GH Update Wednesday 8/19/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/19/20


Written by Anthony

Lucy welcomes everyone to the 2020 Nurses Ball ceremony. She explains that things are a little bit different. They are raising money for a telethon. Their volunteers probably thought that they would be mingling at the glamorous ball. This is their way of helping. They can all pitch in at any amount. She doesn’t want them to think that too much has changed. They have some of their most talented members of PC ready to perform.

Brook Lynn goes into a dressing room. She tells herself that she can do tis but then talks herself out. Dustin walks in and asks if she has stage fright.

Franco thanks Elizabeth for coming. Elizabeth thought that it would be selfish for her to stay away. Franco wonders if she is mad at him. Elizabeth wonders if she should. Ava walks over and tells them they better go and answer those phones.

Lucy tells Maxie to put her headset on. She needs to pitch and pitch and be adorable. Then she will introduce Brook Lynn. Lucy thinks that this is great. Lulu tells Maxie no pressure.

Peter tells Anna that he wants this night to go well for Maxie. Anna knows that Maxie truly cares. Anna tells Peter they should get back.

Spinelli thinks that tonight is the night that things go crashing for Peter. Robert feels that this is just speculation. Spinelli thinks Maxie needs to know the truth tonight.

Portia wonders why Jordan would hold a press conference singing the praises of the man responsible for her ex-husbands death.

Jordan meets with someone. She thought that they agreed that she would stay far away from PC. Marcus tells her that he apparently had unfinished business.

Joss is sorry that they were late. Cam explains that they aren’t late. Curtis tells Trina that she will make her father proud. Trina doesn’t need him to tell her.

Jordan explains that if Cyrus’ men see him he really will be dead and if her men see him then he will be arrested for fabricating evidence. Marcus points out that there is no warrant out for his arrest. He is a dead man. Jordan says thanks to her.

Lucy wants to introduce three of GH’s finest Nurses. Epiphany, Felix, and Amy. Felix thanks her. Amy explains that it takes so much to get the care people need. Epiphany explains that there are first responders as well. They all face risk and trauma. This telethon is their chance to do something in return. Lucy thinks that they have heard these three beautiful people. Lucy feels that it is up to them to do something for these people.

Brook Lynn wonders why it feels like she is going to throw up. Dustin wonders if she remembers that dive bar she performed in. He had to stop her from leaving. She blew the roof off the place.

Sam explains that Cyrus could turn the hospital out at any point. TJ sees Brando and asks him to come after. Brando thinks that this is a worthy cause.

Jax and Nina sit down. Nina tells him to get to work.

Lucy introduces them to Sasha the face of Deception. Deception will match every dollar that goes out there. She thinks they can do that because of Valentin. She also has to say that she is a partner in Deception but this night is about all of them.

Maxie tries to get her headset on. Lulu is almost done. She wonders if she has had a chance to talk with Peter. Maxie says not yet. Maxie thinks that this is a complicated solution. She needs to find the right moment to tell Peter she is pregnant. The mic is on and broadcasting this to everyone.

Lucy tells everyone that she will be right back. She runs backstage. Maxie knows she missed her mark. She runs on stage. She introduces herself. Lucy runs back on. She explains her mic is on. Maxie knows. They have heard every single word. Maxie asks if her whole conversation with Lulu. Lucy says it was broadcast all over town. Maxie runs off stage.

Peter runs out of his room.

Lulu thinks they can handle it. Maxie runs off.

Dustin promises that Brook Lynn is a great singer. Brook Lynn remembers that Dustin was always the first one to pick her up. He is doing it again like no time has passed. He really is a night in shining armer. She was an idiot for letting her get away. Lulu walks in as Brook Lynn kisses him. Dustin is sorry if he gave her the wrong idea. He wants to be her friend but she cannot use nostalgia as a crutch. She ended this. He has moved on though. Brook Lynn thinks no problem.

Lucy thinks they always have their hand in things around here. First though they need to get this done. Felix explains that Cyrus wants to say a few words. Lucy guesses that she has an announcement. They are stronger than ever at GH. That is thanks to the new chairman of the board Cyrus. Cyrus thanks them all for the warm welcome. He is not much for speeches. He came to this city with a bad rep. Their community understands the importance of overcoming adversity. He is so grateful. He hopes that his role at GH is just the beginning.

