GH Update Monday 5/4/20

General Hospital Update Monday 5/4/20


Jason asks Brando what is wrong at the gym. Brando explains that he heard about Sonny having some sort of truce with Cyrus. Brando just wanted to leave PC but now he decided to stay.

Ava asks if Franco is coming over tonight. Franco will be there. Ava has already sent out invitations. Ava is glad and this is just what she wanted to hear. Nikolas storms in. Ava asks what she can do for him.

Elizabeth walks into Franco’s office. She wonders what he is working on. Franco is juggling on things. Elizabeth asks if she can open an envelope. She looks at it. She reads the invitation from Ava. Elizabeth wonders what the momentous occasion could be. Elizabeth asks what is wrong.

Moll thinks that there are some great pieces here. Kristina wonders if she is taking some stuff for herself. Molly explains this is for women.

Neil shows up at Julian’s and asks if he has any idea what he did to Alexis.

Jason asks if he is staying in PC. Brando thinks so. He was told it would be ok to go back to PC but he likes PC. He likes running his own place. Jason offers him another customer.

Kristina tells them that Alexis is going to be here soon. She needs to stop sounding like a public service lecture. Kristina wonders why she is so hard on herself. Molly needs to stop letting herself feel this way. Sam tells her to just tell TJ the truth.

Neil tells Julian that he hurt both their careers. Julian thinks that he took advantage of Alexis. Neil tells him that his public outbreak cost him his career.

Alexis tells someone that she is trying to stay calm. Technically it could be considered perjury.

Elizabeth explains that Ava called her a bad boy after his fall from grace. Elizabeth thinks that she is using his past for a vanity thing. Franco thought she made her piece with his past.

Nikolas tells Ava that she needs to stop trying to change the house. Those trees were here before her and will be after. Nikolas wonders if she really wanted to cause this fight. Ava knows that he is more of a gorilla warfare kind of guy. Ava tells Nikolas that the letter on the top… She wonders if he recognizes the handwriting. Nikolas sees it is from Spencer. Ava smiles.

Neil can’t work anymore because of him. Julian assumes he blames him. Neil thinks that there was no reason for this to come out. Julian thinks that he chose to let this happen. Neil wonders about him. His outrage is worse than what he did.

Kristina tells Molly that she handled her business as she seems fit. Molly went back to tell him that she wanted to tell TJ what happened. Molly wanted to say where things were for them. Sam didn’t want anyone to take advantage of her. Molly is not a prude and she doesn’t need her big sister to run to her rescue. Alexis walks in and explains that she had to talk with Diane. Alexis wonders what they were fighting about.

Brando puts weights down. Jason needs a new stabilizer for his bike. He doesn’t get to ride that much anymore but he would like to do that. Brando thought that Sam would be his mechanic. She knew a lot about bikes. Jason wonders why Sam was there.

Elizabeth doesn’t think that his life needs to be exploited. Franco explains that there was a producer that reached out to him about Ryan. He wanted to interview him. He didn’t want anyone to know about this. He didn’t want anyone to go into his past. He thinks that the way Ava put it, means that it has been ten years. He wanted to talk with her about it. He has been putting this off. Franco asks her to sit down. In July it is the ten year anniversary since his show in LA. That was the night that he tried to frame Jason for his death.

Ava thinks that Spencer hasn’t reached out since France. Nikolas explains that he is willing to accept him back into his life if he leaves her. Ava was hoping that Spencer would soften towards her. He needs someone to blame and it might as well be here. In any case she is so happy that he reached out to him. Nikolas knows he can be so stubborn. Ava knows that his son just contacted him and wanted to give him a second chance. He deserves to have him in his life. Nikolas doesn’t want to overwhelm him. Ava assumes that he wants a divorce. Nikolas will do anything to have his son back. Ava understands completely. She asks when he is moving out.

Sam claims they weren’t fighting. It was just a spirited debate. Kristina claims that it was about Molly. It has to do with TJ. Sam asks if Molly will say what happened with TJ.

Julian doesn’t think that their history doesn’t concern him. Neil thinks what he has done to Alexis is his concern. Neil thinks that he might be in denial about holding a knife to her throat. He terrorized a woman that he claimed to love. Julian thinks that he is free to have a relationship with her.

Elizabeth thinks that seems like a lifetime ago. Franco thinks that he isn’t the same man because of her. He destroyed a lot of lives and this summer will spotlight that. He has been getting offered a lot of money. He wanted to talk with her about this. It is an incredible opportunity for income. Elizabeth doesn’t want him to discuss that for any reason. Ava shouldn’t be exploiting his pain for a vanity issue. Franco explains that Ava is his employer right now. Scandal sells. There is a recent uptake on his old art. He can ask for more money for his paintings. It is what it is. He works in a hospital. He teaches sick kids now. He will always have his past though.

