GH Update Wednesday 4/29/20

General Hospital Update Wednesday 4/29/20


Written by Anthony

Finn asks Chase why he wants Michael and Willow to be together. Chase knows that Willow would never forgive herself if Michael loses custody of Wiley. Finn thinks that he could have married Sasha. Chase reminds him about faking being Ninaís daughter. Chase is an adult. He will survive. Wiley needs protection.

Michael walks into Sonnyís house. Carly walks down the stairs. She asks how Wiley is doing. Michael explains that Wiley is at the house. The doctor said that he would be a little more tired than usual. Carly wants to know what is going on. Michael admits that something happened last night that could affect the custody hearing. Michael gets a call. Sasha wanted to let him know that all her things are out of the house. Michael asks if she has anything else to say. Sasha left her key in the foyer. She says goodbye to him. Michael says goodbye too. Carly asks what that was about. Michael admits that Sasha and him are over.

Willow tells Lucy on the phone she needs to find a new place to stay. Nelle sees that Chase broke another heart.

Molly needs to tell TJ everything. Kristina tells her that she wonít be doing that. She is going to listen to her big sister.

Sam tells Brando that if she makes trouble for Molly he will make his world miserable. Brando feels like Molly likes to fight her own battles. Sam thinks he needs to stay away from Molly.

Lulu runs into Ninaís office. Nina tells Lulu to give Valentin a chance to make things right.

Charlotte wonders if he still loves her. Valentin does with all his heart. Charlotte thinks that they can run away right now and no one can stop them.

Nelle knows she was rude to Willow when she said that Wiley meant nothing to her. Nina taught her that they were both two mothers who had their children cruelly taken from them. Nelle thinks that Chase is an expert at seducing vulnerable women.

Michael explains that Willow for Chase and Sasha together. Carly asks if they were sleeping together. Michael explains it has been going on for a while now. Michael guesses that Sasha and Chase were spending a lot of time together. Michael knows that she told him not to get in too deep with Sasha. Carly didnít say that. Michael knows he did.

Brando already promised that TJ wouldnít hear anything from him. Sam assumes that Molly will say anything. Sam explains that Molly thought she was single. She knows that he shot his mouth the other day. Sam thinks that her little sister is her business. She will always protect her little sister.

Molly thinks that telling TJ the truth is the right thing to do. Molly has a relationship based on honesty. She cannot be caught in a secret. Kristina thinks that confessing is just a way for her to feel better at TJís expense.

Valentin promises that neither of them are going anywhere but she will not be seeing him for a little bit. Charlotte just wants things to be like when she was little. Charlotte wonders why he will not fight for her. Valentin promises that it isnít.

Nina wonders why Charlotte is so upset. Lulu thinks that Charlotte overheard about Valentin giving up on fighting for custody. Charlotte walks out. Charlotte needed to prove that Valentin and her will always be together.

Willow knows who Nelle is. She knows that if Brad is telling the truth about one thing it is that she gave him her baby. She used her dead child as a prop to convince Michael that her child was dead. Nelle thinks that Sasha is more Chaseí type anyway.

Finn wonders what makes Chase think that Michael and Willow will get married. Chase thinks that Willow is going to follow her heart straight to Wiley. Finn guesses his intentions are honorable. Chase admits that Wileyís safety comes first. Finn tells Chase that it is his turn to talk. He thinks he made a huge mistake.

Valentin tells Charlotte that there is a right and a wrong way to keep a family together and they will have to figure that out. Valentin reminds Charlotte that he used to always come back from his trips. Valentin reminds her that loving him keeps her heart beating. Lulu asks if she can speak with Charlotte. Charlotte begs Valentin not to leave. Valentin is staying right here. Lulu needs to ask Charlotte a question and she will not be in trouble. She asks if she overheard her and Laura talking.

Nina heard that Valentin is not fighting Lulu for custody. Valentin is not. Nina never thought that he would give up on his daughter.

Brando knows that Sam is on parole. He gets it now. This isnít about Molly. It is about her and Jason.

Kristina thinks that if TJ had said anything after their fight then she probably wouldnít have slept with Brando. Molly wanted to stop feeling angry and Brando made her laugh. Kristina thinks it had nothing to do with TJ so there is no reason to tell him. TJ walks in and asks what she needs to tell him. Kristina tells TJ that Molly told her the good news. Molly wasnít expecting to see him. TJ admits he picked up her car. TJ knows how hard this has been for her. He knows how bad she must have felt. Molly has been a bit of a mess. TJ asks if Molly is not ok. TJ thinks she is looking at her weirdly. Molly admits the past few days have been surreal for her. TJ promises they will do what they have to in order to stay together.

