GH Update Wednesday 8/5/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 8/5/20


Written by Anthony

Sonny turns around and Mike smiles. He is never better. He was right to give him the surgery. He did this to him. For him… Sonny asks what he means. Sonny tells him not to go. Sonny wakes up. Carly asks if he is ok. He was dreaming. Sonny explains that he had a dream that the feeding tube worked and he was cured.

Alexis sits at home on the phone with Sam who is at the Metro Court. She tells Sam that she is fine and she needs to stop fussing. Sam is not fussing. She just wondered how her wrist was feeling. Sam wonders about the other thing that they talked about. Alexis assumes she is talking about the text message. Sam explains that Jason texted her and wanted to meet with him. Sam has to go… She finds Neil and demands to know what happened between him and Alexis.

Michael and Willow walk into the Q living room. Michael thinks that putting Wiley to bed was an obstacle. Michael admires her for getting him to bed. Willow thinks that him and Wiley make a great team.

Nelle finds Valentin at the Metro Court. She asks where this is. Valentin recently made peace with Lulu. He suggests that her and Michael do the same thing. Nelle suggests that he give her what she needs or she will blow him out of the water.

Willow could use a nap herself. She couldn’t turn her mind off wondering when the judge would make his mind up. Michael keeps checking in on Wiley and hoping that he will be awake. Willow kept checking on him too. The last time she came in he was standing in his crib. He has the most beautiful smile in the world. Michael thinks it is every morning. Willow doesn’t think that they can lose Wiley.

Nelle wonders why he cares about Michael and Wiley. Nelle could go straight to Michael or Ned or any of the Quartermaine’s really. Nelle has no idea what he really wants with those shares but passive really doesn’t describe him very well. Nelle thinks that it will not take very long to get the Quartermaine’s what they want.

Sonny thanks someone on the phone. He appreciates him for calling. He tells Carly that they are going to be putting the feeding tube in him today. Carly wants to come with him so that they can talk about something. Sonny doesn’t think that there is anything left to talk about. Carly thinks that he is so frail. Sonny thinks that he is pretty confident that he can do this with the least amount of stress and pain. If it gives them a little bit more time then it is worth it.

Sam demands to know what happened with them. Neil assumed that Alexis would have told him. Sam explains that she was disbarred.

Diane tells Alexis that Nina shredded Nelle’s chance for custody. Nina said that Nelle blackmailed Julian. Alexis assumed it was. Diane explains that Nelle had an outburst. It was deliciously melodramatic. The judge loves to take his time. Alexis is glad that he ruled in her clients favor. Diane wonders how Alexis gets her mojo back now. Alexis doesn’t have a plan B or C or D. She told the girls that the world is her oyster. Alexis already fought it and the bar association is not moved. Alexis hurt herself on Neil’s behalf. Diane thinks that the truce between her and Sam helped. Alexis knows. She thanks her for hat. Diane thinks she is welcome. Diane wonders what about her and Neil. She asks where they stand. Alexis will tell her the exact same thing she told Sam. There is no her and Neil.

Neil should have given her a call. Neil explains that Alexis slipped and had a drink right after the board. Sam thinks that he is using that one drink to get out of her life. Sam thinks that he has chosen to avoid her. He is not a doctor anymore.

Sonny tells Mike that it is a small procedure and he will feel a lot better. Elizabeth walks over. He asks how they are doing. Sonny explains they are getting Mike hooked up to a feeding tube. Sonny explains that she is Mike’s favorite. Elizabeth thinks that he is too. The doctor comes over with the person that will be doing the procedure. Sonny is going to come see him before he goes to sleep. He wants to know what happens now. The doctor said that there is a chance that he could stall.

Nelle demands to get what she wants or Valentin will be out a small fortune. Valentin explains that if she kidnaps Wiley she will lose him forever. These documents he is providing are excellent. Michael will still find her though because he is motivated. She doesn’t stand a chance. Nelle asks where her documents are. Valentin tells her the directions of where they are. Nelle storms off to get them.

Carly thanks Jason for coming over. Sonny is going through with the procedure. She knows that he thinks that this will improve his quality of life. This doesn’t help Mike. This can cause his final weeks to be torcher.

Valentin says hello to Sam. He has a business proposal that he would like her to consider.

The doctor explains that this is the only option that Sonny has right now. Sonny thinks they should do it. Sonny sits down. Felix walks over. Sonny didn’t know that he was working today. He would have had him prep his dad. Felix hopes that it works well. He is helping on Yvonne right now. She had some complications and is on a ventilator. Sonny is so sorry. He should have asked about her sooner. He wonders if he can see her.

Alexis knows the last time that she saw Neil he was angry. He never called or texted, or tweeted her back. She isn’t going to call someone who doesn’t appreciate her. Neil is a lousy potential boyfriend. Someone rings the doorbell. Diane will get the door. She opens it and Neil is at the door.

Willow wonders if they are being unfair trying to get Nelle out of Wiley’s life. She suggests that they work something out. Michael is not sure. He wonders if for Wiley’s sake it would be a good thing for him to see how bad Nelle really is. Willow thinks it might be something to consider when Wiley is older. Willow knows that Nelle is already an hour late for her visitation. Michael doesn’t think she has to be here. Willow thinks they could go and do something this afternoon. Willow knows that he loves the park.

Sam wonders if Valentin would like to hire a private investigator. Valentin would actually like to acquire her children’s shares in ELQ. Sam explains that those shares are part of her children’s legacy and they are not for sale. Valentin just wants to borrow them.

