GH Update Monday 5/18/20

General Hospital Update Monday 5/18/20


Written by Anthony

Curtis thinks that Molly and TJ having a domestic partnership is a good thing. Jordan wants to help anyway that she can. Curtis wants them to celebrate. Jordan thinks that Alexis should have been included. Molly thinks that Alexis will have opinions for sure. Sonny walks over and wanted to congratulate both of them. He wanted to welcome TJ to the family. TJ thinks that Molly is the best person that he knows.

Ava tells Lucy that an all cash offer is not a bad thing. Cyrus walks over. She asks who he is.

Alexis asks Sam why they are at the gym. Sam thinks that this will improve her concentration. Alexis wants a massage. Sam doesn’t want her standing around moping. Alexis wants to mope and is good at it. Sam reminds her that they all stayed at her house last night. Alexis has been a lawyer her entire life. She deserves a week to mourn her life. She is disbarred. She wonders what she is if she isn’t a lawyer.

The judge asks Martin where Nelle is. The judge thinks that they have waited long enough. Nelle bursts in saying she is sorry. The most incredible thing just happened. Nelle explains that this hearing is the most important thing in the world to her. Her new husband and her were delayed. Carly rolls her eyes.

Sam tells Alexis to ask for an appeal. Alexis explains that perjury is against the law. Sam suggests that she sit back and look at what she can do next. Alexis will stay home and binge watch TV. Sam tells her that is not why she brought her here. Alexis kicks the punching bag. Brando walks over. Alexis would rather not workout at all. Brando asks if she needs rescuing. Alexis does. Sam walks over and asks why he is talking with her mother.

Sonny explains that Kristina explained the domestic partnership angle to him. He thinks if they are happy then that is all that matters. Sonny asks if TJ is alright. TJ thinks his only concern is that he has not been able to give Mac much in terms of his kidnapping. Sonny wonders what Mac has turned up so far. Curtis thinks that they are just glad that TJ is back right now. Sonny agrees and congratulates him. Molly never wants to be away from him again. Molly only wants that too.

Cyrus is new to PC. He was skeptical about Lucy to be honest but she understands real estate. Cyrus is aware of her reputation as a gallery owner. He heard that she is going to be showing a new piece by Franco at Wyndemere. That should make for an interesting evening. Ava will not be putting him on the guest list.

Cam asks Joss how she is feeling. Joss knows it has been a year since Oscar died. She still misses him and always will. She thinks when she thinks about Oscar she smiles more than she cries. She feels that she has been a little absent lately. Joss hated house arrest. It is official, no more hiding away with her journal. Trina is glad she has admitted to having her journal. Joss misses her friends. Trina welcomes Joss back.

Martin thinks that a wedding is a blessed event. Nelle is indeed newly married. Julian walks into the court room. He reluctantly walks over to her. Willow is shocked that Nelle would marry Julian. Nelle is sorry that they lost track of time. The judge tells Martin to get her client under control. She is not to talk with the court until asked a question. The judge asks for a valid license. Martin sees it and explains that it is in order. The judge looks at it. He is going to look for a brief recess. Then he will proceed. He wants no more outbursts.

Alexis and Brando meet each other. Alexis explains that she is Kristina’s mother. She heard that she met her third daughter as well. Brando explains that she brought her car into his shop. Alexis heard all about it. Brando thinks it is nice to meet her. Alexis can see why she slept with him. He has a nice sense of humor and is cute. Sam doesn’t see it.

Sonny sends over TJ and Molly drinks. Jordan goes to thank him in person. Sonny is shocked that he hasn’t heard from her. Jordan thinks that TJ is safe. Sonny wonders what happens when Mac finds out about Cyrus. Jordan can handle her own people.

Cyrus is shocked that Ava doesn’t want to collab with him more. Ava thinks that Cyrus is responsible for a good friend of hers losing her father. Cyrus thinks that her penthouse fits him perfectly. He gets a phone call. Sonny walks over. He asks what the hell she is doing. Sonny thinks she always takes one step forward and eighty-five steps backwards. Sonny wonders if she knows where Cyrus’ money comes from. Sonny asks why she would do business with him. Ava explains that she had no idea about this.

Joss thinks they should do something fun after school tomorrow. Trina and Cam are playing a game tomorrow. Joss wonders if they don’t want them to go.

Curtis thinks they could do something outside. Jordan thinks that she has been so quiet. She wants to have a girl talk with Molly.