Sam wonders what he knows about Jason and her. He knows they cannot be together. Sam thinks that is none of her business. Brando agrees that what happened with Molly and him is none of her business.

Valentin is trying to do the right thing. He is a bad influence. He is trying to keep his distance. Nina tells him that he can be a better man. Lulu wishes that she had told her that she was there. Charlotte knows that she always changes the subject when she is around.

Carly thinks that what Michael and Sasha had something real. She just didnít have what he needed. Michael knows she is right. Carly promises that they will get him through this. He will find the woman that he deserves. She hugs him.

Molly needs to call Sam because she was going to pick up her car too. TJ explains that she was there. Molly needs to go and run some errands. She needs to go pick up a book at the law library. TJ tells her to be home for dinner. Molly promises. Kristina will get TJ some lunch. TJ loves Molly. Molly loves TJ too.

Brando is here to not cause trouble. Sam assumes that he is here to solve peoples problems. Brando is here covering for Dev because Sonny wants him too. Sam asks what Brando is getting from this. Free rent and a garage. Sam is calling a car so she can get out of here.

Valentin has lived his life fueled by resentment. Nina knows that he is capable of great love. Valentin is sure that he is. Nina can see that he is trying to do the right thing. It doesnít have to though. The right thing that he has planned is just wrong. Valentin knows she is right. The one time he is trying to do the right thing and he is screwing it up.

Charlotte heard that Lulu was glad that Valentin was leaving her. Lulu wished she heard the whole story. Charlotte misses him every minute.

Carly wonders if she can do anything for Michael. Michael cannot afford to do anything wrong right now. Carly tells him to go for a run and blow some steam off. Michael thanks her. Carly thinks that he should always take her advice.

Chase tells Finn to get out. Finn thinks that love and family are about being honest with one another. Chase loves Willow more than anything. This had to be done so he did it. Finn thinks that Willow would have made up her own mind. Chase thinks that it is too late now and it is done. Finn thinks he needs to fine Willow and come clean. Finn thinks that there is no time like the present. There is only so much time left to win Willow back. Willow can decide how to help Wiley. It is not fair to anyone to do this.

Michael starts to think about talking with Sasha after making love with her.

Sasha shows up at the Metro Court. Nelle tells Sasha to proceed at her own risk. Sasha will leave if she is asked to by the right person. Nelle asks where Sasha is staying right now so she can use her as a character witness against Michel. Carly shows up. Nelle thinks they will have to talk soon. Carly walks over.

Valentin thinks that it kills him that Charlotte thinks that he is leaving her. Nina tells Valentin to be the Valentin she knows. Lulu walks out with Charlotte. She says they need to talk.

Sam assumes her ride is here. Brando tells her not to be a stranger. Molly shows up and asks why Sam is still here. Sam tells Brando that she is not going to tell TJ about their night together. Sam has a car waiting outside. Molly needs to talk with Brando for a second. Sam will check in on her. Molly knows she will. Brando asks what she has to say.

Nina suggests that Charlotte help her choose something for a spread. Nina thinks that they are talking about her. They love her. Nina thinks that whatever her parents decide she will always be here for her. No matter what. Lulu and Valentin walk out. It is time to go home. Valentin will pick her up tomorrow for some riding. Lulu promises that Charlotte deserves to be loved by both of her parents.

Kristina asks if TJ is alright. TJ wonders how Molly seems to her. Kristina thinks he sees her more than she does. TJ thinks that she seems a little shaky. Kristina knows that Molly was completely heartbroken. She knows it is hard to imagine but Molly was lost without him. She thought that she lost her forever. No Sam and Alexis and her donít have to hate him forever. Him and Molly have their whole life behind them. He has nothing to worry about now.

Brando doesnít want to be on Samís bad side. He knows that family is supposed to look out for one another. Brando promises he will not say anything. Molly did everything she wanted that night. He didnít take advantage but it canít happen again. Brando claims to not know what she is talking about. Brando tells Molly it was nice knowing her.

Carly explains to Sasha that she wants her to know that she blames her.

Michael continues to run around the park. Nelle walks over. She asks if he wants to talk about it.

Chase looks at a picture of him and Willow on his phone. He knows that he has to find her and fix this. Someone knocks on his door and it is Willow. He says hi. Chase thinks it feels weird to have knock. Willow admits it feels weird too knock. She wonít stay long she is just picking up her stuff. Chase tries to stop her.

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