GH Update Tuesday 8/4/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 8/4/20


Written by Anthony

Alexis walks downstairs. Sam is banging on the door demanding to know if she is home. Alexis opens it and ask what happened. Sam knows she doesn’t want to know but she is going to tell her anyway. She barges in.

Martin asks Julian what he is going to do if Brook Lynn does tell her father that he is buying shares of ELQ. Valentin thinks that even if she does it is not the end of the world. Valentin doubts that she will.

Brook Lynn has some interesting career advice that she wants to discuss with Ned. Olivia storms out because she doesn’t want to be here. Brook Lynn asks what is wrong with her.

Cyrus tells Monica that she needs to rethink her answer. Jordan walks over and asks if everything is alright over here. Monica explains that Cyrus is under the impression that the GH board underestimates him. Cyrus wants to contribute to the community. Monica points out that he isn’t part of this community. Monica doesn’t want him here.

Sonny takes a drink in his kitchen. Carly asks what happened with Mike. Sonny explains that it is not good.

Nina holds her neckless and Nelle walks in. She asks how she could side with Carly. She thought that she cared about her. Nina thinks she shouldn’t have asked her to testify if she didn’t want her to tell the truth.

Alexis is going to make them some tea before she says something that is clearly going to upset her. Sam slapped Julian again. Alexis cannot believe she did that again. Alexis reminds her that she is on parole. Sam doesn’t care.

Nelle thought she was going to help keep Carly away. Nelle thinks that Carly wants to destroy her. She is the only one who sees her who she really is.

Ned admits that Olivia is feeling a little neglected. He knows she is not wrong. He has been trying to salvage a deal. Ned knows it wasn’t her fault that the deal didn’t go through. Ned honestly wishes that he could hand someone the company and be gone. He would leave in a second.

Valentin knows that Brook Lynn realizes that he can make he company very valuable. Valentin wonders who is going to be the CEO. He will take it over. He thinks that they will be grateful. The stock will go up.

Sonny explains that Mike is not able to focus or communicate. He just wants what is best. Carly wishes that she had an answer for him. The one thing that she knows for sure is that it will be ok. Mike wants him to be ok. She has no doubt in her mind. Sonny needs time to think. Carly wishes she could help him. Jason doesn’t think she can.

Monica doesn’t want anyone who has been arrested for drug trafficking. Cyrus wants to pay it forward by getting the hospital back on good terms with the community. Monica will do that when hell freezes over. Cyrus thinks that might come sooner than she thinks.

Ned thinks that Michael learned lessons about life about getting your priorities in order. Ned thinks that there is a difference between running a company and being a family man.

Valentin has secured the Skye Chandler-Quartermaine’s shares as well. Martin wonders why the name Chandler rings a bell. Valentin explains that the family hails from Pine Valley. Martin thinks that Michael has the most stock though. Valentin knows that Sam has Danny and Scout’s shares right now.

Nelle thinks that Carly ignored her for years until she needed something from her. Then she chose to reach out to her father for her precious kidney. Nina doesn’t think that is what happened. Jax was the one who reached out to her father and she knows that she knows that. She suggests that Nelle get her facts straight.

Sam wants to know what happened to her wrist. Alexis thinks that her wrist will hurt for a few days and then it is fine. Sam explains that she sat in court and listened to Nelle’s case. She just got really mad. Alexis thinks she needs to keep her hands to herself though. He was claiming that he was bonding with Nelle. Alexis thinks the last time that Julian acted this insane was when Olivia was blackmailing him. Sam wonders if Nelle could be doing the same.

Carly wished that it wouldn’t have gotten to this point with Mike. Carly thinks that in Sonny’s mind it is the difference between keeping Mike alive and letting them die. Carly should have insisted on this. Carly thinks that he does too. Jason already has. It made him realize that he needed to be very clear on what he wanted if anything happened.

Ned admits the real reason that him and Lois divorced was because of ELQ. He knows he could be more supportive of her. Brook Lynn thinks that some of these sacrifices are more important. Ned thinks that at this moment in time this company requires the most attention. Brook Lynn thinks it be nice if someone could just take over the company. Ned knows that won’t happen.

Sonny has a terrible choice to make. He tells Donna that she will never have to make them for him.

Jason needs that someone to be her. He already talked with Diane. He would like to give her power of attorney. She knows his wishes. Carly knows he wants the machines turned off. Jason does. Carly wants to say yes and she will but she wonders why it isn’t Sam.

Sam thinks that if Julian is being blackmailed then he is in a lie of some sort. Sam knows that Julian is putting a child at risk this time. Alexis is sorry that she had to sit and listen to all that in court. Sam knows that she has complicated feelings towards Julian. Alexis is glad that she did that instead of get an assault charge.

Nina was in town when she showed up. Carly bent over backwards in gratitude. She sabotaged things though. She had no choice but to come after her. It was all Nelle. Nelle thinks that Nina is just a spoiled rich girl who never has had to work for anything in her life.

