GH Update Tuesday 5/12/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/12/20


Brook Lynn and Julian toast to Lucas. Nelle overhears this. Brook Lynn reminds Julian that he helped pass off a stolen baby as his own child’s son. Brook Lynn wants him to be grateful that she doesn’t blab his secret to someone worse than her.

Michael and Willow show up at the Metro Court. They explain to Carly and Sonny that the agreed to get married. Carly thinks that this is great news. Sonny wonders when this is happening. Michael hopes tonight.

Lucy tells Sasha at the Floating Rib that they need her nose to be fine for tomorrow when they have the photoshoot. Lucy just hates that she agreed to that non-airbrush campaign. Sasha thinks tat this will be fine. Sasha thinks that she is getting frostbite. Lucy has bee where she is. She knows what it is like to be labeled the town tramp.

Ned tells Tracy on the phone that he intends to be the CEO but he cannot force Michael out of the company. Monica wants to know what is going on.

Portia asks if Trina is feeling any better. Trina is but she doesn’t exactly feel any less great. Cyrus walks into GH and Trina confronts him. Curtis and Jordan walk in and tells Cyrus to back off from her. Curtis thinks that he knows damn well who he is. Curtis tells him to stay the hell away from Portia and Trina. Cyrus points out that Trina came to him. Jordan tells Cyrus that they have a few things to discuss. The two walk off together. Curtis asks Trina if she is ok. Trina wants to know why he cares. He left her father alone to die in the warehouse.

Monica wonders why she has a missed call from the PCPD on her phone. Ned assumes it was from Brook Lynn. Monica wonders if she was arrested again. Ned assumes she reached out to her because he refused to pick her up. Monica wants him to be careful. He needs to remember what happened with Tracy and Edward.

Sasha asks if people are calling her the town tramp. Lucy thinks it doesn’t matter. Not everyone condemns her. Sasha needs her to stop obsessing about her nose. Lucy understands what happens when a good person is cheating on their partner. Lucy hurt Kevin a while back but now they are friends. He is happy with Laura and she is a successful business owner so all is fine.

Martin waits at the Floating Rib for Nelle. He thinks that she is trying her patience.

Julian gets a call from Leo on Olivia’s phone. Julian is going to give Brook Lynn a ride because Ned something or did something. Brook Lynn doesn’t think that Ned would hurt Leo. Julian thinks he better not have. Nelle walks out from the corner after they leave. Nelle asks where he is. Martin has been waiting for over a half hour. He is charging him for this. Nelle thinks that she has some good news.

Carly is very grateful that Willow will be part of the family. Carly couldn’t pick a better person for Michael and Wiley. She asks if this is really what she wants though. Carly wonders if she will be able to let that go.

Sonny asks Michael if he is sure that he wants to marry Willow. Michael is completely sure. Willow is the perfect step-mother. Sonny thinks that this marriage needs to last beyond the court date he asks if he is willing to have a loveless marriage. Michael has been friends with Willow for a long time now. He is doing what he has to do for his son.

Cyrus thinks that her husband is very protective. Jordan doesn’t need anyone to protect her. Cyrus has no argument from him. Cyrus knows that it is just them right now. He looks forward to her acting on his behalf.

Portia reminds Trina that her father asked Curtis to get her to safety and she is grateful for that. Trina is not.

Michael thinks that Willow is making the sacrifice as well. They can give Wiley a happy home. He is taking this as a win. Sonny is ok with this. He asking if this is going to happen tonight. Michael will take Willow to Vegas. Sonny thinks that he is going to get married in PC. Michael thinks that it is too late to get a marriage license tonight. Sonny will handle it.

Monica doesn’t want to run Ned out of the living room. Ned explains that he is ready to pack it in. Monica thanks Ned for stepping in during this situation. He promises that family looks after family. Julian and Brook Lynn walk in. He demands to know where Leo is. Leo called him very upset. He heard that Ned was being very mean to him. Ned explains that he told Leo that he couldn’t have a pet snake. Julian wonders if he can have a chat with his son. Ned wonders what she is doing with Julian.

Nelle shows up to find Martin. Martin thinks that she is in time for the bill. Nelle wants to talk strategy. Nelle asks if Willow is alright.

Jordan admits that she does serve all the people of PC. Cyrus is sure that their paths will cross again soon. He walks away. Trina thinks that Curtis’ wife is trashing her father’s life without his voice around. Curtis tells Trina that she needs to stay away from Cyrus. Trina thinks that they are just as bad as Cyrus.

