then he would join him.

Jax hates what Valentin has done. Nina thinks that they should just stay out of it. She just knows Valentin better than anyone. He will just feel more pressure to prove himself.

Julian thinks this plan is insane. Nelle tells Julian that she is insane. Nelle thinks that they will do their parts. This was never part of the deal. Nelle thinks that he can either play ball or face the wrap of Sonny. Julian guesses he is in.

Lucy is so grateful and excited to announce the next performer. He is going to match every dollar. They will match every single dollar. She welcomes Valentin to the stage. Valentin would like to dedicate this song to anyone who cannot be with the person they love. Valentin gets on a piano. He starts singing.

Lulu wants to avoid Valentin and Brook Lynn’s number. She doesn’t want to congratulate her if she is good. Lulu thinks that she is so nasty. She deserves whatever she gets. Lulu does hate to think about her being trapped in that contract though. Ned thought that it was her job to fix things. She does understand why she felt abandoned though. Dustin thinks she feels bad. Lulu thinks almost.

Nelle tells Julian she is all clear. Julian tells Nelle that he is at Q’s house now. Nelle tells him that the only person he should have to deal with is Monica. Brook Lynn overhears what is going on. Julian tells her to do what is right. Nelle tells him to shut up and do what he has to do. She needs to be able to track him on her end.

Martin congratulates Julian. He thinks that his voice got the response. Martin knows that he is normally so guarded. It is nice to see him wear his heart on his sleeve. Martin wonders if he is just going to sit around alone now. Valentin has other things he can do.

Ava thinks that it is fortunate that Nikolas has a good reason for hiding. She thinks that Elizabeth has no excuse though. Ava wished that Elizabeth knew what was going on. Lucy welcomes him to a stage. Ava tells him to break a leg literally.

Nikolas walks on stage. Nikolas thanks her. He is thrilled to be back. He thinks that they have to continue the Nurses Ball’s original reason. They are donating two million to AIDs research. He tells Ava to join him. Ava thinks that was generous. He thinks that this telethon is for front line workers without their courage and compassion. One of the finest people he knows is a nurse. They met in high school. Nikolas has seen first hand how Elizabeth embodies healers. They are starting a scholarship tonight for Nurses and naming it for Elizabeth.

Nina finds Valentin in the lobby. She tells him it is a beautiful song. Valentin is glad that she enjoyed it. Nina should get going. He asks if that is her mother’s neckless. Valentin only lied to her because he wanted her to be happy. Nina explains that the ends never justified the means. He is sorry. Nina knows he means it. There are some mistakes and heartbreaks that saying sorry cannot undo. She walks away.

Brook Lynn wonders where Nelle is going. Brook Lynn tells Nelle she is not going anywhere until the cops get here. She is going back to prison.

Monica will wait until the next number. She really doesn’t need to hear Lucy’s pitch again. Outside Julian puts a ski mask on. Monica realizes she left her phone in the foyer. Julian walks in through the back door.

Franco tells Nikolas to stay away from his wife. Nikolas thought that this was a good idea. Elizabeth thanks Nikolas. She is sorry that Franco couldn’t be more gracious.

Carly asks Sonny if that is a text from Turning Woods. Sonny says that there is no change right now. Sonny thinks that they should stay. They need to think about the medical staff that is helping them right now. This is a way for them to say thank you.

Elizabeth looks in the mirror in the bathroom. She walks into a stall and sighs.

Jax tells Nikolas that was a generous donation. Ava knew what Nikolas was going to donate. Nina is going to go to the powder room. She asks if Ava wants to join her. Franco wants a word with him. Franco thinks that Nikolas is a spoiled little boy. He doesn’t get everything he wants because he is a spoiled little prince. Jax wants them to all just play nice.

Nina asks Ava what is going on. Nina actually needed a reality check after she heard Valentin’s song. She thought the song was sung with such honesty and it got to her. She couldn’t help it. Ava knows those Cassadine men can get under her skin. Nina wonders if Nikolas is trying to make her jealous. Nina thinks that is tacky. Ava thinks it could be profitable for her. She thinks if Nikolas sleeps with another woman she ends up with 90% of the Cassadine estate.

Julian walks down the hall.

Monica hears Wiley crying. She knows she is not supposed to let him out of bed but still…

Nelle thinks she sounds like a crazy person. Brook Lynn will not let her do this again. She thinks she is a kidnaper caught in the act.

Monica guesses that the disaster was aborted. Julian drugs Monica.

Nelle will tells them that she is being harassed. Brook Lynn explains that Mac is here. Nelle begs her to pretend she saw nothing. Brook Lynn tells her that she has messed with her last Quartermaine. Nelle swipes scissors across her face.

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