GH Update Tuesday 5/19/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/19/20


Written by Anthony

Carly assumes that Diane would be telling Martin to drop the suit. Carly thinks that this is about what Willow and Michael can do right for Wiley.

Sonny wonders why he would do this with Nelle. Jason walks in. Sonny doesnít think that the conversation is over.

Nelle asks Nina why she is here. Nelle needed to change. Nelle was wondering if she could testify on her behalf. Nelle is fighting to stay in her sons life. Nina was reexamining her life a little bit. She believes her daughter is alive. Nelle is thrilled for her. She is sure she will see what she sees for her. Nelle is sure that she will see her being the gold star of moms.

Franco thinks that she deserves to have a good breakfast. Elizabeth promises she is fine. Nikolas helped her move past things. Franco wonders if Nikolas found her sister yet. Elizabeth will see him later. Scott assumes that Franco said something stupid. Franco thinks that Nikolas helped her feel better.

Nikolas shows Mike a recent picture of Spencer. Nikolas wonders if he remembers his grandson. Elizabeth looks at them.

Scott knows that Nikolas and Elizabeth were friends for years. If Elizabeth gets confused about anything then she might get things in check. Scott wouldnít trust Nikolas Cassadine about anything.

Nikolas thinks that Spencer is in Europe right now. He is unforgettable like Mike. He has developed this fine tune about right and wrong. He thinks that it was a lot more flexible when he was younger. Nikolas thinks that Spencer is a good boy. He will want to see him. He needs Mike to hang in there. Nikolas says hi to Elizabeth. Elizabeth overheard them. Elizabeth assumes that he hasnít heard from Spencer. Nikolas cannot find himself to tell Spencer that he might lose the Cassadine estate. Nikolas is trying to work on getting their friendship back. Nikolas didnít know she would be here. Elizabeth thinks that even if Mike cannot appreciate this she still does.

Diane is sorry for the delay. Diane was just letting Alexis know about Julian and Nelle. Diane assumes that Nelle wanted a husband to level the playing field. Martin walks over and explains that Michael will make a great father for Wiley.

Sonny wants to know what Nelle has on him. Julian was Wileyís grandfather for almost two years. He will be going now. Sonny doesnít know why he married Nelle. Julian thinks that Nelle loves Wiley in her own way. Julian explains that he and Nelle started talking and they clicked to be a good family for Wiley. Sonny tells Julian to get rid of his wife and annul the marriage now.

Nina wonders when Nelle is due back in court. Nelle just went and changed out of her wedding dress. Nina asks who she married. Nina married Julian. Nina knows Julian. Nina had no idea that they were in a relationship. Nelle reminds her that Julian was Bradís father-in-law. Julian thought that Wiley was his grandson. Nina asks if Julian and her were dating. Nelle explains that she was a wreck so she went to Charlies to grab a glass of wine. She thought that they would be terrified if Wiley was not in their lives anymore. Nina guesses this is a ploy to get custody.

Diane is curious. Martin would be happy to enlighten them. Martin thinks that love operates in mysterious ways. Diane has an entire photo gallery. Michael explains that Willow protected Wiley and went to jail for him. Martin thinks that Willow would do anything for Michael himself.

Sonny tells Julian to annul the marriage. Julian tells him that he doesnít get to have a play in his life. Julian reminds Jason that he is still Dannyís grandfather. Jason asks what that matters. Sonny thinks he needs to do what needs to be done before it is too late.

Elizabeth explains she spoke to Mikeís caregivers. He is like this a lot. Nikolas should have made this visit when he came back. Elizabeth thinks that he made her feel better about the art thing with Franco. Elizabeth thinks that he is super sorry now. Elizabeth is bothered that Ava is exploiting his past. Nikolas thinks that if all goes well this could be a new start to a venture for them. Elizabeth thinks they have a tone like something is up. Nikolas feels like they were getting closer during the portrait sessions.

Scott tells Franco that he knows Elizabeth. She loves him and worships him. When you belittle her and dismiss her about artÖ You have to keep an eye about Nikolas. When it comes to Ava he is in over his head. She will make him nuts. Franco doesnít care. She wonít fall for him. Scott guesses that he is right. He is just saying that what happened to him with his first wife Laura that he never thought that working at a disco with his friend Luke could never have gone wrong.

Nikolas is hoping that one day Spencer might forgive him. Spencer thinks that ten percent would still be enough for Spencer. Elizabeth tells him to sacrifice his money for his son. Sonny and Jason show up. He didnít expect to see him here. Sonny heard from Spencer. He is wondering why he didnít hear from him. Sonny wonders why he wouldnít just cut Ava off. Sonny tells Nikolas that he dug his own grave when he married Ava.

