GH Update Thursday 8/13/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/13/20


Written by Anthony

Jason asks Carly if she is ok. Carly says no. She hands him a bag and tells him to take it.

Sam asks Sonny how Mike is doing. Sonny explains that he is at ease. Sonny wonders why Sam wanted to see him. Sam explains it is about Brando.

Ava reminds Nikolas that they are entertaining tonight. Nikolas points out that she is. He couldn’t care less about showing the portrait to the world. Ava reminds him that their guests should start arriving soon. She thinks he is under dressed. Nikolas doesn’t care. Nikolas reminds her that she forced him into this marriage. Ava thinks someone is early. Lulu shows up. She asks if Nikolas is home. She is here to ask a very large favor.

Franco walks over to Elizabeth and wonders if Jason is alright. Elizabeth says that Jason is on a track to recovery. Franco is glad which means that she gets to come to his art show.

Ned explains that Valentin is the new CEO. The vote is fifty percent plus Lucy Coe. Brook Lynn was the only name he cared about.

Michael tells Wiley that he is home. Willow thinks he has been going to one place to another. Willow understands that funny feeling you get but not anymore. They are here to stay. Michael thinks they will stay together.

Sasha wonders if Chase can call to see what happened. Brook Lynn walks in. She sees this is where the losers go. She tells them to make room.

Carly tells Jason he is wearing a helmet every time he rides from now on. Jason thinks that he will wear it. Carly is glad. She thought that agreeing to be her power of attorney didn’t mean that she would be doing it so quickly. Carly will continue to do this so long as he commits to staying alive.

Sam thinks that Jason is an excellent writer. Sonny wonders if she spoke with him. Sam thinks that the stabilizer failed because of Brando. She asks how well he knows his cousin.

Brook Lynn wonders what happened. Sasha goes to use the restroom. Chase tells Brook Lynn that she can judge him all she wants but he wants her to leave Sasha alone.

A girl sees Sasha and thinks she is the face of Deception. She works for Paco who did her shoot. She heard about how she was rocky at first with Suzanne. Sasha wonders what she told her.

Ned couldn’t believe that it was Valentin. Olivia thinks the issue here is how he is treating his daughter.

Elizabeth thinks that this is about the past as well. She thought he wanted to distance himself from who he was and now he is embracing it.

Lulu explains that Nelle is suing the hospital. Cyrus is courting a buy of the hospital. He is trying to offer the hospital support. Lulu tried to get ELQ involved. Lulu knows that Laura wanted to ask but she didn’t want to feel like a hypocrite. Lulu thinks this will make a big difference. Lulu congratulates Ava on her portrait. If all works out she will be back. Nikolas thanks Lulu. Ava wonders what he thinks of that.

Ned thinks that Brook Lynn could have warned him. Olivia thinks that Valentin has been doing this for months. Ned feels like if he had known about this months ago he could have reached out to Sam. He asks if she even realizes that she robbed Scout and Danny of their legacy. Olivia tells him to worry about his own children.

Brook Lynn tells Chase that they cheated. He clearly hates himself for what he did.

Sasha asks what Suzanne told her. She explains that she knew about the pick me up. She tells her just in case it never hurts to have one. She takes out a small bag of coke.

Carly tells Jason that he has to meet her halfway. Jason wonders what else. Carly thinks that he could use some more color in his life and could buy her some new shirts. Carly explains that Nelle is not even going to get visitation now. Michael and Willow are happy but Nelle will retaliate.

Lulu finds someone on the board at GH. Lulu explains that Nikolas will step in as a benefactor. The board already chose Cyrus. They accepted his offer.

Franco wishes he could get a redo on his life before her. Elizabeth wonders why he would let Ava capitalize on what he regrets.

Ava will support Nikolas. Ava asks if he really chose money over his son. Nikolas explains that Spencer doesn’t want him without the money.

Carly explains that Nelle wanted to speak with her alone. Jason thinks that is like asking to be set up. Carly did it because she knew that Nelle had a bad upbringing. Carly doesn’t feel sorry for Nelle but she wasn’t born that way. Her life could have been different. It could stay that way too. Jason reminds her that it is not her fault.

Sonny explains that so far Brando has done everything he as asked. Lulu runs over. She heard that Jason is feeling better. She is so happy for her. She needs a word. Lulu tells Sonny the board gave Cyrus a foothold in the hospital.

Nikolas finally got Spencer to pick up the phone. He told him about the post-nup. He had to give her 90% of the estate. Spencer wants the legacy intact. Nikolas thinks that staying married to her is what he deserves. Ava knows that teenagers can be self-righteous. He will remain at boarding school. Ava is sorry. Nikolas tells Ava to prove it.

Franco thinks that the subject of his art made him feel things. He is worried his best work might be behind him. Elizabeth asks why he would want to be the old person. Franco wonders about the college funds. Elizabeth will not let him use her or the boys as an excuse.

Michael knows that Nelle knew how bad she looked. It sent her scrambling. Willow fought as hard as they could. She knows that there is no point in dwelling on things. Michael thinks it is ok if she misses Chase. Michael misses Sasha too.

Brook Lynn thinks that music is her life. Her father couldn’t or wouldn’t let her out of her contract. Linc was a front. It was Valentin who really wanted the shares. She didn’t know what harm it could do. It turns out that her shares could do a lot of damage. Only she got thrown ou of her home tonight. Sasha texts someone.

