GH Update Wednesday 5/6/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 5/6/20


Written by Anthony

Anna tells Finn that her treatment is very routine at this point. Anna gets to spend time with Violet tonight. Felicia calls Anna and explains that Mac and Robert are here reminiscing about Holly. Anna asks if she needs backup. Felicia thinks that would be great. She is worried about Robert. Anna is on her way. Anna explains to Finn that Robert is at the Floating Rib sad about Holly. Finn tells Anna to go.

Robert asks Mac if he wants a fill up. Mac tells him to slow down because getting hammered wonít help things. Robert knows but it helps.

Brook Lynn tells Michael that he needs to calm down. He cannot give himself anxiety. It is his job to make sure that Wiley stays with them.

Nelle asks Nina to testify on her behalf. Nina wonders what makes her think that she would be the right witness for her. Nelle thinks she would make all the difference at her hearing unless she didnít mean what she said.

Carly tells someone on the phone that she is going to be in court all day tomorrow. She is also worried that things wonít be done for the Nursesí ball in time. She hangs up the phone. She explains to Jax that she needs to put out fifty more fires. Jax thinks that Nina is no oneís fool. Carly wonders why the judge wonít change their mind on Nelle.

Sonny asks Mike if he saw the calendar. It is Danteís birthday. He asks if he remembers his oldest son. Sonny shows Mike a picture of Dante. He doesnít know where he is. He knows he is still with him. Sonny asks if he remembers when he took Avery to the stables. It was Dante who stayed in the cell with him the entire night. Sonny begs him to remember at least one thing for him.

Molly reminds Kristina that for months Sam and Jason tried to get Kristina out of DOD. Kristina thinks that Sam always needs to find ways to help things out. Kristina thinks that this is accurate. Jason is always busy cleaning up Sonny and Carlyís messes. Her opinion stands. Carly and Sonny are Jasonís first priority. Sam thinks it is no secret that Sonny and Carly are his closest friends and she supports their friendship. Molly thinks that this seems like something that she picked up at DOD. Molly thinks she has never even had a successful relationship herself. She asks if she is jealous of Sam and Jason.

Anna asks how they are doing. Felicia admits that Robert is drinking a lot of beer.

Robert hasnít even texted Luke yet. He guesses he is dealing with Ethan. Robert thinks she really could charm the pants off her. Robert really did love that woman. Anna asks how Robert is doing. Robert is lousy. Felicia thinks that Holly would want them to celebrate her life. Anna agrees champagne and caviar on someone elseís dime. Maxie and Peter walk in. She explains that her son is the scandal of the school. Maxie asks what is going on. Robert tells them that this is a terrible time and he doesnít need Peter around so he can get out.

Mike thinks that this is a nice phone. Felix walks in. He asks if he needs anything. Sonny is going to talk with Felix in the hallway. Sonny says that Mike is struggling to eat. Sonny thinks that Mike is eating the same thing that his daughter is eating. He has a hard time dealing with that.

Jax explains that Nina just saw Lulu and Valentin finally agree on shared custody. Carly thinks that is great but Nelle only agreed to shared custody if he didnít get to see Wiley for more than a day. Jax explains that if there is no smoking gun then Nina is not going to find one. Carly reminds her that Nelle has planted evidence on others. Carly thinks that this is a manipulation.

Nina was just trying to understand Nelle and that was it. Nina thinks that she has given the people of this town reason to doubt her and maybe even fear her. Nelle asks if she cannot change and be a better person like her. Nelle thinks that the judge will listen to Nina. Nina doesnít know if she wants to get involved.

Brook Lynn tells Michael to focus on his anger. Disaster will strike otherwise. Nelle will turn on the waterworks with this. She thinks that if he goes cold and calculating he might regret it. He needs to vent and pretend that she is Martin. Michael starts punching him. Brook Lynn tells him to pretend that she is that girlfriend stealing Harrison Chase.

Anna explains that Robert is not doing really well right now. Maxie assumes that they are all here because of Holly Sutton. Peter wonders who Holly is. Maxie explains that she was Robertís ex-wife. Peter thought that Robert was married to Anna. Maxie thinks that you can have more than one love in life. Anna explains that her relationship with Holly was complicated. Maxie feels terrible for Robert. Peter thinks they can go to Charlie's. Maxie wants to say sorry first. She knows that Robert must be devastated.

Sonny thanks Felix for coming around. Felix is glad that he reached out to him. Sonny appreciates that. Sonny goes back into Mikeís room. Sonny thinks he learns things about him all the time. He knows he likes his pillows firm but not too firm. He wonders who knew. Sonny needs Mike to tell him what he needs and how he wants to live the remaining time he has left. He asks if he wants the doctors to handle this. He needs Mike to tell him what he wants. Mike gestures for him to come closer. Mike says Yankees.

Carly thinks that Nina has resentment towards babies and motherhood. She will blame her when she hurts Michaelís child. She thinks that Nina romanticizes motherhood. Ninaís mother was crazy and a liar and manipulator. She tried to kill Nina. Jax thinks that she wasnít a good and selfless person before Michael. Carly admits that Michael changed her. It wasnít like someone waved a wand. Carly had to give up a bunch of things. She had to learn to sacrifice some things that she really loved. That was the best thing for her children. That is why she is so dangerous.