Nikolas asks why he would give her Wyndemere. Ava explains that it is all part of the estate. This is part of her 90%. Nikolas thinks he is only asking for a divorce for his son. Ava understands. Ava thinks it is important that he has a relationship with Spencer but she wants her hand. Nikolas knows she thinks she won but he will not let her keep him from his son. This will not end well for her. Ava doesn’t think that threats are necessary. Ava is not standing in the way. She is thrilled to divorce him but she is not walking away from her fair share. She thinks ten percent is more than enough for Spencer to live on. Ava smacks him for talking about Kiki and Avery. Nikolas tells her to stop using Spencer as a pawn in her game. Ava tells him to divorce her and give her the money. She didn’t force him into anything. He can have his money or his son.

Franco is going to slap some paint and call this a day. He is going to cash in on this before it all crashes. Franco doesn’t think that anyone has bought his paintings for talent. It has always been about his reputation. College funds don’t care. Elizabeth tells him that he cannot do this to himself. Franco thinks an artist can make money. Franco doesn’t think that Elizabeth has ever been a real artist.

Julian thinks nothing is standing in his way with Alexis now. Neil reminds him that technically Alexis could get disbarred thanks to him. Julian might be responsible but him and Alexis are the ones who did this. Julian assumes that he is pissed about this. Neil thinks that she should kick him to the curb.

Brando explains that Molly found him. Brando is just going to get this out in the open. He is on good terms with Molly but Sam and Kristina cannot stand him.

Alexis explains that she has heard about domestic partnership. Molly thinks that it is more than she could have hoped for. Alexis wants to know what is really going on.

Franco takes it back. He knows that she is a real artist but she doesn’t have experience with professionals. He loves her work and it is amazing. Elizabeth knows he misspoke. Franco doesn’t want to leave right now but he cannot be late for Ava. He has to get something done for her. Franco explains that he is sorry. He wonders if she is ok. Elizabeth doesn’t want him to keep the gravy train waiting. She leaves.

Neil thinks that Alexis might need a clean slate. It might be a good thing for him to leave her alone. Julian asks if this is what he does for people. Julian thinks this isn’t about helping Alexis. This is about him protecting himself.

Brando punches a bag. He accidentally insulted Kristina. He was picking up a to-go order from Charlies pub. He never met either of them. He heard that Sam had helped take down the cult guy and said it was brave. He then said that people who join cults are idiots. Kristina didn’t like it. He tried to say sorry to Kristina. Sam didn’t like what he said. She came all the way there to tell him.

Alexis wasn’t there when TJ was missing. She was too focused on her own thing. Molly had plenty for support from Kristina and Sam. Alexis thinks that this domestic partnership is a great idea. Molly tells her that this only just happened. Molly knows that she is dealing with her own stuff. Alexis thinks she has handled things by herself in the past. Alexis thinks that Molly has a moral compass. Molly jumped into bed with someone else.

Nikolas asks if Elizabeth has a moment. Elizabeth says that she is a real nurse. She asks if he needs something. She is just having a bad day. Nikolas wonders if he can help. He asks what is going on.

Franco asks Ava where she is. He says that he is. He wonders if there is room where he can paint here. She hopes he finished painting her portrait. Franco says he is feeling a little down and could use a hug if she felt like it for his sake. Ava walks over and hugs him.

Julian tells Neil to figure out what Alexis needs. She doesn’t need him bailing out on her. Neil wonders if he really wants him to still be with Alexis. Julian wants Alexis to be happy. He tells him to step up for Alexis. Julian didn’t do right for Alexis but he still can. He tells him to not let her drink. She doesn’t let lot of people in but clearly she did for him. Julian doesn’t know what his issues are but he would be a fool to run away from someone like Alexis.

Brando knows that she is protective of her sisters. Jason wonders about Molly. Brando explains that he doesn’t think that this is the case anymore. Brando learned his lesson with them.

Molly admits that he is Sonny’s cousin. So, Brando and her are not related. She had a fight with Jordan where she said that TJ was done with her. She ran her car over a curb and Brando was there. One thing lead to another. He didn’t know that she had a boyfriend. Kristina thinks it was one night and she can tell TJ. Molly knows her feelings about this. Alexis is glad that she told the truth. Sam thinks she needs to deal with her problems. Kristina thinks that she keeps pushing Jason to meeting in secret. Sam tells Kristina that she was only arrested because of Kristina. She does blame her for everything that has happened.

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