GH Update Thursday 5/21/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/21/20


Written by Anthony

Laura tells someone on the phone that she is no longer on the hospital board. She just needs to know about the Nelle Benson lawsuit. She hangs up and sees Robert at the bar. She wonders if he has had any rest since the last time that she saw him. Robert explains that reports of Holly’s death have been exaggerated. Robert thinks she is alive.

Maxie tells Sasha that these pictures are spectacular. Sasha is glad about the pictures. Valentin thinks that Sasha has given them a signature look. Maxie thought that Valentin was a silent partner. Valentin admits he is but he just wanted to be around here.

Ned is shocked that there was another third party trying to get Dillon’s shares. He hangs up the phone.

Olivia cries on the phone and Brook Lynn walks in. Olivia asks how she is doing. Brook Lynn wonders what that was about. She asks if she is having an affair.

Nina wonders if Jax is checking up on her. Jax just wanted to wish her good luck on the trial for today.

Nelle is finally put on the stand. She swears to tell the truth.

Robert explains that Mac and Anna were not giving her the whole story. Mac and Anna are not saying that she is alive but he cannot go and find her until he hears the whole story.

Olivia loves Ned very much. Brook Lynn wonders who she was talking with then. Olivia doesn’t need to explain this to her. Brook Lynn will repeat what she heard. Olivia tells her not to tell anyone about the phone call. She has caused so much trouble since she came back to town. Brook Lynn thinks that she is causing the most issues right now. Olivia was talking with her psychic.

Valentin explains that they are bringing Deception as a main sponsor of the Nurses Ball. He is excited with what he is seeing right now. Maxie thinks that this will work. Sasha thinks about getting some coke earlier.

Jax thinks she has second thoughts about testifying against Nelle. Jax thinks she knows how he feels about this. He knows it is true that people can change but Wiley is the only person who loses in this battle. She will feel responsible. He doesn’t wish that on her. Nina thinks that if Nelle loses her child because of her then she will never change her life around.

Diane thinks that Martin isn’t actually asking Nelle questions. Martin wonders what Nelle’s reaction was when she found out the baby was alive. Nelle was confused at first. She was so overwhelmed at first that her baby was alive. She was incredibly hurt to think that Brad could do this to her. Sam shows up in the court room. Nelle explains that Brad watched her grieve for years. Martin thinks that she wasn’t the only person hurt by Brad. Julian also was. Nelle thinks that Julian her husband was truly under the impression that he was Wiley’s grandfather. The pain brought them together. Nelle thinks it brought out something more as well.

Brook Lynn finds this hilarious. She asks who spends good money on this kind of thing. Olivia wonders how else she will find anything out about Dante. Brook Lynn is sorry. Ned knows how badly she wants to know about Dante. Olivia has no way of knowing if her son is ok or not. Ned is sorry. He has been so busy with ELQ and trying to find out who is buying up shares for a hostile takeover.

Sasha knows a lot of people don’t trust her so she needs to make every opportunity count. She is going to make the launch successful. Maxie feels a little lightheaded. Peter tells her to take a little break. Valentin asks if Sasha is ok.

Martin asks if Nelle and Julian are in love with one another. Nelle would never speak for Julian but she will say that Julian loves Wiley deeply and she knows he would do anything to protect Wiley. She knows that Julian will do anything for Wiley and will be an excellent co-parent. Nelle thinks that Julian loves Wiley just as much as she does. She wonders who could love anyone more than that.

Nina thinks that Nelle could end up back in prison. Jax doesn’t think that this is her responsibility to take care of her though. Nelle had to resort to desperate measures for her son. Nina sighs.

Martin wonders why she thinks she deserves Wiley. Nelle already lost two years of her sons life and then Michael has kept her away even further. Nelle has a good job and roots in the community. She wants to dedicate the rest of her life for her child. Diane knows she said she wants the best family possible for Wiley. Diane asks why she raced to the apartment where Willow was and assaulted her with the intention to kidnap Wiley. Martin objects to this.

Laura knows that Nikolas turned up alive so she is the last person to say that it is impossible. Robert needs a partner and he tried calling Luke. Laura doesn’t have a contact. Robert knows he shouldn’t have gone there. Laura suggests going through Tracy.

