GH Update Wednesday 5/20/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/20/20


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Sonny tells Jason that he took too long to ask Mike what he wanted. He thinks that if Elizabeth is wrong and he wants to fight then he has every right to do so. He wonders what he can fight for though. He has nothing to look forward to anymore. Sonny thinks his heart can beat but his brain cannot keep memory. He doesnít know how much more he can do. Jason knows he wants answers but he can only tell him what he would want in Mikeís place.

Lulu asks Laura if she saw the invitation for Nikolas and Avaís portrait unveiling.

Nikolas saw some of Avaís artwork this morning. He also ran into Franco at the gym. Ava hopes that he didnít use Franco as his punching bag. Nikolas wonders if there is something that Franco and him should be fighting over.

Elizabeth will most likely accept Nikolas as a friend. Franco reminds her that he ran her sister out of town.

Diane tells Michael and Willow to go back in so she can talk to Carly. Carly thinks that the judge needs to know that Nelle should never get custody.

Willow wonders if Michael still has photos of him and Sasha. Michael deleted them since he is a married man. Willow knows he is grateful and hurting just like her. It makes her feel good that they are going through this together. Michael keeps reminding himself why they are here today with pictures.

Nelle says that she doesnít claim to be perfect but she does have a child. She isnít asking for custody for any reason other than for her child. Martin tells her to try that again once more with feeling.

Lulu thinks that this is just a way to get them to see Ava. Lulu thinks that Nikolas brought her on himself. Laura still loves him and he is still a part of their family. Lulu reminds her that she is the mayor and would be representing the city of PC. Lulu thinks that she is giving Ava her stamp of approval. She asks if she is really prepared to do that.

Ava thinks that Franco is ruled by things. Ava thinks that Nikolas must have shown Elizabeth the letter from Spencer. Ava wonders how he responded to Spencerís proposal.

Nelle wonders if Martin has any other unwanted advice. Martin wants her to tell the truth. Nelle has Nina as a character witness. Julian walks in.

Diane asks if Sonny will be in court today. Carly explains that he is with Mike. Diane thinks that is fine.

Willow has nothing to be ashamed of with this. Michael knows that Martin will dig his family through this and some of this will splash on her. Willow thinks for better or worse. Michael thinks that when this is over they will go somewhere fun. Willow will take him up on this.

Jason explains that he doesnít want tubes or machines keeping him alive. Sonny doesnít think that he had kids back then. Jason would never want his kids to see him in a bed where he canít be recognized or feed himself. Jason wishes that Mike hadnít but this on Sonny. Sonny thinks that there is a lot that Mike and him didnít talk about or share. Sonny thinks that now it is too late.

Ava takes his silence to mean that he hasnít heard from Spencer yet. Nikolas wonders if Spencer is really willing to lose the Cassadine fortune. Ava thinks if he didnít care about him he would have wanted him. Ava thinks that he wants to be with him. Nikolas isnít going to let her keep the money.

Elizabeth feels that Nikolas can be selfish but he can also be so kind. She is just trying to understand him. One minute he is cold but the next minute she has flashes of the friend she used to know. Elizabeth knows her feelings for Nikolas are complicated.

Diane asks Carly where she was when Michael got married to Nelle. Carly explains that Nelle claimed that she pushed her down a flight of stairs. She was proved not guilty. She came to tell her that Michael and her were engaged. She said that she was trapped and left to rot. Nelle wanted her to know that she had won. Martin wonders what kind of business she is engaged in. Carly owns a hotel. Martin wonders about Sonny. Martin asks her to talk about what happened in April of 1998. Carly shot Tony Jones. Carly was sent to Shady Brook. Diane thinks that it is a matter of public record that Nelle lied in court about attempted murder in order to cause Carly harm. She asks if she has ever attempted to cause her harm. Carly never has. Diane calls Michael to the stand.

Laura thanks Lulu for looking out for her. Laura thinks that someone needs to look out for her. Lulu thinks that Nikolas could have become a Cassadine through and through. Laura will never give up on Nikolas ever. Nikolas sows up at her door. He asks if he can come in.

Elizabeth thinks that Avaís career comes a second to herself. Ava walks over. She has something for Franco. She has a check for the balance due on her portrait. He deserves every penny.

