GH Update Monday 8/17/20

General Hospital Update Monday 8/17/20


Written by Anthony

Brook Lynn walks over to the Metro Court bar and asks Carly to make her a white Russian. Carly suggests some sparkling water instead. Brook Lynn wants some alcohol in it. Carly is a co-owner and after how she acted a few months ago with Lulu she is not going to let her do this. Brook Lynn thinks that she doesn’t want her here because Michael is out as CEO and it might be her fault.

Anna needs Finn to put his issues with his father away for one day. Finn admits that he would like for Violet to have a relationship with her grandfather. Someday… Anna suggests that someday could be their wedding. Anna thought that it could have been on her birthday. Chase walks over. Finn thinks that Violet had her uncle Chase there. He suggests that Chase sit down. Chase assumes he is on the wedding list. Finn is not going to get married without his brother. Anna wonders if him and Sasha will be coming together.

Ava admits she had a speech but she doesn’t think it is appropriate anymore. She is proud to show that portrait off tonight. She reveals it to the world. Ava looks at it speechlessly with everyone else. It is done in his old style. Franco claims it is not his painting. Franco thinks that it has been vandalized. Elizabeth thinks she knows that he is not responsible for this but she can guess who is. Ava looks at her.

Carly wants to know when this happened. Brook Lynn explains that it was this afternoon. Brook Lynn admits that it happened while he was in court. She sold her ELQ shares to get out of her contract. It turned out that Valentin was the actual buyer. Valentin walks over. He explains that Michael didn’t do a bad job but he will do a better one. Carly would really like to throw him out of here but she would rather take his money and watch Michael take back his company. He will. They can have a table far away from her. Brook Lynn thinks that he destroyed her relationship with her family and tied her life to Deception which could fail and also allowed a drug lord to buy GH.

Anna wonders how the custody hearing went. Chase explains that Michael and Willow got soul custody of Wiley. He wonders about the wedding plans though and how many guests. Anna admits it is just going to be a small ceremony. Chase asks if he will invite their dad.

Ava commissioned Franco to paint her. She wouldn’t do this. Elizabeth thinks that she has been dredging up their past. Elizabeth thinks that she wants him to be as bad as ever. Franco thinks that Ava would never do this. Elizabeth thinks that this is exactly who Ava is. She has manipulated everyone in this room. Franco thinks she chose him as a favor. She paid him a really pretty penny. Elizabeth would rather be broke than play along. Ava tells them to all leave now. Maxie thinks it was just getting good. Franco wonders if she is ok. Ava is not ok.

Jax and Nina walk over to Carly. Nina explains that the picture debut didn’t go just as planned Ava through them out and they decided to come over for a drink. Nina wonders if Michael and Willow got full-custody. Carly explains that Nelle doesn’t even get visitation.

Ava wonders if the painting can be salvaged. He thinks no matter how hard he tries his past has left a mark on him that he cannot shake.

Lulu thinks that Ava does have a flair for the dramatic but so does Nikolas.

Franco doesn’t think she had anything to do with this. Ava should never have insisted on this party. She should just cut her losses and go home.

Nikolas asks if it is ok if he joins Elizabeth. Nikolas doesn’t think that Ava did it. He cannot imagine her painting a monkey over her own portrait. Elizabeth thinks that Ava will destroy whatever good is left in him.

Anna thinks it is funny that Chase would bring up their father. She hopes that Chase has a better chance at getting him in there. Chase thinks that their parents have been married for decades. He wants Finn to do this for Violet. Finn is not apposed to working things out with their father but not at the wedding. He asks if he has anything else to say. Chase guesses that he shouldn’t ask him.

Peter thinks that Maxie can go home and rest now. He is glad that they can celebrate together before she is too busy to sleep. Peter wonders why she isn’t more excited.

Brook Lynn thinks that Valentin put ELQ in good shape. Brook Lynn thinks that Valentin can make ELQ even better than it was. Which would be a gift to her family. Valentin thinks it is for the best. Valentin is sure that Sonny will take care of Cyrus. He thinks that Sonny knows how to use his power. He will have a tragic accident or just go missing. Regardless his time at GH will be brief.

Nina wonders if Carly shouldn’t be with Michael and Willow. Carly thinks that this is because of Nina that Michael and Willow have custody. Jax wonders if Nelle could get custody later.

Valentin thinks that there is nothing that she could have done to stop him. Valentin promises that tomorrow night at the Nurses Ball she will get her shot. She deserves it. Brook Lynn tells him he better come through.

Maxie thinks that tomorrow is going to go extremely well but this is so big. Maxie is in a good place right now. Big changes are coming right now and she doesn’t want anything to come between them. Maxie has something to tell them. Anna wonders if she can join.

Finn thought that Chase has always been on their father’s side. Chase hasn’t told him that him and Willow have broken up. He cannot tell him that he broke her heart.

Lulu doesn’t know how to think about this plot that Nikolas has with Ava. Lulu explains that Nikolas could get what he wants. It is a terrible lesson for Spencer. Lulu wonders if Nikolas is responsible but it seems like she cannot trust him at all. She thinks they should both go. Ava overheard all of that.