Martin feels that their marriage is even more suspect. Willow thinks that Julian is putting Wiley at risk. Martin thinks the slander keeps on coming for her. Willow wonders how he could even consider representing Nelle. Martin thinks that Willow has a temper. Michael tells Willow they should go and take a break. Carly thinks that Nelle must have something on Julian. Martin wonders how Michael and Willow getting married is different than Nelle and Julian.

Nelle doesnít think that Willow has a strong bond with Wiley. Nelle thinks that she has an understanding that this connection is going to have. Nina thinks that she has tension with Julia. Nelle thinks that marriages like this happened like this. Nina had a quickie wedding with someone who stole her money. Nina doesnít want that to happen to her. Nelle thinks that would never happen to her because it would backfire on him.

Jason and Elizabeth walk out from Mikeís room. He is sleepy. Elizabeth says that is the case for most of the day. Sonny knows. Jason asks what is really going on with Mike.

Sonny asks Mike how the Yankees are doing. It looks like he brought them luck. He needs that luck to go to Michael. Sonny asks if he remembers when he first met Wiley and thought it was Michaelís son. He was right. He is Michaelís son. Sonny tells him he has to stick around. He asks if he wants to do that. Sonny looks at him. He thinks that they are fighting hard to get Wiley home so that Michael can share his life with Wiley. Sonny wishes he could have shared his life with him. Sonny thought when he brought him home from Brooklyn that they would have a lot more time and get to make up for those lost years. He assumes that Mike wants that himself. He tries to get him to talk.

Elizabeth thinks that when they refuse to eat and sleep a lot, Mike is done fighting and wants to let go. He is holding on for Sonnyís sake.

Nina knows that Julian presents himself as a changed man but he is dangerous. Nelle thinks that he values himself way too much to not play by her rules. Nelle feels that Julian knows that this marriage is best for everyone including Wiley.

Carly thinks that Nelle wants to use that little boy and kids sense these things. Diane agrees that Michael and Willow will give Wiley a stable home. Diane asks if they think that Julian is a surprise witness, there are questions she has been wanting to ask for years. He held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her. She can only imagine what he will be like with Nelle.

Nikolas thinks it is funny to run into Franco at the gym. He just ran into Elizabeth at Turning Woods.

Elizabeth thinks that this will make Mike miserable. She is sorry to tell him this. Jason knew he would get a straight answer from her. Elizabeth thinks that Sonny needs to give Mike permission to go.

Sonny doesnít know what he wants him to do. Sonny is going to go and he will ask him again tomorrow. He kisses him on the head.

Sonny tells Jason and Elizabeth he seems tired. Elizabeth has to get to work. She will come back and check on him though. Sonny thanks her for being here for him. Elizabeth says of course. He asks Jason what he missed.

Franco would like to know why he would have an issue with Elizabeth forgiving him. Nikolas is just hoping he is sure. Some men donít like their wives having male friends. Franco has a solid marriage. Nikolas knows he does. Franco thinks the only thing not phony about him and Ava is the post-nup. Nikolas is grateful that Franco is there for Ava.

Ava asks if she is blackmailing Julian. Nelle made a deal. She had to resort to some desperate measures to make sure that she could keep her son. Nelle thinks that Wiley is her child. No one should be able to take them away from them.

Diane thinks that a man and woman who have a friendship is better than Nelle. Martin wonders if Carly reminded them of who her husband was this morning.

Sonny puts headphones on for Mike to listen too. This way his memories can come back. Sonny thinks that it was like he didnít even register that he was there. Sonny asks what Elizabeth said to him.

Nikolas cannot wait to see Avaís portrait. Nikolas is sure that his princess bride and him have found something perfect. Nikolas thinks that it is a new him and a new day. He is sure that it will be a painting for the ages with a party too match.

Carly thinks that if he uses Sonny against Michael it would be his funeral. Diane tells him to attend to Nelle. Martin will see her in court. Diane tells her not to issue death threats to lawyers. She cannot let Martin get to her. They need to get back to court.

Nelle needs to get back to court. She is so excited. Nelle asks if they are good. She is the only friend she has. She would like to count on her his afternoon. Nina thinks she can do this for Wiley.

Franco gives Elizabeth flowers and wants her to forgive him. Elizabeth thinks that Nikolas already helped her forgive him. Elizabeth thinks she is a wrong way from friendship with Nikolas.

Sonny tells Jason that music is a good thing for Mike. Brook Lynn put on a concert for him. It jolted memories. He asks what Elizabeth said to him. She is a fantastic nurse. Jason explains that sleeping and being awake and not responsive usually means that they are ready to go. She thinks that Mike is just waiting for him to give permission.

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