GH Update Monday 4/27/20

General Hospital Update Monday 4/27/20



Written by Anthony

Molly asks Brando if he told her sisters that they slept together. Brando doesn’t blab about his private life. Molly is sorry she snapped at him. She just thinks that this is awkward. She thought that her boyfriend dumped her but it turned out that he was tied up in a basement. Molly should have believed in TJ. She completely misrepresented this situation. Sam walks out and asks if they know each other. Brando explains that he did some work on her car. It is ready for pickup.

Mac asks TJ what he remembers about his abduction. TJ was upset about something personal and thought that he would go for a walk. He heard a car behind him. It was just as he was about to reach the corner. He got jumped and they attacked him. He thinks he blacked out because the next thing he remembers was being in the back of a van. He tried to stay awake. Mac asks if he remembered anything about the van. TJ explains after a few left turns the van stopped. A train went blowing by. Mac asks how long from there he arrived at the basement. TJ guesses thirty or forty minutes. Mac wonders about when he came to. TJ thinks he was blindfolded in the basement. He remembers smells and noises in the basement.

Neil admits that it was an insane couple of weeks. Alexis wonders what the odds that they would be in the same opera. Alexis cannot believe that Julian felt obligated to tell the entire hospital that she took a drink for the first time in three years. Julian suggests she wouldn’t have taken the drink if it wasn’t for them sleeping together. She asks if he is angry at her or him. Neil says both of them.

Cyrus tells Lulu that Laura insisted that she return to Seattle. She promised if he was killed that she would get justice for him. Cyrus promises to prove to be a benefit to this community.

Sonny thinks so long as his father has good moments and can eat food then it doesn’t feel right to talk about a DNR. Carly thinks having it is just a precaution. Sonny asks if he is supposed to let his father die. Carly wonders if he really wants Mike to live that way. Sonny needs to go and deal with Cyrus. Sonny feels the longer they deal ignore Cyrus the longer this takes. They need to get on this.

Laura thinks that this is a generous offer but it is not an election year for her. Laura could use more anti-drug donations. She suggests that he donate to after school programs. Cyrus is going to do his research and see which organization will actually need his donation.

Alexis made the choice to protect him. She hasn’t suffered any consequences. She takes responsibility. She asks if he is too angry to see her now. Alexis looks at her phone. She has an email from the New York bar.

Sam tells Kristina and Sam that TJ still has no idea what happened. They are wondering if it has something to do with his mom. Kristina wonders if Molly was able to talk things out about the marriage proposal. Molly explains that TJ and her are going to be domestic partners.

TJ could hear water and people upstairs. Someone had a phone that had the old Kentucky Derby theme. The ringtone guy gave him smoothies. He never spoke with him but he had a southern accent. Mac asks if there was anything else. TJ tells him it felt like a constant pounding from construction. TJ kept thinking that he was a dancer moonlighting as a kidnapper. He was wondering if he would ever get home.

Kristina wonders how that is different than marriage. Molly says it doesn’t label them husband and wife. Sam wonders if she is sure if this is what she wants. Molly never expected him to bring it up so soon. She asks if she had to say yes. Molly thinks she is doing the right thing.

Sonny wonders how the girls are. Carly explains that Avery was asking about him. Avery wanted to color a picture for Mike’s room. Sonny wishes he could make this ok for his dad.

Curtis tells Jordan that she made a promise to bring Cyrus down. Jordan knows and she did it the wrong way. Curtis tells Jordan to let Cyrus think that he trusts her. Mac walks in and explains that they have good information to find whoever kidnapped him.

Sam tells Molly that she knows that she loves TJ. Molly thinks that he is the love of her life. She slept with someone else when she thought he dumped her.

Brando shows up at Carly and Sonny’s. Bando explains that he has paperwork here from Sonny. Brando thinks that it is imposing. Carly loves it. Brando thinks it is important. Carly kept going and going with it. Brando thinks that she will be his first call for a remodel. Brando needs to keep things in order. He tells her that Molly was one of his clients. Carly wonders if he gave her a discount. Brando will now. Brando congratulates her on the remodel. She does good work.

Lulu tells Laura that him and Cyrus should finish their interview. Cyrus would hate for her mother to leave. He is sure that they will cross paths again. Cyrus appreciates her. He gets a text saying the meeting is back on. Laura wonders if everything is alright. Laura wonders what that was about. Lulu thinks it sounded like a threat. Lulu gets a call from Diane about her custody petition.

Alexis explains that the Bar now knows they lied under oath so they want to see her immediately.

Kristina never expected that from her. She knows that she thought that TJ was abducted. Molly should have known. Sam wonders who it was.

Brando works on his computer. TJ walks in. He explains he is here to pick up a car

Cyrus shows up with a guard. He tells Sonny that he was disappointed that he canceled last night. Sonny explains that he is here now and wants to get this over with.

Mac will report back as soon as he knows anything. Jordan thanks him. She wonders what she does if her investigation leads him closer to Cyrus. Curtis wonders what Cyrus will do if he does.

Molly felt like the last few years had been a mistake. She was looking to vent. This guy happened to be the first guy she saw. They got to talking and that was all she had to say… Kristina is happy for her. She now knows what else is out there. Sam reminds Kristina that this is how Molly would react not her. Sam wonders why she would agree to be in a domestic partnership with TJ. Sam thinks that Molly owes it to figure out what the two of them actually want and what will actually motivate her.

TJ explains that he repaired his partner's car. Molly Lansing Davis. Brando finds the invoice. TJ asks if he needs to check his ID.

Cyrus wonders if there is any apology. He wonders how this would play out if this was reversed. Sonny explains that if this was personal he would have no big deal. Sonny thinks that he is here to do business.

Lulu tells Diane that she will believe this when she has the documents in front of her. Laura asks what Diane said. Lulu explains that there doesn’t seem to be a reason to go back to family court because Valentin said that he will not go back to family court. Valentin needs Laura to promise that she will take care of his daughter. Laura thinks he is telling the truth in this.

Molly admits she slept with this other guy because she lost faith in TJ. Molly wonders why she was so quick to think the worst of him. She had no idea that he was kidnapped. Molly was just so mad that he was breaking up with her. Molly went over a curb then and she didn’t want to try bringing it home. There was a garage half a block away. The mechanic let her in. He was great and let her in. He went out of the way to help her. They just met him. It was Brando.

TJ asks if he doesn’t want to call Molly to double check. TJ thinks his drivers license is fine. Brando thinks that this is good enough. He will run his card and he will be good enough to go. The keys are in the car. TJ looks at the bill. He thinks something is wrong here.

Cyrus thinks that he is right. His family’s condition is a family matter. Cyrus was in jail when this happened. Sonny reminds him that he almost got his wife killed. Cyrus reminds him that he is a free man though. Sonny doesn’t think that means he is safe.

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