GH Update Thursday 5/14/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/14/20


Written by Anthony

Finn tries to tell Anna a story about something that happened until he realizes that Anna is not paying attention. Anna says that it is interesting. Finn claims that the alien was very friendly. She wanted to bring home the alien for Violet. Finn assumes her mind is on Holly. Anna explains that the word frienemy might sound clichť but it is accurate for them. They were rivals but also annoyed one another. She could run a con better than anyone else. She had a lighter touch in a way and made her jealous. She kind of just expected her to show up here again but it is not going to happen now. Finn thinks the best response to a situation like this is to make a life affirming choice. Anna asks if he has something in mind. Finn does actually.

Sasha is awoken by a phone call from Maxie. She reminds her that she has her photoshoot today. She is so sorry. She overslept. Maxie tells her she has five minutes or she finds another model. Lulu wonders how this is going.

Laura thanks Jax for his donation to the homeless shelter. He wonders how the fundraiser went. Laura thinks that it went great because of him. Jax is grateful for her hard work and integrity. Jax thinks she has an amazing ability to inspire people.

Sasha runs into Nina in the elevator. Nina wonders if she had a tough morning. Sasha doesnít think she does. Nina thinks she does.

Valentin guesses he is closer to owning ELQ than he realizes.

Carly tells Chase that she regrets what Michel and Willow did cost him.

Diane wonders where Michael has been. She thinks that moving forward his priority needs to be Wiley. Even a mother as awful as Nelle cannot be around forever. Willow shows up. She asks how it went at Turning Woods. Diane sees Michaelís ring. She thinks that this ring belongs to his wife now. Michael admits that Willow and him got married last night.

Finn thinks they should finally get married. He thinks that they could at least pick a date and send out invitations. Anna assumes that after Violetís party he wants to do another celebration. Anna thinks that this is a great thing. Anna suggests August. It gives them time to plan and what she plans to wear. Finn loves August. Robert walks in. He knows that Holly died and they are going about life like something happened. Robert tells Anna that she cannot be telling people what he can and canít be told.

Chase hopes that Michael and Willow give Wiley the life he deserves.

Nina knows about Michael and Sasha breaking up. Nina thinks that the person she hurt the most is her. She already stuck the knife in. Nina hopes that Sasha finds peace and does find love. She hopes that the pain is gone forever. Sasha gets out of the elevator.

Maxie screams for someone named Alice. Lulu tells Maxie she works best during a crisis. She thinks that this was her moment in the spotlight. She wonders if Maxie sees power here. She doesnít. This is her dream. Sasha walks in. Charlotte thought she was supposed to be the face of this. Sasha goes to get her makeup on. Lulu thinks that there is nothing but a straight road ahead. Maxie thinks that she had a decent boss before. Nina walks in and tell her that when she has doubts she always goes to the person whose opinion she trusts the most. Her.

Mac tells Anna and Finn to stay out of this. Anna asks Finn to get some coffee. Anna assumes that he was talking with Mac. Robert wonders why she couldnít tell him. Anna has no proof of foul play right now. She promises to tell him when she knows. Robert wonders what she thinks. Robert wonders if there is enough proof she was murdered.

Nina wanted to offer moral support. Maxie thinks that this makes her more nervous. Lulu explains to Nina that she is under a deadline. She was wondering she could take Charlotte to see Valentin. Nina thinks that is fine. Nina knows that Maxie left Crimson to be the superstar that she is. She knows that those that freak out or play it small are no stars. She tells Maxie to be a star.

Jax was shocked that Valentin didnít fight harder to get the Cassadine estate. Laura wonders if he realized that it was both a blessing and a curse. Laura thinks that Valentin will find a way to make money.

Martin was able to get shares from many other people within the company. Martin needs to get to the courtroom for Nelle. Valentin knows that Jason has no interest in ELQ and then there are Drew, Scout, and Dannyís shares. Martin will look into it.

Diane explains that Willow must realize that the Corinthos and Quartermaine families are both difficult but fun. Michael is the best of the lot. Diane thinks that this is not just some court room stunt. She really thinks that they will be happy together. Diane will send a gift. Willow thinks the only gift they need is to know that Nelle was defeated.