Brook Lynn asks who is making a play to ELQ. Ned explains that Nelle sold her shares. Tracy had someone go after her as well. Olivia is sorry and didn’t mean to snap at Brook Lynn. Ned thinks that consulting a psychic is not the best way to get help. Olivia just feels helpless. Rocco had a take your dad to school day and he took Dustin. It was Rocco’s idea. It was like her son is being erased. She wonders what motivation she will have to get better. She feels like she is running out of time. Olivia thinks that the psychic is the only person that is going to be able to help her. Ned thinks that the psychic is just telling her what she wants to hear.

Brook Lynn demands a face to face immediately with her manager.

Sasha tells Valentin her personal life is personal. Her breakup is not going to affect her working here. Valentin knows. He thinks she knows that he knows what it is like to be heart broken.

Jax thinks that Nelle could turn someone vindictive and incapable of love. Nina thinks she needs to leave for the courthouse now.

Martin thinks that they have no evidence that Nelle left the country. Diane asks if Nelle loves her husband. Nelle does with every fiber of her being. Diane supposes since this morning. Martin is ready to call Julian to the stand. Julian thought he wouldn’t have to testify. Nelle tells him that he needs to buck up. There is a lot at stake here for both of them. Sam gives him a look of disgust. Martin asks if it is true that Julian married Nelle to create a loving home for Wiley. Julian admits that Brad was an emotional wreck so he stepped in. Martin asks about his prison record. Julian has been out for three years. He asks if he has had any other brush with the law. Julian has not. Martin wonders what he does for a living. Julian owns a pub. Martin thinks that they all commend Julian for his life. Diane wonders if Julian has ever been arrested on drug trafficking charges. Diane wonders who Alexis is to him. Julian admits that she is his ex-wife. Julian explains that his sister blackmailed him. Diane is done with this witness.

Peter thinks that she has hardly ate anything. Maxie thinks she is not hungry.

Olivia thinks they need to agree to disagree. She feel she deserves to be able to believe in psychics. Ned goes to answer the door. Robert shows up at the door. He promises this won’t take long. Robert explains that his ex-wife is believed dead. Ned asks what they can do to help. Robert tells them that there are things that don’t ad up. He needs help from Luke and the only way to get help is through Tracy. Ned will give her a call. Olivia wonders how he is holding up. Robert hates every minute of this. He has to accept he will never see her again. Robert wonders why he feels like she has had a bad day as well.

Link wonders what Brook Lynn wants. Brook Lynn demands to know who is getting ELQ.

Sasha thinks that Valentin knew that she wasn’t taking money from someone else. She was helping him mend fences. Sasha thinks that sometimes he has to do the wrong thing for the right reason. Valentin knew she would do the right thing for Nina. Valentin is sorry she is still paying the price for all of this. Valentin thinks that she is going to be a very wealthy woman.

Sam smacks Julian across the face. Sam was with Lucas and she told him all about their new step-mom. He said that Julian is dead to him and the same is to her. She thinks that he used the most painful thing to ever happen happened again. Sam sad she never would talk with him again but he is dead to her. Sam is not listening to him anymore. She thinks that Lucas and her will be better off without him in their lives. They will support Leo if he comes to that conclusion as well.

Olivia explains that she was on the phone with a psychic. They both think it is a total scam. Robert explains that the aboriginals are very spiritual people. They look at it as a natural part of life. Olivia needs some hope her son will be ok since the world is moving on without him. She needs hope. Robert knows she doesn’t want to give up hope. He doesn’t either. There is nothing crazy about that. Ned looks at the two of them.

Brook Lynn thinks it all makes sense. The shares were no for him. She demands to know who took those shares. She demands to know who got them.

Laura finds Valentin and asks if he got an invitation for the portrait. Laura knows that Nikolas is asking for trouble. Valentin threw it away.

Julian walks back into the courtroom. The judge asks where his next witness is. Diane wonders how long they are supposed to wait. Jax and Nina walk in. Martin calls Nina to the stand. Carly asks Jax what she is doing. Jax has no idea.

Maxie looks at her calendar. Peter asks if she is sure that everything is ok. Maxie thinks that she will see a doctor.

The assistant gives Sasha more coke.

Laura calls Anna to talk about Robert. She is worried about him.

Ned spoke with Tracy. He has Luke’s latest burner phone. He is expecting his call. Robert tells Olivia to look out for her son. Olivia guesses you never know who will come up with the best words to say.

Link says the person who bought the shares wants to stay anonymous. Valentin walks over. He says hello. He has been looking forward to this.

Nina swears to tell the whole truth so help her God…

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