GH Update Tuesday 5/5/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 5/5/20


Franco asks Ava what Nikolas did this time. Ava thought that she was supposed to be comforting him. He just said he was a little blue. Franco just wanted to get her to open up. Ava is not big on talking about her feelings. Franco is aware. Franco will call the PCPD to come talk with her. Ava thinks he made his point. She was arguing with Nikolas and things got a little ugly. Nikolas told her that she drove Kiki away and that she despised her. He was hoping that Carly’s influence could save Avery. Franco tells Ava to get out of this marriage. She doesn’t need any of this.

Nikolas can tell that Elizabeth is not alright. He is her friend. Elizabeth reminds him that the friend she knew would never have driven her sister out of Port Charles. Nikolas is at a major turning roads with Spencer and he needs her help.

Nina really needed this today. She hopes that she can get to know Joss a little bit better. Jax thinks they could do something at the beach house. Nina explains that Lulu and Valentin are going to share Charlotte.

Nelle asks Martin where he has been. Nelle reminds him that Wiley’s custody arrangement is tomorrow.

Kristina never asked Sam to go and help her. Sam wonders what she was supposed to do. She wasn’t going to watch her get exploited. Kristina doesn’t think that any of them knew how much pain she was in. She was already alone at that point. Sam tells her to go to therapy. She went to prison for months. She cannot be around her family because of that lunatic. Kristina thinks that her and Jason are still in love because of her.

Nikolas never intended for Hayden to stay away forever. Nikolas wanted to protect Spencer but instead he lost him. He is willing to explore their relationship again. Elizabeth thought that would happen. Nikolas explains that there is a condition though. He has to leave Ava. Elizabeth thinks that is a good thing. Then Spencer will be home.

Ava guesses that she knew how Spencer felt and then she slapped Nikolas. Franco doesn’t understand why she would be with Nikolas. Ava needs his fortune. Franco knows she has her penthouse and art gallery. Ava knows but it isn’t the same as a fortune. Franco suggests that she find a real prince. Ava thinks they need to find a place to hang the portrait. Franco knows the real reason she married Nikolas.

Carly tells Michael that Diane is the best. Nelle will con the judge but the truth will come out.

Jax is happy for Charlotte but there is a difference between being the parent that a child adores and being a good parent. Nina knows that Charlotte will make Valentin a better person. Jax thinks that sometimes she can be a little to soft on Valentin. Someone knocks on the door. It is Carly. She asks if this is a bad time. Nina says that it is. Carly asks if Nina has anything they can use against Nelle for tomorrow.

Martin explains that Nelle hasn’t had a stable time in PC. Nelle says that she has a respectable job right now. She has sales papers for the cutest little house. Nelle is looking forward to this fight. Martin reminds her that Carly is the grandmother not the parent. Nelle knows they will lose because of Michael. Nelle explains that he is going to tell the judge about Michael and Sasha breaking up. Martin wonders about her and all her dead partners.

Ava wants to focus on the portrait because it has to be hung before the gala. Franco reminds Ava that he looks at her day after day. He sees her struggles. Ava tells him to stop. Franco thinks all those choices were motivated by love. Ava tells him to leave. Franco gets it. She is punishing herself for Kiki’s death.

Elizabeth knows that Spencer was always wise beyond his years. Elizabeth thinks that Spencer was always wise beyond his years. Nikolas is a Cassadine. If he divorces Ava then he loses everything. Elizabeth thinks that having Spencer back in his life would be worth it. Nikolas misses him so much. Elizabeth thinks that the dream could be real. He just needs to get rid of Ava. She asks if he has real feelings for her.

Kristina thinks that Sam and Jason are danger junkies. That is what brought them together. It is the day to day living that they cannot stand. Sam only ever wanted to be safe for her family. Kristina thinks that is what she wanted with Drew until Jason came back. Alexis says that is it. Kristina knows that Jason could die for her but won’t live with her.

Nelle thinks that was an unfortunate accident. She only plead guilty to the death to spare the family anymore pain. She always prevented Ryan from escaping jail. Nelle thinks that Shiloh was the love of his life. His life was cut short because of Sam. She made her a widow. Martin thinks they need to come up with character witnesses. Martin wonders who can argue for her character.

Nina explains that she hates to admit it but Nelle has been a decent employee. Carly thought that she would keep an eye on her. Carly explains that Wiley needs another surgery six months from now. Nina wonders if they have all heard Nelle’s reasoning. She thinks that no two parents hated one another more than Lulu and Valentin but Charlotte is better off for it. Jax asks if they really think that Wiley should have both parents. Carly thinks she is saying that Nelle won her over.

Nikolas only feels anger and distaste for Ava. Nikolas explains that she has no idea what it cost him to get back to PC. The only thing that kept him alive was to reclaim his name and Spencer’s birthright. He has no idea about the post nuptial. Elizabeth tells him to call Spencer right now. He can ask if he would rather have his money or his dad.

Franco thinks that she will try and hurt herself over and over again. Franco thinks that she would rather wake up in the morning. Ava tells him to stop caring about her and go back to the psychopath that he used to be.