Epiphany thinks that this will be the start of a dyer time at the hospital.

Peter asks Maxie if it is true. Maxie didn’t want him to find out this way. He wonders if she really is pregnant. He wonders why she didn’t tell him. Maxie is not sure what to make of all this. Maxie always wanted a baby someday with him. She has a dream right now though with Deception. She is scared about her dream. Peter thinks they are in this together. If that is what she wants though… Maxie does want the baby. Peter loves her.

Cyrus asks if Jordan is performing a number. That is something he would love to see. He wanted to congratulate Portia. He will be seeing her around. She walks away without saying anything. Curtis walks away.

Jordan had to put in every favor she possibly could. Marcus hates that Trina is mourning over her. Jordan wonders why he is showing his face in PC.

Epiphany and Lucy explain their next performers are young and bright.

Joss and Cam get ready. Trina says that this one is for Marcus.

Lucy introduces them to the stage. Cam plays his guitar. He sings a song. Trina and Joss join in.

Marcus reminds Jordan that they are dragging his name in the mud. He agreed to sacrifice his name and career for her son. He thought she was going to find info in order to get him behind bars. Jordan needs to make sure that he thinks that he has her under his thumb. Marcus is going to kill Cyrus himself.

Jax tells Joss that they all did fantastic.

Brook Lynn starts throwing things on the floor in the bathroom. She doesn’t need anyone.

Portia cannot take it anymore. It makes her skin crawl. Curtis reminds her that Cyrus is taunting her because he cannot do it to Marcus. She cannot believe that she missed Trina’s performance. Curtis reminds her it will be online.

Jax finds Nina. Nina is happy for Maxie and Peter she guesses but she does wonder about her own child. She wonders if they are a doctor, in prison, dead… Jax explains that they will follow up with their lead. Valentin walks over and asks how she is holding up. Jax says that is no longer his business. Nina thinks they have to get ready.

Anna and Mac show up in Maxie’s dressing room. She admits that it is true. It is good news. Mac thinks that is fantastic. He wants the grandkids. Mac thinks they can call Felicia. Anna couldn’t be happier for him. Peter thanks her and calls her grandma. Anna thinks about the fact that Peter could be Alex’s son.

TJ thinks that him and Brando should hit the ring for fun some time. Sam thinks that it could be a bit much for him after the baseball injury. TJ wonders if he plays ball. Brando loves to play baseball. Sam asks what is his problem. Brando is not trying to bring issues into their life.

Portia is both grateful and annoyed at the same time. She misses Marcus. She thinks it is crazy. They haven’t been together in years. Cyrus learns that you don’t stop caring for someone because they grow apart. Portia explains things came between them. It was Curtis. Curtis thought she never told him. Portia might as well have. There was a distance. She couldn’t get over him.

Marcus thinks that he can situate himself by the Metro Court. Jordan is not going to let him commit murder. Marcus doesn’t think anyone will suspect a dead man.

Portia thinks it is ancient history at this point. Curtis thinks they should get back to the telethon.

Jordan doesn’t think that Trina is in danger. Jordan has a plan. Cyrus thinks he is in the clear. Marcus thinks that this isn’t a plan. Jordan thinks that he will lose any hope of coming home one day. Marcus wonders if Curtis is on board. He realizes that he doesn’t know he is alive.

Lucy explains that Jax and Nina are going to be on the stage together tonight. Valentin walks into the room. Nina and Jax perform a dance number.

Valentin gets himself a bottle of water. Peter walks over. He guesses that congratulations are in order. He failed him in a lot of ways. He has some advice. He tells Peter that whatever he is keeping from Maxie he needs to tell her now. He thinks he needs to tell her now before it is too late.

Jordan begs Marcus to get out of town before anyone sees him. Marcus will stay gone for now. He won’t stop checking up on her. Jordan tells him to be safe.

Peter tells Lulu and Dustin that all this good news has him tired. Lulu will handle Lucy. She can go put her feet up.

Robert is shocked that Spinelli is keeping his trap shut. Spinelli thinks they need to find proof before this baby is born. Maxie walks over. He wanted to congratulate them both. He will embrace whatever he needs to. Maxie thinks that means the world to her.

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