Cary shows Jason the complications that can happen when a patient is on a feeding tube. Jason asks if Sonny doesn’t know this. Carly explains that Sonny doesn’t want to know it.

Sonny looks into Yvonne’s room and sees the feeding tube hooked up to Yvonne.

Willow wonders what he thinks about the natural history museum. Michael thinks that he might be a little young for that. Willow doesn’t think kids are ever too young for that. Nelle shows up. Nelle is here to visit her sweet little boy with the compliance of the court order. Michael says she is more than an hour late.

Alexis introduces Neil and Diane with one another. Diane has to get going. She has a client meeting. She thinks it was lovely to chat with Alexis. She leaves. Neil wanted to give Alexis this. Neil heard she was disbarred and he was so sorry. Neil ordered her a copy of Aida. He would have dropped it off a while ago. Alexis assumes that he decided to never see her again.

Sam wants to know how he would borrow her kids stock. Valentin just wants to voting proxy. They will still own the stock. He just wants the chance to vote for them. Sam can tell him right now that her children won’t need the money. She doesn’t need the money. Valentin is not offering her money.

Sonny wonders what is going on with her hands. Sonny assumes that Yvonne has no idea what is going on. Sonny thanks Felix for letting him see her.

Carly explains that he will have to restraint Mike. Mike is going to be confused and afraid. Carly doesn’t think he will listen to her. Carly begs him to come with her. He might listen to them together. She begs him.

Sonny sits down in the waiting room with Elizabeth. She wonders if Mike’s procedure didn’t go well. Sonny saw a patient that is here like his father. It is no way of living. His father wouldn’t have wanted it. He cannot do nothing for his father. Sonny thinks up until the last few days his father is still in there. Avery came to visit him and they watched baseball together. If he doesn’t do everything he can to make sure to keep him alive then he will feel like he failed him. Like he failed himself. Elizabeth doesn’t think that this is the worst choice he could make.

Neil was trying to process losing his license. He is angry of himself for taking advantage of her after she was his patient. Neil saw himself as the opposite of impulsive. Alexis will not accept this.

Sam thinks that he must have something that he thinks she wants. Valentin knows that she is not allowed to associate with any known felons. Her parole officer enforces that very strongly. Sam wonders how he knows this. Valentin has a way to help her out. That is all that matters.

Nelle will let the judge know that they aren’t letting her see Wiley. Michael never said that she couldn’t see him. Willow thinks that they just want what is best for Wiley. As his parents they thinks that his schedule is more important than her own. Nelle thinks that this house is not a safe space for her. She will not stand here for hours. Michael guesses they can get a new day set up then. Nelle asks if they can give him this bear. It can remind him of her. They tell her that the kangaroo is his favorite. Nelle can only imagine what they tell Wiley about her. She is some wicked witch. It really isn’t about her though. It is about Willow and how she wants to be a perfect mother. Nelle is Wiley’s real mother and that will never change ever.

Sonny knows that she and Jason have spoken about what goes on with Mike. He is just asking what she thinks personally. Elizabeth thinks that he needs to make the best choice that he can for Mike. It isn’t selfish if he thinks that it is the right choice. Sonny just doesn’t. Elizabeth thinks that all he saw was a shell of a man. There was no spark left inside. He cannot feed himself or enjoy his food. He cannot even smile. He will not go to another baseball game. He will not enjoy his grandchildren or his son. Sonny thinks that he has moments like with Avery. He fed him pasta. Elizabeth thinks that even with a feeding tube his dad is going to die. Elizabeth thinks that his heart will eventually give out. His heart is suffering. He should know what his dad should want. This is about Mike. Elizabeth knows years ago that Lucky told her something that Mary Mae Ward used to say. She would say that grace is not something that you get when you win. Grace comes when you are forced to make difficult choices. Ones that often hurt them but help their loved ones.

Alexis lost her license and a career that she loved. She is having a hard time dealing with it. She needs time. Alexis cannot deal with this. Neil wonders if they could see each other on occasion. Alexis will think about it. She thanks him for the DVD. He wants her to enjoy it. He leaves. Alexis sighs.

Valentin knows people that can get her a new parole officer. Sam asks if all she has to do is give him Danny and Scout’s voting proxy. Sam wonders why she should believe him. Sam thinks that there is a catch in here somewhere. Valentin tells her to think about it. He will be speaking with her soon.

Carly and Jason find Sonny and Elizabeth. Sonny tells Carly that he changed his mind. He wants the doctors to keep his father comfortable. No feeding tube. He needed to figure this out on himself with a little help for his friend. Carly thinks that Mike would thank him. Sonny needs to go speak with the doctors. Carly thinks whatever Elizabeth said she thanks her. Elizabeth will miss Mike. Jason thinks they all will. Carly guesses they have to figure out how to say goodbye.

Nelle has the tracking device on Wiley now.

Willow thinks that a day in the park will be a perfect antidote for things.

Nelle takes out an envelope with new passports.

Willow thinks that they could go on the big slide after that. Willow is not fearless. Michael thinks she is brave enough to do the right thing even if it scares her. Michael thinks that she will always be Wiley’s real mother.

Carly and Jason watch as Mike and Sonny sit together. Sonny asks Mike how it is going. Sonny talked with the doctor. There is not going to be a procedure. Whenever he chooses to go to sleep it will be because he chooses. His family loves him a great deal. He loves him too. His love for him will last forever. If he doesn’t want to stick around he doesn’t have to. Sonny tells him if he is ready to go then he can go. Mike cries and nods.

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