GH Update Tuesday 8/11/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/11/20


Written by Anthony

Sam rubs Jason’s shoulder. She has three calls from Michael. She explains that Michael has called. He wants an update on his condition but all she can tell him is what the doctors have told her. She knows that when he opens his eyes she will be there.

Michael tells Willow and Brook Lynn that Jason is going to be ok it would seem. Brook Lynn wonders if there is anymore testimony left to give in court. Michael explains that all that is left is who gets Wiley.

Nelle asks Martin where he has been. Nelle reminds him that he has been working for her. She wants him to get his morning coffee and then he is going to make up an excuse as to why she is not in court today. Martin asks what she means. Nelle thinks that he heard her. There is no way she will go into the courtroom today.

Jordan tells someone on the phone that she understands. She can resign if they want her to. TJ walks over. Jordan explains that she gets to worry about him. TJ asks if she got fired over her endorsement of Cyrus.

Lucy offers Cyrus a congratulations over his freedom. Cyrus thanks him. She introduces herself. Cyrus has been reading her book. The photo on the jacket doesn’t do her justice. Lucy thinks that it is good that he is getting over his accusations. Lucy is the chairperson for the Nurses Ball. She wonders if she can count on him for a contribution.

Brook Lynn wishes them good luck. Ned and Olivia walk in. Brook Lynn asks if they kissed and made up. Ned thinks they are fine. Ned tells them that they need to be a family today of all days. Michael wonders what this is. Ned explains it is an emergency shareholder meeting. They need to figure out if they are bailing out GH again.

Sam explains that her parole officer would have arrested her. She is not going to be a problem anymore. Valentin walks in and says that it is a temporary fix but he can make it permanent as soon as she signs the agreement. It is a straight forward agreement. Sam needs to make sure that her parole officer doesn’t show up again. He asks if she will sign this. Sam does so.

Cyrus thinks that the Nurses Ball was his favorite part of his book. Lucy thinks that it is a colorful part of his history. Cyrus would be delighted. He could under wright it. Lucy explains that Sonny usually does it. Cyrus thinks they both could. Lucy explains that the hospital is being hurt by Nelle right now. Lucy is sure that the Quartermaine family has it under control.

TJ wonders why she would tell the town that Cyrus is a good man. Jordan explains that when she came forward it was fine. TJ wonders why she would say he is a good guy.

Ned cannot imagine any shareholder in this room having an issue with voting for GH. He called Lucy just in case they needed a tiebreaker but he doubts that they will. Michael explains that Lucy has one share in this company. Ned will call Skye and Sam. He wonders if Sam gave him proxy. Michael thinks that if Brook Lynn needs to take off then he can vote for her. Ned doesn’t think he needs to do that. Brook Lynn can do that herself. Ned tells her to stay and vote.

Martin says no. It is far too late to ask for a delay. She found one character witness and it went over terrible. Nelle thinks if she cannot appear in court then it will delay the choice made. Martin points out he could have ruled in her favor. It could hurt her. Nelle needs a doctor to not make it frivolous. Nelle asks what will work.

Sam looks at Jason and signs.

Nelle needs a stall tactic. She tells him to drag Joss into court or get Jax on the stand. Martin thinks it is too late. The judge will see through every trick pony. Martin thinks it is over. Martin has one thing that he can do.

Ned explains that Monica is not going to be here because this is partially her fault. Michael thinks that Monica didn’t know if it was forged or not. Ned thinks that Nelle has still pushed them into a corner. Ned tells them that Skye, Maya, and Lila Rae’s shares have all been sold. Olivia guesses that means Tracy was right and someone is trying to buy ELQ. Michael demands to know what is going on.

Sam tells Jason that she wishes she could have talked what she did over with him. She knows that he doesn’t care about the family business but it is family.

Ned didn’t want to trouble him when he was focused on other things. Michael thinks that it wasn’t his choice to make. Michael wonders who bought them. Ned doesn’t know. Olivia knows that they still have fifty percent. Ned wonders if Sam has proxy. Valentin explains that Sam already signed over the rights to vote to him.

Sam begs him to come back so that they can be together again. He parole officer walks in and tells her that she will send her straight back to Pentonville.

Jordan is obligated to make amends. She bares some responsibility by association. TJ knows she is doing what she thinks is right and he respects that. TJ is sorry for being insensitive and she is still a good person.

Cyrus thanks her for being a friend. Lucy thinks that the feeling is mutual. She says goodbye. Curtis walks over to him. Cyrus wonders what he owes the pleasure. Curtis tells him that he needs to stop going to his wife. Cyrus has business with her. Curtis tells him that he might want to reconsider in light of a certain someone.

Nelle asks what the great idea is. Martin thinks all he has to do is make one phone call to Michael. He can get him to share custody. She has to drop the lawsuit and Michael would give her a good visitation schedule. Nelle thinks he is fired.

Valentin shows them all the shares. Valentin explains that none of his family members knew that they were selling to him. Olivia wonders why he would do this. Valentin wants them to ask their CEO. Michael wonders if he really did this because he supported Sasha. Valentin says no but that was when he was introduced to ELQ. Valentin just got the key shareholders. Valentin has the proxy not the actual shares. Valentin is not going to deal with this. Brook Lynn has studio time. Ned tells her she has to stay and vote. Brook Lynn admits she doesn’t.