Nikolas wants to ask Elizabeth a question. Elizabeth wasn’t going to come at all tonight. She hates anything that brings his past up. She feels they have worked so hard for the life. Cameron had issues in the beginning but things are so different now. He wanted to save money for Cam to go to college. Nikolas knows she wishes now that he never took the commission. Elizabeth thinks it is painful to watch him act like that. She has been trying to convince the world that he has changed.

Ava screams for Nikolas. Franco wonders if she has seen Elizabeth. Franco is sorry about this again. He does have some good news. He can restore the painting. Ava is looking for her lying and traitor of a husband. She is going to fix things permanently.

Maxie has a huge work day tomorrow and has to get an early start. She tells Peter to get something though. Anna asks if Maxie is ok. She seems quiet.

Finn tells Chase to tell their father that he was trying to do the right thing. Chase thinks that if the truth came out it could hurt things.

Lulu does remember all too well what Franco used to be. Dustin thought that Franco was a revolutionary artist. Lulu guesses he doesn’t know. She was one of Franco’s targets. Dustin had no idea about that. Brook Lynn walks over and asks why he didn’t pick up her call. Dustin wonders what happened. Brook Lynn explains that her father kicked her out.

Carly says that if Nelle becomes a productive citizen she could possibly get visits. That won’t happen though. They have Wiley though so they don’t have to worry.

Dustin is shocked that Ned kicked her out. Lulu wonders what the mistake was.

Nikolas knows that Franco is not the first person to be deceptive to fame. Nikolas hopes that things get better for them over time. Elizabeth knows that Ava will burn him over time. Elizabeth tells him to come home for real this time to Lulu, Alexis, and Laura. They all miss him. Nikolas wonders if Elizabeth misses him. Elizabeth does. He is a huge part of her life. She needs to find Franco. She asks him to think about what she said. He needs to get away from Ava before it becomes too late.

Ava explains that Nikolas and Spencer are working together. They want her to feel guilty. Nikolas has been plotting against her. He is literally defacing her. He is using his own son to manipulate her. Franco tells her that this is toxic. She needs to walk away. Ava thinks if she leaves then she will lose everything. Franco wonders what it matters if what she is losing kills her. Ava guesses that he is right. Franco thinks that Ava has her brother and Avery. Ava thinks that she is completely alone but she has Nikolas she guesses. Franco knows he is not much but at least she will always have him. Ava wonders how she will always have him when he has Elizabeth. Franco thinks that he should go an find her. He suggests that Ava go as well. Ava guesses that another dream bites the dust.

Lulu is shocked that Brook Lynn sold her shares without discussing it with the family. Brook Lynn thought she would respect her for getting out of a bad situation. Lulu thinks at the very least she could have warned the other Quartermaine’s. Brook Lynn thinks she is a hypocrite once again.

Jax has to take a call. Carly thinks that if Michael, Willow, and Wiley stay together it will be worth the pain.

Jax asks if the person was able to get any information on the neckless.

Chase thinks that Nelle will go straight to the judge. Finn wonders how long this can go on then.

Maxie is in charge of Deception. She just has no idea how to juggle a job. She is sure that Lucy will want her and then Georgie and James. She is scared about letting someone down. Anna knows that she will.

Franco thought Elizabeth went home. Elizabeth needed time to think. Franco is sorry. He never should have let anything come between them. Franco knows that it hurt him that she didn’t want to be here. He knows that when she is by his side it makes him feel better. Elizabeth is just not comfortable with his past being exploited.

Ava overheard his plan with Spencer. Ava thinks that is too bad. She was actually considering letting him go. She has changed her mind though. He doesn’t deserve anything. She might hate him but she will not go anywhere. Nikolas is sick of this demented carnival ride. Nikolas is not going away. Ava thinks that it will only be a few more weeks. Nikolas wonders how long before she is sleeping with someone else. She is chronically needy. Nikolas and Ava get close.

Anna doesn’t think she will hurt her career because she wants to but she is human. It is demented that you can have everything. Anna explains that you will not have the right answers all the time. Maxie doesn’t think that her spy work is not deserving. Anna thinks that you have to choose what is right for her and her children. Anna thinks if anyone tries then they will have to go through her.

Finn knows that he better do this soon. The more Willow gets invested. Chase will not beak up the family. Finn thinks that he will destroy his relationship for good. Chase will talk with him later.

Peter wonders if Maxie had something to tell him. Maxie changed her mind.

Finn tells Anna that his brother is an idiot.

Lulu thinks that it is unfortunate what she did but it was her fault. Dustin thinks she made a bad choice but she isn’t a bad person.

Carly asks if Valentin is ready to settle his tab. Valentin thinks that people around money turn out a certain way. Carly thinks that Michael has had his share of diversity. He will adapt and adjust. He will do what he needs to do. Valentin wonders if that is what they are celebrating.

Nina wonders if Jax is alright. Jax tells her that they can track the neckless.

Elizabeth wants Franco’s art to reflect him. Elizabeth wants him to fight for his rights. Franco would have loved this painting ten years ago. Elizabeth asks if he likes this painting better this way. Franco does but he isn’t going to answer that. Elizabeth asks if he is coming home. Franco needs to fix this painting. Elizabeth tells him to clean it up but he cannot change his past.

Ava tells him how dare he manipulate her with sex. He cannot manipulate her with anything. She storms out.

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