GH Update Monday 8/10/20

General Hospital Update Monday 8/10/20


Written by Anthony

Felix walks over to Elizabeth at GH. He is shocked that she is still here. Elizabeth explains that working is all that is keeping her sane while she waits to find out of Jason is ok. Felix guesses that there is no point in arguing. Franco walks out from the elevator. Elizabeth turns around and smiles.

Ava tells Nikolas that he is unusually quiet this evening. She wonders if he is leaving her or not. Nikolas says they are here.

Willow thinks that they read about five story books. Michael thinks that he was fast asleep by the time that they read Good Night Moon. Willow just hopes that once this is over they get to read to Wiley every night.

Nelle thinks that Julian really knows how to spoil her. Julian thinks that if she is going to hold someone hostage she can take the bill. Nelle tells Julian until the ruling comes down they need to be seen as much as possible. Ava walks over and tells Nelle that she doesn’t know what those words actually mean. Nelle wants her to join them. Ava tells Nikolas to get her something to drink. Ava thinks that Julian and her have an awful lot to catch up on.

Lulu asks if Ned has a moment. She heard rumors that the hospital is going to be bought by Cyrus. She asks if he cares to comment. Ned has no desire to tell the person who leaked his last deal. Lulu has information that could be helpful. Laura just spoke with her contacts at the GH board. Cyrus just put a giant offer down. Ned guesses they are running out of time.

Valentin is not overly concerned about Sam. He is sure that he will get it sooner than later.

Curtis loves Jordan and knows when she is holding something back. He wants Jordan to tell him the truth. Jordan admits she was meeting with Cyrus.

Cyrus takes a sip whiskey as he toasts to Jason and how he could have been a worthy adversary.

Sonny needs Brando to go over what happened when he saw Jason this morning. Brando had just finished fixing Jason’s bike. Sam thinks that Jason would never have let anyone touch his bike. Sam accuses him of lying. Sonny looks at him.

Elizabeth wonders how Jake is doing. Franco thinks that he is fine. He is here for his dad. Franco doesn’t think he knows anyone who has been through so much darkness and turned out good. Elizabeth guesses she could go and see how Jake is doing. Franco tells her that she can stay. He knows she is making overtime so that is totally cool. He thinks that she can make it up to her with the unveiling tomorrow. He assumes she doesn’t want to go now.

Brando thought he would do him a solid and install this. Sonny doesn’t think they know what caused the accident. Sam thinks it is Brando’s fault that he is fighting for his life.

Curtis wonders how she knew that he could be safe. Jordan couldn’t have witnesses to acts of corruption under duress. Jordan explains that department that she is in charge of leaks very easily. Curtis thinks that she can give him a heads up the next time that she does something like this.

Lulu tells Ned that Laura doesn’t have faith in the GH board. They don’t care where the money comes from. Ned admits that Michael has been preoccupied. He has called an emergency family share meeting tomorrow. Lulu thought this was a done deal.

Valentin tells someone that he will keep this under wraps. Nikolas asks what he is up to.

Ava was considering getting them a pair of steak knives from their registry but she assumed it wouldn’t end well for either of them. Nelle thinks that cash is perfectly acceptable. They are starting a life together. Ava asks if she should leave it on a dresser. She wonders how this blissful union came to be. Nelle thinks that there is nothing sexier than a good daddy. Ava knows that there is a love story in progress. Nelle would spend her evenings with Julian at Charlies. Ava wants to know how she blackmailed her brother. Ava is a princess now, legitimately. Julian admits that yes the blood thirsty bitch of a demon is blackmailing him.

Michael thinks the best thing they can do is stay positive and think for the best. Willow hopes so. Until then she is not taking anything for granted. Harmony shows up at the Q mansion.

Elizabeth just wants to stay close to Jason for Jake. Franco knows it was bad timing. She will call Jake if there is any news.

Valentin tells Nikolas it is not polite to listen in. Nikolas tells Valentin that his wife and him are having a painting unveiling tomorrow night. He knows he misses Wyndemere. Valentin tells him to mind his own business because this is no longer his concern.

Ned admits that someone is making a play for ELQ. A shadow investor is buying up shares from members of the family. Lulu hopes that he is right because Cyrus could sweep right in. Cyrus walks over and sees that he is always top of mind around here.

Nelle thinks it is one thing to make a joke like that to his sister but their marriage is legit. Julian thinks that Ava already knows. Ava knows how Nelle works. Nelle has actually changed a lot as a person. She has done a lot of growing. Ava wonders why she would trap him when she has all the money she needs. Julian explains that she thought that it would work well in court. Ava feels that the person that you blackmail makes a terrible character witness. Nelle hopes that she isn’t threatening her because they wouldn’t want Sonny to find out about what Julian did. Nelle is going to put something else on his tab. Julian wants her to tell him what kind of an idiot he is. Ava demands to know why on earth he would do this and why he hasn’t killed her yet.

Harmony heard about the wedding in the paper. Harmony wonders about her and Chase. Michael explains it was a small ceremony. Harmony doesn’t want to jeopardize her case because of the past. Willow wonders about the present.

Jordan thinks that they all could have been killed and she would never know what happened to them. That is why she didn’t tell him. Curtis thinks that this is all getting out of control. Jordan is sorry that she cannot practice full disclosure all the time. Curtis needs her to tell him that there is nothing else that she is keeping from him.

