GH Update Monday 8/3/20

General Hospital Update Monday 8/3/20


Written by Anthony

At the WSB facility Dante is twitching in his sleep. He wakes up and tells himself that this was all just a dream. He didn’t kill him.

In the Quartermain living room Ned and Olivia are sitting down next to one another. Ned explains to Olivia that he might now always know the right words to say but he loves her. He cares about her and he is here for her. If she wants to talk some more about Dante… Olivia has a better idea. She wants to connect with something that doesn’t involve Dante. The two kiss one another. Ned gets a text message saying that the deal he just made came through. He definitely has some time for a break. Olivia wonders if he is going to squeeze her in between going back to ELQ.

In the hallway at GH, Portia wonders what Cyrus is doing here. Cyrus wanted to talk about her daughter. She wonders how she is doing. Portia explains that is none of his business. He isn’t even to mention her name to Portia. Laura walks over and asks if everything is ok over here.

At the Metro Court, Brook Lynn sits down with Valentin. She introduces herself. She knows they have never formally met but she does remember him pulling Lulu off of her during a fight. Valentin thinks that was great. He has been there on the receiving end of some less than objective issues. Brook Lynn assumes that this was when he was innocent.

In court, Martin asks Nina how she is doing. Nina thinks she is still learning the ropes. Martin wonders why she hired Nelle. Nina thought she deserved a second chance. Carly looks at her annoyed. Nelle has a smile on her face.

Ned feels completely blindsided here. Olivia thinks that he was checking his texts while he was supposedly saying he was sorry. Ned has been trying to save this deal and it was a go. If he wasn’t here he would be at the office. Olivia thinks he has more important things to do clearly. Olivia doesn’t know what to say. She congratulates him on his big deal. Ned wants to talk about this. He heard her with Robert. Olivia has been talking about Dante but they never talk about him. He has not stopped existing. She keeps carrying on. Lulu has moved on and Rocco’s memories are fading every day. He cannot put his life on hold. Her son is out there and she might never see him again. Robert is doing something similar with Holly. She felt like what he said made her feel not so alone. Ned asks if she feels alone even with him.

Dante stands up in his little room. He takes a drink from a glass of water and then pours it on himself. He hits himself on the head and complains of a headache. Dante tells him not to think of it. He wants a distraction. Dante looks at a notepad and pencil on a desk.

Cyrus thinks it is great to see Laura. Laura wonders why he is here again. Cyrus is glad to be around here instead of in prison. Cyrus has never seen someone more affectionate for her citizens. Cyrus has an appointment. He leaves. Portia thinks that man is disgusting. She wants to slap him in his smug face. Laura hates the way that he talks about that. She wonders if his name was cleared while Marcus is dead having his name drug in the mud. She wants to know how that is justice. Laura understands her point.

Martin knows that this isn’t the first time that Nelle was in her employment. She was her step-daughter’s nanny. Martin knows that she has had her fair share of heartbreak with children. Martin knows she lost a child. He knows that loss has been difficult for her. He knows that it has caused a sort of kinship. Nina doesn’t think that anyone should lose a child. Martin knows that her and Nelle have been working close for a few weeks now. He thinks that she has formulated a strong opinion of Nelle. Nina thinks that Nelle is a compulsive liar. Nelle’s smile drops.

Brook Lynn is flattered that he would want to join her. Valentin thinks she is trying to disarm her. Valentin thinks they have too may common interests. Brook Lynn knows that he used Marcus for her shares.

Laura considered Marcus a friend. She knew that he was a good cop. Portia agrees that he was. He was devoted to his work. Life with him was not always easy. They parented Trina together. Her emotions are over the place with sorrow and fear. Trina is taking it so hard. She thanks her for asking. She really thinks she is embarrassed. Portia knows that Cyrus was too slick. Marcus took a stand for what he believed in. Laura thinks that Trina is lucky for that.

Nina doesn’t think that she can form a bond with people. She sees this trial as a form of competition. Martin objects. Diane points out that he is objecting to his own witness. Martin would like to treat the witness as hostile. Nina is not being hostile. The judge tells Martin that he is done. Diane thinks that before she was rudely interrupted, she wonders what she was going to say. Nina explains that Nelle doesn’t love Julian. She is using him. Martin asks how one person could know what is in another person’s heart. Nina knows because Nelle made it clear that she blackmailed Julian into marrying her.

Brook Lynn wonders what his angle is. She thinks the Quartermaine’s take care of their own. Valentin explains that he can increase her profit margin. She can also have her music career back.

