GH Update Friday 8/7/20

General Hospital Update Friday 8/7/20


Written by Anthony

Maxie looks at a pamphlet for pregnancy. A nurse walks in and explains that her doctor was just called into a delivery. Maxie thinks that she needs a boyfriend who shoots blanks.

At the Metro Court Anna and Peter have lunch. Anna is so glad that they are coming. She wants him to bring James. Violet would love to see him. Peter explains that Maxie and him plan on going to the wedding home alone. Peter was wondering about the seating chart. He begs not to be next to Robert.

Portia asks if Finn cannot get enough of Violet. Finn gets messages from Violet every so often. Portia tells him to cherish that time because teens do start to fall out of love with parents as teens.

Curtis finds Chase again and asks if he has seen Jordan. Chase reminds him that he only saw her earlier.

Jordan demands to know why she is here. She cleared his name and here he is walking around free. Cyrus wants her to step up and perform. She needs to dazzle him. Jordan has to be careful as the police commissioner. Cyrus doesn’t lack from problems. She can pick one and solve it.

Sonny finds Brando in his repair shop. He asks if business is good. Brando says it is and he just missed Jason.

Carly asks if Sam is not happy. Sam isn’t. She doesn’t like that Peter is just walking free after what he did to Jason.

Jason is passed out somewhere on the side of the road.

Carly knows that there are two reasons why he gets a free pass. Anna and Maxie. Sam explains that Obrecht is supposedly the reason for Franco’s issues. Carly knows that isn’t the case.

Robert finds Anna. Anna tells him he should sit down. Robert has a workday. Robert thinks it would have been nice if his closest friends would have let him know what was going on. Robert wants to know why he felt the reason to exploit Holly’s death in his paper.

Maxie needs a pregnancy test. She is very late. She actually has some meetings to get to back at work. She starts telling her about her company Deception. She needs to go do that. She guesses they can do this later. She knows that this goes without saying but no one needs to know about this. Lulu walks over and asks what she can’t have getting around.

Sonny explains that Jason is family and he is actually here on a family matter. Sonny wanted him to know that they are getting close to the end.

Curtis wants to know what happened with Jason again. Chase explains that they know that Jason is responsible for a cold case involving a explosion. Jordan sent him away though. He wonders about Cyrus. They have reason to believe that he is responsible for the explosion. Curtis thanks him for the information.

Jordan does not want to get involved in his organization. Cyrus thinks that she is taking his orders. Jordan will never be part of his organization. Cyrus thinks that the safety of her family comes from him being happy. Jordan demands to know what she needs to do. Cyrus needs her to take care of Laura.

Finn asks if Trina is a momma’s girl. Portia explains that Trina was a daddy’s girl. She always idolized her father which makes it difficult with the revelation that he actually helped frame Cyrus. She wished that she could do more to help her. Portia doubts that she will have the same kind of issues with Violet. Portia thinks that Anna might have an issue. Finn explains that Violet and Anna get along well. Portia explains that Violet might try and blame Anna later on though. Finn would hope that history doesn’t repeat with Violet.

Anna asks if the information is inaccurate. Robert thinks it is a hatchet job. He reads it to Anna. Anna thinks that it sounds like Holly. Robert thinks that it reads like a woman that they are all better off without. Robert wants to know what his game is. Anna thinks that he is such an idiot. He is just trying to be his friend.

Lulu is researching a story on the hospitals finances but she could call Peter and tell him what she is doing. Maxie took three home tests. Lulu wonders if she got inconsistent results. Maxie explains they all came back positive. Lulu wonders why. Maxie thinks they can be unreliable. Maxie thinks it could happen especially to her. She thinks she is totally pregnant.

Carly can understand why Maxie believes it. Peter only showed Maxie what she wanted to see. Anna should know better though. Carly would never want to think worse about her child. She wouldn’t be the first mother to think that. Peter didn’t know any of them though and he was under Faison’s thumb. Sam wonders about everything that happened after. Peter is still a threat.

Sonny explains that Mike cannot even swallow anymore. Brando thought it was just a memory thing. He had the option to put him on a feeding tube. He considered it at first but it isn’t living. It is just existing. He knows that Mike wouldn’t like it. He didn’t want to talk with him about that because it was too late. Sonny had to make the choice for his dad. He is just hoping that it is the right one.

Jordan is not going to kill Laura. Cyrus actually likes Laura but she is getting in the way of getting GH from the city. He thinks that GH might never be this vulnerable again. Nelle is suing the hospital and the hospital is vulnerable for that. Jordan explains that Laura is trying to get the hospital to not take him on.

A car stops in front of where Jason is passed out. Curtis runs over and asks if he can hear him. Curtis gets on his phone. He needs paramedics out here. He has a rider down and he is not responding.