Diane thinks that the shot gun wedding could work in their favor but they shouldn’t get ahead of themselves. Diane doesn’t want them to engage. Diane will have her game face on. She was thinking that Alexis might finally have something good and then Julian marries Nelle.

Martin demands to know what Nelle was thinking. Nelle thinks that Julian and her couldn’t wait to show off her new husband.

Carly explains that Nelle already knew about Willow. Michael wonders who called about Nelle Carly admits it was Sasha.

Curtis reminds TJ he was kidnapped and held hostage. That would freak anyone out. TJ is not sleeping well. He keeps having these nightmares that he is going to be kidnapped. He feels so pathetic. Curtis thinks what he went through was traumatic. He can reach out to him for whatever reason. TJ thinks what he needs is to pull himself together before he runs Molly away.

Sonny asks if she is still going to do business with him. Ava thinks that Sonny doesn’t exactly have an upstanding business. Sonny thinks that his business is as legit as her own. Sonny gets a text message. Ava wonders if it is important news. Sonny tells her to ask her brother.

Molly asks if she is upset about the domestic partnership. Jordan is upset with the way that she acted. Jordan really is sorry. Jordan really never meant to hurt her. She wouldn’t want to see her son with anyone else.

Alexis is going to use the steam room. Sam walks over to Brando. She asks if he has a minute.

Michael asks if Sasha really gave them the info. Carly explains she was afraid that someone might try to hurt the case. Diane explains that since Sasha wasn’t a good look for him, then neither is Julian. Diane thinks that the visuals tell the story. Carly thinks that getting married to Nelle is the issue. Diane thinks that being devoted looks good for Wiley’s wellbeing. The judge comes back. Diane explains that what at stake here is what is best for a young child. There are many reasons as to why this makes sense to give Michael soul custody. Michael’s first priority is to his son. His adoptive parents actually asked him to be the godfather a responsibility that he took very seriously. As has his wife Willow. They live in a multi-generational home where they will allow him to feel loved and safe. Diane tells Willow to keep calm. She will refute any lies. She cannot lose her cool right now. Willow understands. Nelle tells Martin that she is counting on him. Martin thinks a heads up about the wedding would have been helpful.

Brando promises to stay away from her mother. Sam was actually going to say sorry to him. She is sorry that she gave him a hard time at his garage. Brando accepts her apology. He thinks that they could be satisfied with a silent nod from across the room. Sam will take that.

Jordan has a lot going on at work. TJ heard about Cyrus. He then heard about him being framed. Molly really admires Jordan’s integrity.

Cyrus knows that Ava shares a daughter with Sonny. Ava needs nothing from him. Cyrus wants to talk about the penthouse. Ava wouldn’t do that to Trina She tells him to never mention her daughter again.

Cam would love for Joss and Dev to play with them. Joss looks forward to proving she is worthy of playing. Joss can have fun. She looks forward to proving it to them. Joss explains that her and Dev have to get back to the house. Joss thinks that Cam and Trina thought they didn’t want to go. Dev doesn’t think that Cam has any idea how to act around her. He clearly likes her.

Martin tells the judge Nelle’s lie about being in labor by herself. Martin thinks for all those months she grieved for a baby that she thought that dead. Nelle received early release from prison for heroism. Lucas Jones returned the child to his father. Michael has only thought of himself. Nelle had to petition a court to allow her to see her own child. Her client found love though.

Cam missed all four of them hanging out as a group. Trina admits that it was nice to be with just him though. He has been great for her. He has been great for her and she never said thank you. Cam will always have her back.

Dev thinks that they should go. Joss asks if Cam really likes her. Joss wonders why Cam would start crushing on her. Dev remembers that she fake dated Cam. He probably thought it was real. Joss wonders what she is supposed to do now. Dev thinks that Cam understands that she doesn’t feel the same way back and they are just really good friends.

Cyrus wants to use Curtis for his skill set. He has some business for him.

The judge wants to take a one hour meal break. Willow asks if the judge believes what was just said. Diane tells them to keep up the looks. Diane needs t make a phone call. Nelle asks how it is going so far. Martin tells Julian to join them for testimony.

Alexis asks what Nelle has done now. Diane says that she showed up with a new husband. Nelle’s groom is Julian.

Martin is trying to paint Sonny as a bad grandfather. He can’t do that with Julian around. Julian is going to go and get some air. Nelle reminded him that he agreed to be her loving husband. Nelle guesses that all married couples deserve some time apart. She will see him after the break. Julian asks how this is his life. He tells himself to get it together. Sonny shows up. He congratulates him for marrying one of the few people he hates more than him.

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