GH Update Tuesday 4/28/20

General Hospital Update Tuesday 4/28/20


Nina tells someone on the phone that she will find out if they can reschedule. She asks for them to try and keep everyone dry. She thanks them. Jax asks if she is ok. Nina explains that it is pouring on their tropical island shoot. Jax wonders if there is anything he can do to help. Nina would love a hug. Jax wonders where Nelle is. Nina sent her off to do a few things. Nina explains that Sasha cheated on Michael and it is sure to be news.

Alexis walks into the Metro Court and tells Valentin that they have to stop meeting like this. He looks like he lost his best friend. Valentin admits that he has. She is better off without him.

Lulu doesn’t understand why Valentin would go from fighting her non-stop over Charlotte to just giving up. Laura only knows what he told her. Lulu thinks she knows how manipulating he can be. Laura knows but this felt different. He wanted to talk with her and said the most extraordinary thing. She didn’t believe him at the time. He said that he wanted to leave Charlotte for her own good. Charlotte overhears this in the hallway.

Brando will run his car and then he will be good to go. TJ tells him to wait a second. There is something wrong here.

Sam asks if Molly got into an accident. Molly went over a curb. She wonders why she didn’t call her. Molly felt fine. She was basically speed talking with the mechanic. Kristina guesses he is a nice guy. Molly explains that they just met the guy. Brando.

Sonny thinks that Cyrus took his shot and he missed. Cyrus cannot go back to Seattle empty handed. Sonny wonders what they are left with. Sonny guesses a nuclear option. Cyrus has a counter offer that will work for both of them.

Chase walks into his apartment and looks around. He remembers a time when Willow and him were happy. Someone knocks on the door and it is Finn. He thinks he owes him an explanation. He went missing from Violet’s party. Finn wonders if he is angry at him. Chase claims he is fine. Finn thinks that he isn’t his annoyingly upbeat self. He wonders what is going on. Chase cheated on Willow. She found out and now he lost her.

Valentin knows that she has handled custody cases. Valentin doesn’t plan to go after custody anymore. Valentin thinks that Charlotte needs stability. Alexis thought that he adored the little girl. Valentin explains that she isn’t a little girl anymore and she has had some regrettable behavior on his part. Alexis admits she made a lot of mistakes in her life and her children keep her grounded. She cannot imagine her life without them. He is not doing this for him but for her. So, he is going to find the strength to walk away and not look back.

Jax imagines that this is hard on Michael. Nina thinks this could hurt Michael and Sasha. Jax thought that they were in a good place. Nina had warned Michael against Sasha. The truth is that Sasha is weak and an opportunist. Jax thinks that she still misses her.

Cyrus won’t get involved in his business if he doesn’t get involved in his. He just wants to put roots in PC. Sonny asks what the attraction is. Cyrus craves a home. Jason wonders if that home involves his sniper hiding on the rooftop. Sonny asks if this is how he wanted this to go down.

Kristina cannot believe that she slept with him. She is proud of her but she is sorry that Chris Hemsworth wasn’t available. Molly is not proud of her. Sam thinks that Brando happened to be in the right place in the wrong time. Sam heard that Brando said that she could go and pick up the car. Sam will go and pick up the car for her. Molly begs her not to say anything.

Brando asks what is wrong. TJ thinks that cost and labor is very small. Brando explains it is a discount. He thanks him for not taking advantage of her. TJ explains he will be off the crutches soon. TJ wonders when Molly told him about him.

Lulu wonders what made Valentin backdown now. Laura thinks something must have happened to make him realize that he is not good for Charlotte.

Alexis wonders what brought him to abandon his child. Valentin wonders if he should be worried about her. Valentin thinks that she is working hard to cover something up.

Jax thinks that if she wants help finding her daughter then he will help. Nina cannot stand him trying to help her out. She thinks that for the most part all his charming offers sound super tempting, it is like being offered the best dessert in the world. She would like to say yes but she knows she would end up regretting it. Jax asks if they can make this a special occasion. Nina doesn’t think it seems very special. They kiss one another.

Chase explains that Willow is practically ready to start a family. She had Wiley though until she found out that Wiley wasn’t her biological son. He hardly saw her. He knew that Sasha was in the same boat. They got to talk about what they should do about the situation and then then spelt together. It kept happening over and over again. Sasha was actually with him. He knew that she felt the same way. That is what they say is that. Finn thinks sounds ridicules and want to know what really happened.

Lulu wonders what Valentin said to convince her that she is putting Charlotte first. Lulu thinks that is a good actor. Lulu thinks that losing Nina and the Cassadine’s might have changed him. Lulu reminds her that Valentin would do anything for Charlotte. There is no way that makes any sense. Laura thinks that he loves her that much.