Cyrus is not asking her to champion his buying GH but she could say something positive. Cyrus thinks that when she talks people listen. Jordan thinks that Laura will know something is up and she will get fired. Cyrus suggests she doesn’t let that happen.

Portia hopes that she didn’t hurt his thoughts. Portia is just projecting. Portia thinks that Violet will be happy and well adjusted. Finn thinks that Trina will be just fine too. Elizabeth explains that there is someone coming in unresponsive. It is Jason Morgan.

Robert thinks they know how he feels about Peter. Anna thinks that he is looking for excuses to hate Peter. It is pathetic. Robert thinks he only wrote the article to get under his skin. Anna thinks that he could have highlighted any number of things. Anna thinks that he spun it in her favor. He gave him a gift and he threw it in Peter’s face. Anna can go on all day with this.

Carly asks if Peter is alright. Carly thinks that the Invader is an important tenant. Carly prides herself on being a good host. Sonny is the same way. Sam gets a call that Jason is on the way to GH.

Brando knows a little bit about Mike because of the time he spent in Connecticut. He was ten and crazy about horses. Mike used to pick him up and take him to the track. Brando would spend his time with him. There was one horse in particular. One day towards the end of the summer, Mike took him up to go to the track. Mike said that Smokey the horse got hurt and he wouldn’t recover. He went to say goodbye to the horse. He couldn’t get more than three words out before he started crying. Mike told him that if he loved something then he should love him till the end. So, they stayed until the trainers put him down. It was a hard lesson learned. Brando knows whatever choice he makes for Mike he will understand. Mike was no stranger to tough choices. Sonny gets a call from Carly. Carly needs her to meet him at GH Jason was in an accident. Sonny has to go. It is about Jason.

Lulu is assuming that she wasn’t planning on getting pregnant. Maxie explains that Peter and her have not been living together for very long. She has no idea how Peter feels about being a father. He was afraid to be happy before they lived together. Lulu knows that Peter is a really happy man. Their family will be over the moon. Maxie thinks that Spinelli and Robert are not going to be that thrilled. Lulu wonders if her feeling about the pregnancy are because of Nathan. Lulu wonders if her and Peter are ok. Maxie loves Peter and her and James are building a life together. The timing could not be worse. She might not be ready. She wonders about her career.

Anna knows she is right. He knows she is right too. He is afraid of his feelings. He is ashamed that he didn’t end things right with Holly. Anna points out there is a memorial in England for Holly. It will give him a chance to pay his respects. Robert wonders why he would want to mourn an empty grave.

Cyrus thinks that the board would trust her. Chase calls her up. She wants her to know that Jason Morgan has been in an accident. Cyrus tells Jordan that she cannot misplace her priorities. Jordan knows where her priorities are.

Carly and Sam show up at GH. Sam needs to see him. The doctor will get her information as soon as they can. Curtis walks over. Sam wonders how they found him. Curtis waited with him until the paramedics came. Sam wonders if Elizabeth was here when they brought him in. Elizabeth explains that they are running tests on him right now. Carly calls Diane to make sure that the paperwork will be filed. She needs a PDF just to be sure.

Elizabeth tells Sam that she just needs to wait. Peter tells her that it might be difficult but the doctors need… Sam tells him to back off. Carly tells Peter that he shouldn’t be here. Peter didn’t mean to intrude. Sonny walks over and asks what is going on. Sam says they are not telling them anything.

Maxie is not the first woman to have a baby in the midst of a career move. Lulu thinks that this is a big deal. Maxie thinks about Nina a lot. She would kill to be in this situation. Lulu thinks that these are her own priorities. The nurse comes in with the results.

Anna thinks they need to talk about the real issue. If Holly was still alive. Robert wants to know why she was working with the WSB. Anna thinks that he should go and figure out the answers.

Cyrus tells someone that Jordan is doing his work. She is probably working against them but even so… So they have Jason out of the way today.

Sonny asks Brando if Jason was in the garage that day. Brando just finished working on the bike that day.

Robert thinks that she can be insufferable. Anna asks who else will call him out. Robert thinks Holly. Anna wants him to find another way to deal with this. Anna asks him to RSVP to her wedding and no is not acceptable.

Lulu tells Maxie they need to get donuts. Maxie and Lulu find Sonny and Carly. Peter was actually looking for Lulu to write the story. Lulu is too close to the family. They claim they are there for Nurse’s ball stuff.

Chase gets a picture of the crash site. Chase doesn’t think this makes sense.

Jordan tells Curtis that she had stuff to deal with earlier and then Jason. He is the one who found him. He wants to know where she has been.

Cyrus gets a bottle of whiskey as a celebration.

Portia and Finn tell everyone that Jason is alive still. They are recommending an exploratory procedure. The longer they wait he could be brain dead. Finn needs Sam to sign for consent. Carly explains that it is her responsibility. She tells them that he better save him.

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