Michael first got to know Wiley when he was asked to be the Godfather. He felt connection to Wiley. He thought that Wiley needed him. when he found out that Wiley was his son he realized that he needed him. Martin asks if he just got married. Martin wants to submit the marriage license for only a few short hours of yesterday. Martin thinks that given the timing of the marriage, he wonders if he loves his wife. Michael thinks that Willow is compassionate and courageous so yes he does. Martin asks why he didnít marry her earlier. Martin asks if he is in-love with her. Michael loves her but he is not in-love with her. Martin asks if he married Willow for love or to put on a show for this court. Michael did marry Willow for love of Wiley. Martin is not asking about Wiley. Martin thinks he has a marriage of convenience.

Sonny wonders if Mike is listening to music or nothing. Sonny didnít get a lot of time with his dad. He is grateful for getting Mike back. Sonny is here fighting for his father. Sonny is just losing him a little more every day.

Nikolas asks Lulu how Charlotte is. Lulu says fine. Nikolas admits that he did something wrong with letting Charlotte believe that he was her bodyguard. Lulu tells him that Valentin and her are sharing Charlotte. Nikolas needs advice on Spencer. He is willing to come back into his life if he dumps Ava. Lulu wonders what he is waiting for. This is a no brainer. Laura wants to know what is stopping him.

Franco gets a check for 15,000 dollars. Ava thinks that Franco will be swamped with commissions. Elizabeth suggests that she bring the best out in Nikolas. She has seen the good in Nikolas.

Michael thinks Willow and him are willing to give Wiley the best childhood possible. He thinks that Wiley is worth this. Martin has no further questions.

Willow feels that putting her baby up for adoption was the hardest thing she has ever had to do but she thought it was important. Her babyís father was Shiloh. Diane explains that Nelle married Shiloh but before that he rapped women, kidnapped, and so on. Diane asks how it felt to know that Michaelís son was alive when her child wasnít. Willow admits the grief was hard but she was so happy for Michael. Michael asked her to stay in Wileyís life. Michael said that Wiley needed her. She saw that he was right. She realizes now that the best thing for Wiley is to give him a real family one with her and Michael. Diane thanks Willow. Martin wants to know the other side of the story involving her.

Laura wonders if Nikolas will lose all his money and Spoon Island. Lulu knows that Spencer is a good kid but has expensive taste. Laura knows that Spencer felt very betrayed by Ava. Laura thinks that he doesnít need her to tell him what to do here. Laura thinks that he can do the right thing. Nikolas thanks Laura. Laura thanks him for her flowers. Lulu wonders what that was about.

Ava hopes that Elizabeth will come to the party for Nikolasí sake. Elizabeth is going to go and sign out and then they can go home together. Ava thought she was doing something good for them. If this is going to have a negative impact on anyone then she will stop. Franco hopes that one day the boys will forgive him for what he did. Ava wonders if Elizabeth can.

Martin asks about why her employment was terminated at the school. Willow admits that they claimed that she inserted herself into childrenís lives. Martin asks if that is how she intends to care for Wiley. Martin asks who will be there to protect Wiley from her. Diane asks if the school gave Willow a letter of recommendation when she left. Willow did. She also has a performance evaluation from her current job. Which is also glowing. Diane has nothing else to add.

Jason remembers when Mike was a bartender at Lukeís club. He would always try and connect with you. He didnít realize it at the time but he was just trying to win back his trust and be someone to count on. Then he gambled and lied and Sonny would bail him out every time and then the disappointment would be like this wall between them. Then Mike would go back to work and then tell another crazy story. Sonny should have been forgiving. Jason is maybe not saying it right but Mike never gave up. He just accepted it because he knew that the wall was there in the first place because he is his dad. Mike loves him. He wants Sonny to be ok. It is up to Sonny to keep him here or let him go. He will be doing what Mike wants. Jason will take off unless he needs him. Sonny is going to spend some time with his dad. Sonny really appreciates Jason. Sonny tells Mike that he still has the card that was signed by the baseball player. He asks if he remembers that.

Laura was just reminding Nikolas to not underestimate Spencer. Lulu knows that there is something that she is not telling her. Lulu thinks that her capacity for forgiveness is amazing. Laura loves Lulu. She hopes that Nikolas has learned his lesson and is willing to change.

Nikolas calls Spencer. He got his letter and he is ready with the response.

Franco tells Elizabeth to not forget the flowers. Elizabeth thanks him.

Martin calls Nelle to the stand.

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