Olivia feels that he was too harsh on Brook Lynn. Olivia thought that he thought that family was the most important thing. It is easy to love your children when they please them. Children are not disposable. Ned knows this is sensitive because of Dante. Olivia would do anything to have her son back right now. Ned knows that this seems weird for her. Ned thinks that Brook Lynn knows you do not sell your stock. You keep it in the families hands. Olivia gets a text message. Sasha tells her where Brook Lynn is. Ned tells her she cannot leave. Olivia asks if he is going to throw her out of the house.

Carly thinks that Michael will do better with Wiley than she did with him. Michael will do so good. She really likes Willow. She normally cannot stand nice people but she likes Willow. She is a really kind and gracious person. She loves Wiley. She really thinks one day she will love Michael. Carly does feel bad for Sasha though. She gave up so much. Jason thought that Sasha cheated. Jason tells Carly to stay out of things. Carly is leaving and staying out of things.

Brando walks into the hospital. Sam asks what he is doing here. Sam says that he is awake despite his best efforts.

Sonny wonders why the Quartermaine’s couldn’t do anything. Lulu says that Valentin took over the company.

Nikolas thinks that Ava is keeping him from his son. Ava wonders if it ever occurred to him that she would have helped him if he reached out. Nikolas doesn’t.

Elizabeth thinks that Ava is feeding his ego and he is playing right into his hands. Elizabeth believes in the man she married. Elizabeth wants to believe that they will justify his faith.

Brook Lynn doesn’t need ELQ. Just like Sasha doesn’t need Michael. Who cares if she dumped the worlds sweetest guy? Olivia walks over and tells Brook Lynn they are going to sit down. She is not taking another sip. Chase is sorry. She is just drunk and hurt. Sasha is going to go and freshen up. Chase tells Willow he still loves her.

Michael wants to tell each other the truth. Whatever they are feeling they need to tell the truth. They cannot hide things from one another. Michael doesn’t want that for them. Willow agrees. If they start with truth then the rest will follow. Willow is so happy that she married him. Michael is too.

Sasha walks into the bathroom. She takes out the bag of coke.

Jason tells Sonny he doesn’t know what happened. Sonny explains that Brando said he checked on it. Brando either made a mistake or he was lying. Sonny spoke with Lulu and Cyrus is now a member of the board and bailing them out of trouble. Jason wonders why they wouldn’t go to the Quartermaine’s. Sonny says it involves Sam.

Sam thinks that Brando is here to see if he needs to finish the job. Sam thinks that all this honesty and honor makes a great cover. Brando is not going to be his enemy. He is glad that Jason is alright.

Olivia gives Brook Lynn a room key at the Metro Court. Olivia loves Ned very much but he doesn’t tell her what to do. She strongly suggests she take this.

Sasha tells Chase they are heroes even if no one knows it. Carly runs over to them. She wanted to find them and say that Michael and Willow got full custody of Wiley.

Michael explains that he happens to be a fantastic paddle boat driver. He wonders how she would feel about taking a boat ride. Ned walks over. He heard the judge ruled in their favor. He congratulates them. Michael wonders if Lucy voted with family.

Nikolas thinks that she sold out to Valentin. Ava cannot believe he would make her lose her mind. Nikolas thinks that she blamed herself. She was jealous of Kiki. She hates that Kiki was with Morgan and Griffin. She set her up. Nikolas is a scape goat. She got a new portrait to hang on the wall.

Franco asks if Ava is alright. Ava is just worried about a lot of little details. She has not peaked. He hopes she is not disappointed. She wonders what is wrong. Ava thinks this is their night and they will enjoy it.

Nikolas tells Spencer on the phone that Ava believes every word. He will keep playing on her guilt until she voluntarily leaves the marriage and walks away.

Cyrus is shocked that Lulu hasn’t asked for a comment. Lulu will promise that Laura will do everything to make sure that he as the briefest tenor on the board. Cyrus tells her that he is chairman of the board. Cyrus is excited to show off what his hospital will bring to PC.

Lucy voted with Valentin. Valentin is now CEO of ELQ. Michael knows that Lucy must have reached out to Valentin. Ned thinks that Valentin probably reached out to her. Ned is sorry. He trusted him to run the company. Michael knows it isn’t his fault. Ned thinks it is. Willow wonders if he is ok. Michael is not happy about Valentin being in charge but he will figure this out. Michael is being honest like he promised. Losing his job is nothing like getting his son. This is a day to celebrate. Michael wonders how she feels about dinner. Willow is right with him.

Brook Lynn wonders why she would do this. She hates her. Olivia doesn’t hate her. She might have for a little while but she couldn’t hate a member of her family. Olivia thinks his pride and ego are crushed. He doesn’t know how to show it right now. They will stick together.

Carly has some kind of idea what this cost the two of them. She thanks them.

Sam walks into Jason’s room and asks how it is going. Sonny is just filling Jason in on some things. Sonny will go ahead and go. Sonny tells Jason to do what Sam tells him to do. Sam thanks him. The two hold hands. Sam asks what they were talking about. Jason explains that the hospital is in financial trouble. Jason explains that Valentin controls 51% of stock. Sam thought that Scout and Danny only had about 20%. Jason says that Valentin has been buying it and it put him in control.

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