Nelle tells the judge that Nina is lying. She asks if Carly got to her. The judge tells Martin to control her client. Diane asks if Nelle actually said that she blackmailed Julian into marriage. Nina explains that Julian values his life too much to not listen to her. Nelle knew she was crazy for trusting a baby stealer. She blew up her own wedding to go after her fiancé. Nelle wonders about her angle. Michael forced Willow to marry him. She thinks that Nina is just like everyone else here. Nina asks what she is trying to do. Nelle will never let Carly take her away. Nelle starts to breathe heavily as she screams at Martin to shut up. Nelle is sorry her outburst. Nelle didn’t know what she was saying. Diane would like to recall Willow to the stand. Diane asks if Willow was forced to marry Michael. Diane wonders if she received financial compensation. Willow values her independence. She doesn’t need Michael’s money. Diane wonders why she married Michael. Willow thinks that Michael is a decent man. Michael is not perfect but he is fair and compassionate. He sees the value of compromise. He doesn’t belittle people. Michael has known grief and loss and injustice. It hasn’t made him bitter though. It gives him empathy. She wants Wiley to grow up to be like his father. She wants to raise Wiley as a family.

Dante sits at the desk and dangles the pencil around. He finally starts to write something down.

Olivia is not trying to make him feel like he is being insensitive. He is the man that she loves. It has been at the expense of everything else. Olivia asks about Dante. Ned is not trying to take things in the wrong way. Olivia sees her family as people. Ned knows that family is not a corporation. His job is to keep the family running strong. Michael is doing everything to keep his son away from a mad woman. He was completely preoccupied with Wiley. Olivia thinks that choosing to not tell Michael about this has nothing to do with anything. Ned is not trying to kick Michael out. He is trying to manage a crisis. ELQ could be in for a hostile takeover.

Valentin knows she needs a break. Her mother was not willing to help her. He has ruined her reputation. He doesn’t think anyone would take a risk on a known troublemaker. She needs to work with him.

The judge will take everything into consideration while he deliberates. Nelle asks how Martin couldn’t stop her. Nelle is passionate about her child.

Nina looks out the window of her office. Jax asks if she is ok. Nina was just thinking about what happened in court. Nina doesn’t think he knows about all the horrible things she used to do. Jax is looking at her right now. He thinks that she helped the judge see who she really is and he is proud of her.

Cyrus looks forward to hearing from someone. Laura walks over. She asks what he had to say. He explains they were discussing the future of this hospital. Laura thinks he should think twice about this. He thought that he had been wrongly imprisoned. Laura says that his sentence was vacated but it doesn’t mean he is an innocent man. Laura needs to discuss this. Cyrus walks over and asks if there are problems. Laura asks what his real interest in this hospital is. Cyrus knows that this hospital is the heart of the town. Cyrus can provide assistance. Laura thinks that they are a strong community that takes care of its own. Cyrus has already established a social justice foundation. Laura doesn’t think that GH needs his money. The Quartermaine’s will help out.

Ned thinks that ELQ could be in jeopardy. Olivia doesn’t think that this is time for him to be CEO. Ned thought that she was on board with him being CEO. Olivia wants him to circle his wagons. She wants to know what could a business is if it drives a family apart. She guesses that things have not worked in his head.

Valentin has seen her online videos. She needs the right people. Valentin is a lover of music. He is a partner of the Deception brand and wants to use her music. Valentin wants her silence and he will give her his connections. Valentin will talk with her soon.

Nina hired Nelle to dig up information. Jax thought that Nelle solicited the job for her. He knows she wanted to use Nina to make herself look good. Nina thought her love for Wiley was real. Nina needed so many chances. Jax thinks that Nelle still thinks that the world owes her. Nina thinks when she sees Crimson and her life it feels like a dream. Jax thinks she deserves all the happiness in the world. He feels what they have is not going anywhere.

Carly thinks that Diane was amazing. Diane thinks that the judge will base things on testimony.

Nelle asks if it would have killed Julian to hold her hand. Nelle thinks that if Nina costs her this case she is never going to get Wiley back. Julian is out of here. He will meet her back in court when the verdict is read.

Martin tells Valentin that Nina just hurt his court case. Valentin explains that Brook Lynn knows about him trying to get shares. Martin thinks that this takeover will be over before it returns.

Ned thinks if the company prospers then so do they. He has seen this happen time and time again. Olivia thinks that they might not see eye to eye but there is no reason for him to be condescending. Olivia’s feelings are real. Her pain about her son is real. If he cannot respect them then she cannot be here. Brook Lynn needs career advice.

Dante writes that he misses his mom and life. He needs to keep his family safe though which is why he is not going to send this letter. Dante hides the note under his mattress. He looks into the hallway.

Cyrus doesn’t think she will be able to rely on people who have bailed her out in the past. GH might need a new savior. Laura still have very close friends on the board. She will not allow him to launder drug money. Cyrus will not let her make false accusations. She shouldn’t under estimate him.

Jax thinks that her testimony was truthful. Nina thinks that her eyes are now opened. Jax has to g and meet his daughter. He wonders if she wants to join them. Nina has a lot of work she has to get going. Jax will call her later then.

Carly is going to head home. She thanks Willow for everything that she said about her son. Michael has to believe that they made the strongest case for custody. Willow suggests going home and being with Wiley. Michael thinks that sounds great.

Nina looks at the locket. Nelle walks in and asks how she could do this. She betrayed her.

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