GH Update Thursday 8/6/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 8/6/20


Written by Anthony

In Dante’s room at the WSB facility he works out and thinks about telling himself that he would complete the mission. Dante stops doing it.

Lulu tells Brando that she is going to call a rideshare. He can just text her when the care is ready. Brando explains that it is ready. Lulu is shocked at how fast that was. Brando tells her that it was just a flat. Lulu thinks that this is a big deal for her. She just got a tip on a big story. She left in such a hurry that she didn’t know about the tire. She is so glad that this place is here. Cyrus walks in and says that makes two of them.

Lucy tells Maxie and Sasha that these photos are incredible. Maxie told her so. Lucy wants to know what Sasha’s secret is. Sasha thinks fear of failure and a really good photographer. Lucy cannot take her eyes off of this picture. Sasha likes that picture too. Valentin wonders if he has a vote.

Curtis asks TJ if he is ready for lunch. TJ explains that he really isn’t supposed to leave the hospital right now.

Sam finds Carly. She wants to talk about Jason. Carly explains that he is her best friend but she doesn’t want to get in the middle of them. Sam actually wanted to thank her.

Chase asks Jason what he is doing at the Court House. Jason is looking into permits. Chase would like to ask him about the explosion at the warehouse. Jason has nothing to say without his lawyer present. Chase tells him that it is not an official interview but it could be. Jordan walks over and asks what he is doing.

Dante sits on the ground. He looks at the notepad. He pushes it to the other side of the table. A doctor walks in and sees that he doesn’t take a day off. Dante thinks that it is something to do. The doctor wonders what the WSB will think if they know he refuses to go to his therapy. The doctor thinks that if he has a report that detains his flexibility then he might be stuck here the rest of his life. Dante is fine with that.

TJ got to reconnect for the first time in a while. He really liked that. TJ finds it odd that the abduction was never solved. Curtis wonders if he has to be at the hospital full-time. Curtis wonders if the hospital should do something to help him out. TJ was offered but he turned it down.

Lulu tells Brando that Cyrus was involved in many felonies that got her mother and him put in the hospital. Cyrus thinks that he can keep the peace.

Lucy guesses that Valentin’s input is always welcome. Lucy thinks that they need Valentin’s investment. Maxie thought that he was supposed to be a silent partner. Valentin thinks that Sasha’s face is still just a face and they found the perfect voice. Brook Lynn walks in.

Carly wonders if Sam is sure she is ok with this. Sam admits that she was a little bit surprised. Carly thinks that Jason made it clear that he would want to die. Sam went home afterwards and did some thinking. She was thinking about her children. If it were terrible if Jason died again it would be worse for her to be gone from her children. Her parents need a mom.

Jordan takes Chase aside. Jordan is going to do him a favor. Chase has reason to believe that Jason is linked to the warehouse. Jordan will take things from here. Jordan doesn’t want this to blow up. She tells Chase to go. She would appreciate if he wouldn’t get Diane on him. He was just trying to do his job. Jason thinks they are on the same side of this. He would like to keep it that way.

Dante turned himself into the WSB because he cannot control his actions. Dante thinks that makes him dangerous. The doctor explains that he was traumatized. Dante thinks that the doctor is trying to make him better. Dante almost freaked out the last time that he was around anyone. Dante is not worried about the staff.

Cyrus tells Lulu to give his regard to his mother. Lulu tells Cyrus that the Quartermaine’s have fought to keep GH independent. Cyrus will tell that to the board when he meets with them later. Cyrus is sure that they can find somewhere else for him. Brando wonders what is wrong with his car. Cyrus is here to discuss another matter.

Valentin thinks that Brook Lynn will write and perform a song for the brand. Maxie wonders if this is going to be a jingle. Valentin guesses more or less. Maxie thinks that is terrible. Brook Lynn doesn’t write those. Sasha thinks that it is a good idea. Brook Lynn thinks that this will work out. Maxie thinks that BLQ will have nothing to do with this company.

Sam knows that Carly’s top priority is her children. Carly knows that it wasn’t always that way. She saw as time went on that her children needed her. She doesn’t have the luxury of getting arrested or shot at. She realized that her kids suffer when she is not around. Carly remembers when Donna was born. She looked down at this tiny little baby. She has every right to expect her devotion. Sam wished that she had this conversation before she went after Shiloh.

Jason knows she did what she did for TJ not Cyrus. Jordan thinks that Cyrus could go after her at any time. She doesn’t know a way out of this. Jordan doesn’t know how much more damage she can let this man cause.

Curtis thinks that he is driven to the best because he has a passion for his job. Curtis lived and breathed being a cop and he is trying to prevent that happening to him.

Maxie does not think that this is a smart business move. Brook Lynn think that she knows this is a smart business move. Brook Lynn thinks that the only reason that she would have a problem with this is because of Lulu. Lulu takes offense when someone calls Lulu less than perfect. She will not let her stand in the way of a good thing for the rest of them. Maxie explains that Lulu is her friend.