Lucy has to get to the Quartermaine house. Sonny just called her to marry Willow and Michael. Nelle doesn’t think that Michael can marry her. Lucy thinks that he can. He is an heir to both. He is a Quartermaine, Corinthos, and a Spencer. He can do whatever he wants with all that influence. Nelle storms back over to Martin.

Brook Lynn reminds him that he left her to rot. Ned asks if she really called Julian. Brook Lynn needed someone to help her out. She accidentally punched Sasha in the nose. Joss shows up at the Quartermaine house. She explains that Michael and Willow are getting married here tonight.

Nelle thinks it is so obvious what Michael is trying to do. Martin cannot imagine the court will object. Nelle thinks that they need a counter move now. He needs to earn his money.

Monica heard that Joss was coming over. Ned could understand getting married for Wiley. Brook Lynn knows about Catherine Belle. Joss thinks that Willow is great and could be good enough for Michael. Carly, Sonny, Michael, and Willow show up. Michael wonders if they are all ready for a wedding.

Curtis thinks that Jordan was serving the greater good. Portia tells her to calm down. She cannot battle a dangerous criminal. She needs to stay away from him. She needs to promise to stay away. Trina will if she promises to keep Curtis and Jordan away from her.

Brook Lynn asks if she has given any thought to what she is wearing. Willow says what she is wearing right now. Brook Lynn will look for something else for her to wear. Joss looks around. Sonny walks over to Monica and thanks her for letting them into the home. Monica asks who is going to officiate the wedding. Sonny explains Lucy. Monica wonders if he could have gotten anyone other than Alan’s ex-bimbo. Sonny sees Julian. Julian tells Sonny that he wants Michael and Willow to have his best wishes. He deserves to be with Michael and not Nelle.

Martin knows that Nelle has a house and a job. Nelle thinks that Michael is a CEO and is marrying Snow White right now. Martin cannot get her a prince. Nelle thinks that he is a genius. He asks if she is going to get married. Nelle promises they don’t have to.

Michael wonders how Willow is going. Willow is not the fragile flower that he thinks she is. Michael knows. He is just grateful for this. Willow loves Wiley. When she found out that he wasn’t her son she felt such a loss. If anyone should be grateful it should be her. Willow thinks that this might work to their advantage. Michael knows that this is right. Michael is so grateful that she agreed to marry him. Michael was hoping that she would accept this. Willow sees the ring. Michael explains that it was Lila’s ring. He doesn’t really remember her but she was kind. She never got distracted by things that didn’t matter. Michael knows she was an amazing mother and a better wife than Edward deserved. Willow thinks that this is beautiful but this was his great grandmother’s. Michael thinks that she is family now. He needs her to trust him. Michael puts it on her hand.

Chase asks if Sasha is alright. She finds him on the docks. Sasha explains that Michael and Willow are getting married tonight.

Lucy has the marriage license. He sure knows some interesting people in high places. Lucy hopes he knows that there is a one day waiting period. Sonny explains that the midnight weddings are the best. Carly explains that Wiley was so excited. Sonny thinks that he can join in on the ceremony.

Sasha was at the Floating Rib with Lucy when she got the call to go to the Quartermaine’s. Nelle was there too. Chase asks if she knows. Sasha thinks that they should warn them. Chase wonders who at the wedding would actually take a call from either of them.

Carly gets a phone call. She asks Joss to watch Wiley. She tells Sasha that this is not a good time. Sasha explains that Nelle heard about the wedding. She wanted to give her a heads up. Carly will take it from here. Nothing will get in the way of this wedding tonight.

Curtis wonders if Cyrus is gone yet. Jordan is not sure. Cyrus walks past them. Curtis explains that visiting hours are over. Cyrus says that is why he is leaving. He knows that her son is working tonight. Cyrus knows that their interests are far reaching.

Nelle bangs on Julian’s door. Julian finally walks over and asks what is wrong with her. Nelle thinks he will want to hear what she has to say.

Willow walks down the stairs in a white dress. The family is all gathered in the living room. Willow looks at Wiley and smiles. She stands next to Michael. The hold hands. Lucy starts the ceremony. She explains that they are here to bond Michael and Willow in matrimony.

Chase asks if Sasha wants to join him in drinking. Sasha guesses. Sasha explains that there is a novel where two characters look-a-like and the wealthier of the two allows the other two a happy life. Chase and Sasha toast to Sidney.

Michael takes Willow to be his wife to have and to hold from this day forward for better and worse. Michael thinks to love and cherish. Willow says the same hesitantly. Michael puts the ring on her finger. Lucy says now they are husband and wife and they can kiss. Michael and Willow kiss one another. Everyone claps. Willow looks at Michael with fear.

Written by Anthony

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