GH Update Wednesday 8/12/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/12/20


Written by Anthony

Sonny walks into Mike’s room. Mike gestures him over and explains that he is ready to go.

Ned explains to Lucy that now that she is here he has to ask her if she is voting with them or against them. Lucy would like a moment alone with Valentin. Ned tells her that no one is leaving until this matter is settled. If she has something to say then they can all hear it.

Jason wakes up. Sam is so glad that he is ok.

Nina sits down in her office and starts looking at a magazine that Nelle said was awesome. Jax wonders if this is a bad time. Nina thinks it is the normal stuff of usual. Jax wonders what is going on. Nina explains that she had a brief moment of the reminder that Nelle was a bad person. Jax thinks that she doesn’t have to think about her anymore. Nina doesn’t think she can get rid of her thoughts as easily as the note.

Michael promises to Willow that regardless of what the judge decides they will make this ok for Wiley. Nelle tells Michael and Willow that they must know that their marriage is a sham. Willow thinks the judge caught on to her own marriage. Michael wonders where Julian even is. Carly walks in. Nelle thinks he will be here. Carly is glad because it means that she will not be alone when the judge makes his choice.

Jason wonders how long he has been in here. Sam says it has been a day but feels like forever. Sam explains that there has been an accident. Sam tells him that Curtis called him an ambulance. Sam wants to get a doctor then they will talk. They have all the time in the world.

Lucy would like to speak with Valentin alone. Valentin is all about transparency. Ned thinks that she knows that GH needs her backing. Valentin thinks that she knows what is at stake. Lucy is voting with Valentin.

Sonny thinks that Mike doesn’t have to stick around if he doesn’t have to. Mike is ready to go home. Sonny wonders how he knows. Mike says baseball and music and friends. Sonny asks if he means the old neighborhood. Felix thinks that he wants to go back to where he feels at home.

Nina explains that Nelle truly believes that every single person has let her down or double crossed her. Nina told her that maybe the problem was Nelle. Nina thinks that Nelle honestly believes in her heart that she would be a character witness. Nina thinks that she told them that Nelle was blackmailing Julian. Jax reminds her that was the truth. Nina knows but Michael and Willow didn’t need her help. Jax tells her not to take the blame for Nelle’s choices. She cannot let her doubt herself.

Diane wonders where Martin is. Nelle explains that Martin was fired. Nelle has petitioned the judge to close the hearing so Carly cannot be here. Diane tells Carly that Nelle is correct. The judge agreed. The only people who can be here are Michael, Nelle, an the spouses. Diane is not going to upset the judge right now. Carly thinks that Michael has more than proved that Michael and Willow are the best parents. Carly thinks that all Wiley will know about Nelle is what they tell him.

The doctor thinks that Jason looks fine right now. The doctors thought that he might have a traumatic brain injury so Carly signed for it. Jason is sorry for scaring him. Jason thinks that he remembers taking his bike out. Sam wonders if he doesn’t remember the accident or how the bike crashed. Jason was following Jordan. She was going to see Cyrus. He knows she cannot be here with him. Sam tells him that she can be with him for as long as he wants.

Valentin thinks that ELQ will not be helping GH right now. GH will need to find another white knight to save it. Lucy knows that there is a gentleman named Cyrus. Ned explains that he is a drug trafficker. He is going to be helping the OD’s. Lucy knows he gave a large donation to the Nurses Ball. Ned is glad that Alan is not here to see what she did with he one share. Lucy thinks that this is Monica’s fault. Ned thinks that there is blame all around. Valentin has one more vote to discuss. Valentin would like to vote in a new CEO.

Nina explains that Nelle brought up some strong points on her looking for her child. Nina just feels like her child is out there somewhere. Jax doesn’t think that Nelle knows the first thing about being a mother. Nelle does everything just to hurt Carly. Nina doesn’t know why she lets Nelle get to her so easily. Jax thinks that it probably has to do with her mother. Madeline knew she was a mother which is why she left the clues. Nina thinks she left the clue to torcher her. Jax tells her she can search for the other half of this neckless. Nina already found the jeweler. Jax has purchased gems on a few occasions. Jax calls up a woman named Evelyn. He knows it is short notice. He needs her expertise.

Willow could go wait with Carly. Michael thinks she needs to stay. Willow feels that Diane can just explain that Nelle didn’t want anyone in here but Willow wanted to make sure that Carly wasn’t standing out there all alone. Willow wishes him good luck. Julian walks in. She is shocked. Julian admits that he is still married. Diane explains that this is a closed hearing and that means that he can still be here but he has to sit in the gallery. Julian thinks that is fine by him.

Carly thinks that this is kind and considerate but wrong. Willow would rather stay out here. She is afraid she will lose it. She has to be the kind alternative to Nelle. Giving her an excuse to leave the court room is giving her a favor.

The judge has them sit down. The judge asks where Nelle’s lawyer is. Nelle explains that she fired him. The judge tells her that since he made his choice the quest for continuous will be denied.

