GH Update Tuesday 8/18/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/18/20


Written by Anthony

Nina welcomes everyone to the 2020 Nurses Ball. She is editor and chief of Crimson Magazine. She is joined with Carly. Carly thanks her and everyone who is watching. They are doing the fundraising a little differently this year. All the money is going to AIDS related funding. Carly would like everyone to go online and support the front line workers. Nina says that their guests tonight will be in conference rooms and logging donations. Carly thinks that they will get to meet the men and women who are helping make this happen. Lucy shows up first. Lucy is so excited. She thinks they look lovely. Carly was telling them how this ball would be different. Lucy thinks that the Nurses Ball will be perfection but the ball will also be a telethon.

Sam asks Jason in his hospital room what he thinks. Jason thinks she looks great. Jason is glad that she is helping out. Sam is too. She just wants to do what she can. She is glad that he is still here. She knows that he hates hospitals. The Nurses Ball is a good distraction for him. She just wants him to promise he won’t leave.

Michael picks up Wiley’s toys in the living room. Willow is more worn out than he is by the time the stories are over. Willow needs to get ready for the ball. Michael suggests they just stay here.

Nelle tells Wiley that he just needs to hang tight. This is a night that Michael and his family will never forget.

Nina asks Lucy why she made the Nurses Ball a telethon this year. Lucy thinks that the ball has always been about celebrating their nurses but they wanted to do more this year They wanted to help out the essential frontline workers. She needs to make sure that they can keep them safe. Lucy thinks here they are. Carly thinks it is a small way to say thank you to frontline workers Carly thinks that tonight they will try and give something back. Nina explains that they will be meeting some of the most generous people. Valentin shows up first. Nina explains that he is the new CEO of ELQ. Valentin thinks they both look spectacular. Nina thinks that the T-shirts are a must have piece for tonight. Carly suggests that they talk about Deception. Valentin will be matching all donations tonight. He wants to rise to the occasion. Valentin wants everyone to do their part.

Michael definitely has to be there. Michael knows that she was there last year. He doesn’t want her to be uncomfortable. Willow thinks that the ball is even more important this year than ever. She is excited to make her debut as Mrs. Michael Corinthos. She will go and get changed. Michael tells Willow that Wiley is a lucky kid to have her as a mom.

Sonny shows up next on the red carpet. Nina wonders how he is feeling tonight. Sonny says he comes every year because of his good friend Stone and Robin. Carly thinks he is being modest. He has already made a giant pledge and donation. Sonny thinks that they make a lot of progress but there is a lot more work to be done. Nina thanks Sonny.

Sam tells Jason to not look at her like she is crazy. Jason promises to not go anywhere unless there is a big emergency like people he loves being in trouble. Sam will take it. Jason wishes her good luck tonight. He is sorry he is going to miss is. Sam is too.

Nina says hello to Franco. He just had a major unveiling. She wonders what a Franco painting is without controversy. Nina knows the internet is in love with his past work. Nina wonders where Elizabeth is tonight. Nikolas and Ava show up. Nina thinks the perfect timing. Nikolas is glad to support people. Carly knows that Ava has gone from dealer to patron. Ava loves Franco’s art. She thinks that it turned out beautifully. Nikolas is happy when his wife is happy. He leaves. Franco thinks it was an honor to have her sit for his art. He thinks that she has beauty and whit and charm. He tells anyone to try and hurt her. Nina thinks that this night is getting more and more interesting.

Maxie sits backstage. Lucy tells her to get some scissors. She wants to show a little more leg for excitement. Maxie will not let her do this on her watch. Maxie suggests that she check out one of her other twenty dresses. Lucy tells Maxie that she needs to go and make an entrance. Lucy thinks that they are thanking everyone tonight. She tells Maxie to go and make an entrance. She just has to go and think bubbles.

Brook Lynn is thrilled to be back in PC. It always holds a special place in her heart. Carly tells her to break a leg.

Curtis tells Jordan they need to go. He tells her the show is about to start. Jordan has time. Curtis picks up her phone. They hung up.

Monica tells Michael that she is responsible for the lawsuit so she needs to keep her distance. She would do this again in a heartbeat. Willow asks if Monica is going to look in on Wiley. Monica thinks that it isn’t often that parents get a night out.

Olivia tells Ned that he will remember that he loves Brook Lynn. Ned doesn’t air his dirty laundry in public. They walk inside. Ned explains that they are usually fashionably late. Carly thanks Olivia for being the first person to agree with the idea of a telethon. Robert shows up next. Robert thinks that they all look radiant. Nina wonders if Robert has a date tonight. Robert is keeping his options open. Nina wonders what the ball means to him. Robert explains his daughter was diagnosed in ’95. He just spoke with her on the phone. She thinks that this is a great idea. So, much so that she thinks it is time that they give back to them. Sam and Spinelli are next. Carly explains that Spinelli set up the phone and fine tuned the donation software. He thinks it is wonderful to be home. Sam cannot wait to get in there. Sam drags Spinelli off.