Sonny thinks it could have been another vehicle or road conditions. They need to wait until Jason pairs through. Brando knows his way around a bike. He cannot explain what happened. Brando would not wreck Jason’s bike. He would not make a mistake like that. Sam suggests it wasn’t a mistake.

Ava tells Julian that she has the resources to get Nelle gone for good. Julian thinks that the second the ruling is over then he will be done. Ava doubts that Nelle will release him. He is a damn fool.

Jordan kept these secrets to protect him. Jordan is sorry if this hurts him. This is hurting her just as much. Curtis demands to be let in. He wants to be there for her. Jordan knows that he met up with Sonny at least once in the last week. Curtis knows that she put a target on that mans back. Jordan is sorry that she wasn’t thinking clearly. She is the commissioner of police and she is compromised. She cannot quit or people die. She will not let a mob war break out. Jordan needs to figure out another way out of it. Curtis wonders if she will jump every time the man snaps his fingers.

Michael knows that Harmony got mixed up with a new crime boss in town. Willow knows that Harmony has been acting as his go between.

Sam wonders if this was deliberate. Brando wonders if she is accusing him of trying to hurt her family. Sam thinks that it is weird that he came to town just as Cyrus shows up. Brando is going to try not to take this personally but she doesn’t know a damn thing about her. Elizabeth walks over. Sam wonders how Jason is.

Julian has things with Nelle under control. Ava guesses if he says so. She wishes him best of luck. She wonders where her husband is. Julian thinks they forgot the convenient part of all of this. Ava thought that she was saving herself for not marrying for love.

Willow wants to know the truth. Harmony wanted to congratulate her daughter on her marriage so she does so. She can see that they love one another. It might be friendship but it is still a kind of love. Willow thanks her it is kind. Michael goes to answer his phone. Harmony thinks that Michael is a good man. She wants her to forget that she was here. Harmony wants her to protect herself from the situation. Michael walks back in. Jason has been in an accident.

Elizabeth can take Sam to the ICU. Sonny does have a few questions for Brando himself.

Cyrus wanted to check on how his offer was going. Ned thinks that another proposal will come across their desk. Ned thinks that they might not need to go in bed with a man like him. Cyrus is an innocent man. Lulu explains that legally exonerated doesn’t equal innocent. Cyrus knows but thinks things are going to change.

Jordan explains that Cyrus’ record has to be pristine. Curtis wonders how that will happen. Jordan has no other options right now. Jordan thinks that Jason probably did get hurt by Cyrus. She needs to take it as a warning and will not let anyone else take the same fate.

Sam looks at Jason. She asks Elizabeth what the doctor said. Elizabeth explains that there is no immediate cause for alarm. Sam wants to be alone with him. Elizabeth thinks that is ok. Sam tells him not to quit on her now.

Sonny needs to get his hands on any information that is out there. Brando asks what he needs to know. Sonny wonders if there could have been a mistake made. Brando checked the parts before and after and they were perfect. Sonny wonders if there is something else he needs to tell him.

Ned guesses he will buy himself a good reputation. Cyrus thinks that his charity will speak for himself. Ned thinks he talks a good game. Ned wonders if they know for sure that he is a drug lord. Lulu thinks they need to stop him for the city.

Jordan explains that the reporters are here. Curtis begs her not to do this. He will have his foot in every playground and everywhere else. Jordan just has to race around and plug up the holes. Jordan will not ask him to stay. She leaves her office.

Sam doesn’t buy that he just fell off his bike. Sam knows that Peter or Cyrus could have done this. Felix explains that her parole officer demands to see her. Sam needs twenty minutes. Felix thinks she has ten. Sam gets on her phone. Valentin asks if she has considered his offer. Sam tells him to get to GH right now.

Michael thinks that Wiley needs him right now.

Nikolas asks Elizabeth if Jason is ok. Nikolas is more concerned about her than Jason. Nikolas gets the sense that Franco is the jealous type. He wanted to make sure that she was doing ok. Elizabeth wants to be angry with him. He doesn’t get to be a good and decent person. He wants her to call a time out for one minute where they are friends again. Franco overhears this. Ava finds Nikolas. She thinks it is so sneaky to turn his GPS off. Ava loves what passes for Cassadine wit these days. She thinks he is such a good friend. She means it. Ava thinks that Franco is so troubled and lacks emotional maturity. She thinks that he is understanding and affectionate.

Nikolas texts Spencer that he is looking forward to discussing the future together.

Julian thinks that Nelle should find a way to keep busy at the bar. Julian tells Nelle that they will be going their separate ways. Nelle thinks that if he cannot trust his wife then who can he trust.

Michael needs to remind himself that they are the best possible parents. Willow hopes that it is enough. Michael gets a text. It is from Diane. The judge has made his ruling and wants them to meet first thing tomorrow.

Sonny is going to check on Carly. Sonny doesn’t think they are done yet. Harmony walks over and says hello.

Valentin finds Sam. He is sorry to hear about Jason. Sam explains her parole officer is circling. She wonders what the deal is again. Valentin wants the voting rights for Danny and Scout. Sam says it is a deal.

Lulu tells Ned that Jordan is giving a press conference. They watch that Jordan explains that Cyrus did not commit any crimes. Cyrus was and is an innocent man. They cannot give him back the years he had behind bars but they can respect him.

Cyrus knew that Jordan had potential as he watches from his apartment.

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