Martin guesses that Nelle has no friends to vouch for her character. Nelle was at the hospital every day and said thank you to the nurses. Martin tells Nelle to find upstanding citizens. She lacks any witnesses.

Nina thinks that Nelle wants to be a good mother. Carly thinks that she should know better. Nelle is not capable of being better. She will leave Wiley in a terrible way. She killed her fiancé, left Michael to die, and switched her child out for a dead baby. Nina wonders what if she was judged for who she used to be. Nina wonders what if no one spoke up for Carly. She asks what kind of a person she would be now.

Sam asks what this means. Molly reminds Kristina that Sam and Jason did everything to save her. Sam wants to know what is wrong. Jason loves her. She asks why he would want to be away from her. Kristina thinks that if there was no drama they wouldn’t survive.

Elizabeth tells Nikolas to call Spencer. Nikolas is afraid of what Spencer’s answer would be. He was born to this lifestyle. There is no way that he will change his lifestyle. Elizabeth doesn’t think he would know what he would do. Nikolas wonders how two very different people find happiness. Elizabeth thinks that he is kind to her and they connected. At least they used to.

Franco is not a psycho anymore. Even if her invitation to her gala says otherwise. Ava knows he had a brain tumor. She doesn’t have that excuse. Ava wonders how he copes. Franco has Elizabeth and her boys. Ava knows he found a healthy way to deal with his pain. Ava prefers to play to her strengths. She knows how to make money. Franco knows. She loves to exploit his past. She asks if he is ok with that.

Nelle has no family. Her childhood was terrible. A good lawyer can make that work in her favor. Martin thinks that a judge can call someone for the mother. It will be a hard call for her to make that choice. Martin thinks it is too bad that she didn’t have someone to lean on when she was making that choice. Nelle thinks that he is saying that because she doesn’t have a billion people on her side is basically saying she is going to lose Wiley. Martin feels like the best they can hope for is shared custody.

Jax explains that at no point was he ever worried about Carly’s sake. Nina knows that Jax didn’t want to share custody with Carly. Jax thinks that Carly is completely different than Nelle. Carly never risked her children’s lives like Nelle did. She never risked their lives for safety. Carly thinks that she won’t understand that because she has never been a mother herself.

Nelle would be lucky to see the kid once a month if it were up to Michael. Martin tells Nelle that she needs to hear her out. Michael and his family will pull out everything including the kitchen sink tomorrow. He asks if she is prepared to be a mother.

Franco admits he hurt a lot of people. Ava thinks that who he was sold paintings. Talent only gets you so far. People have a fascination with criminals. Franco explains that Elizabeth is not ok about this. He hurt Elizabeth’s feelings. Ava knows that Elizabeth will forgive her. She wants to bring the bad boy back to the art world. She wants one good spot from this.

Nikolas wonders if Franco said something about her art. He is not going to go away until she tells him. Elizabeth is not thrilled that she played up Franco’s history. Elizabeth explains that Franco told her that she was not a real artist. Nikolas watched Elizabeth find her talent and find solace. If she had, had the time then she would have put Franc to shame. She never has been afraid of showing her work.

Martin thinks that fighting for custody is easy. Raising a child is hard. Nelle thinks that being a mother is easy in her mind. Martin tells Nelle that she needs to wear mascara so that the judge will see her cry. She needs a character witness.

Carly knows that she believes there is a connection to her child. She has it in her to be a good mother. Nelle doesn’t. Carly needs her to remind herself about this. Carly needs her to think about all of this. Nina suggests that Brad could actually be lying about this. Carly knows that Nelle didn’t give a damn about Wiley. She just wanted to hurt Michael. Carly marches out. Nina asks if Jax thinks that she is wrong.

Carly runs into Nelle at the elevator.

Sam would love a quiet life with Jason. Molly reminds her that she had to pretend she wasn’t with Jason for months to stop Shiloh. Alexis points out that she went to prison in order to protect her. Kristina thinks that she is out on parole now. Kristina wonders how many times they have seen Carly and Sonny with Jason but never with Sam. Her opinion still stands. Jason would die for her but his first priority is Carly and Sonny.

Elizabeth thinks that she would give him a chance back in the day. Nikolas begs her to think about painting again. Elizabeth thinks she might be too sensitive. Elizabeth suggests calling Spencer.

Ava is trying to help Franco. She knows why she married Nikolas. She thinks that having that understanding might be easier. Ava tells Franco to have a good marriage and make it better. He needs to tell her that she makes him happy. Then she will know she did something right. Franco is glad he could help. Ava thinks more than he knows.

Carly thinks that Nelle will betray Nina the same way she does everyone else. Carly leaves.

Jax thinks that Carly had good points about Nelle. Nina has seen Nelle be vulnerable and she doesn’t think it is an act. Nina thinks that Nelle needs a person to believe in her. She could be the person to bring out the best in her. Nelle shows up. Jax is going to catch up with Carly. Nelle took care of the tasks. She thanks her for standing up for her. She has a favor to ask her. A big one. Wiley’s custody hearing is tomorrow. She was wondering if she would testify on her behalf.

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