GH Update Wednesday 5/13/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/13/20


Written by Anthony

Chase takes a shower and Willow shows up behind him. She says that she couldnít stay away. He wakes up in bed alone.

Willow wakes up in her bedroom looking at her new wedding ring on her bedside table. She thinks about her wedding to Michael the night before.

Michael walks into the Quartermaine living room. He tells Brook Lynn that he feels ready for this. Brook Lynn thinks that he is doing this and he is ready. Michael thinks that one day she will marry herself. Brook Lynn wonders when. She knows that this is Willow the woman who teaches sick children. She is the perfect wife and step-mom and that is all that matters.

Ava and Avery show Mike pictures that Avery drew. Mike can tell which picture is a drawing of him by the lack of hair.

Olivia is shocked to see Carly here today. Carly was sitting at home worried about Wileyís custody today. Olivia is out of tornados today but she is here for her. Carly wonders if she has any words of wisdom on mother-in-law hood. Olivia tells her to slap on a smile.

Robert wakes up in Lauraís living room. She asks if she should be offended that he doesnít remember where he is. She says good morning sunshine.

Michael thinks that Wiley and him hit the jackpot with Willow. He knows how much that Willow gave up for him and Wiley. He doesnít want her to regret it. Brook Lynn thinks that this has nothing to do with him though. Willow is still trading up because he is an amazing guy. She is speaking as a single woman. He is smart and loyal and always puts his family first. She seems like the kind of person to put the sense into things.

Mac demands to know why Chase isnít at work. Chase says he will be there in ten minutes.

Laura makes Robert a cup of coffee. Robert wonders where Kevin is. Laura says that he is wrapping up an overnight shift at the psych ward. Laura thinks they can pick up where they left off. Robert wonders where they left off. Laura laughs. She explains that he showed up at her door last night falling down drunk. She managed to get him to the couch. She went up to bed afterwards. Robert thinks she is a vision of true evilness. Laura wonders what brought him to her door late at night.

Laura wonders if she is not a fan of Dustin. Dustin and Lulu walk over. Lulu explains that Dustin is meeting Brook Lynn here. Lulu explains that Rocco also wanted to get a recipe. Lulu explains the cupcakes are for take your dad to school day.

Ava tells Avery to show Mike some other pictures. Sonny didnít know that she was dropping by. Ava said that she wanted to see him. Sonny asks how he is holding up. Ava explains that he is not talking much. Ava thinks that Avery understand what is happening. So, being here doesnít make her sad like it might make the older kids. She is just spending time with her grandfather. She wants that for her. Sonny wants that too.

Olivia asks if Dustin is really going to be there. Carly asks if she can talk with Dustin for a minute. Olivia asks Lulu what is going on. It is like she is actively trying to erase Dante from Roccoís life.

Ava assumes that the good days are further and farther between. Sonny tries to stay in the moment. He keeps wondering if he has coherent thoughts or thoughts at all. He just keeps rolling with it. He will make a precise observation. Ava thinks that is when he knows that Mike is still in there.

Laura cannot believe that Holly is dead. She can only imagine this. She knows she was so young and full of life. She is gone the next minute and ceases to exist. He is sorry for dragging her out of bed in the middle of the night. He knows that she didnít have a great relationship with her. Laura knows that she was important to him. Robert explains that she was on a ship that went down. This as no ordinary ship. Laura assumes WSB. Robert explains that Holly was doing contract work. It was another of Hollyís little secrets.

Mac tells Anna on the phone that if she hears anything else about Holly to tell him. Chase runs in and says he is sorry he is late. Mac wonders if he needs a day off. He can sense that he is not really here. If there is something he needs to do then he should.

Brook Lynn wishes Michael and Willow good luck. Michael is sorry if Brook Lynn put her on the spot. Willow thinks it is fine. Michael thinks it is funny how everyone keeps talking them up. Michael knows it is pointless. He already knows how incredible she is.

Carly tells Dustin that it is hard for Olivia to see Lulu move forward. She is not judging either of them. Lulu is going to move forward but she doesnít think she knows how that is affecting Olivia. Carly needs him to think about this from Oliviaís perspective. When you are a parent it is your instinct to fight for your kid. She explains that Dante has PTSD. This is hard for Olivia.

Lulu doesnít think that anyone is trying to erase Dante from Roccoís place. Olivia thinks that Rocco could have brought Sonny, Ned, Michael, or the mailman. Lulu explains that Rocco wanted to call Dustin his honorary uncle and wear a Yankees hat to honor Dante. Lulu explains that this is really what Rocco wants and they both know that this is what Dante would want too.