Carly didnít appreciate noble people until she had Michael. Michael was just a baby. What this person did made his life so much better. Chase hopes that it works out that way for Wiley. Carly does too. She thinks that if he ever crosses paths with the person who made that happen, she will always cherish their selfless actions. Chase will let them know. Carly leaves.

Charlotte tells Valentin that she saw someone put makeup on Sasha. She used to feel bad for Sasha but now she feels bad for her. Valentin thinks they should get going. Nina thinks that Valentin might let them have a girls night out this week. Laura walks over and hugs Charlotte. Nina tells Jax she is sorry she is late. She had a special delivery. Laura leaves them. Jax asks what she had to talk about. Nina wanted to thank him for all the handholding while she dealt with Charlotte. She cannot lean on him forever. It is time that she focus on her own life.

Lulu thinks she would make a great general for the army. Maxie is going to get her photographer. Lulu wanted to ask her a few questions. She wonders where she sees herself in five years. Sasha tries to take things one day at a time. She cannot begin to imagine what tomorrow looks like. Maxie asks what she said to her. Maxie tells Sasha to go and get her makeup together. Maxie wants to care about her personal life but today they are business women. They have deadlines and media buyouts. She needs to pull it together. She can have a great cry tomorrow. Sasha will do her own makeup and it wonít take long. Maxie hopes she doesnít make her regret things.

Carly wonders where Nelle is. Martin doesnít think that they have been introduced yet. Martin assumes that she doesnít believe that people deserve a trial. Carly asks if he knows who Sonny is.

Sasha continues to cry as she starts to think about Michael.

Robert wonders if Anna thinks that Holly could still be alive. Anna thinks that if he thought that she was alive then he would go and chase ghosts like he always does. Robert explains that they thought that Holly was dead before. Her and Robert were together so she stayed away. Robert thinks that there are enough strange things in here to make them believe she is still alive. Robert has a few calls to make.

The photographer hands Sasha something to get her through the shoot. Itís coke. She thinks that it will help.

Lulu tells Chase that Maxie is talking with the photographer right now. Lulu thinks that Chase is really good at hiding the jerk underneath him. Chase wonders what he can do to help. Lulu tells him to get Sasha to figure things out.

Martin is sure that Carly knows how to not make incriminating statements. Carly thinks that an ambitious lawyer like herself would know things. Willow and Michael walk over next to Diane. Willow tells Martin she is married now.

Laura asks how drop off was. Valentin says that he is taking Charlotte riding. Valentin tells Laura that he intended to let Charlotte go for her own good. He realized that was going to look like abandonment. Laura did ask Lulu to compromise. She doesnít want him to regret it.

Lulu thinks that whatever Chase says canít be worse than this. Maxie thinks this could be over.

Chase asks if Sasha had a bad day. Chase explains that Carly appreciates what she called their sacrifice. Sasha never thought it be this hard.

Nina comforted Sasha this morning. She found Maxie drowning in self-doubt. Nina thinks that Charlotte still needs her too. Nina knows she didnít want to look for her daughter but denying her feelings is not something she can look over. Jax will look for her child. Nina says no.

Michael asks what Carly said. Diane tells Carly not to try and intimidate him. Diane will not let her let him do anything. Diane thinks that Martin is a shark looking for blood. The judge shows up. Willow wonders where Nelle is.

Anna explains that Robert and Holly had a unique relationship. She doesnít think that he ever stopped loving her. She is afraid he is going to start neglecting his life. Anna thinks that there will be a lot of unanswered questions.

Chase thinks that everything they did was worth it. Chase thinks they did a good thing, Chase could hardly get out of bed this morning. Chase could only think about Willow and the sound of her voice. Chase tells Sasha to make her dream start happening today. Sasha will be right out.

Laura wonders if Nikolas and Spencer are safe. Valentin guesses. Laura thinks right now he can write his own future. Laura needs him to become the man he is meant to be. Valentin wonders who that is because he would like to know. Laura thinks a man who puts his family first.

Chase thinks that Sasha will be fine in a moment. Chase promises he is the same guy that they always thought he was. Sasha walks in overly happy. Maxie tells Chase to get out.

Nina thinks that this should have been her job to find her child.

Martin demands that Nelle get to court on the phone. Martin walks back in to explain that things are going to be fine. Diane explains that Nelle could lose custody. Nelle runs in saying she just had the most incredible thing happen with her finger up.

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