GH Update Monday 5/11/20

General Hospital Update Monday 5/11/20


Brook Lynn calls Ned on the phone from the PCPD. She needs him to come pick her up. Ned hangs up the phone on her. She begs for one more phone call. Chase tells her that she only gets one. He decides to let her call one more person. He wants to see who will help her.

Nelle shows up at Charlies. Julian says that they are closed. Only to her. Nelle thinks that he should know what it is like to deal with the Corinthos family. Nelle has an offer for her.

Diane preps Michael and Willow for court. They will remain calm and stay the course. He will continue to be the same person that he always has been in Wiley’s life. Diane has seen Willow give anger in a court room. Nelle is just as bad as Shiloh if not worse. Diane thinks that they both know his favorite food and first word. Michael thinks that this could support the argument that Nelle needs more time with Wiley. Diane thinks that it is crucial for his emotional stability that he is around people who he trusts. Diane thinks that they have to do whatever it takes for Wiley.

Julian thinks that Nelle has five seconds to make a point. Nelle wonders if anyone is even speaking to Julian right now aside from Lucas and Wiley. Nelle needs to be real with him for a second. They both have one horrible thing in common. They both are victims of Brad. She couldn’t remember any of this until it all came out. Julian finds it tragic that she thinks that he would think that Brad could pull something over on her. Nelle wants to offer him a spot in her sons life on one condition.

Brook Lynn tries to call Dustin but she gets his voicemail. She needs to cut to the chase. They both know that she is not here because of the ticket. He arrested her because of her calling him out. She is not a lying jerk like him. Chase knows she is right about him. She is right about absolutely everything. He says goodbye. She still broke the law. Brook Lynn asks if she is supposed to stay here until tomorrow morning. Chase says she has a phone right in front of her. Either way he doesn’t really give a damn.

Diane explains that Nelle’s lawyers might try to paint Willow as unstable. She is going to let them try. No one aside from Michael has shown that they are able to help Wiley. They have documented histories of putting Wiley first. Diane leaves. Michael guesses they heard her. She is gold. Willow thinks that he is not so bad himself. Michael thinks that they only thing that could make her better for Wiley is if she married him.

Nelle wants Julian to testify on her behalf. He needs to say that she is a wonderful mother. He would be telling the truth. Julian is trying to see it now him trying to testify against Michael. Julian is not going to help her. Nelle will allow him to visit Wiley. Julian asks if she is going to really barter her son for custody. Nelle thinks that this is a lock for full custody. Wiley will never see another Corinthos or Quartermaine again. Julian cannot imagine Sonny being happy with that. Julian doesn’t think they are even in the same book. He loves Wiley and cares what happens to him. He begs Nelle to invite him to that court to testify on her behalf. Julian gets a call. He says no… Then on second thought he will be right there. Nelle asks if everything is ok. Julian tells a bartender that he needs her to watch the bar but not to serve Nelle because she is done here.

Nelle tries to get a bartender to serve her. Chase sits down. Nelle wants to get Chase a drink. This one on her. Chase says no. Nelle asks if he is really that afraid of her. Chase thinks afraid is not the right word.

Michael knows that before when they talked about getting married it wasn’t really an option for her. Willow knows that her situation has changed. Willow knows drastically. Michael knows that neither of them expected their marriages to go this way. Willow needs to be completely upfront. Despite what she did she is still in love with Chase. He was the first man that she loved and she never expected to have to love anyone else. She doesn’t even think that she is capable with it. She wonders if he can marry someone who is not in love with him. Michael thinks all she can ask is for her to be there for Wiley. Michael needs her to know that she is marrying a Quartermaine and a Corinthos. It is like joining a club that you cannot resign from. Her life will be very different.

Julian payed Brook Lynn’s bail. Brook Lynn thanks him for coming. Julian only showed up because it stopped him from going after someone.

Michael knows they do not love each other romantically but he profoundly cares about her. Willow thinks that he has been her rock. Michael knows that he can trust her. He relies on her honesty. She wishes she had a better way to say this but she is in awe of his integrity.

Chase will be paying for his own drink. Chase has no time for her games. Nelle thought that he would since he doesn’t have a hot little teacher warming up his bed anymore. Nelle wants to give him a second chance. Chase wonders how she became more delusional. Nelle will get whatever she wants. Michael and Willow are the delusional ones. Finn calls up Chase to get a beer with him. Chase thinks some other time.

Brook Lynn shows up at Charlies. She doesn’t want a drink. He asks why she didn’t call anyone else. Brook Lynn admits that she called everyone else first. Brook Lynn admits that her father was the last person. Brook Lynn thought she had leverage. Julian explains that she was an excuse out of a bad conversation.

Chase thinks about the first time that he met Willow in the parking garage. Finn finds Chase. He guesses the smell of fish and whatever this is. Chase knows he wants to help but he cannot do it. Willow is gone because he wanted her gone. Knowing it was right doesn’t make it hurt any less. Finn knows.

Willow is just saying that he knows she will always be real with her. She hasn’t had real respect until she met him. Michael loves everything about Wiley of course but he loves the way that Wiley smiles at her. Finn thinks that Willow is under the impression that he is ok with his fake affair with Sasha. Chase knows what Nelle is capable of. Chase thinks that he can’t do anything. It is already done. Chase toasts to Willow the woman that he will always love. She couldn’t have been happy with him. Not if Wiley was suffering. Chase admits that this is how he shows his love.

Brook Lynn is glad that he helped her out tonight. She would have had to go to Sonny tonight. Julian guesses that this is how she thanks him. Brook Lynn thinks it would break his heart to know the truth about him. Brook Lynn won’t have to tell anyone that he tampered with the car and caused the accident. Nelle overhears this.

Chase admits the first time that he met Willow, she was sitting in her car crying. She didn’t seem helpless or fragile. She was beautiful even in tears. There was something rare and strong about her. He thinks that people must have thought he was trying to rescue her but she didn’t need rescuing. She was so determined and fierce in her quiet way. It took a long time for her to love him. He got used to thinking that they had a lifetime and part of him still thinks that they will. Finn thinks that he can call him if he needs anything. He can do whatever he needs to help. Chase thanks him. Finn hugs him. Chase starts to cry when alone.

Michael knows that his son loves her. They can still have a marriage based on love for Wiley. He asks what she is thinking. Willow thinks that Wiley needs parents that care about him. So her answer is yes. She will marry him.

Written by Anthony

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