Nelle wishes she could convince that she changed. Nina explains that all she could do is say that she was a good employee. Nelle thinks that she knows why she took the job. She thinks that it still hurts that Sasha hurt her. She cannot believe Brad. She didnít give her baby up. She has an incredible second chance to have her child back. Nina thinks she is good. Nelle is not good and everyone knows that. She has a chance to be better though. She needs Nina to give her a second chance

Sasha didnít realize that Michael would be here. Brook Lynn tells them that Michael has a custody arraignment in the morning and canít risk pissing off the police by beating them up. She is in a different boat though. Chase guesses that him and Sasha should leave. Brook Lynn was willing to give Sasha the benefit of the doubt. It was a sweet fairytale she was willing to believe. She didnít realize that she was a liar and a loser. Brook Lynn cannot believe what they did. Sasha tells her that if she has a problem then she brings it to her. Brook Lynn tells her to try and stop her and calls her a slut.

Kristina wants the kind of relationship that she has with TJ. Sam just wants a drink right now. She turns to Alexis and says sorry. Kristina wonders what is wrong. Alexis guesses that since they are being honestÖ Alexis has been sober for just two weeks.

Maxie tells Robert she was shocked to hear about Holly. Peter says that he is sorry for their loss on the late Holly Sutton. Robert asks how that makes it all better. She is not really dead but just late. Robert asks Henrick how a remarkable woman like Holly has to die but someone like him gets to live.

Sonny tells Mike that they got a hit. Felix walks back in. Sonny says that Mike wanted to watch baseball. He explains that out of all that he has forgotten he remembers baseball. Dante would love this as much as he does.

Jax thinks that Nina cares about Wileyís welfare as much as Nelleís. Carly hopes that this can be over and well soon. Sonny has some tough stuff to deal with Mike soon. Carly wants Nelle to just lose custody so that this is over. Jax would help her in anyway he could. He hopes she knows that. Carly does know that. He just wants to swoop in and save the day. Jax will talk to Nina. Carly thinks that if she would listen to anyone it would be him.

Brook Lynn suggests going at it with Sasha. Brook Lynn asks what Sasha was thinking. She thinks that Michael is the shining star of the Quartermaineís. She could have been sitting pretty. Brook Lynn accidentally punches Sasha in the nose.

Alexis had one drink. She hasnít had one since. It probably had something to do with Neil and her testifying. Sam admits that she went off on Alexis. Alexis tells them that if she drank every time they exchanged words then she wouldnít have a liver.

Peter tells them that he will get out of their way. Maxie tells Robert he cannot talk to Peter like that. Robert doesnít think that it was Hollyís time.

Peter texts someone demanding answers. Maxie tells Peter that it is not his fault that Holly died.

Sonny tells Mike that he was up by a mile. Carly shows up. She could hear him all the way down the hall. Sonny says that Mike wanted to watch the Yankees.

Nina thinks that Nelle needs to give her more than her promise that she is going to be there. Nelle thinks that he is going to grow up realizing that she loves him. Nelle needs Nina to give her a second chance and help her out. Jax walks in. He asks if he is interrupting.

Chase tells Brook Lynn that she keep punching people. Brook Lynn tells him that it isnít her fault that he couldnít keep it in his pants.

Robert doesnít think he said anything bad. He didnít mean anything wrong with Peter. Felicia thinks that Holly would want him to say sorry. Maxie tells them that Peter needed to get air. She doesnít blame him.

Peter tackles someone in the back alley. The person claims they had nothing to do with Hollyís death. Peter thinks that fait has done this for him.

Carly asks about the Yankees. Sonny says that it was Danteís birthday and Mike was connecting the two things. He was glad that Mike managed to connect it. Carly wonders if he talked to him about other things. Sonny talked with him about the DNR. Sonny doesnít think he is ready to give up.

Nelle needs to keep talking with Nina. Nina tells her that her and Jax are going to get going. Nelle thanks Nina for listening and hopes that she thinks about what she said. Jax says goodnight to Nelle. Jax asks what she wanted. Nina admits that she wants her to be a character witness. Jax hopes she is not considering this.

Chase tells Brook Lynn to fix her life already. Brook Lynn thinks that they can talk about one another but that is it. Chase writes her a ticket for public disturbance. She can pay that online and in person. Brook Lynn rips it up.

Maxie knows how much Mac loved Holly too. Peter walks back in. Mac thinks that it was the grief talking. Felicia thinks they will have to let the grief talk about this. Anna read about the incident report. She thinks that there is more to this story.

Sonny is not ready to make choices on how Mike will live in his final days. Sonny wants to leave the TV on for Mike incase he wakes up. Sonny looks in on Mike again.

Chase tells Brook Lynn she shouldnít have done that. He arrests her again.

Nelle looks at her phone and makes a call. She tells Martin that she might have found a character witness to make this case a slam dunk. Nina didnít tell Nelle that she would testify for her. She has a lot to think about. Jax thinks that if she gives Nelle the benefit of the doubt then Wiley pays for it.

Kristina asks if Alexis is over with Neil. Alexis gets a call from Diane. She is with the girls. She will talk tomorrow. Sam asks what happened. Alexis explains she has been disbarred.

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