Nina and Jax should take the afternoon off and just go to his place. They will do nothing but work there and have nothing but fun there. Charlotte runs in and tells Jax to leave Nina alone. Charlotte tells Nina that her and Valentin need to get back together. She needs to see him today.

Cyrus explains that he only has the man on the roof as a precaution. He tells the man on the roof to leave. He wants to proceed. Sonny has an offer that he can take or leave. One time only.

Brando explains that she mentioned her boyfriend was in the hospital. Sam shows up. Sam explains that she was going to pick up Molly’s car but apparently he just did it. TJ explains that Brando just gave Molly a special deal.

Lulu never doubted Valentin’s love for Charlotte. He just ran out of Wyndemere though with Charlotte. Laura suggests that he might have wanted to take Charlotte away forever. Laura thinks that he might have had a life altering experience at least when it comes to Charlotte. Lulu thinks that she needs to count the silverware when Valentin is coming off as wise.

Nina tells Charlotte that she needs to understand that Jax and her care for one another. She will always be Charlotte’s friend. Jax is very important to her though. He is a good guy. Charlotte thinks that Valentin doesn’t want to see her anymore. Jax thinks that dad’s are forever.

Alexis will say this. She made a mistake. She didn’t think it was one at the time but she might lose her law license. Valentin thinks it is not the end of the world though. Alexis couldn’t stand him when they were related. Yet, now that they are not she almost likes him. she wonders who he is. Valentin would like to know himself. Valentin gets a call from Charlotte. She is upset and needs to speak with him. Valentin tells Alexis that he needs to get going.

Chase asks if he is calling him a liar. Finn thinks that there is no way he would cheat on Willow. Chase has to face up to what he did. Finn admits he is not the best one with feeling and emotions. He can tell though that he loves Willow. He is a walking candy heart for Willow. Chase claims that he had an affair with Sasha. Finn thinks that Willow saw what they wanted him to see. He can tell that this is killing Chase inside. He wants to know why he did the dumbest thing in his life.

Molly tells Kristina to stop asking for details on her love life. Molly asks how she is supposed to have a future with TJ when she cheated on him. Kristina is trying to help her feel better. Molly thinks that when it comes down to it, she knows what she has to do.

TJ asks if Sam wants to surprise Molly together. Sam thinks that it is fine. Sam thinks that he has already given one of her sisters to PC. Sam tells him not to dump anything on Molly. He needs to forget about Molly. It never happened.

Valentin tells Charlotte that he doesn’t always get to see his daughter as much as he would like to. Jax tells Charlotte that Valentin feels the same way about her. Dad’s get a special handbook when daughter’s are born. They are mysterious creatures. Valentin shows up. Charlotte hugs him. Jax tells Nina to call if she needs anything. Nina explains that Charlotte is afraid that he doesn’t love her anymore. Valentin asks why she thinks that. Charlotte thinks he doesn’t love her anymore.

Sonny thinks that he can live here so long as he doesn’t do his business here. It cannot touch him and his associates. Cyrus thinks that could be expensive. Sonny thinks that is not his problem. Cyrus guesses they have a deal.

Lulu asks if Laura has found Charlotte. Laura will drive around the neighborhood. Nina calls Lulu. Nina explains that Charlotte is here at Crimson. She explains that her father is with her. Lulu tells her to keep her there and she is on her way. Lulu runs out.

Valentin loves Charlotte. Charlotte heard Lulu and Laura talking. Valentin doesn’t want him to think that she is being left. He wants her to learn the difference between right and wrong. She knows that Valentin is leaving. She is begging him to take her wherever he is going.

Jax finds Alexis at the bar of the Metro Court. He wants to sit and have her level head for something. Jax just Nina and Charlotte with Valentin. Alexis says he was just here. Jax thinks that something is going on. He just wishes he knew what it was. Alexis guesses that Valentin wants to do right by Charlotte even if he has to suffer for it.

Chase thinks that Finn is a pain in his ass. Finn needs him to tell the truth. Chase admits he didn’t but she needs to think that he did so he will marry Michael.

Molly needs to tell TJ everything.

Brando admits that he had no idea that Molly and TJ were together. She didn’t do anything she didn’t want to. He just wants to run his garage. Sam thinks they need to make things clear that they are not going to hurt Molly.

Cyrus tells his guard that he likes being back at the Metro Court. They are going to get rid of Jason.

Sonny thinks that Cyrus doesn’t waste time. Sonny is going to take Cyrus out.

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