Franco makes a call to Elizabeth. He was just calling to check in and say hi. Elizabeth thinks that he has plenty of admirers. Elizabeth has to get going.

Lulu and Dustin show up next. Carly thinks it is great to see them. Nina thinks that she must be excited. Nina guesses that Dustin is a teacher and a musician.

Elizabeth tells Jason she hates this. He is so caught up with his past. You cannot separate the two. Elizabeth wonders why he cannot leave the past there. Jason wonders if Elizabeth is saying that Franco is going back to who he was.

Carly introduces Michael and Willow. Nina wonders what it is life to marry into the Quartermaine-Corinthos clan. Carly tells her to be kind. Willow feels lucky and it has been amazing. Nina explains that Curtis and Jordan have made their way. Jordan thinks that it is wonderful to be able to support their frontline workers.

Sam wonders how Michael is doing. She doesn’t think that Chase seems like the cheating kind of guy. Sonny doesn’t think they should take this at face value.

Willow wonders if she made a mistake. She did a lot of reading with Wiley. It felt like the War and Peace of children’s books.

Nelle looks at her phone. Spinelli asks what she is doing. Nelle is performing tonight. Spinelli is setting up the Nurses Ball. Nelle assumes it makes his skin crawl that Maxie is with Peter. Shiloh told her a lot of sketchy stuff about that guy.

Maxie and Peter show up next on the carpet. Maxie gets to introduce Brook Lynn but she gets the chance to tell people what is happening. She thinks it is a great opportunity to give back to the community. Nina wonders who can resist Maxie.

Elizabeth thinks that Franco is just nostalgic. She has to go. Elizabeth wasn’t going to go but she does have to in order to support the families. She will see him later.

Sam thinks that this is kind of a big deal. Michael thinks that this feels kind of good. Sonny wonders how Wiley is. Willow is an expert bedtime story reader.

Ava thinks that it feels like the old days. She thinks that he is having a resurgence and she is here for it.

Lulu tells Nikolas that they have to talk about this scheme with Spencer. Nikolas tells her that it is over because Ava overheard her talking.

Jordan asks if he is ready to turn on the charm tonight. Jordan gets a text. She has to go. It is a work emergency. Jordan wants him to stay. She will be back tonight.

Ava sees Julian in the hallway. Julian didn’t want to be here but Nelle didn’t give him much of a choice. She is planning something.

Nelle was married to Shiloh. He said that Peter was the one who orchestrated Drew’s kidnapping. He then tried to keep himself from getting in trouble. Spinelli wonders why he should believe her. Nelle doesn’t care if he does there is nothing in it for her. Shiloh was overseas with Peter but he did learn an awful lot. Spinelli runs off.

Sam asks Brando if she can help him with something. Brando cannot make her like him but he can try and stay out of her way. Sam thinks that would be great.

Franco thinks that after watching Nikolas go after her with Kiki’s memory she should give him hell. Ava intends to go after him. Elizabeth walks in.

Michael wonders if Willow is ok. Willow is great. They are here together and get to go home to Wiley. She wonders what could be better than that.

Monica finds Wiley’s stuffed animal.

Julian demands to know why Nelle wanted him here. Nelle wants the support obviously.

Spinelli runs over to Robert and Olivia. It is very important that he talk with Robert. Robert tells Olivia he is sorry… Spinelli got him. Nelle can connect Shiloh to Peter. He was blackmailing him. Nelle said that Shiloh knew that Peter was involved back with Drew. They can finally take him down.

Maxie is really loving the casual look for the ball. Lulu thinks she is always glowing. Maxie has not figured out a way to tell him. Dustin and Peter walk over.

Nina says that this wraps up the red carpet coverage. Carly says the ball is about to begin.

Jordan wouldn’t have called if it wasn’t important. She has to do something but she isn’t sure she can go through with it. She thinks they are looking pretty good for a dead man.

Nina and Curtis show up in Brook Lynn’s room. Valentin is there too.

Spinelli and Robert watch as Maxie and Peter sit down.

Carly finds Sonny and walks into the room. The ball starts in five, four, three, two…

Lucy welcomes them all to the 2020 Nurses Ball Telethon. They are raising money for much needed tools and equipment. She thinks they are thanking the frontline workers and how they sacrifice things. They have amazing surprises for them. They are just getting started.

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