Sam was so focused about taking down Shiloh. Carly thinks her intentions were in the right place. Sam admits that she was just trying to get back to her old self before her children. She wanted to do the things that she used to do well. She didn’t even consider where this would take her or her children.

Jason tells Jordan to just let this play out a little bit. Jason thinks so long as Jordan plays free she might be able to take Cyrus down.

Maxie will not let them treat Lulu like the problem. Maxie thinks that collaborating on a song with Dustin is a jerk move after what she did with Dante. Maxie knows that Lulu has flaws. She thinks they all do. Maxie refuses to say sorry about her best friend. Lucy tells them to close the door…

Lucy demands to know why she is so emotional. Maxie thinks that Deception is her baby but then she brought her in. She loved working at Crimson but it wasn’t hers. She brought her talent and creativity. Maxie thinks that this is different and this is their own. Maxie feels like something momentous is about to happen. Lucy understands but she has got to get ahold of herself or this will be over before it even started.

Sam knows that Danny was trying to be brave but he was scared. Scout had no idea why she was staying away. Sam is glad that Jason and the Q’s were around. Carly knows that there is no substitute for her. Sam explains that she is free but life is nothing like it used to be. Every choice she makes digs her in deeper. Carly wonders what happened with her parole officer.

Curtis thinks that life is about balance. He needs to make a safe space for himself. Otherwise he will slip away and realize that his career is all that he has. TJ called Jordan a few hours ago. A few months ago that would never happen but now it happens more and more.

Jordan guesses that she is supposed to go undercover and be a corrupt police commissioner. Jason thinks that he could be eliminated and he wouldn’t be involved. Jordan gets a call from him. Cyrus reminds Jordan of their appointment at his new residence. She is not to be late. Jason wonders if everything is ok. Jordan has to meet with him. Jordan thinks she has a pretty good idea of how he came to work for Sonny. Jordan thinks it is too bad because he would have made an excellent cop. Jason will try not to be offended.

The doctor wonders if Dante had the dream again. Dante has the dream every night. He thinks about what he could have done to Lulu. He needs to empty his mind. The doctor tells him that he can do this if he faces what happened to him. The alternative is living.

Lucy and Maxie walk in. Lucy explains that after a very spirited conversation. Lucy tells Maxie that she has something to tell Valentin. Maxie will only do so if the two of them behave themselves. Lucy guesses they are in business. Maxie guesses. Lucy welcomes Brook Lynn to the family. Lucy guesses on this note that they need to get right out of here. Brook Lynn will meet with Valentin for a drink. Valentin wonders if Sasha is alright. Sasha thinks so.

Sam tells Carly that Spinelli and her were trying to get leverage on her parole officer. He found out that she was having an affair. She caught him trying to get the blackmail photos. She said she was going to throw her in jail on peeping tom charges. Carly married Sonny the first time in a disguise. She is the only witness against Sonny in a case. She had to marry him as a wife to not testify. Sam guesses sometimes things work out in ways you never would have guessed.

Jason wonders if Brando got his order in. Brando says it is right there. Jason wonders what he owes him. Brando thinks nothing. Jason guesses in hat case he is welcome. Brando had a bunch of visitors like Lulu and Cyrus. There were some weird vibes. Jason explains that if Cyrus comes back he wants to know.

Curtis asks if Jordan is around. Chase doesn’t know where she is. Chase has no idea what they were doing. Curtis will track her down. He gets out his phone.

Cyrus looks around his new apartment. He lets Jordan in. He was pleased to find out she came in peace. Cyrus wishes that things could have been like they were when they first met. Jordan knows he wanted her help with something. Jordan wonders what he needs a hospital for.

Maxie needs to see her OBGYN.

Lulu is also at the hospital. Lucy runs over to her and tells her that Maxie is a really good friend to her. Maxie defended her against snarky remarks. Maxie wonders who did that. She wonders if it was Brook Lynn about Dante. She knows nothing about the end of her marriage. Lucy didn’t know Dante all that well but he would want her to be happy.

The doctor wants him to get better. Dante cannot take that risk. The doctor will refuse to give up hope on him. Dante thinks it is paper. He knows that he is writing letters. He wonders if he wants to reach out to someone. He thinks about Lulu telling him that she will wait for forever. Dante tells him to take it out of here if he wants to. The doctor is going to leave it. He suggests that he change his mind before it is too late.

Sasha asks if Chase has heard anything about the custody hearing. Sasha hopes that this is worth it. Chase thinks it helps to know she is as miserable as he is. They did this for the right reasons. It is easy to forget that sometimes. Willow and Michael are the best parents for Wiley. It will be worth it.

Curtis tries to call Jordan again.

Jordan hangs up the phone. Jordan thinks that he is not a good person. Cyrus knows the best insurance policy are people in law enforcement. Jordan knows that she has to show up. Cyrus knows she has such a gift for seeing right to the heart of a matter.

Brook Lynn wonders if Valentin will be as good for ELQ as he has been for her.

Sam hopes that she will not have to be the one who has to tell Danny that she let his dad die. Carly promises that nothing will happen to Jason.

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