GH Update Friday 8/14/20

General Hospital Update Friday 8/14/20


Written by Anthony

Ava looks for Nikolas in his bedroom. Nikolas walks out from the shower. Ava thinks he should get dressed. Nikolas will get into costume. Ava thinks that if he ruins this night for her he will regret it for a long time. Ava leaves.

Franco thinks about Elizabeth telling him that Ava is fixing his ego. Scott walks in. He wouldn’t do this if it weren’t for him and Ava. He likes to have some nice and friendly faces. Scott thinks they can call this a lucrative reboot. Scott wonders where his pretty wife is.

Terry asks Elizabeth about the rumors around the hospital. Elizabeth admits that they are true. Cyrus just was confirmed as chairman of the board. Terry thinks that people seem ok. Elizabeth explains that Lulu is worried that the drugs are still an issue.

Lucy tells Maxie and Peter that she has a million things to do. Maxie says that they need to be seen here. Lucy doesn’t think that they need her. Maxie tells Lucy she is staying. Lucy will be right over there. Maxie thinks that Lucy is hiding something. She hopes it is nothing to terrible. Lulu and Dustin walk in. Lulu is not looking forward to glorifying things.

Scott wonders what is wrong. Franco explains that Elizabeth is not happy about the media dredging up his past. Scott thinks that there is no such thing as bad publicity. Franco thinks that he is afraid that Elizabeth would prefer that his past never happened at all.

Anna thinks that they should invite Chase and Sasha. Finn knows that there is Robin, Patrick, Noah, and Emma. Anna wonders if he will invite his father.

Lulu wonders if Maxie has told Peter that she is pregnant.

Jax imagines it is not easy for Nina to be back here. Nina would rather focus in on her bright future. She asks if he is ready.

Ava and Nikolas walk down the hall. She tells him that this will be a good night.

Lucy thinks that it is tacky to do an event the night before the biggest of the year. Ava is shocked she is out and now resting before the one day a year she is actually relevant.

Maxie thinks that she hasn’t found a time to tell him. She hasn’t found the right time. Her and Peter have never discussed having children. Lulu thinks that she needs to just tell the truth.

Elizabeth is shocked that Lucy didn’t vote with the Quartermaine’s. She couldn’t without hurting her own company. Elizabeth is not going to the portrait unveiling. Ava has made this entire night about the old Franco. She will not celebrate that.

Ava is sorry that Elizabeth wouldn’t be here. He deserves better. Nikolas knows that he has the Cassadine money. Franco imagines that being away from your own child for three years has got to make you cranky. Nikolas wishes that Kiki and Spencer were both here. Ava needs air. Franco wonders what the hell that was. Kiki is dead. Nikolas thinks that she is fine. Franco thinks that Ava cannot handle thinking about Kiki and he should know that.

Lulu is going to come out and say it. She wonders if she really wants a child. Maxie wants to think how incredible it would be to have a child with Peter. Maxie assumes that Peter is afraid to be a father because of Faison.

Finn explains that he is happy about his father being ok but he mostly talks through Chase. Anna wonders if Violet deserves a relationship with her grandfather.

Nina wonders how well Jax knows Lucy. She wonders why she would put Valentin in ELQ. Jax thinks it was a good business move.

Elizabeth shows up. Nikolas is glad that she made it.

Franco tells Ava that Nikolas is out of line. Ava doesn’t think that he can get to her. She just needed to get air. Franco thinks if she needs fresh air then they should go somewhere else.

Ava wonders if she will ever be able to hear Kiki’s name without breaking her heart. Ava knows she has gone too far this time.

Elizabeth and Nikolas find Lulu and Maxie. Nikolas is sorry. He thought that Franco and Ava would have been here. He thinks it is nice to have a moment. Elizabeth explains that Spencer will come around. Elizabeth knows that he will save the hospital. Elizabeth explains that Cyrus is the new chairman.

Dustin doesn’t take a call from Brook Lynn. He tells Peter that he has a present from Rocco. He thought that being able to play with something would keep him from going board. Peter never thought he wanted children before Maxie.

Scott tells Lucy that the family can at least finally save some money. Lucy thinks that the most important thing is having money. Scott thinks that could change what makes GH so important. Lucy thinks that him of all people should know that this is not an easy thing. With companies and stuff things don’t just fall from the sky. Scott wonders what Lucy has done.

Elizabeth misses Nikolas. Nikolas misses her too. He hates having distance between them. Elizabeth needs to find Franco. There are things between them.

