GH Update Thursday 5/7/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 5/7/20


Written by Anthony

Sasha tells Michael that he didn’t have to bring her here. He needs to stop being so nice.

Finn tells Willow that it is nice to see her. Willow has to get to a meeting. Finn wanted to say that he was really sorry. His brother is a good kid but can be a real knucklehead right now. He asks if he can get a little slack with his lack of knowledge in relationships.

Laura asks if Carly can join her. Carly can for a minute. Carly explains that Michael’s custody case is tomorrow. She explains that there is no way to be sure about this.

Portia asks Trina how the movie was. Trina thought it was great to have Joss and Dev off of house arrest. Trina wanted to drive home with her. She thought it would make her a thoughtful daughter. Portia thinks that she is afraid she cannot make it home herself which would make her an anxious young lady.

Sonny asks Curtis how he is doing since this all started. Curtis explains that TJ is back at work. Jason wonders how his memory is right now since this started.

Jordan asks Mac how it is going. Mac spoke with him this morning. He was hoping that Jordan could point him towards the answers that he is currently looking for.

Laura wonders if this Nelle Benson is really that dangerous. Carly thinks that she is a nightmare. Laura thinks that she filed that malpractice suit just to get things going. Laura and Carly both see Cyrus. Laura cannot believe he has the nerve to set foot in her establishment. Carly would have him still be in jail.

Sonny knows that Mac is the chief of detectives and is looking into this case. Sonny thinks that they need Jordan’s input. Curtis isn’t sure that Jordan is ready to talk about what needs to happen next. He is though.

Mac doesn’t understand why the kidnappers lied and pretended to be sending messages from her phone. Jordan thinks that he is just taking some time for space.

Finn thinks that Chase explained to her what happened. Willow knows he meant saying sorry but it doesn’t change anything. Sasha walks in with Michael.

Laura thinks the hospital cannot afford Nelle’s lawsuit. She thinks that it would open up charges. Laura feels that the hospital could not survive that. Cyrus walks over and thinks that sounds dyer.

Mac wants to know why there was no ransom demand. Jordan wonders if they were biding their time. TJ didn’t hear anything unless he remembered something this morning. Jordan wants him to give his theory.

Curtis tells Sonny that Jordan cannot be involved in what happens next. Curtis thought that they were supposed to handle Cyrus. Sonny said they were.

Portia knows that she is still processing everything but constantly worrying about her is not going to help things. Portia promises that what happened was the exception. Trina reminds her that Jordan claimed that Marcus was a bad cop. She wonders why she would trust anything to do with Jordan.

Carly thinks that Cyrus is listening in. Cyrus just likes to listen in. He is sorry though. Cyrus thinks that if she is talking about the future of GH then that is something that he should be involved in. He thinks that having Laura involved makes him feel comfortable. Carly wonders what he wants. Cyrus wanted to know the appropriate address would be to invite her and Sonny to his housewarming.

Jason thinks that they cannot botch this. Jason feels that this could go badly. Curtis has a family right now. He needs to think about Trina and Cam. It was one bullet that separated them from life and death. Sonny thinks that this is coming at a terrible time for him as well. Sonny wants to neutralize him just as much as they do. Sonny thinks that he has his word. The plan is already in motion.

Mac thinks that it is safe to assume that Jordan is the only person that would be why TJ would be kidnapped. Mac appreciates Jordan trusting him. Jordan thinks that the feeling is mutual. Mac thinks if she ever wants to talk about the job he is here for her.

Finn takes Sasha to look at her nose. Willow wonders if he wants to talk about it. Michael admits that Brook Lynn and him ran into Chase and Sasha. Brook Lynn accidently punched Sasha in the nose.

Carly explains that their calendar is booked right now. He can send the invitation here or the coffee warehouse. He knows where it is. It is almost as easy to find a pub in Brooklyn. Cyrus does hope that Laura’s schedule is a bit more accommodating. Laura explains that she is being kept very busy right now so she is going to have to pass. Cyrus doesn’t know if he has told her but Sonny and him have reached an understanding. Laura wonders about what. Cyrus says a conflict of interest. He plans to make a memorable debut in the PC social scene. He thinks at any rate they can expect invitations from him. He knows where they live. Laura needs a raincheck.

Curtis asks what he needs to do. Jason tells him to keep living his life for right now. Jason thinks what they have in mind is going to attract a lot of unwanted attention. Curtis asks if they are really waiting for a better chance. Sonny needs to wait for the best moment to act. Curtis asks when they know that will happen. Curtis guesses that Jordan has to be stuck because of this.

Jordan is telling Mac everything that she knows about all of this. She is glad that the right man is on the case. Mac promises to stay on things until he figures out what is going on. Curtis shows up at Jordan’s office. Jordan cannot tell him how good it is to see him. Curtis wants her to drop everything and have dinner. Jordan wants to check on TJ in person. Jordan thinks that things will be better once she sees TJ.

Finn explains that Sasha’s nose is not broken. She might want to keep the swelling down. Sasha is glad that no one was there to see it. She knows he knows everything. Finn was hoping that Chase would walk away from this disaster. Finn thinks that this is not fair. He needs to fix all of this. Finn thinks that they should both come clean to Willow and Michael. Sasha assumes he thinks that everyone will be happy in that case. Sasha thinks that Michael and Willow will never be happy if Nelle gets Wiley.

Portia explains that Marcus trusted Jordan. His feelings should count for something. Her father would want her to move forward from this and focus on her future. Trina thinks that he wanted to watch her grow up. He doesn’t get what he wants now and it is not fair.

Carly tells Sonny that he just missed Cyrus. He wanted their address to welcome him to town. He then invited Laura and knew her address. She asks how much longer PC has to endure this guy.

Portia tells Trina that Jordan is not the bad guy. Cyrus walks over. Trina tells him that someone will stop him. Curtis and Jordan walk over. Curtis tells him to back off and stay away from her.

Sasha knows that Finn is worried but they know what they are doing. Finn can tell that she loves Michael and Chase loves Willow.

Michael thinks that this made the most sense. He thinks that it is hard to turn off the feelings. Michael explains that tomorrow is Wiley’s hearing and they have to be ready.

Carly asks if he remembers the time that they got married so she wouldn’t testify against him. She asks if there is anything she needs to know. Sonny thinks for now it is best she doesn’t. Carly needs him to promise that this craziness with Cyrus is ended. Sonny promises. Carly asks when.

Laura wonders if Jordan is here. Mac asks if he can help her. Laura wonders if he can get rid of Cyrus for her.

Curtis tells Cyrus to stay the hell away from Portia and Trina.

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