Olivia tells Ned that she is sorry that she stormed out like that. Ned completely understands. Olivia is really trying to maintain and be upbeat and solder on. She feels like she is grieving Dante all alone. Sonny has so much on his plate right now. She needs Ned to hold her and let her be irrational. Olivia thinks if the company was sold tomorrow then the family would be even richer. Ned thinks it is about priorities. Olivia needs him to make her one. Ned promises that she is one. Olivia begs him to show her. Laura shows up. She asks if this was a bad time. Olivia tells her to come in. She is sorry. She needs ELQ’s support to keep the hospital from falling into the wrong hands.

Nelle was forced to go to prison and plead crazy. Nina got to go to a nice hospital. She was awarded with the editor position here. She asks if she is special. Nelle thinks it is all because she is an heiress.

Sonny thinks that there is nothing he would want more than to grieve Mike. He just wants this to be over. He cannot be selfish though. She should have seen Mike be so happy and vivid. Sonny thinks that she just wants to spend one more moment with her. Sonny wants to experience joy with him. He knows it is not right though. Sonny wonders how he could do that with his father. Sonny gets a phone call. It’s Turning Woods.

Jason is not afraid to die. He is afraid to be stuck in the in-between. Carly wonders if he would rather she just come in and shoot him. Jason knows she would. Carly couldn’t just hold on to hope. Jason knows that she would do what he asks her. She knows what he wants and she understands why he wants it. Jason doesn’t think that there is anyone else. Carly would do anything for him. She tells him that he better not ever put her in that position. Jason will do his best.

Sam wonders how he could not talk with him about it. Alexis was the one who lied about it. Alexis is not with him anymore. Sam doesn’t think that this makes any sense. She wonders why she is making excuses. Alexis is confronting the current circumstances. Sam thinks that she has nothing keeping her from being with Neil. Sam thinks that she is embarrassed that she was disbarred. Jason texts Sam to meet him at GH. Sam needs to do something. Sam loves her. She wishes she would get out of her way sometime. Alexis tells her to take her own advice.

Martin doubts that Sam would sell the shares. Valentin needs the shares. Martin knows that Jason won’t listen. Michael will not want him to get his hands on the company. Valentin thinks that he can get Sam to hand over the voting rights. Martin wonders what he could possibly be getting. Brook Lynn shows up. She thinks it must be a coincidence that he has the same lawyer as Nelle. Brook Lynn asks if she has Nelle’s shares as well. Brook Lynn knows what Cassadine Enterprises was worth. She wonders if she can do the same for ELQ.

Jordan thought that Cyrus left. She thinks that he is never going to get what he wants here. Cyrus has a secret weapon.

Sam finds Jason. She thought that they couldn’t see one another and now he wants to meet. Jason just waned to give her a heads up. Jason thinks that there has been a lot on his mind. Sam wonders if Mike is alright. Jason tells her that he isn’t. Jason talked with Diane and he is giving his power of attorney to Carly.

Laura knows she can rely on the Quartermaine’s. Ned needs approval from certain people. It will take a few days to coordinate but he will start right away. Laura will leave them to their evening. She says goodnight. Olivia knows that will not be easy. Olivia wonders if he has a clue who this person is. Ned doesn’t but he will with this vote.

Valentin thinks that he can make ELQ better. Her family becomes fabulously wealthy and her music career is fixed. It is a win-win. She cannot tell anyone. Brook Lynn asks about Sonny. Valentin thinks it is a deal breaker. Brook Lynn knows that Sonny owns stock in ELQ. Valentin thinks that if she stays quiet then she gets what she wants.

Nelle thinks that she chose to stab her in the back. Nelle chose to let herself believe in her. Nina thinks that if that is the case then maybe everyone else is not the problem. It could be that the problem is her.

Laura calls Jordan and tells her that Ned is going to save the hospital. Jordan thanks her.

Sam wants to know why he would choose Carly when she is Danny’s mom. Jason doesn’t want Danny to hold her responsible for anything. Sam asks if she is supposed to thank him for this because she doesn’t think she can.

Martin wants to revisit this Sam issue. Valentin knows that Sam is not allowed to be around felons right now. Valentin knows that love makes people do strange things. They need to find out everything they can about Sam’s parole officer.

Nelle guesses that she lied. Nina thinks that Nelle lied and manipulated everyone in her life. If she is disappointed again then she needs to realize that it is all on her. Nina thinks her life could change if she could. It isn’t who she is then. Nelle guesses that this is it then. She really thought that she was the one person who cared about her. She is used to being let down though.

Sonny explains that Mike hasn’t ate in twenty-four hours. Sonny knows that Mike wants to live. The doctor said they can do this. It is the standard practice. He will let the doctor do it. Carly wants him to do whatever is right for him. Sonny is not ok with any of this.

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