GH Update Thursday 4/30/20

General Hospital Update Thursday 4/30/20


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Joss and Dev walk into the living room. Joss wonders what is with the summons. Sonny has to tell them something but he is waiting for someone else. Brand shows up. Joss opens the door. She tells him to come on in.

Elizabeth wonders how the session went with his new therapist. Cam thinks it went ok but he misses Neil. Trina walks over and smiles

Brook Lynn walks into Charlies. Julian grabs her phone. He tells her that he wants her out of here now.

Chase knows he needs to find Willow and fix this. Willow shows up at his apartment. Chase says hi. Willow says it back. Chase thinks it feels weird to have her knock. Willow thinks it is weird to knock. She won’t stay long. She is just picking up her stuff. Chase is sorry that he hurt her. Willow doesn’t want to hear it.

Nelle wonders how Michael’s run went. Michael wants to know what she wants. Nelle thinks that it was his own girlfriend who did him dirty. She thinks they are just getting started.

Carly just talked with her son. She wants her to know she blames her. She wants to know why she cheated on her son.

Joss asks if this is about Mike. Sonny say that everything is the same with him. He wanted to discuss the situation at hand with all of them. Joss asks if they can go back to school. Sonny says yes. Sonny explains that Brando is free to go back to Chicago.

Elizabeth thinks that if there is anything she can do for Trina… She has to get back to work. Cam looks at Trina and starts to think about when they kissed. Cam says hi to Trina.

Portia asks if Elizabeth saw Trina. She was getting her homework done in the office. Portia had something to ask Elizabeth. She was thinking of putting her name in for head of internal medicine. She was wondering if she could get her opinion on this. She wonders if there would be pushback or resentment or both.

Julian tells Brook Lynn to get out of his bar. He knows that she blackmailed him into strong arming her producer.

Nelle actually does feel bad for Michael. He is willing to compromise. Nelle thinks they could strike a deal. She wants full custody of Wiley and he would get one weekend a month and alternating holidays. At least his grandmothers would keep their jobs though.

Willow knows that someday she will be happy for their past but not right now. She cannot imagine that day and she has no more room in her heart to hurt. She asks him not to say sorry right now.

Sasha knows she is furious with her but she thinks what happened should be about what happened with Michael and her. Carly believed her when she said she was here for Michael. She wants to know what changed. Sasha doesn’t think it is that complicated. Sasha claims that Chase thought that his relationship with Willow was going too fast. She thought the same as Chase did about Michael. She thinks that Chase and her were feeling complicated. Carly knows she is lying to her.

Cam asks Trina how her Spanish test went. Trina tells him no. She thinks that he has been avoiding her. Cam has been busy with school and soccer. She wants to know why this will never happen again.

Joss explains that Trina goes to GH after school to do her homework. Sonny tells Joss that he still doesn’t want them on public transportation. Brando thinks that made their day. Sonny wonders about Brando. Brando is glad that no one is in danger anymore. Sonny appreciates all he has done for him and his family. If he needs help going back to Chicago he can help. Brando wonders if he can stay.

Brook Lynn thinks that he is so busted. Brook Lynn thinks that he allowed all of this to transpire. The cherry on top is the accident. She believes that he tried to kill Brad and put Lucas in a coma. She will tell Sonny and all this can be solved.

Michael asks if she really wants him to stop fighting for his son and she will stop this. Michael tells her no. There is nothing to prove in this lawsuit. Michael thinks that Nelle is bad for him. He is his son. Michael thinks that Wiley deserves better than her. Nelle doesn’t think it had to be this way.

Carly knows that she didn’t sleep with Chase. She just wants Michael to think she did.

Willow is sure that there are things that she forgot. If he finds anything he can just put them aside. Chase says ok. Willow leaves.

Sonny had no idea he would want to stay. Brando knows at the beginning he wanted to leave but he likes PC and loves running his own garage.

Elizabeth tells Portia she doesn’t feel safe talking about the doctors but with the nurses she is loved. She tells her to go for it.

Trina is grateful to have Cam as a friend. She has been doing a lot of research on PTSD. She thinks it is fine. The kiss is not something that has changed him. He is into Joss. She knows that Joss will realize she is into him too. Cam asks if they are all good then. Cam thinks that she is the best.