Lucy explains that she voted with Valentin because she knew that someone else would help the hospital. Scott thinks that Valentin knew that she would need him one day. Lucy thinks that the hospital knew that they needed her help. Lucy doesn’t care about that. Maxie tells Scott that she would like a minute to talk with Lucy. Lucy knew this would happen. She would end up being the town pariah again. Maxie asks if this is really why she didn’t want to come tonight. Lucy had no choice. Lucy thinks that there would be no deception or anything left. Jax asks if she can talk with her. She asks if she will harbor on her too.

Finn wonders if his father has even made an effort about Violet. Anna thinks that is because he knows that there are boundaries. Anna has to say that she thinks that this isn’t just about his father remarrying.

Ava knows she turned Spencer against his father. Franco thinks that it is Nikolas’ fault. Ava explains that Spencer would be part of his life if it weren’t for her. She gets 90% of all of this. Ten percent would go into the trust for Spencer. Spencer wants it all though. Franco doesn’t think that is her fault. Ava knows she contributed to the problem. Franco wonders if she could just walk away. Ava wonders if Kiki were still out there and it were possible to see her face. She wonders if she can give Spencer and Nikolas the healing she never had. Elizabeth walks in. Franco is so happy to see her. Ava should get back to her guests. Ava is glad she made it. Franco thanks her for changing her mind. Elizabeth wanted to stand by her man.

Anna thinks that Violet should know her father. Kids live half their lives on screens and it makes sense that they would see them. She loves seeing her grandchildren. There is nothing she loves more than giving her grandchildren a hug.

Peter asks if Maxie is ok. Maxie claims she slipped on her heal.

Jax understands the deal she made. Lucy never made a deal with him. Jax needs her to know that his daughter was almost killed and Laura too. Lucy thought that Jordan said… Jax has no idea why that happened. He wants her to be careful.

Nina admits she came out to get fresh air. She used to love coming out here. Ava asks if she misses it. Nina misses parts of it. She misses Charlotte but she accepts that a relationship based on lies and secrets cannot last. Ava thinks that a relationship based on extortion was not a smart idea. She sees that it is hurting Spencer too.

Lulu just wanted to check in with him about Spencer. Lulu knows that he wrote him. Nikolas doesn’t want to go into details. Lulu thinks this makes zero sense. Lulu wonders if whatever secret he is keeping more important. Nikolas says it isn’t.

Maxie takes responsibility that she took Lucy here. She didn’t know what she did. Maxie tells her she needs to leave. She knows it will pass. She wants her to go get rest so she can be her dazzling self again. Scott tells Lucy they can go together. Peter asks if Maxie is ok. Maxie wants to get this over with. Maxie wonders how much Ava paid her to glorify her. She remembers her career. It hurt a lot of people including her. He proved to the world that he was a changed man. Yet here he is reliving his bad boy days. The whole thing makes her uncomfortable. Elizabeth thinks that she has a point. Franco thinks who he is, is the man she is married too. Elizabeth doesn’t agree.

Lulu asks if Spencer is seriously working with Spencer. Lulu doesn’t think that he should have ever recruited his teenage son.

Ava can see how hard this is for Spencer and Nikolas. Nina wonders if she can give up her revenge. Ava doesn’t know. He made her think that she was seeing Kiki’s ghost. The only thing stopping them is her. Nina knows revenge is not all that it is cracked up to be. She exposed Valentin’s lies at the alter but she got nothing out of it. It wasn’t until she turned away that she finally found some piece. Ava knows what she has to do.

Elizabeth is not comfortable with this. She cannot stay. Franco will try not to be to late. He asks if she wants him to come with him.

Maxie couldn’t help herself. Elizabeth believes in him. She doesn’t think he has changed at all. She knows that Peter has put in the effort. Maxie thinks her lemon smells weird. Peter thinks something is weird with her. Peter asks if she is ok.

Nina gave Ava some advice. She was willing to risk it. It is all because of Jax. She can make smart choices. Ava asks if they know where Nikolas is.

Lulu thinks that he is playing some twisted game with Ava. Lulu thinks that Spencer is going along with this because they are father and son. This is his moment to turn things around. Lulu tells him to let Ava decide if she is going to give up the money. Nikolas has no choice. Lulu knows he is set on revenge and he refuses to see what it is costing him. She leaves.

Anna knows they keep talking to Violet about this being about family. This could show Violet that his father is part of the family. Finn explains that this is about other things too. Finn cannot imagine her at the wedding. It will take away from the day. It is too complicated. Anna thinks that family is complicated. She tells him to put the differences aside for Violet’s sake.

Lulu tells Dustin that once again her brother has gone below expectations.

Elizabeth asks if Franco is going or not. Ava thanks them all for coming out to celebrate. She has teased the return. She asks for Franco to join her. Franco does so. She was going to make a speech but instead she will say she was so happy when Franco agreed to paint her portrait. They reveal the portrait. Ava looks in shock. Everyone in the room does.

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