Sam explains that she was replaced with a new parole officer that doesn’t to keep them apart.

Valentin has already made the call. Valentin tells Lucy they are going to go. Brook Lynn should get going too. Ned tells Brook Lynn she will stay right here and look him in the eye if he can.

Sonny guesses he wants to go back to Turning Woods. He guesses to his dad that is home. Felix can make the arrangements if he would like. Felix thinks it would be his pleasure. Mike is the best. Sonny tells Mike that he will be going to Turning Woods real soon. Sonny explains that they don’t have a day game on the schedule. Mike guesses until next season then. Sonny thinks so.

Evelyn looks at the neckless and thinks she knows the craftsman. She will get back to them. Jax thinks she picked up on something. Jax thinks that this could be the break she was looking for.

Carly tells Willow to brace herself.

The judge thinks that the health, safety, and welfare of the child. There are no angels in this courtroom. They both have been in prison. They both have married rather quickly and both claim to have done it lovingly. It is clear that Michael and Willow both love the child. At the same time and while the witness claims illegal attempt there was no evidence. The court cannot help but feel that showing up in a wedding dress was a stunt. He sees Nelle being selfish and manipulative behavior in how she treats her child. The judge gives soul custody to Michael and Willow. Diane and Michael hug.

Willow asks if it is soul custody. Michael explains that it is. Carly thinks that Diane was amazing. Diane congratulates Carly on not one outburst. Nelle’s visitation has been terminated.

Nelle tells the judge that she cannot let her not see her mother. The judge explains it is because she matters that she is not going to have visitation. The court would maybe let her have limited visitation at another date. Nelle thinks that it is not fair. Nelle storms into the hallway. She demands to know where they are going. She is not done yet.

Jason asks how she got rid of Deloris. Sam reached out to someone who could help her deal with this. Valentin…

Ned ass how she could do this. Brook Lynn needed to get out of her contract. Ned cannot believe she chose to do nothing. Ned wonders how she could deal with this. He thinks she doesn’t know how to do anything that doesn’t hurt others. Brook Lynn thinks that he had a million chances to help but he didn’t. She had to help herself.

Diane has other plans and she knows that they want to spread the good news. Nelle explains that she will have a part in her sons life. Willow thinks that she could have been in Wiley’s life but instead she decided to hurt Michael. Willow feels sorry for her. Julian will head home. Nelle thinks they have things to discuss. Carly would like to talk with Nelle alone. Diane guesses so long as there is no blood shed. Carly thinks that the judge made the right choice. She thinks that all he knows how to do is be bad. Nelle asks if she should really be happy that her son is going to be away from him. Nelle explains that it was never her intention to stay away from Michael.

Jason asks what Valentin wanted. Sam explains that he wanted Danny and Scout’s ELQ proxy. He made the offer beforehand. Sam made the deal after the fact. Jason asks why she would do that.

Lucy thinks that Valentin is heartless. Valentin doesn’t want to see ELQ ruin itself on a hospital. Lucy thinks that she happens to care about the Quartermaine family. They will now resent her now than they already do. Lucy thinks that he can have a celebration drink now by himself. Valentin tells her she is coming with him. Valentin tells them ELQ has a new CEO and it is him.

Ned cannot believe she would choose Valentin over her family. Brook Lynn guesses that he has helped her. Brook Lynn knows he kept telling her to stop coming to him for her own rescue. Ned tells Brook Lynn that she is no longer welcome in this house. Olivia looks at Ned.

Felix tells them that Mike has visitors. Michael and Willow come in and explain that Wiley is their child forever. Willow explains that it was a group effort. Sonny thinks that all that matters is that Wiley is theirs.

Nelle wonders how she would feel if the person who took everything from her also took her child. Carly reminds her that she did all of this. If she doesn’t like the outcome that is too damn bad.

Brook Lynn walks downstairs and Ned opens the door for her. Ned will send for her things once she gets a place.

Sam has everything in writing. Jason thinks that is years from now. Sam thinks that the business will be fine. Jason thinks that it isn’t about ELQ but his grandfather built the company and the family wants to keep it in the family and they do not want him anywhere near it.

Jax didn’t know that he had any connections to the Quartermaine’s. Valentin has been looking for new opportunities. Jax asks what Valentin has on her. Lucy hopes that Jax will keep his donation to the Nurses Ball. Nina hopes that Valentin has finally found what he wanted.

Michael knows that Mike knew right away that Wiley was his son. Michael explains that he will stay with him and Willow and no one can take him from his home. Mike smiles.

Julian knows they have lost so they can get the marriage annulled. There is nothing more he can do for her. Nelle will be in touch. Nelle looks at the tracking device.

Carly tells Sonny that Wiley is staying with his family where he belongs. Willow thinks that Wiley is lucky because of his kangaroo. Michael guesses they were definitely lucky today.

Nelle tells Wiley to hang on to the kangaroo because mama is coming.

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