Julian thinks that if Sonny acts on this then she will have to live with them. Brook Lynn doesn’t want him to have to worry.

Chase sits on the ground of his apartment and looks at photos of Willow on his phone.

Carly thinks that she sacrificed her own happiness for Wiley and Michael. She would probably do the same thing if she was in her position. She admires her. Sasha walks away.

Michael cannot believe Nelle. He picks up a branch and starts beating a tree with it. Willow walks over and wonders what is wrong. He explains that he ran into Nelle and gave her what she wanted.

Sonny thought he wanted to get out of here. If that is not the case then he can stay though. Sonny thinks that this works out for him though. He doesn’t want him to feel obligated though. Brando appreciates the choice.

Cam thinks that Trina is right about everything but Joss. He does like her. They will just be friends. Cam wants to tell her how great she is. He hugs Trina. Joss and Dev walk over.

Julian tells Brook Lynn that she needs to go. Brook Lynn tells Dustin that her and Julian are not related but share a lot of people in common. She explains that Julian thought that she was a hooker.

Chase keeps looking at his phone and thinks about Willow.

Sasha asks Chase how he is doing. Chase is waiting. Sasha assumes for Willow to come back. Chase says she is not going to come back.

Michael knows not to do anything with Nelle. He thinks she could be recording the conversation. Michael thinks that Nelle made him furious. Willow thinks that is good for him.

Brook Lynn was early. Dustin cannot leave his students early because of her. He has bills to pay. Brook Lynn wants to get back to her music.

Brando was fine to help out. He resents being told how to live and not having a say in it. He likes having his control in his life. He is giving him a good opportunity here though.

Trina was hugging Cam for being a complete idiot. Joss asks what happened now. Cam explains that he showed up late for practice. Trina wonders why they are here. Dev says that house arrest has been lifted. Cam will see anything but a chick flick.

Nelle shows up at the Metro Court. Carly asks what she can do for her. Nelle just ran into Michael. It was terrible. He was abusive and threatening. She was willing to compromise. Michael was combative and the court will hear about it.

Chase wants a sense of knowing the right thing. Chase thinks that the reward should be the far better thing here. All he can think about is the future he should have had with Willow.

Willow thinks that he is in front of a judge and Nelle is an evil psycho. She is hateful. She is glad that she yelled at her. She would have too for everything she has done. If it wasn’t for her then this wouldn’t have happened. Willow hates she is doing this right now. It doesn’t matter what happens to her. The only thing that matters is Wiley. Michael knows that Nelle is the worst. He tells her to give the tree a whack. Michael wants her to imagine it is Nelle and give it a good whack. Willow starts screaming and crying and going into it.

Brook Lynn thanks Dustin for doing this with her.

Sonny thinks it is great to have Brando around. He knows that he didn’t think it was hard for this to happen but it needed to. Sonny thinks it is in his hands what he will do about this. He will respect whatever he decides. Brando was not sure he was grateful before but he is now.

Portia tells Elizabeth she pulled the trigger. She is officially in the running for the head of internal medicine. Elizabeth wishes her good luck.

Joss thinks that Cam seems really happen. Trina thinks that they will be able to find out. Trina feels like things are really horrible but at least her BFF is off house arrest and things might be looking up.

Carly asks if Nelle has a recording or footage of this. Nelle doesn’t. Nelle explains that she will never see her grandchild again and Bobbie will lose her medical license. Carly guesses we will wait and see. Carly doesn’t know if Michael will get custody. She has a good feeling though.

Sasha is waiting for the feeling that this was worth it. Sasha needs him to let her know if he feels it first. Sasha explains that Carly completely figured it out. She thinks they are doing the right thing and so does she. Chase does too.

Willow admits she feels better. He explains that no one is around and it is better to hit a tree than to hit Nelle. Michael is sorry for all the insanity that this has caused. Willow doesn’t regret it. Willow thinks that Wiley is in her life and she cannot be sorry for that. She cannot stand that Nelle might win though. Michael promises that she won’t because they will not let her.

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