Robert hasnít seen Holly that much in the last few years. Laura knows that Holly broke her heart and ran away with a piece of it. Laura thinks that he needs to accept that it probably wonít happen.

Michael knows that Willow said he would do whatever it takes to get Wiley. Michael admits that if it werenít for her he would be very nervous. With her though he is going to win. It is not going to be easy or neat obviously. Michael knows they will get custody of Wiley. Willow heard what he said to Brook Lynn and he needs to know that she doesnít regret this and never will. She better go and get ready for court. It is her first time appearing as Mrs. Michael Corinthos and she needs to look good.

Ava explains that there was so much going on at the time when she pressed charges against Mike. She is sorry. Sonny appreciates her bringing their daughter to see his grandfather. Ava thinks anytime. Avery shows them her new picture that Mike and her made. Mike told her what to do and she did it Ava asks who is riding the bike. Mike says his son. Ava asks if he taught his son how to ride a bike. Mike nods yes Ava explains that she needs to say her goodbyes because she needs to get her to school. Sonny tells Avery to have a good time at school.

Avery asks if Mike would forget her like he did Sonny. Avery wonders if she will ever forget her. Ava tells her to try.

Brook Lynn walks over to Carly. She tells her that Michael and Willow will do great in court today. She explains that the weirdest part is that Chase gives Willow these puppy dog eyes. Carly asks what happened with him. Brook Lynn accidentally bumped Sasha in the nose. She tore the ticket up and he arrested her.

Olivia doesnít think any of them can get into Danteís head right now. Lulu has no doubt that the Dante that she knew would want his son to feel safe with a man as good and kind as Dustin. She thanks him for the ride.

Sonny got Mike something. It is an MP3 player with all his favorite music on it. Sonny will turn it on. He asks how it feels to him. Mike thinks that it is loud. Sonny thinks they can do this some other time. He guesses when Avery comes to visit. He asks what he thought of his little girl. Mike smiles. Sonny needs to know what he wants because the next time that he asks him he might not be able to say anything. He wonders if he wants help and wants to stay. Sonny wonders if he wants to go. A doctor asks to speak with Sonny for a moment. Sonny says he will be right there. Sonny says that they will be right back.

Chase does not need time off. Mac reads the report on Brook Lynn. He needs to get perspective considering he arrested her three times.

Robert thought that he must have given the ride share guy the wrong address. Laura thinks he needs to grieve Holly and say goodbye. She hugs him.

Dustin would never try to take Danteís place. Dustin deeply respects that he put his life on the line for the better good.

Laura finds Lulu at her house. She is sorry to show up like this. Lulu needs advice about blowing her relationship with Olivia.

The doctor explains that Mike has stopped eating and they canít give him food without a tube. He knows that Mike left the choice to him. Sonny needs time. Michael walks over. He thought that he was at the court house. Michael wanted to tell Mike that he got married. Sonny thinks they can talk over court. Sonny is not sure if Mike wants this or not. Michael thinks he should ask Mike this. He knows what Mike would want more than anyone. Sonny is not ready for him to go. Sonny is not sure that he is ready. Sonny wonders if he wants to stick around and see his granddaughter and see Michael and Wiley. He wonders what if he doesnít want to die.

Mac tells him to make peace with Brook Lynn. Robert shows up at the PCPD. Mac demands to know what happened. Robert washed up on Lauraís couch. He is going to take the day off. Mac has a heavily redacted report on Hollyís death.

Willow shows up at the police station. Chase smiles at her.

Robert wonders what he is missing. Mac is not convinced that ship went down on accident. Laura tells Lulu that mothers donít move on in the same say. She might be waiting for Dante to come back for the rest of her life.

Olivia knows that no one knows how to handle this. She is happy that she found someone like him. She just wants him to know that Dante is her son and she will never give up on him. Dante promises that Rocco and Lulu will never stop hoping for the same. Brook Lynn walks over and asks if he needs a drink after that. Dustin thinks that it isnít even noon.

Sonny doesnít think that Mike is starving himself. He has forgotten how to eat. He could see how happy he was with Avery. He could see it all over his face. Sonny thinks it would be a lot easier for him to just let it be over. It isnít what he wants but what Mike wants. Sonny has to admit that there was a moment. It was more than a moment but a connection. If keeping him alive for five more months will give him five more of those moments who is her to say that he cannot have that.

Chase asks what Willow is doing here. Willow admits that Michael and her got married last night. She didnít want him to hear it from anyone else. Chase asks if it really matters if he hurts or not. Willow thinks it always will. She says goodbye. Chase wishes her good luck in court. Willow thanks him. Carly walks in.

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