Sam tells her that Jason was in an accident last night and almost died. Deloris is sorry to hear that but the law is still the law. Sam thought that all she was supposed to do is tell her how she is doing. Someone walks in and wants a chat with Deloris.

Jordan feels bad for Trina. She wishes that there was more she could do to help. Trina wants nothing to do with her though. TJ is learning that there are not perfect answers. You do what you hope is best and hope for the best. TJ thinks it is her job and duty to do things. Jordan thinks he has gotten so wise.

Curtis reminds Cyrus that he knows about someone that he cares about. He knows that he loves to send money every week. Curtis can find them again and again. He knows that he isn’t used to not getting his way. Curtis finds it funny. He thinks that if he did then he would be back to his base right now. If he tries to threaten or bribe him. He got lucky once or twice but he now has a thing to lose. He will fight back. From here on out they play by his rules.

Martin strongly suggests that he isn’t fired. Nelle thinks that he lost her case. Martin thinks that she is her own wrecking ball. Martin thinks that the judge might be able to reconsider. Nelle thinks that he let Willow be treated as Cinderella. Nelle reminds him that Michael’s father is a crime lord, his Godfather and uncle is a killer, his mother is a terrible person, and his grandmother was a prostitute. Nelle has no issue representing himself. Martin wonders about the suit against GH. Nelle explains that he is fired. Martin thinks that he has more reasonable clients anyway. He is glad to be done with all of this and her. Nelle thinks the feeling is mutual. She will be receiving his bill. Nelle will not give him money if she doesn’t get Wiley. Martin tells her she will pay him. He knows how much money she got from ELQ. Nelle needs all that money to get out of town. Martin wonders if she is planning on leaving town.

Willow explains to Michael that they need to leave for court now. Michael tells them that they need to get this over with. They still have majority. Valentin votes no. ELQ shouldn’t vote to help GH. Olivia thought that Valentin actually had a heart. Ned votes yes to protect itself. Michael votes yes on behalf of himself, Jake, and Monica. Ned votes for himself and Dillon. Brook Lynn would vote yes. She doesn’t have a vote. She no longer owns her shares. Valentin does.

Deloris tells Sam that she is no longer on her case. Sam is shocked. Deloris shows her is new PO. Deloris never meant ill will towards her but she got what she wanted after all. Sam asks how this works. She asks if she has to leave now. He tells her no. She can stay as long as she wants. Family first.

Jordan finds Cyrus. She wants to know what he wants. She had to go on TV last night and tell the citizens of PC that he is someone they can trust and it didn’t feel great. She asks what he wants now. Cyrus tells her to call his husband off. He explained to him that should he make a move to threaten anyone he loves then there will be issues. Jordan wonders what he could possibly know that would ruffle his feathers.

TJ explains that Laura was chewing Jordan out on the phone. Curtis knows that Jordan has to give treatment for how things went down with Cyrus.

Nelle thinks that if she loses her son she will make him pay. Martin thinks she does need a doctor. She could get Carly to recommend someone from Ferncliff. Nelle explains that Wiley is hers. Not Michael or anyone else’s. Then she will take her baby and get out.

Ned asks what she did. Brook Lynn had to get out of her contract with Linc. It was the only way to do so. Ned asks if Valentin pointed a sexual predator at his daughter… Valentin didn’t do that. Valentin offered her a way out. Ned asks why she didn’t come to him. Brook Lynn did over and over again. Brook Lynn thinks that it is just a company. Valentin doesn’t want to sound insensitive. Valentin has the voting proxy. He owns fifty percent of the company. Ned asks if she realizes that she helped Valentin get a fifty percent stock. Olivia thinks they just need Lucy to vote. Michael and Willow have to get going. Lucy will vote with them. As far as what Brook Lynn did… They have all made questionable choices. He urges them all to remember that. Lucy shows up. She is so sorry. She is sure they don’t need her. Michael tells her she better get in there

Nelle holds her neckless in her hand.

Michael guesses that she saw the other side of the Quartermaine family today. Willow thinks that Michael is fighting for what is best for his family. Willow thinks what is about to happen in there scares her. Michael thinks they are in this together. They will figure out a way to make this ok for Wiley.

Nelle looks at her phone and sees the tracking device she has on Wiley. Michael and Willow walk in.

Jordan explains that Curtis doesn’t bluff. If he is pressuring him then he must have something good on him. Cyrus thinks that all he has done is become a tiny thorn. He will rid himself of him if he has to.

Curtis thinks that Jordan might be afraid of things. Her loyalty is split though. TJ hopes if there was something bigger going on then he would like to know.

Lucy shows up. Olivia explains that they have a mystery voter. Lucy thought that this was the same hospital that helped his daughter when she jumped into the water. Valentin is grateful but that doesn’t mean he has to help. Ned asks if she is voting with Valentin or the hospital that she loves so much.

Sam cannot believe this worked. She has a new parole officer he let her stay and he didn’t even stick around. She took a chance and they can finally be free and be a family again. Sam asks if Jason can hear her. She tells him that he needs to wake up. Jason starts to open his eyes.

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